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Best Lawn Mowers For All Budgets

Best Lawn Mowers For All Budgets

Best lawn mowers for all budgets: When buying gardening and landscaping products, one should not be mistaken that “the most expensive is the best”. Different types of equipment produced by companies are designed with different needs in mind. Perhaps the most economical lawn mower on the market can be enough for your job. Or on the contrary, the product that meets your needs can be more expensive than others in price. The question that should be considered is the following;

Which lawn mower meets my needs in terms of price/performance?

We have prepared a guideline to answer this question. What should be considered when buying a lawnmower, which machine should be preferred? Be sure to read through our guidebook, where we answer all these questions and share information about lawn mower prices.

What Kind of Motor Scythe ıs Suitable For Garden or Areas?

The motor scythe is mainly used for cleaning small areas. For example, to cut the weeds of a 300 m² garden, a more economical electric scythe can be preferred instead of buying a large mower. The same type of scythe is available with gasoline. Gasoline machines are often more expensive than electric machines. Of course, there are functional differences. Motor scythes, which are generally preferred in areas of 100-800 m², are also used for edge cleaning.

In other words, perfect grass cleaning can be done with a motorized scythe in narrow areas that cannot be reached by large machines. Even motorized scythes are also referred to as “edge cutting tools” or “mowing engines”. For areas where you cannot supply electrical power to all corners, a vineyard or a garden you may want to consider a cordless scythe or petrol scythe.

Which Purpose or Field of Electric Lawnmower is Suitable for?

Unlike electric scythes, machine-type lawnmowers; can be used both for larger areas and for situations where mown grass should not be left on the ground. Likewise, the electric lawnmower is quieter and more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered ones. Of course, the criteria we should consider when making a selection are not limited to these. Here, the size of the application area is one of the factors affecting our preference.

For areas of 100-200 m²: 1000-1200 Watt machines are recommended.

For 200-400 m² areas: 1400-1600 Watt machines are recommended.

For 400-800 m²: Machines over 1600 watts are recommended.

For areas larger than 800 m² – 1000 m²: Gasoline machines are recommended for efficient use of both labor and time.

It is useful to make a reminder:

Users who buy an electric lawn mower usually need a motorized scythe. Because: access to areas such as rose bottoms, wall bottoms, and tree bottoms with these large machines may not always be possible.


When should the Gasoline Lawn Mower be Preferred?

For areas of 1000 m² and above, it is often necessary to use a petrol lawnmower. Especially the ones with gearbox are able to advance spontaneously without pushing, thus providing a great labor-saving. As you may have guessed, gasoline lawnmowers are preferred for areas where there is no electricity. Likewise, given the trouble of dragging the planet or generator behind us, it is obvious that the best mowing method for large areas are possible with gasoline lawnmowers. Gasoline machines, which are generally stronger than electric machines in terms of the power they produce, are often preferred for professional vineyard-garden work. The lawnmower, which is frequently preferred by the institutions responsible for environmental regulations, is the gasoline one.

Lawn Mower with Drive (Lawn Tractor)

Although the lawn tractor is more expensive than other mowers in terms of price, these tools have much more functionality. For example, you have a large garden and you periodically cut, lengthen and spray the lawn. If you want to do these operations with a single machine, you can choose a lawn tractor. The drive lawnmower (lawn tractor) is also efficient in terms of labor. The lawn tractor user can mow a larger area of grass by consuming less energy than other lawnmowers.

Motor Scythe Prices

The motorized scythe, which represents a tremendous mechanism with a powerful motor structure, can consist of two different models. The petrol and electric models are really very useful and have shown a positive result. The use of the gasoline model, especially in large areas and in open areas, provides a more practical and solution-oriented result. In closer environments, fuel-efficient electric models stand out as a practical element. Motor scythe prices change between $25 – $ 880.

Electric Lawn Mower Prices

The products of the well-known brands are usually of good quality and original. With certified products and brand quality, the machine options that have come to the forefront show a really interesting appearance with their prices. The machine options that support physical ergonomics and provide an advantage in comfortable use continue to show themselves as an enormous design product. The prices of electric lawnmowers have to reveal the material value of these products in the market terms of material. Electric lawn mower prices vary between $ 40 – $ 700.

Cheap Gasoline Lawn Mower Prices

When we say ergonomics, a structure that is in harmony with the body comes to mind. High-quality and modern device technology continues to provide this support at the forefront. In order to use the machines well in terms of comfort and easy operation, it can easily be said that this system is really necessary. Together with the ability to work extremely orderly and in quality, these devices continue to provide a true solution for you at affordable prices.

Sometimes with battery support and sometimes with wired options, devices that will use electrical energy more efficiently continue to give you an advantage. If you want to create a well-groomed and beautiful image around you, you will benefit from quality machine options. Quality devices that work smoothly and give you the advantage with high performance are produced with great care. Electric lawnmower options that support you with both fast and very practical working concepts continue to create quality alternatives and different options from each other.

The machine options, which do not physically force you, but also provide practical garden maintenance, continue to give you an advantage with the presentation of a high-tech company. Gasoline lawn mowers can be found in the price range of  $ 210 – $ 1250.

Lawn Tractor Prices

Lawn tractor machines in the sector with the brand quality and advantageous opportunities by choosing, different models are coming to you. Fast running and reliable results, lawnmowers really save fuel and dazzle with their power. Together with the lawn tractor that works flawlessly and offers a perfect service, the varieties continue to show exactly the results you want. This enormous machine, which saves fuel and supports you with its powerful performance, is also ergonomic in use.

From the moment you start to use it, you can regularly shape all the grass around. In this way, obtaining a modern and quality living space, together with its appearance will be much easier for you. When you use a quality lawn tractor with very high performance, you can create a solution without consuming too much power. Prices of lawn tractors change between $ 2270 – $ 7850.



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