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There are some garden accessories that you can not do without. Among them are the best gardening gloves and I will show you why in this garden genie gloves review.

Let’s go back to your garden.

It’s most likely littered and full of dirt, chemicals, thorns, and numerous other irritants

And yet you must pull the weeds, till the soil and dig up the roots without harming your tender hands.

To save your hands, you’ll need good gardening gloves. Garden genie gloves are highly rated when it comes to gardening gloves.

And you can’t really compare them with your pair of simple cotton gloves…these have claws, are tougher, more flexible, allergy safe, and generally head and shoulders above cotton in many other ways.

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As usual, we like sharing with you the recommendations of our research team. Here now are the recommended gardening claw gloves.

1. Garden Genie -Honey Premium Badger garden gloves

Honey badger garden gloves are one of the pioneer high-grade claw garden gloves and use a breathable, stretching, and a very comfortable fabric to secure your hands.
Based on a custom “ease-of-use” technology, it ensures that your fingers are stress-free by concentrating pressure on the stronger parts of your rather than your weaker fingertips.
It also has a waterproof coating and is abrasion resistant.
Made of high-density ABS material and with a breathable stretching fabric on the back, this is one of the very top notch gloves with claws
They can be a powerful tool for most of your gardening tasks.


  • Extremely durable
  • Very breathable
  • Smooth interiors
  • Waterproof
  • Very well made


  • They may run a bit large

2. Right and Left Hand Garden Genie Gloves- For Rose Pruning

One of these hand claws is right-handed and the other left-handed.
They have been designed in a way that they will adapt to each of your 2 hands naturally meaning you feel super comfortable as you go about pruning your roses.
Their claws attach strongly so they are very easy to dig with even in heavy soil.
Also, they flex easily , therefore, they will help you engage in a variety of tasks.
These are customized to fit either of your hands naturally, have reinforced claws to match, and a 100% puncture resistant material.
They make gardening safe, smooth-sailing and easier.


  • Puncture resistant
  • Feels so smooth
  • Long lasting
  • Sharp claws
  • Custom fit


  • May fade after prolonged use

3. Garden Genie Gloves by Techno.

These are a major upgrade on standard gloves.
One, their “gardening claws” have hardened tips allowing you to dig up any soil without requiring any hand tool.
Secondly, they are waterproof- a number of the standard garden claw gloves are not.
You will ,therefore, work on moist soil without wetting your hands.
Another fabulous feature is that they are puncture resistant.
They therefore allow you to work without fear around thorny plants or rocky areas
Garden genie gloves are tough, breathable, water, puncture and wear resistant…I can go on and on.
Everything that you may ever need in digging claws may have been included here!


  • Very easy to use
  • Super lightweight
  • Build to last
  • Breathable
  • Very well crafted


  • The tips may come off on hardy soil
  • Sizing can be a challenge

4. Futre Garden Genie Gloves (Claws on EACH Hand)

If you are tired of coming out of your garden with blistered hands, then these 8 claws gardening gloves could offer you an escape.
Again made from resilient ABS plastic and with specially designed claws on both gloves, you will these easier to use whether you are left-handed or right-handed
You can even interchange the gloves to ramp up the fun.
The breathable nylon on their back reduces sweating while Protecting your hands from farm dirt, sweating, and injuries that may come with heavy duty work.
These Garden Genie clawed gloves have specially designed claw tips making them excellent for digging and when preparing compost.
They could be your best bet not only for your garden but also for general protection around your household
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly flexible
  • Very light
  • Firmer grip
  • Highly breathable


  • May not be very durable but will live its worth.

5. Women’s Honey Badger Premium garden gloves- gardening gloves for thorns

If you are a lady and have had a hard time finding snug-fitting gardening claw gloves, then you will be happy to meet the garden genie women’s honey badger gardening gloves which have been radically improved for tender hands.
Made of ABS material and the typical breathable stretchy fabric common in honey badger gloves, these gloves can withstand harassment from tougher garden duties including those involving thorns, while remaining versatile and flexible for lighter tasks that could require more precision.
And they give you more color choices and a sleek look!
Built for ladies, there offer a 360-degree protection against common gardening hazards including chemicals and sharp objects.
They give you the feminine look that ladies love but deliver a muscular performance in your garden!
  • Great fit
  • Highly durable
  • Easier to clean
  • Puncture proof
  • Very cool


  • A bit pricey

6. Inf-way Garden Genie Gloves-Both Hand Claws (Left + Right Claw pair)

Their palms are coated with high-quality latex hence they are highly effective against accidental cuts, pricks from thorns, broken nails, dirt, and even impurities. They also stretch a great deal so they will certainly fit your hands like natural skin while giving you more comfort and superior flexibility
Coming to grip, these gardening gloves have one of the strongest grips thus rarely do objects slip from your hold.
They are of premium quality meaning you can wear them for hours on end without feeling a pinch
Both the right and left-handed claws are packed in the box.
With one size fitting almost everyone and made of high-quality latex, these premium quality gardening gloves have the style and the power to safeguard you- whatever the task.
They could prove to be a shrewd addition to your gardening armory.
  • Easy to wear
  • Highly flexible
  • Heavy-duty claw glove
  • Very comfortable
  • Fit well


  • Not great with hard soil

7. Wolverine Grip – Gardening Gloves Women’s Sizes And Colors

These wolverine gloves with claws are constructed from a unique 13-gauge breathable fabric plus a mild stretching cuff which prevents dirt from entering.
They are then coated with a high-end cut and abrasion resistant latex foam.
Their claws are integrated and made of durable plastic-and in fact, you can expect to use these for up to 200 hours without any signs of wear or tear.
We also noticed that they are washable and have highly attractive colors.
The wolverine grip – gardening gloves women’s sizes and colors are constructed of highly durable plastic &are expected to deliver an average of 200 hours of service in your gardening.
They promise and do indeed make your life much easier.


  • UV protected
  • Nice colors
  • Washable
  • Very comfortable

Garden Genie Gloves vs Other Gardening Gloves

Before we head to the garden genie gloves review proper, let’s see how garden claw gloves compare with the rest:

  • They are made of high Quality materials
  • High density plastic claws instantly replace some hand tools

Since that are made of renowned materials such as ABS plastic among others, you can execute some of the common gardening tasks without any tools e.g. spreading and grading top soil

  • Makes you work easier
  • Makes digging, planting, grading and raking fast and easy

Because of the way they are constructed, garden genie gloves will make digging, planting, and raking faster and easier- after all, we have seen you may not need any tool.

  • Puncture resistant

Majority of these claw gloves are hard to puncture so your hands remain protected from cuts and blisters

  • Easily rinsed clean

Unlike many of the traditional garden gloves, a majority of these have waterproof material so you just rinse them to clean.
Your hands will hence remain germ-free and dry all through

  • More flexible

Again, a good garden genie glove has a flexible, ergonomic design meaning you have better grip even very small objects and increase comfort

Disadvantages of garden genie gloves

These garden gloves with claws don’t have major weaknesses as compared with their common competition as far as we are concerned.
However, over time, the claws wear out- not a major issue as most will have done their work.
Then a few lack the perfect fit.
Other than this, they are quite useful in your day-to-day gardening adventures

Where to buy garden genie gloves

You can buy gardening gloves with claws from Amazon, Alibaba, Wal-Mart, eBay and from most of the online stores.
Also, some manufacturers have dedicated e-commerce website for them. Other places you can check include local gardening stores.

In our case, we found more variety from Amazon and much better prices.
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How to Select The perfect Gardening Genie Gloves?

You need to check out a few things when buying protective digging gloves.

  • Insulation level

Gardening during the winter months will require thicker gloves.
For summer work, lighter pairs will do provided they are breathable.

  • Dexterity

Some of the gardening tasks can be delicate so you need your gloves to offer good dexterity

  • Material

The material can make a huge difference when investing in garden gloves. gardening gloves typically come from any of these materials:

  1. Leather

For many gardeners, leather gloves beat all the rest in terms of durability.

  1. Synthetic Leather

If you are a vegan and green-minded, synthetic leather provides the perfect middle ground between environmental sustainability and durability.

  1. Nitrile

Nitrile rubber is chemical-resistant and allergy-safe. It’s highly flexible and puncture-proof

  1. Latex

This is quite common. It’s affordable and durable. It does well in safeguarding you from cuts and scratches.

  1. Bamboo

A rare material, bamboo excels absorbs perspiration and delivers excellent breathability. It also offers better insulation keeping your hands cool in hot weather and warm in freezing seasons

  1. Spandex

Typically, spandex will be combined with synthetic leather introducing maximum breathability and attaining unbelievable durability.

  • Male, Female, or Unisex Gloves?

You could be looking for ladies gardening gloves or even male digging gloves. Well, I feel that unisex gardening claws offer more convenience.
You see your friend or family can borrow your gloves – even if they are of the opposite sex.
However, the decision will be finally up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

As we summarize this garden genie gloves review, let’s have a look at some of your common questions

What is the right fit?

Your gloves should fit just “snug” -not tight. Your fingers should be able to comfortably reach the end without you ‘pushing’ the tips

What’s the recommended way to clean and care for gardening gloves?

It depends on the materials. For ABS materials, you may first hose off any heavy debris then rinse dry.

For the those labeled machine washable, after hosing off dirt put them in your washer and finally to your dryer
Caution:If they have a Velcro band, close their wrist tab tightly to avoid their Velcro catching on your other laundry items

Will they protect my hand from thorns and stickers?

Yes, most good brands will protect your hands from thorns

How else can I use garden genie gloves?

Most are very versatile: They can protect your hands when cycling, skiing, rowing, sailing, walking your dog, and even paragliding

How do women’s gloves differ from men’s?

Most Women’s gloves cut narrower across your palm and are slightly elongated so as to accommodate even longer fingernails.


In this garden genie gloves review, we have seen that your hands are better off with the best gardening gloves
Otherwise, garden-borne threats such as thorns, bugs, and chemicals can make your time in the yard a very unhappy experience.

We have also gone through some garden genie gloves reviews and you now have a rough idea of what to expect.
Then, when investing in claw gardening gloves, check its material, dexterity, insulation, and even convenience.
And if you follow our advice, I’m pretty sure you will be one step closer to being a happy, satisfied farmer.

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