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Maintaining a classy lawn can be time consuming and expensive. For example, leaves keep falling in autumn and clearing them plus other debris may take time and lots of energy – especially if your yard is large- unless you get smart and use one of the most powerful backpack blowers in the market.

Well, you can also hire a local landscaping company to do the job.

But according to market surveys, it will set you back between $100 -$1000 per acre-which isn’t cheap by all means.

So, for most people, a residential backpack blower will do- they mercilessly dispatch wet/dry leaves, small rocks, matter, and all dirt to hell within no time.

And so we thought: why not share with our readers about the best backpack leaf blowers

After all, the beautiful autumn season will always carpet your yard with a layer of yellow leaves which means you’ll always need help.

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Can I use handheld leaf blowers?

Handheld leaf blowers are generally cheaper.

However, we found them pretty limited:

  • The electric models have cords which limit your reach
  • Battery-powered models require frequent recharging
  • Gas-powered are heavy and cause fatigue soon after starting

Worst of all, some take 3 times longer to clear an average area, in addition to the field needing additional raking.

What about other leaf blowers?

Okay. Let’s get clear on something here.

The type of leaf blower you use depend on a number of factors- chief among them the size of your backyard.

For example, handheld leaf blowers remain the most recommended for small lawns and all other light clearing duties.

On a similar note, the backpack leaf blowers do a fantastic job for grounds approximately 1 acre.

And then we have the mightiest: the walk-behind leaf blowers.

These have the power to move huge amount of debris including small rocks.  They are thus ideal for massive yards like golf courses.But these machines are damn expensive!

Why Use Backpack Blowers

Before we leave this section, let’s do a small shootout:

Backpack vs handheld leaf blowers

And here’s the score:

Top rated backpack blowers will cost more than their handheld cousins.

But, they have more power so they do a much better job for medium/large gardens- no raking needed.

And they will clear in a few hours.

Then, they transfer the weight of the blower to your back setting your arms free to concentrate on directing it.

Having said that, let’s get some of the terms out of the way to make our going smoother.

Most powerful backpack blowers on the market comparison table

Backpack blower



Makita EB7650TH 20" 64 cc

75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)

670 CFM, 200 MPH

Tool-less handle adjustment

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC  4-Cycle 32cc Backpack Blower

4-Cycle 32cc engine

500 CFM

150 MPH

JumpStart technology (with SpringAssist)

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 50.2 cc

50.2 cc X-Torq engine

692 CFM, 180 MPH

Air purge

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc Gas Backpack Blower

50cc engine X-Torq engine

710 CFM

250 MPH

Lowvib dampeners

Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower

75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)

526 CFM, 195 MPH

Easily accessible Oil filling port & drain plug

Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower

48CC 2-stroke engine

475 CFM

200 MPH

Heavy duty frame

Echo PB580T Backpack leaf Blower

58.2 cc


510 CFM, 215 MPH

Adjustable control wand (hip throttle)

New Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower (75.6cc) 


 X-Torq Engine

907 CFM, 208 MPH

Centrifugal air cleaning system

RedMax EBZ8500 Back Pack Leaf Blower Hip Throttle

75.6 cc 2-stroke engine

908 CFM

206 MPH

contoured, self-cooling back pad

Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2 cc EB802RT -  Backpack Blower (Tube mounted throttle)

79.2 cc engine

Throttle control (Tube mounted)

Two stage filter

618 CFM

 210 MPH

“Hush Mode” switch

Backpack leaf blowers:Common Terms

  • CFM ( cubic feet per minute)

Manufacturers will tell you this:  “Ours is the most powerful at this and this CFM”

So, what is this?

This is a question of how much air does your blower move. You see, all the backpack blowers have to pull in the air and then push it out through the blower in order to sweep debris from the surface.

And scientifically, the volume of air sucked in and pushed out contributes to its muscle.

  • MPH(miles per hour)

Another number thrown around by vendors is the MPH.

Basically, this represents the blower airspeed...that is how quickly is the air circulating

Again, how fast air moves affect the performance of all blowers

Backpack blowers reviews 2019

After analyzing what the market is offering currently, we arrived at our final shortlist of the most powerful backpack blowers on the market.

Here are the privileged professional backpack leaf blowers that you should bet your money on.

1. Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower(75.6 cc)

  • 75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Large-capacity air filter
  • High air volume : 526 CFM
  •  Air speed :195 MPH

What I love about 4 stroke backpack blowers such as this Makita’s 75.6 cc MM4 Backpack Blower is that they leave very little carbon footprint.

Plus, they need very little maintenance.

And that’s because you don’t go through the cumbersome process of mixing oil and fuel- mandatory in two-stroke gas backpack blowers.

So, not only does this spare your nostrils from pungent emissions….It will also do a clean job in a short while- thanks to its larger air filter and a powerful 75.6 cc commercial duty engine.

This engine is also known not to be as thirsty as some of the greedy engines you get in most of the top rated commercial backpack blowers.

Another thing: It runs quieter- some of the backpack blowers produce as much as 85 decibels and you have to use protection.

Then, it’s as comfortable as any of the commercial backpack blowers –thanks to the well-padded shoulder straps, soft hand grip, and the ventilated back panel which superbly supports your lumbar

  • This is one of the most fuel economical backpack blowers
  • It’s very comfortable when on your back due to the extra padding on the shoulder
  • It’s Eco-friendly and has one of the least emissions
  • Its unique engine decompression system enables it to start easily
  • It’s easier to drain the oil and replace the plug
  • This model is a bit heavy
  • It's a bit costly.

2. Makita EB7650TH 20" 64 cc Chain Saw (75.6 cc)

  • 75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)
  • Padded back panel
  • Heavy duty anti-vibration mounts
  • Tool-less handle adjustment
  • Large grip
  • High air volume : 670 CFM
  • Air speed :200 MPH

Still from Makita, This is another powerful step-up from the cumbersome older 2-stroke motors.

Indeed at an air speed of about 200 MPH and an air volume of 670 CPM, this beats even its well-liked sibling- the Makita BBX7600N Backpack Blower(75.6 cc) hands down.

So, if you have a larger space, and desires a top, top performance, this will scamper the debris to the horizons impressively and the good news is that you will not have to worry about gas expenditure – like its sibling, it ranks highly in fuel economy.

In lightweight backpack leaf blowers, speed and power fondly accompany class and comfort so we are still looking at shoulder straps specially engineered with flexible adjustments to improve their fit.

And a superiority padded and ventilated back panel for a comfortable operation.

Perhaps the other few shining spots include the smoother idling and its majestic performance in snowy conditions.

  • It starts extremely easily
  • The tank will run for longer at full power
  • This is very powerful
  • It clears well even in snowy conditions
  • It’s comfortable and easier to carry
  • Sometimes the traps slide off the shoulders and it you may need a chest strap

3. Echo PB-580T Backpack leaf Blower

  • 58.2 cc Engine
  • High air volume : 510 CFM
  • Air speed :215 MPH
  • Adjustable control wand (hip throttle)
  • Bigger gas tank

The Echo PB-580T Backpack blower has a sprightly engine and offers a tasty performance pleasing both enthusiasts and new users alike.

It’s a very good alternative to handheld leaf blowers and is automatically a solid upgrade on the first generation backpack blowers..

This more so in performance where it cuts blowing time by almost a third, according to some of its fans.

The 58.2 cc engine enables it to blast right through swathes of ugly leaves clearing everything on its way effortlessly.

And it’s very easy to use- just strap it on your back and start clearing in seconds. On the same note, you start it in an instant by positioning your foot
on its frame and pulling the starting lever.

The adjustable left control wand (with a throttle) enables you to manage everything conveniently.

Overall, compared to its handheld rivals, this is infinitely better..You’ll clear your larger drive in a fraction of the usual time and have fun battling the waste to oblivion.

  • This is very simple to assemble
  • It’s not as noisy as some of its peers
  • It’s very well built and has minimal vibrations even when at maximum power
  • This fires up almost instantly
  • It doesn’t overheat even when faced with huge piles of debris
  • If you want to restart it, you’ve got to take it off first

4. New Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower (75.6cc)

  • 75.6 cc X-Torq Engine
  • Centrifugal air-cleaning system
  • Variable speed settings
  • Throttle control (Tube mounted)
  • High air volume : 907 CFM
  • Air speed :208 MPH

Despite their being looked down on by the 4-stroke engines, some 2-stroke engines blower have clung on to our selection of the top most backpack leaf blowers.

These include this Husqvarna 580BTS gas 2-stroke backpack leaf blower- largely because of its engine technology.

Christened X-Torq, the engine works slightly differently and delivers more force, while blowing at maximum power and at precise accuracy.

This engine is also engineered to use up to 20% less fuel while reducing obnoxious emissions by about 60%.

Then, while sounding rather complicated, its centrifugal air purifying system is big news.

And this is why:

It works hard to remove larger debris and dust particles long before they reach the air filter.

This means you will only need to clean your air filter a few times.

I also like the ergonomic handle because its longer and feels much more comfortable..

You can now see why this claims (and rightfully so) a position among the elite commercial grade performers.

  • It looks like a durable machine
  • It blasts all out of its way with amazing power
  • It has a longer and more comfortable ergonomic handle
  • This beast starts easily
  • The waist buckles are quite handy when wearing it
  • At 25.8 lbs, this is by no means light.
  • You still need to mix oil and fuel

5. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 50.2 cc Backpack Leaf Blower

  • 2.1 HP X-Torq engine
  • ventilated harness (with hip belt) ,
  • High air volume : 692 CFM
  • Air speed :180 MPH
  • Throttle control (Tube mounted)
  • Variable speed settings

Even with release of the more muscular Husqvarna 580BT Backpack leaf blower,the Husqvarna 350BT Backpack leaf blower has remained a hot cake out there.

That’s because it can do all the good deeds associated with the Husqvarna 580BT model but at a quarter of the cost

While the 580 is mostly recommended for commercial landscapers, this is lighter and considered a good fit for both mid-range landscaping professionals and homeowners.

The engine is still the less thirsty, reduced fumesX-Torq so there’s plenty of magic in fuel economics and more cojones to go after the scalp of the most annoying debris.

The 2.1 HP X-Torq engine also has reduced vibration levels and with its cozy ventilated harness (with hip belt), the blower becomes incredibly comfortable.

The variable speed setting wins the blower another point- You will be able to sustain airflow at optimumlevels.

This precision delivers better airflow, and top blasting speeds.

In summary, both the Husqvarna 580BT Backpack and the Husqvarna 350BT Backpack should strike debris with a single blow but the pricing difference is huge.

  • It is quite comfortable thanks to the wider shoulder straps
  • You can set the optimum fan speed to make it easier to manage
  • Its fuel is purified (by the air-purge system) making it easy to fire up
  • Its tank has a higher volume and can sustain a lengthy operation
  • Its cruise-control function ensures constant fan speeds so you don’t have to keep regulating your blower's speed.
  • You still need to mix oil and fuel
  • Assembly the hoses is a bit tough

6. Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2 cc EB802RT -  Backpack Blower (Tube mounted throttle)

  • 79.2 cc engine
  • High air volume : 618 CFM
  • Air speed :210 MPH
  • Throttle control (Tube mounted)
  • Two stage filter

The Shindaiwa EB802RT blower is an exceedingly good commercial grade blower.

I have used it recently, the latest model, and trust me, it’s exceptional.

The build quality is miles ahead of most commercial class backpack powers, as is its immense performance.

It is raw power at 618 CFM and 211 MPH and it could be the ultimate model for those looking for quick results in large jobs.

I tell you this scares the hell out of even wet and frozen leaves– and effortlessly.

It runs the 2-stage air filtration system hence the machine runs clean, for longer, and with minimal emissions.

Noise is a headache in many of these machines but this has a lovable feature- the “Hush Mode” switch on the throttle meaning you remain in the good books of your neighbors thanks to its quieter operation.

As usual, commercial jobs require a machine which can run for an eternity before needing refueling.

And so the manufacturer has integrated a big gas tank – sure to go acres upon acres without inconveniencing refueling.

  • This is super powerful- it blows with class and authority
  • It’s very well built and should give you lengthy service
  • It’s easier to monitor fuel usage through the translucent gas tank
  • It’s fairly quiet – one of the quietest in the market
  • It blows wet leaves majestically
  • It looks quite expensive

7. Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc Gas Backpack Blower, 2-Cycle

  • 50cc engine X-Torq engine
  • High air volume : 710 CFM
  • Air speed : 250 MPH
  • CARB compliant
  • Variable speed throttle (cruise control)

Husqvarna seems to know a thing or two about putting together formidable backpack blowers.

We had the exquisite business meaning 580 model, then the nifty 350 model. Now we have this Husqvarna 150BT –another stellar 2-stroke blower.

That this is a scary nemesis to debris is not in doubt- at least for the average yard owner.

The 50.2cc X-Torq engine coupled with a super-efficient fan design helps to bring in volumes upon volumes of required air while running at a stunning 250 MPH..

So, expect your debris to be forced out of the way in no time.

And it’s also quite practical:

Its tank is large enough to hold fuel needed for several hours of non-stop blasting while the air filter and the plug are accessible and easier to replace.

The padded harness has a handy hip belt and wider shoulder straps for more comfort.

Finally, the variable speed throttle features a cruise control and a little knob to help you easily set optimum speed.

This can be a fantastic option for home and other lighter jobs.

  • It doesn’t vibrate regardless of the intensity of the operation.
  • It automatically resets for easier starting.
  • The harness is ergonomic and padded on top of fitting the contours of it operator.
  • It’s easier to operate thanks to its Variable speed throttle and cruise control
  • It easier to restarts after refueling
  • Assembly can be a bit tricky

8. Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC  4-Cycle 32cc Backpack Blower (with JumpStart Technology)

  • Jump Start-capable engine (with SpringAssist)
  • High air volume : 500 CFM
  • Air speed : 150 MPH
  • 4-Cycle 32cc engine
  • Cool flex backpack design

This could be another sensible buy...and if you don’t believe me go back to the other myriad available options and note that all rely on a pull cord to start…

This is not everyone’s cup of tea- including me.

Now, this uses an engine starter to bring it to life in seconds.

Yes, thanks to the innovative jumpstart technology, there’s no more hassling with nasty pull cords -and the like.

Let’s now dabble a bit into its other detail..

First, when we compare the performance metrics- 150 MPH and 500 CFM –this ranks favorably with efficient workers such as the high-rated Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower- at 195 MPH and 526 CFM so be prepared for a thorough job.

It even beats some of these supreme operators in some areas.

For example, its long flex tube helps you maneuver more easily around and under obstructions thus you will reach and blow hiding leaves out of their cocoons effortlessly.

Its backpack is also designed with unique, softer flex materials which go a long way in reducing fatigue and keeping your behinds cool.

Plus, it still has the lovable variable speed which gives you greater control.

In summary, this stands up to be counted where it matters and is a nice little non-commercial option.

  • This is quite comfortable while on your back
  • Its blows consistently and steadily
  • It feels lighter in comparison with its peers
  • Its unique backpack design reduces operator fatigue
  • This maneuvers around and under obstructions impressively

9. RedMax EBZ8500 Back Pack Leaf Blower Hip Throttle

  • 75.6 cc 2-stroke engine
  • High air volume : 908 CFM
  • Air speed : 206 MPH
  • Contoured, self-cooling back pad
  • Tube mounted throttle

Purposed for an ambitious commercial user, this registers one of the top performances in the commercial category.

It features a super-charged 75.6 cc 2-stroke engine – popular for its ultra-low emissions and energetic performance.

The amplified performance emanates from the unique designed fan which sucks in huge volumes of air in one go and similar discharges out at super fast speeds.

Your back remains cool all because some of the sucked in air goes to cool the back pad.

This cooling feels magical during hot days.

The back pad is also contoured and oversized so you remain as comfortable as ever during when working.

This is reinforced by the tube mounted throttle which enables you to control this comfortably and conveniently.

It would be fair to say this is a commercial blower for people looking for a comfortable operation regardless of the weather.

  • This is has impressive blowing ability - powerful enough to move rocks
  • It’s one of the better priced commercial backpack blowers
  • It starts much more easily and sustains top momentum throughout
  • It contours around you back making you feel very comfortable
  • It’s back self cools enabling you to work comfortably even steaming days
  • You have to mix fuel and oil
  • It doesn’t burn as cleanly as 4-stroke engines

10. Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack Blower48cc

  • 48CC 2-stroke engine
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Variable speed throttle (Cruise control)
  • High air volume : 475 CFM
  • Air speed : 200 MPH

Back to mid-sized home lawns and we have another professional blower in this Poulan Pro- 48Cc backpack blower.

It runs a 2-stroke engine which is optimized and delivers superior blowing force- enough to sweep leaves, mixed debris, nut, and even tiny rocks.

Which is not surprising considering the 475 CFM air volume and air speeds of up to 200 MPH

It has a longer, flexible handle to which can be bent to reach closed areas and fence corners.

If you hate the process of mixing fuel and oil- typical of 2-stroke engines, the manufacturer has gone one step here…

You can purchase this product’s affordable pre-mixed fuel- a high-quality mixture of gasoline, fuel stabilizer, and synthetic oil with the product.

You will enjoy excellent lubrication, less smoke, and improved engine conditioning ensuring a longer life and service for your equipment.

The filter, the gas tank, and the plug are all conveniently sited so again if you prefer doing the maintenance yourself, you’ll find the whole process smoother.

The backpack itself is stable and comfortable..

Well, If you are looking for a professional and a reliable performer for your domestic chores, perhaps you have finally landed on what you’ve been looking for !

  • This spreads weight well and you won’t feel fatigued even after a longer operation
  • It’s not the type which poses problems when starting
  • It has excellent air flow and power for a home lawn
  • It runs at significantly reduced noise
  • This blow feels solid and is of impressive quality
  • The assembly is a bit hectic and takes more time
  • It definitely weighs slightly more than most of its competition

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Most powerful backpack leaf blowers buyer guide

Now, separating the backpack leaf blowers can feel like you’re comparing apples to apples if you don’t know where and what to look for.

Here are some pointers:

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The market for the top rated backpack leaf blowers is dominated by gas backpack blowers though electric models have their own fair share.

Do I have a personal recommendation? Not really.

And that’s because each has its own benefits and issues.

 Now, to keep things short, the following table should guide you:

Leaf blowers buyer guide comparison table


Gas backpack leaf blowers

Corded backpack leaf blowers

Cordless (battery-powered ) backpack leaf blowers


Not as powerful as corded but better than cordless

Most powerful for big jobs

Least powerful (limited run time per charge)


Backpack gas blowers are the fastest

2nd fastest



More than 10 lbs. on average

8 lbs. maximum

Maximum 10 lbs.


Cost more than the rest


2nd cheapest






Need fueling and regular maintenance

except for 4 stroke backpack blowers as they don’t need you to mix fuel and oil

No fueling/recharging

Needs recharging


Unlimited reach

100 feet from a power outlet

Unlimited reach

It’s clear from the above table that corded backpack leaf blowers are the most powerful for big jobs. Followed by gas backpack leaf blowers.

If you compare backpack blowers, you will notice that some are quite easy to run. I’m talking about features like ease of starting (for gas leaf blowers), variable speeds, and friendly control knobs installed in top backpack leaf blowers

These devices are noisy by nature though some of the top 10 backpack leaf blowers are relatively quiet.

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As you’ll notice in our backpack blowers reviews, some are so loud you have to wear noise protection to avoid damaging your eardrum.

Even the cheap backpack leaf blowers seem to put your comfort first. You will find them with soft grip handles, and ergonomic support.

A cozy blower enables you to deliver beautiful results without straining.

If you like operating within a budget, then I expect you to look for the cheapest backpack leaf blowers – though you shouldn’t sacrifice performance at the altar of pricing.

Generally, most of the cheap backpack blowers are corded electric.

Using one of the most powerful backpack blowers to remove debris and leaf can save you time and money.

The thing is that you have a lot of affordable and functional options as seen from our backpack leaf blowers reviews.

When buying, remember to focus on features such as its power, ease of use, the available budget and such.

We have also talked about the various electric/gas models and I’m sure you now know how to compare backpack leaf blowers.

Now, since we have talked a lot about these useful garden tools, I will leave you there.

But as usual, we would love to hear from you so please leave a comment.

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How to care for your lawn

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