Greenhouse Cold Frames: Best Gardening Cold Frames (2020)

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Classic greenhouse systems may not be sufficient alone in cold and frost areas. In this case, an additional area is created for plants through the cold frame to be preferred. In this way, it is possible to keep the heat better.

Cold Frames For Greenhouse – Cold Frames For Gardening

Active heating systems, which are normally used in cold temperatures, increase greenhouse costs. With passive heating systems like cold frames, 1 ° C-8 ° C temperature increase can be achieved, as the risk of frost is prevented.

What Is A Cold Frame?

The cold frame is a heat storage system. Cold frame for greenhouse can be an idea to keep the heat at night and prevent the proper temperature fluctuations. You can get such a system from pet bottles or you can also use plastic covers. Containers filled with water should never come into contact with cold air. Friction with cold air will affect unlike coldness. You can fill the double glass with water and place it in the greenhouse to create cold frame for plants, so that the sun is upright.

In greenhouse construction, individual glass cold frames for farm should be installed in east-west and block glass cold frames for plants in north-south direction. The rows of plants should be formed in the north-south direction, in order to allow the sun to be perpendicular to the roof in the winter, to break into the greenhouse without any reflection, the maximum inclination of the roof should be calculated by measuring the angle of inclination of the roof.

In plastic cold frames for greenhouse, the properties of plastics used as a cover reduce the effect of frost. In addition, the plastic cold frame for farm should be able to overheat the sun’s rays and not be dirty.

Pvc Cold Frames

PVC cold frames tend to be much lighter and economical. So they can be easily transported. However, pvc cold frame needs to be cleaned frequently, as they are easily contaminated.

Cold Frame Kits

Instead of installing a cold frame from the start, you can buy ready for use cold frame kits. These kits contain all the materials you need for the setup you need. Cold frame kit can be easily installed. So you can start using it right away.

Cold Frames For Raised Beds

One of the common uses of cold frames is these cold frames for raised beds. Soil is placed inside a base installed higher than the ground. Vegetables or fruits are planted in this soil. The upper part of the cold frame has the shape of a curved triangle. Since cold frame for raised beds can be used as a single piece, and also be designed as multiple blocks side by side.

Cold Frame Brands

There are many brands where you can buy a ready for use kit or supply the necessary materials to have a cold frame.

Juwel Cold Frame

Juwel, one of the best cold frame manufacturers, offers more compact and quality Juwel cold frame designs.

Access Cold Frames

The Access cold frames, which you can buy for larger cold frames, provides easy installation and ample space.

Agra Tech Cold Frame

Agra Tech cold frame, which produces equipments for larger areas, are ideal for those looking for professional solutions.

Biostar 1500 Premium Cold Frame

If you are looking for frames that are easy to install, use and move, the Biostar 1500 premium cold frame promises you what you are looking for.

Exaco Biostar Premium Cold Frame For Greenhouse

Exaco Biostar premium cold frame for greenhouse, which makes it easy to use with its multi-glass structure at the top, also prevents direct access of the sun rays through its corrugated glass.

Last Updated: May 5, 2020

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