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Best Gardening Axes: Hand, Bearded, Broad, and Splitting Axes


Best Gardening Axes: The use of an axe in gardening is extremely important. You need to have an axe both for the care of trees and for cutting wood. What kind of axe to choose depends on many factors.

Gardening Axes: Best Axe For Gardening

An axe works well when chopping, splitting, preparing kindling or wood while burning a campfire, breaking winter wood, preparing fireplace wood, and knocking out a dried tree for your heating need. Before deciding which gardening axe is best for you, it is a good idea to ask yourself a few questions. The use of gardening axes is an action that requires technical knowledge. It can be enjoyable and useful, as well as sometimes dangerous. Choosing the right and best axes will be much safer and less fatiguing to break the wood.

Best Gardening Axes and their types

Axe types may depend on your needs, and the size and hardness of the wood to be broken. In addition, the armed force you have has an effect on the choice of axes.

Small Hand Axe

The type of small axes is ideal for breaking small twigs and sculpting wood. You can also take hand axes with you to camp easily because they are light.

Bearded Axe

This bearded axe type with a wider and curved blade surface allows you to cut larger wood. Although bearded axes have a similar handle structure compared to their equivalents, the force it exerts on wood is more dormant.

Broad Axe

This broad axe, where you can obtain deeper slits with the same number of strokes, is also ideal for achieving smoother surfaces.

Splitting Axe

The splitting axe is ideal for splitting small and medium-sized wood. It is extremely efficient to hit one by one. It has a great balance and strength/weight ratio. The thin handle of splitting axes increases oscillation.

Wood Axe

Wooden axes with wood handles tend to last longer. In addition, the blade of wood axes can be easily replaced.

Wood Splitting Axe

This wood-splitting axe type, designed for long-term use in small spaces, can be used for small pieces of wood. The wooden splitting axe is the most durable variety among splitting axes.

Double Bit Axe – Double Headed Axe

Offering maximum strength and durability, this double-headed axe is perfect for cutting small branches, trees, and logs. You can also easily split kindling and wood with this double-bit axe. Having double head axes virtually eliminates impact vibration.

Felling Axe

These felling axes with easily removable headgear are always adaptable to your needs.

Firefighter Axe

This firefighter axe is designed for the needs of firefighters. This kind of firefighter axes contains a cutting and chopping blade and a small sharp tip for drilling and removing on the other side of the blade.

Pulaski Axe

Pulaski axe acting as a thin and thick blade draws attention with its versatility.

Brush Axe

A popularbrush axe is designed to cut more cleanly with less effort.

Bush Axe

The best axe is ideal for cutting, cleaning small pieces of wood, and always carrying them beside you.

Executioner Axe

You can become familiar with this executioner axe with a beveled blade. A highly functional executioner axes design enables two times faster work at the same time.

Axe for Women

Axes specially designed for women have a much more ergonomic handle. In addition, the weight is distributed, so that axe for women can be carried easily by the women’s arms. Despite this, axes for women are quite functional and powerful.

Axe Parts

Even if you see a single piece when you look at an axe, it consists of many different parts. It is important that each of these parts is tailored to your needs in order to have a quality product.

Axe Handles – Axe Bars – Axe Bats

The axe handle must be compatible with the weight you can carry and at the same time axe handles must be proportional to the blade. The axe bars bar can also be preferred for smaller operations. It is particularly important that the axe wood bat is comfortable to hold. If you want long-lasting use, you can choose products with wood axe handles.

Axe Heads

The axe head will change according to the shape, size and direction of the blade. You cannot believe how many different types of axe heads are available.

Axe Sheaths

It is important to have an axe sheath in quality and an assertive axe. The presence of the axe sheaths is necessary to prevent injuries, especially if you plan to carry the axe beside you.

Best Axe Brands

Choosing quality brands while purchasing an axe provides complete efficiency as well as a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Axe

Fiskars axes are considered to be the best axes in the world. All materials used in their products are first class. They also provide a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Splitting Axe

Fiskar has proved its quality, especially in the Fiskars splitting axes. Even in this Fiskars splitting axe tiny product, the power and weight ratio is incredible.

Husqvarna Axe

Husqvarna axe, which is of Swedish origin, is particularly assertive about camping and gardening products.

Bushcraft Axe

Bushcraft axe, which produces survival products in nature, stands out with Bushcraft axes’ sharp blades.

Cold Steel Axe

Cold Steel axe, an American manufacturer, has been producing in this sector for 40 years.

Gerber Axe

Famous for its knives, the Gerber axe attracts attention with its multi-functional products.

Where To Buy An Axe?

There are many axe vendors that you can choose and buy both online and land-based.

Amazon Axe

Amazon axes are the most preferred products of the customers. Because there are many brands and many varieties among the Amazon axe types.

Home Depot Axe

Home Depot company is a famous retailer for Home Depot axes that sells many construction products.

Lowe’s Axe

Retailer Lowe’s is an American home improvement company that also stands out with its Lowe’s axes.

Walmart Axe

Walmart, a retail chain operating in the USA, sells Walmart axes for every need and use.

Last Updated: May 3, 2020



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