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About us

At growtheherbs.com we aim at encouraging, motivating, guiding, and answering the How, Where, and Why questions you may have about growing your own herbs, vegetables, and plants

Hey and Welcome to my site.

My name is Betty Smith and I found myself caring for the family garden by accident.

You see, my dad, who was a passionate farmer and a marine was always away while my mum’s hobbies were in the guitar so I decided to be working in the yard during weekends.

I was 12 by then and I have never looked back.

Today, I and my partner Tom have grown to love our yard and we’re always trying out new plants, tools, and methods.

Can I proudly say that we even supply greens to my neighborhood?

So we thought why not start a blog where we can be sharing what works for us with our fellow gardeners?

And that’s how this blog was born. Here I basically share about anything exciting I run: Growing tips, processes, lawn care, and tools that work….anything I find exciting while chopping and changing.


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