Aerogarden Herb Seed Pod Kit Review 2019

Aerogarden Where To Buy?

As an urban trend, herb seed pod kit is an assurance that you will have a fresh supply of herbs at your convenience.

An herb seed pod is not only a good piece of house décor, it is also a sustainable way of ensuring you get a fresh supply of herbs and all the benefits that come with growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Since they all use the hydroponic technique,you can be assured you are free from dirt or mud of your counters or whatever surface you place them on.

These reviews should help provide insight on the best Aerogarden herb seed pods available in the market today.

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Miracle gro aerogarden reviews

1. AeroGarden sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

With up to three plants being accommodated in this seed pod, you can be assured of a variety of plants and herbs.

The pod is a work of technology, as only water is used.

There is also the use of 10 Watt LED lights that can be tuned to any spectrum to increase produce through controlled photosynthesis.

The control panel is not only simple to use but also has reminders on when to add nutrients.

As an added advantage is that the pod comes with a gourmet herb seed kit that includes Dill, Genovese Basil and Curly Parsley.

2. Great new LED technology miracle-grow AeroGarden ultra LED with strawberry grow bowl and gourmet herb seed kit.

For quite an affordable amount you get an herb seed pod that comes with actual strawberry plants that should be planted as soon as they arrive.

The pod boasts of LED Grow Lights that are high performance for extra growth of the plants.

The pod has a trellis that is adjustable, with the arm of the lamp capable of extending up to 24 inches.

The control panel has automatic key garden functions and easy to use.

The pod comes with 10 live and ready strawberry crowns, AeroGarden liquid plant food and an instruction manual.


3. AeroGarden bounty elite Wi-Fi with gourmet herb seed pod kit, platinum.

This pod is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can control it from your smart phone device. This is also an added advantage since you get reminders on when to add nutrients.

It has a 45-Watt LED for controlled photosynthesis, which is an assurance of fresh and abundant products all year round.

The pod is easy to assemble once you get it.It also comes with 3.oz plant nutrient, 2 Genovese Basil, Chives, Dill, Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Curly Parsley,Thyme and Mint. That should be enough for a whole season.

4. AeroGarden harvest elite with gourmet herb seed pod kit, stainless steel.

The stainless steel will not only look great on your counter but it will give life to the place considering it holds up to six plants at a time.

The 20 WATT LED lights are high performance for excellent photosynthesis.

It has an LED control panel with reminders for water and nutrients and it automatically turns on and off.

The pod comes with a gourmet herb kit that includes Genovese basil, Thai basil, curly parsley, thyme, dill, mint and 3 oz. nutrients.

A grow bag is also a nice way to grow your vegetables and to achieve the quality and quantity you need this article on  grow bags will come in handy.

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