15 Super Self Watering Hanging Planters You Must Have!

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If you love gardening but don’t have enough space at your house, then you can go for these self watering hanging planters. We have many options on this list.

Self-watering planters consist of two parts. The inner pot holds both Plant and soil and the outer pot holds water. The wick joins both the containers, and the water is pulled into the root ball as and when needed. These containers act as reservoirs that provide water for several days, depending on the weather conditions. It is a beautiful and unique gift for anyone. It can also be used as home decor, which enhances the beauty of your house.

It keeps your plants moist and healthy, and you will have a flourishing green garden all year round. Self-watering hanging planters are perfect for container gardens as they can be placed anywhere, irrespective of the size of the garden. Quickly go through this list down below and choose your favourite planter!

Presenting The Adorable & Best Self Watering Hanging Planters!

  1. Large Self Watering Hanging Planters Indoor
    These are attractive mottled white colour, thick and sturdy hanging indoor pots. Made of durable, recyclable plastic and natural stone powder. It has UV and frost resistant construction.
  2. Umbra Bolo Hanging Planter
    This hanging planter has round curves and a brass accent which makes a dynamic balance. It comes with easy to follow instructions, rope, attractive hooks, and wall hanging hardware.
  3. GROWNEER Plastic Hanging Planters
    Made of premium plastic material. A grey hanging planter with a detachable base suitable for indoors and outdoors. It comes with a detachable steel chain. Can hang the planter with rope.
  4. Self-Watering Hanging Planter
    Each hanging planter comes with a water reservoir and water measuring system that lets you easily check the water level. The perforated inner bowl permits excess water to drain away.
  5. Slice of Hanging Planter
    The bottom of these planters are dome-shaped, but they can still sit upright when you have your Plant is resting on a surface. Have the perfect depth to accommodate plants.
  6. Self Watering Hanging Planter
    Great quality, bright color, lightweight, durable and stable. Very beautiful appearance and drains the excess water keeping the Plant healthy. Has a string to hang it up in the balcony.
  7. SEISHIN Hanging Flower Pot
    This 11-inch hanging flower stylish outdoor plant pot comes with hanging chain. Plant basket pot is equipped with heavy-duty iron and black triple chain hanger which is sturdy and durable.
  8. Foraineam White Hanging Planters
    Each equipped with a perforated insert that can hold soil above the bottom of the pot, allowing excess water to get through hydrated soil as needed. Comes with iron triple-chain.
  9. YADSHENG Hanging Plant
    Simple and versatile, high quality and great value. It is made up of plastic. Self-watering hanging planter with chains. Has a drainage plug that allows the removal of water.
  10. Plant Hanging planters pot
    Simple and versatile, high quality made of the best plastic. Has drainage plug to allow the removal of excess rainwater when installed outdoors. Has multifunctional design. Convenient to use.
  11. Hanging Planter Basket Round
    The planter is made of premium quality PP that is designed to have an attractive woven look and texture which is remarkably similar to real rattan. Elegant, durable and stylish.
  12. YADSHENG Hanging Plant Pot 3 Pcs Self-Watering Wall Hanging Flower Planter Pots Indoor Outdoor Plants Holder Hanger 1S+1M+1L Hanging Planters (Color : 2#, Size : L+M+S)
    The weight of these containers are 5.51 pounds. Comes in 3 pieces in one pack. Has a multifunctional design. Made up of plastic material and has a drainage plug.
  13. Gray Bunny Hanging Planter
    These planters add elegance to your garden. Hang several baskets at different heights for a dramatic effect. Beautifully display your plants and flowers. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  14. MICGEEK 4 Pack Hanging Planter
    These baskets are made of preformed natural coconut palms, iron baskets, chains. The preformed liner has the thickness and is tightly pressed which can be used well with a hanging basket.
  15. Hanging Basket Planter Pot
    Simple rounded design with classic pinkish colour makes it perfect for displaying most plants and will match any decorative styles. Comes with a heavy-duty iron and black finishing triple-chain hanger.


So, if you want to buy self watering hanging planters for your garden or your near and close ones, go through the entire article before making the purchase. You will find the various collections of self hanging planters in the list mentioned above that you can hang anywhere inside your house or balcony and fulfil your gardening hobby.

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