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10 Best Water Catchers For Plants – Buyer’s Guide

Water Catchers For Plants

Plants need constant watering; hence, the excess water needs to be drained. This is when plant saucers or water catchers for plants play a pivotal role.

A plant drainage tray is something that holds the excess water in them without making a mess. This is why you need a decent drainage dish for the excessive water drainage of the plants without making a mess.

Floor Protectors for Plants

When watering your plants, the chances of ending up with a watery ring, soil stains, and even root rot are high if you don’t have a way of drawing the excess water away. This is where the planter water catcher comes in.

A drainage plate for plants protects your floors, carpets, and tabletops from soil stains and water rings. They also keep excess moisture away from surfaces and the overly-delicate root systems.

They do so by catching all the runoff water.

Furthermore, they hold extra water, meaning you will water your plants/flowers less frequently.

Recommended Budget-Friendly Water Catchers for Plants Reviewed

Clear Plant Saucers Excellent Outdoor
My favourite bit about these clear saucers is that they have a ridged bottom, so airflow is not a bother for your plants, meaning they thrive- free from moulding and mildew. Then they are built so strong that they hold your pot out of any standing water- even if you drench your plant. They have a low profile and are visually unobtrusive. Ridged on the bottom, these saucers provide a stable base and smooth air movement for your beautiful plants. And you can always see the supporting surface as they are clear.


  • They are straightforward, so they don’t attract attention
  • It prevents moulding and mildew
  • They are recyclable
  • At 12″ diameter, they Fit nicely around 12″ planters


  • May warp under heavy ceramic pots
  • They may crack if bent

Hydrofarm Garden Saucer
These re-usable green water saucers have a ribbed bottom that superbly keeps your plants out of water apart from ensuring that no plant/flower will stick to the saucer. Having a diameter of approximately 14-inches, they come in economical packs of 10, so just like the 15-pc set home & garden plant pot saucers, they save you bucks.

These are top-ranked water catchers, and for a good reason- they are heavy-duty, bend easily and cover a large area with their 14-inches diameter. In short, they beat most of their peer's hands down.


  • Heavy-duty products are so super sturdy.
  • Match most pots as they come in different sizes.
  • Plants don’t stick to the saucer.
  • Flexible enough to bend easily.


  • The colour green may not match some patios.


  • Excellent with square or round ceramic on top of moulded plastic planter
  • Extra heavy duty
  • Versatile- works indoors/outdoors
  • They are making cleaning a breeze


  • A bit costly


  • The various sizes give you more choices
  • Affordable compared to ceramic saucers
  • It can be bent easily


  • The labels that hold the saucers together are a little challenging to remove.

Bloem Cotta Saucer – 24 inch Plant Saucers
Deeper plant saucers hold more water so you can water your plants until they are fully hydrated without worrying about emptying them. At 2.5-inches deep, the Bloem cotta saucer is more profound than most popular plant drainage plates. It works well with Milano and Dura Cotta planters. If you are a gardener looking for a deep saucer that can go with more giant planters, this could be what you have been searching for. It impresses with its depth and functionality.


  • A strong base makes it more stable
  • Its depth is a great convenience
  • It fits with even larger plants


  • Not very thick

Bamboo Small Round Sandy Beige
These are made of bamboo hence they are hardy, lightweight and super- durable. Then, they have a raised rim that quickly collects excess water and any soil spillage. Lastly, these have a natural wooden colour, matching almost all pots and planters. These bamboos rounded plant trays are excellent with small planters. They fit well with your other furniture due to the wooden colour and expertly collect overflowing water. Bamboo is also very durable.


  • It matches naturally with your other furniture
  • Super lightweight
  • Much cheaper


  • A bit smaller, so it won’t do well with large plants
  • May crack if bent

FUNNYGO Round 14 inch Plant Saucer Caddy – Large Plant Saucer with Wheels
What about a drip tray that gives you ultimate flexibility? A tray you can move- even with your large plants- conveniently around your home or garden? Made of thicker and enhanced Materials, these funny go-round plant saucers have a removable water tray with a capacity to hold heavy and more oversized plants. The durable caster Wheels roll easily, moving a breeze. If you are looking for saucers to Move wealthy planters around your garden or home breezily, these could be your lasting solution. These extra-large plant saucers have the capacity and ability to draw water while making your plants more mobile.


  • Moves plants safely and easily
  • Supports larger and heavier pots
  • They are made of top-quality materials


  • Costs more

15-pc Set Home & Garden Plant Saucers
These round water saucers are sturdy, re-usable, and come in different sizes. They also have a Unique raised ring pattern design that effectively holds all excess water away from your plant pot. Then, Apart from drawing water out, they also provide critical airflow crucial for your plants' healthy root system and overall improved health. This doesn't just hold water- it also guarantees plenty of healthy airflow for your plants, meaning you will be growing healthier plants in a mess-free environment.


  • Since they are clear, these saucers match well with almost all the planters and grow bags in the market today- clay, ceramic, and plastic.
  • Their airflow design doesn’t trap dirt or moisture; your floors and furniture remain highly protected.
  • You get a free E-book bonus, “Grow bigger plants,” full of fresh ideas.
  • It’s a 15-pack, so it’s cheaper than buying one-one
  • They come in three versatile sizes (6′, 8″ and 10″), so they will certainly fit most plant containers


  • They are a bit thin and may crack under heavy soil

What Are The Benefits Of Using Drainage Plate For Plants?

Let’s look at some of the most significant advantages of water catchers for plants.

  • Your Plants Remain Hydrated All Through The residual water ensures your growing plants remain in good health and hydrated without extra effort or time.
  • They Prevent Root Rot By drawing any standing water away from your plant. Water saucers ensure that potted plants don’t develop mould that common causes make the roots rot.
  • Re-potting and Watering Become Easier, Some plant pot saucers are designed to lure excess water and facilitate better oxygenation of your plants, making them healthier. Watering and re-potting are much more manageable with more beneficial plants.
  • Zero Mess Large planter saucers will give you peace of mind if you want to water your plants without straining your furniture and floor.

Where To Buy Drainage Plates For Plants?

While your local gardening supplies store could supply your needs, online stores like Amazon, E-bay, and similar eCommerce sites have more variety besides offering better prices.

Factors To Consider When Buying Water Catchers For Plants

Getting an ideal plant water catcher shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds. You should soon be a happy owner of a perfect plant drainage tray by considering some crucial factors.

Here now are those key features:

  • Functionality How well does it hold the water at bay? And does it keep your growing flowers hydrated? What aerating the plant roots- does it help to aerate your plant roots? Functionality is critical, whether rectangular plant saucers or other drip trays.
  • Décor If you don’t want to attract attention, go for evident plant drips. They are others like the Bamboo-Small-Round-Sandy-Beige with a tremendous natural wood theme and beautifully complement your furniture.
  • Size and Depth The height of your saucer tray and its depth also matter. For example, you may find a deeper rectangular plant drip tray or a rounded one performing much better than shallow saucers. If unsure of your ideal size, pick a bigger diameter to avoid inconvenience.
  • Your Planters You will meet saucers purposed for specific planters- for example, the Fiskars TerraBox Tray is built for Terrabox Planters and won’t fit well with other water catchers.
  • Sturdiness It shouldn’t crack or give in too quickly.
  • Flexibility Since you may want to bend it as you drain the residue water or clean it, your water saucer should have enough flex to support such operations.

Final Words

Placing a plant water catcher allows you to kill many birds with one stone. First, you catch excess water and prevent your floors, tables, and carpets from staining. They also help pass more oxygen to your plants, making them healthier and more productive.

Saucers also help decorate the base of all your plants- especially those with matching décor. So, messy-free gardening is possible – you only need a drainage plate for plants!

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