12 Wonderful Rae Dunn Planters That Will Attract Everyone !

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Rae Dunn planters are an indispensable addition to plantations for the unique accent they add, so dive into the list of such die for crate and barrel planters.

We all are acquainted with Rae Dunn’s name, but how many of us know the company in-depth? Not many, I suppose! A little interesting fact about the renowned Home Decor seller, Rae Dunn is a California native residing in San Francisco; she completed her studies in Industrial Design and worked in graphics and fashion for several years now. She then found her passion for natural and straightforward wares, which converted into what Rae Dunn is now today.

So if you want to accentuate your gardening corner with unique yet eye-catching small planters from Rae Dunn, whose simplicity and natural looks give earthy, natural touch to your gardening corner, then you are in the absolute right place as this article will list down 12 Rae Dunn planters for every planting enthusiast.

Unique Rae Dunn Planters That Can Make Any Place Lively And Scenic.

  1. Scribbled Mist and Grow Planter
    White in colour featuring classic large letter font with mist and grow scribed on the surface. This planting set of 2 by Rae Dunn can be a cute addition to gardening collection.
  2. Set of 3 Rae Dunn Pot
    Want to have a perfect, cool trio of plants hanging together? Then this set of 3 planters with scribbles by Rae Dunn will absolute choice for you.
  3. Magnetic Planting Jug
    This planting equipment is made out of ceramic with yellow paint and a quench with decorative black and white ribbon to it, if you're a gardener you must have this.
  4. Stem Print Planter
    • With PLANT and SEED on each front
    • Stoneware
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Small: 4.5"DIA x 4.75"H
    • Medium: 7"DIA x 6.25"H
  5. Artisan Collection of Plant Watering
    Ceramic tea blue colored plant watering pot, every planter's best friend and a must-have gardening equipment. It has classic Rae Dunn font in white with 6.5x9.75x5.75 in dimensions.

Final Thoughts

Those are the 12 well-crafted ceramic planters by none other than Rae Dunn with the classic Rae Dunn scribbles and unique colour combinations, just the right suit for a planting collection. Apart from that, these planters can also serve as excellent gift items to present to our loved ones.

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