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Chiggers can turn a peaceful yard into an itchy nightmare. These tiny pests lurk in grassy areas, leaving you with red, intensely itchy bites. But fear not, as we’ve compiled 10 easy and practical methods to help you reclaim your yard and bid farewell to chiggers. Let’s explore these solutions and bring back the joy of outdoor living without the nuisance of these pesky creatures.

One of the most horrific and painful experiences is an encounter with a group of chiggers. The bite of these tiny creatures causes a lot of irritation and is extremely painful. Is there a way to get rid of these creatures from your yard? Yes, there is! And we have done all the hard work for you. In this article we’ll try to understand what kills chiggers in yard.

Here are the 10 super easy ways in which you can get rid of chiggers in yard and keep yourself safe from their bites.

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10 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Chiggers In Yard

  1. Keep away wild animals and Chigger Hitchhikers from your lawn

Chiggers often enter your yard with the help of the hosts they are already feeding on. Small animals such as rodents, birds, and turtles often attract these chiggers and when these creatures enter your yard, they bring these creatures along with them.

Host animals such as frogs as well as snakes can be kept away by eliminating any source of water from the yard. Minimization of garbage and regular trimming will also keep these animals away.

  1. Keep yourself and your pet protected 

Chiggers at times enter your lawn by attaching themselves to your clothes or your pet’s body. Therefore, to protect yourself from this you need to spray some repellent on your pet and yourself before going on an adventure down the woods or hills.

  1. Mow your lawn 

One of the best and easiest ways to prevent the growth of chiggers in your lawn is mowing it regularly. This is one of the simplest yet most overlooked techniques. You may also find this technique the cheapest that can be used to prevent these creatures from your lawn.

  1. Maintain the yard 

 Chiggers often grow around unkept regions. Therefore, if you carry out a regular maintenance practice for your yard this will definitely help you destroy the hiding spaces. Maintaining a tidy and neat landscape can be very useful. Keep your lawn weed-free and do not let the leaves pile up. Remove the brush piles and do regular trimming and pruning.

  1. Diatomaceous earth is magical 

 Diatomaceous earth (DE) is one of the naturally occurring sedimentary rocks that are rich in silica. It can be crushed into a fine powder and spread across the yard. It is excellent for killing and repelling chiggers. It is also commonly used for this purpose. It is also effective against tiny bugs such as cigarette beetles, stink bugs, and June bugs.

You should also sprinkle the DE in the dense vegetation area, the moisture-laden areas with tall plants, and even in the shaded regions. These are all the top habitats where chiggers are generally present. Spraying DE will naturally repel them and keep your yard free of these mites.

  1. Try some commercial sprays 

Use some non-toxic chemicals and spray them over your lawn once in a while. They go a long way in getting rid of these irritating bugs. However, you must not forget to read the label before using them on the lawn and must be very careful while using it.

Some of the great solutions for repelling and killing chiggers are:

  • DEET

You can consider DEET if you wish to use sprays to get rid of chiggers. It not only repels the chiggers but also kills them. It is also effective against mosquitoes and dust mites.

You should not use DEET sprays if you have allergies. It must be used very carefully and not haphazardly. Never miss out on any instruction while using it. It possesses the capability to damage your clothes, plastics, and even furniture. Therefore, be very careful while using it.

  • Permethrin

This is a very potent chemical that you can apply to your clothes. It shall last several days once you spray it on your clothes. They might have to go through a couple of washes before completely coming off. Always make sure you are not applying this on your skin and only on your clothes.

  1. Commercial pesticides are also great 

Try to use organic and natural bug killers first. However, if they are unavailable or are not working fine, try some commercial pesticides that can help you. You must follow the instructions as on the pack and must be used how it has been directed to.

There are several pesticides available that can help you get rid of these chiggers from your lawn. However, do not forget to do some research on your end before using them in your lawn.

If you are going for this method make sure that it is done safely and in a responsible manner by:

  • Keep the instructions in mind that have been provided on the label.
  • Treat only those parts of the lawn that are chigger infected.
  • Do not allow animals to feed on those treated parts.
  • Connect with a local cooperative extension to establish highly effective pesticides.
  1. Moisture is bad 

Chiggers can easily survive in your lawn that has plenty of moisture. It would be great if you can get rid of this. Repairing the sources or removing them all at once that provide unnecessary moisture can be great for your lawn. Get rid of those leaking hoses and do not over-water the plants.

  1. Try some powdered soil sulfur 

One of the simplest yet most effective idea to get rid of chiggers from your lawn is using powdered soil sulfur. Spread this powder all over the lawn in the early morning and water the yard for at least 45 minutes. You must always have your eyes protected, gloves on, and mask over your nose while dealing with soil sulfur. Be very careful while using it.

  1. DIY repellent sprays can be of help 

You can even make a chigger repellent spray at your home. Take a gallon of water, dishwater detergent a quarter cup, two tablespoons of canola oil, and mix all these up. Spray this mixture on your yard with the help of a yard sprayer. Always keep the children and pets away from the yard while you are doing this experiment.

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In Summary: Winning the Battle Against Chiggers

As you embark on your quest to reclaim your yard from chiggers, remember that persistence pays off. Whether it’s maintaining your lawn, using natural repellents, or opting for targeted treatments, these 10 methods provide a comprehensive strategy. With diligence and a proactive approach, you can create a chigger-free haven for outdoor activities. Say goodbye to the itch and hello to a yard that’s truly yours. Embrace the freedom of your space, itch-free and revitalized.

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