14 Brilliant Lady Head Planters For Your Lovely Garden!

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Planting is in itself holistic in nature. What will make it extra holistic is a Lady Head Planters. So let’s look at such planters to accentuate your planters.

The concept of planting and agriculture has been around for decades and centuries now. But believe it or not, the concept and usage of “planters” are relatively new. Even though the practice of agriculture, planting and gardening has been around for more than 23000 years now, it was not until 1906 when Obici, along with his mate and business partner, Mario Perruzzi, founded, rather invented planters in Pennsylvania, United States.

Ever since that, there has been a flood of demand and availability of these farm equipment globally. There is a wide range of planters available in the market, from galvanized steel planters to metal railing planters and many others.

But not every planter is for everyone. If you consider yourself to be a retro fanatic, who likes to accentuate her home and life with a hint of renaissance, vintage designs, sculptors, then you’re parked in the right station, as this list will bring you 14 amazing lady head planters for your plants and your love for a vintage accent.

Let’s Check Out The Elegant Lady Head Planters That You Must Have:

  1. Sculptured Stone Garden Planter
    This versatile planter is made up of quality resin material resistant to bumps,falls and it’s interior and exterior have stone-like texture complementing the half face structure, is a aesthetic decor.
  2. Head Planter,Greek Statue Lady Vase
    Made out of durable polyresin,casted with textural plaster-like finish,can be used for various planting purposes indoor/outdoor both,artistic sculpture gives victorian touch to wherever it will be situated.
  3. Newman House Studio Head Planter
    This lady head design is inspired by classical old art, created from durable polystone with stone-like gray finish,16” high is styled to be reminiscent of museum sculptures, excellent decorative item.
  4. Modern Ornaments Statue Head Planter
    Made from resin material, this Face Shape Ceramic carved with exquisite and intricate details, this is a versatile planter which can prove to be an unconventional room decor and plant equipment.
  5. Resin Flower Pot vase
    This ceramic planter has been crafted meticulously to give a modernised and exquisite look, this model can be an excellent home decor complementing both the plant and the room it stays in.
  6. Garden Fairy Head Planter
    15” high,12,5” long lady head crafted with high-quality Polyresin, whitewashed finish to create a classic weathered look, this unique antique style planter can hold up to 6” in diameter.
  7. Multi Face Vase
    This one is made up of lightweight material resin with PU coating to withstand harsh weather conditions,has 14 lady faces making it an unique head planter,also has drainage holes.
  8. Sungmor Creative Goddess Head Planter
    This large calibre vintage planter is made from synthetic resin,great for succulents,small plants;this beautiful face statue will prove to wonderful garden and unique home decor with heavenly touch.
  9. ZG Flower Pot Character Human Face Vase
    Creative bust head shaped planter made from resin,comes with a drainage hole to provide healthy growth to plants along with elegance and style. This can be exceptional gift item.
  10. MOCOHANA Indoor Outdoor Head Planter
    This resin greek sculptured planter has faux distressed finish for giving antique look,25cm high and 21 cm long in size;this planter is suitable for both outdoor and indoor display.
  11. Roman Nymph Sculptural Head Planter
    This model has been hand casted with crushed stone bonded with premium resin,it has a greystone finish for providing ancient look,suitable for using as a home decorative planter.
  12. YARNOW Head Face Planter
    This resin figure features lady shaped design, perfect for planting and home decor;this planter is best suited for indoor,outdoor,kitchen,porch and courtyard setting where it adds vintage accent.
  13. Ceramic Lady Head Planter
    This is an adorable plant pot made out of resin with small drainage hole in bottom section for proper water and air circulation, can be used as both decor and planter.
  14. Female Head Design Planter
    This handmade lady head planter has an unique lavender finish with golden lips, will be perfect for succulents or small flower plants;this last model will prove to be fine decor.


That ends the list of 14 uniquely designed lady head planters which are a must for every individual fond of planting and decorations, as these planters are nothing less than a best of both worlds.

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