15 Wonderful Glass Wall Planters For Your Beautiful Place!

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Looking at micro gardening in a container? If you are confused about what kind of pot plant container to choose, you can surely go for glass wall planters.

Wall planters are classic and modern. You’ve certainly seen them beautifying the walls of old country houses. But they’re also becoming the contemporary gardener’s best friend. They can make your walls look like a piece of green art without taking up any floor space. So your house is not just a house; it’s also an art gallery of sorts. What’s even better is that you don’t need to be a professional green thumb to start gardening in a wall planter.

These planters are versatile, come in different shapes and shades, and are here to entice you with their easy-to-use, affordable, and charming ways. A wall glass planter will save you a lot of floor space. They’re perfect for the apartment-dwellers with a penchant for gardening. As we have many materials options, you can choose Wall Glass Planters that are easy to clean and use.

Suppose you want to buy glass wall planters to read this entire article that helps you select your one. So don’t waste your time and take a look at this.

Glorify Any Wall Space Effectively With Glass Wall Planters:

  1. Planter Terrariums Glass wall
    The material that is used to make these planters is high borosilicate heat-resistant glass which is lightweight and durable. Terrarium is a clear container for growing plants.
  2. Orimina Pack Glass Planters Indoor
    It is handmade artwork, made of borosilicate glass, high-temperature resistance. The Wall hanging planter is a perfect container for your air plants, water plants, and any other plant accessories.
  3. Vumdua Wall Hanging Planters
    This is perfect glass wall vase for plant's propagation and cuttings. This sturdy and durable planter is made of high-quality glass. Lightweight easy to carry.
  4. Wall Hanging Planter
    This planter is made of high boron silicon glass and iron. Has heat-resistant power, durable, not easy fragile, will not deform, light transmission, corrosion resistance which helps to decorate home.
  5. Mkono Hanging Glass Planter
    A wood rack combined with three clear glass tubes. The unfinished wood surface that you can paint as your unique design. Displays fresh flower, small plants for home decor.
  6. Outgeek Wall Hanging Bowl
    High-quality clear acrylic wall fish tank, clear as glass, back was stocked with beige paper, sturdy and durable, not easily fragile. Lightweight. Easy to clean and use.
  7. 5 Packs Wall Planters
    The small hole in the back allows you to attach these glass planters to any wall using appropriate mounting hardware. Made of high quality of glass with a unique decorative accent.
  8. Cedilis Wall Glass Planter
    The wooden board has a beautiful rustic finish, made of natural wood, adding the retro and stylish touch. The vases are made of quality borosilicate glass, decently thick, smooth surface.
  9. Wall Hanging Glass Planters
    These air plants succulents glass containers can be placed anywhere in the home to add some fresh colors, vitality to home, and can also be applied as containers for outdoor gardening.
  10. Ivolador Wall Glass Plant
    Removable sturdy glass vases are highly convenient for cleaning and refilling. The durable glass vases keep flowers in order, making any minimalist feel satisfied. Made of high quality of glass.
  11. Desktop Glass Planters Terrarium
    This is made of high-quality glass which is sturdy and durable for long-lasting. Designed with a cork lid and bamboo stand. Cork lid that is used to holder plants.
  12. MyGift Wall Glass
    These wall glass planters indoor come with 2 in one pack. This sturdy, durable, not easy fragile wall glass planter is made of high-quality glass. Fill it with water.
  13. Ivolador Terrarium Container Flower
    Made of high boron silicon heat resistant sturdy glass which is durable. The Size of this planter is 4.3 inches. Easy to hang up with 3.3 ft rope.
  14. Mkono Double Layer Wall
    This glass container is perfect for propagating, cuttings. Made of natural wood stand and premium quality glass. Transparent glass is convenient for observing the roots. It can be hung easily.
  15. Kingbuy Wall Hanging Glass
    The wooden stand is made of natural wood, this is made of high boron silicon heat resistant glass, transparent, and durable. The height of this planter is 16.9 inch.


If you decide to start small gardening on your Wall and are looking for some small wall glass planters, you can go through this article, giving you a vivid image of Wall Glass Planters and choose your favourite one.

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