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Having a plantation is a charm but having suitable planters is a charm. Here is a list of 14 extra large plastic planters to add extra charm to your gardening.

The history of planting goes back to around 23,000 years back. According to recent records, researchers believe that planting as an occupation was “invented” around 12,000 years ago in an area home to the earliest human civilization. Crazy right?

Planting has been one of the most holistic activities ever to exist, as this is a healthy and wholesome way to channel one’s energy towards something highly optimistic and beautiful. But without the support of the right plantar, all of these would mean anything barely. So today’s article is dedicated to a list of affordable tall plastic planters providing breathable and comfortable accommodation for all types of plants. These, unlike regular planters, are much bigger for efficient growth and nurturing.

Recommended Budget-Friendly Extra Large Plastic Planters

  1. Cosmopolitan Round Garden Planter
    This gorgeous model is made from rotation molded plastic, weather resistant and UV protected, highly durable and this extra large planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting.
  2. Modern Square Garden Planter
    This planter is 19 taller in size and is made up of molded plastic with water resistance and UV protection, comes with floor standing mounting type and is highly durable.
  3. Self-Watering Garden Planter
    This Cubico planter is 22 tall with 9 of planting depth; features a self-watering system with inorganic granulate compounds providing right amount of water to plant roots, also has drainage plug.
  4. Elly Décor 24 inch Garden Planter
    This is made from high quality, sturdy plastic making it lightweight for easy lifting, is weather and UV resistant, comes with drainage hole to pull out excess water, increase air circulation.
  5. Viagrow Round Plastic Garden Planter
    This nursery pot is made from sturdy and durable plastic, the dimensions are 20x17x17 making it tall and deep; can be used for various soil types and hydroponic growing.
  6. Bloem Terra Pot Planter
    Constructed from durable, lightweight plastic; has pre drilled drainage holes to prevent water logging; this pot is 20 tall with 17 depth; 100% UV stabilized ensuring long lasting color, weather resistance.
  7. Raised Garden Bed Planter Box
    This comes in a set of 4 made from high-quality polythene plastic, thick material preventing deformity and holes for oxygen and light to pass through. This set is 16
  8. Vintage Style Garden Planters
    This is a set of 2 large garden planters made from high-quality PP plastic, durable, breathable, deformity resistant material; these are large planters with 10
  9. Large Outdoor Tall Planter
    This 20 large planter has been made from premium plastic and stone powder, has a unique honeycomb design to accentuate the gardening corner; has a built-in tray working as a water reservoir.
  10. 12 Inch Black Plastic Planter
    This is a 12 potholder made from UV protected, water-resistant polythene plastic along with thick wall and matte finish; this pot holder comes with drainage holes and a saucer.
  11. LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planter
    This planter also has a honeycomb design to it for minimalist statement, made out of recyclable plastic, is firm and stable and 14
  12. Algreen 88802 Watering Planter
    This 16 planter is constructed with commercial-grade polythene, has a self-watering reservoir for sub-irrigation water system feeding soil and promoting growth, this model is BPA free and recyclable.
  13. Rolled Rim Garden Pot
    This one is largest among all others with 30 height, made out of premium polythene; is BPA free and UV protected with a water and harsh water resistance for healthy plant growth.
  14. RR245TC Rolled Rim Garden Pot
    The last installation is from Tusco Products, this is 24 garden pot made from plastic and is in TerraCotta color, comes with easy to see rock fill line in the pot.


That ends the list of the amazing tall plastic planters. These planters come at a reasonable price point and are manufactured with premium material and utmost care for maximum durability. They also give your plants the touch of a tender they deserve. So please don’t shy away and bring home one of these planters for all your big plants today.

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