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15 Best Indoor Planters With Drainage That You Must Have!

Indoor Planters With Drainage

A good planter goes a long way, but it should also have a good drainage system to sustain a plant, so today, let’s look at such indoor planters with drainage.

We all are aware of the holistic ritual of planting. But although it is rewarding, it can also be very taxing as well. There are a lot of things that need to be kept in consideration while nurturing a plant. Some of them include knowledge of desirable sprouting season for each plant, knowing which manufacture works the best for which plant, the best way to water the seeds, and the most important thing: a planter with the proper and efficient drainage system. If a planter fails to have a lucid drainage system, it will defeat the whole purpose of the plantation.

Having said that, the need for such planters thickens when the plant is indoors, artificial lightning. So today, to put an end to all such issues, let’s look at the list of such indoor planters with drainage.

Presenting The Wonderful Indoor Planters With Drainage For Your Home Decor! 

  1. Sunnydaze Chalet Ceramic Pot Planter
    Made from high grade glazed UV and frost resistant ceramic with imperial blue finish for extravagant touch,has drainage holes at the bottom for water flow and air circulation.
  2. Elly Decor Modern Planter
    Made from durable and lightweight material,water and scratch resistant with ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.Each model has drainage hole to draw out excess water and keep plants healthy.
  3. Large Ceramic Plant Pot
    Made from premium heated clay, this boho styled indoor pot comes with a wood stand to ensure proper stability and firm standing and a drainage hole for draining extra water out.
  4. Seamless Saucer Planter
    This plastic planter is made from recyclable and sturdy material, also comes with a saucer and drainage hole in the bottom for efficient plant growth,used for both indoors and outdoors.
  5. Tall Flower Pot Planter
    Made from recyclable polythene and stone powder, these planters can be an excellent choice given their design,dimensions and efficient drainage system for a proper air circulation and water flow.
  6. White HoneyComb Flower Container
    This piece is made from quality polythene, has spacious and versatile fit for a perfect environment for all plants, also has no equipment drainage hole for efficient and effortless planting experience.
  7. Ceramic Indoor Planting Pot
    10” planter pot made from ceramic earthenware, best suitable for indoor planting, has a drainage hole, mesh drainage net with protective scratchpad included. It provides a hassle-free replacement for damage.
  8. Cubico Self Gardening Planter
    Cubico planter is made in Germany, comes with an exclusive self watering system featuring inorganic granulate compound and water level indicator to notify about the the time of reservoir refill.
  9. Cylindrical Straight Planter
    This model is 10” in size with black and speckled tan colour, it includes mesh drainage net and a protective scratchpad for efficient planting. Also has a ceramic tray or saucer.
  10. Modern Black Planter with Stand
    Made from fibre clay material, this planter comes in radiant black variant with drainage system along with an additional stand for wondrous gardening experience, will be an excellent planting choice.
  11. Gray Fibre Clay Planters
    Made from fibreglass and clay, these planters come in a set of 3 which allows us to have the best planter according to our taste,every planter has a drainage hole.
  12. Large Cylindrical Ceramic Planter
    Made from thick ceramic material with inside and outside glaze,the large size provides enough room for large plants, comes with a drainage hole and a sturdy, no screws stand.
  13. Frost Resistant Sunnydaze Planter
    These pots from Sunnudaze are made with high quality ceramic with glaze, placed in knil for finer finish, it is suitable for indoor planting and also comes with a drainage hole.
  14. Fopamtri Indoor Planters
    Made from premium ceramice, has glazed finish inside and outside, these compact planters are made exclusively for indoor gardening,also has a hollow bottom with drainage hole for water logging.
  15. Aubrey Planters with Saucer Plates
    Made with quality resin, has a terrazzo finish with speckled design for refined look, this planter comes with saucer and a drainage hole for draining water out.


That ends the list of 15 versatile indoor planters with drainage & several types of equipment such as saucer plates, wood stands, and drainage systems for efficient and effortless gardening and planting experience.

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