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One of the best ways to keep your plants protected from frost is by using winter covers for outdoor plants and trees.

These cold-trapping covers give your scared plants a cozy hideaway that is much warmer than the freezing surrounding air.

While the difference may only be a few degrees, they nevertheless make a huge difference.

The good thing is that these plant covers for winter are very effective and are readily available.

In this article, I will be discussing winter gardening and specifically, how to keep trees from freezing plus any other plant for that matter.

To start with, let’s look at some of the winter covers for outdoor plants and trees that can help you keep your plants alive.


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Recommended Winter Covers For Outdoor Plants and Trees

1. Sprinkler Frost Cloth Plant Freeze Blanket – 6×25-Feet


  • Medium weight-1.5oz.
  • Permeable fabric.
  • UV Treated
  • Reusable
  • 6×25-Feet

Frost blankets are quite popular. They work by banishing cold air and establishing an insulating air compartment around plants.

Heat from soil -warmer than air- is snared beneath your blanket and held closer to the plants.

The sprinkler frost cloth plant freeze blanket is a top medium weight permeable, UV treated blanket that safe guards your plants from freezing temperatures.

This is one of the best shrub covers for snow.

It is UV treated, breathable, reusable and installs easily


  • Optimal thickness
  • You can easily cut it to the size you want
  • Breathable and light gets through it


  • Some plants may freeze if the weather is extremely cold

2. Easy Gardener Frost Protection Blanket


  • 6-8 degrees frost protection
  • Reusable
  • 10 feet X 12 feet

Frost blankets have varying thicknesses with thicker blankets protecting better than thinner ones.

The Easy Gardener Frost Protection is another huge frost blanket (10 feet x 12 feet) and is a bit thicker and heavier.

It superbly cushions your bushes, shrubs, and potted plants from frost.

This is again a 5-star chill-guard. It Breathes well, has sufficient weight and resists wind and ice to leave your plants safely tucked away.


  • Very breathable
  • Folds easy for storage
  • Lighter so applying it is easy


3. DeWitt Supreme Winterization Cloth Freeze Blanket

Although your frost blanket can lie straight on plants, you normally get maximum protection when you set up a framework to hold it above plants.

Measuring 6-feet (wide) X 50-feet (long) this blanket not only fortifies your plants against frost, but can also be rolled back onto its core and stored in its accompanying plastic sleeve.

This 6-feet (wide) X 50-feet (long) fabric frost blanket defends your flowering annuals perfectly during severe freezing.

And, you just roll it back onto its core and then place it in its plastic sleeve for storage when you’re done. It’s a very convenient life-saver!.


  • Reusable
  • 5-ounce
  • 6-feet X 50-feet


  • Comes with a convenient plastic sleeve for storage
  • It is permeable
  • Pretty wide
  • It cuts very easily
  • Material is very strong


  • It can be a bit hard to move around

4. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover Rectangular

A common headache with winter covers for outdoor plants and trees is how to keep them secured to the ground.

But with the Planket frost protection plant cover (rectangular), you will no longer be concerned about this- it comes with a total of 14 built in metal grommets along its edge to keep it secured to ground.

Then, you have a variety of sizes to choose from-both round and rectangular.

With a total of 14 in-built metal grommets, this blanket remains tightly secured to the ground and ensures that your most valuable plants survive biting snow, frost, sleet, and cold winds unscathed.

This is undoubtedly one of the most dogged tree covers for winter


  • 14 in-built metal grommets
  • Quality material
  • Available sizes:8ft. Round, 10ft. Round, the 6 ft. Round and 10 feet X 20 feet(rectangular)


  • Covers even hanging plants
  • Very affordable
  • So durable
  • Breathable
  • Easy installation


  • It unties under strong wind

5. Agfabric Warm Worth Ultra-Heavy Plant Blanket

The higher the weight value, the thicker the fabric and the higher the temperatures kept.

Now, the Agfabric warm ultra-heavy plant blanket is one of the heaviest frost blankets for plants.

Hitting 2.0 oz., this high quality and UV stabilized blanket provides a safe haven and is guaranteed to work even when frost is at its most bitter.

At 2.0oz, this frost blanket for plants and trees is one of the thickest and rescues your cherished plants even when conditions are at their harshest state.

You can rely on this when you doubt everything else!


  • Super Heavy-Weight (1.5-2.0 oz.):
  • UV stabilized polypropylene fabric
  • Size: 10x30ft
  • Roll Style


  • Reusable
  • Breathable
  • Super sturdy
  • Versatile – protects almost everything
  • Easy installation – just roll it!


  • A bit pricey


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6. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover, 6 ft Round

Some plant frost protection fabric covers are specially designed to enclose plants with unique characteristics.

One of such is this Planket frost plant round cover which is specifically built to secure hanging plants.

First, it comes with an in-built cinch cord around its edge for securing it to plants and pots;

Then, this rounded cover has a Small hole at the center to use with hanging plants.

This is a round shaped frost blanket with a cinch cord to help secure it directly to plants and pots.

It also has a small hole at the center which makes it a perfect protector for your hanging plants.


  • Measurement: 6 feet round
  • Recommended for plants not more than 2 feet tall
  • Built-in cinch cord
  • Small hole in the center
  • Non woven material

7. Nuvue Products 20250 Winter Shrub Cover

Even if your shrubs are protected from snow but then no air is passing through, they won’t survive.

That’s why some winter shrub protectors are optimized to allow as much as possible to get through.

The Nuvue products winter shrub cover is one such guard.

It is made of a unique fiber material that not only allows maximum light penetration but also sufficient air flow- both of which are very crucial for plant survival.

Made of airy and light-permitting Fiber material, this garden crop cold protector will safely deliver your greens through the turbulent winter while keeping them full of health thanks to excellent air and light supply.


  • Synthetic fiber material
  • 4 ground spikes
  • Size: 22-inch (L) X 22-inch (W) X 24-inch (H)
  • Hunter green color


  • Excellent light/air penetration
  • Long-lasting product
  • Attractive hunter green color
  • Works superbly
  • Installation is a breeze


  • The stakes aren’t that strong

8. Tierra Garden Easy Fleece Tunnel & Tierra Garden Easy Fleece Jacket

Low tunnels are equivalent to mini greenhouses.

They Form a strong barrier against a multitude of threats- frost and punishing weather, pests, and animals, and also creates the warmth and insulation essential for healthy growth.

That is exactly how mighty this Tierra garden easy fleece tunnel is.

It’s an insurmountable barricade and still allows air, sunlight and moisture to filter through.

This low tunnel forms a powerful barrier against a variety of threats including frost, harsh weather, animals, pests, and in addition creates a cozy environment for your plants.

It’s another brilliant chill-guard!


  • UV-stabilized
  • Made of heavy-weight polypropylene
  • Open and closable drawstrings
  • Galvanized steel hoops
  • Drawstring ends
  • Measurements: 118″L by 18″W by 12″H


  • Quick set-up
  • Folds neatly and easily for store
  • Easy to push around
  • Rust-proof hoops
  • Tightly secures to the ground


  • Only serves small plants

9. Agfabric Warm Worth Plant Cover

The drawstring design makes it easier to cover your plants during a storm.

The Agfabric warm worth plant cover has easy drawstring and is best positioned to tackle marauding insects, animals, snow hail and frost especially when a swift reaction is required.

It’s again a heavy weigh cover, UV protected and very plant friendly.


  • Measurements:
  • Recommended for Plant sizes 68”-72″high &140”-144″ round,
  • Heavy-weight (0.9-1.2 oz. /sq.)
  • Drawstring design
  • Made of UV stabilized polypropylene fabric allows

Owing to its drawstring design, this heavy-duty protector can be quickly deployed to screen your vegetables, flowers and any other growing plant against a plethora of threats including insects, weather and birds. It bails out all endangered crops and also extends your growing season.


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What To Look Out For When Buying Winter Covers For Outdoor Plants and Trees

To get to know the best winter covers for outdoor plants and trees, your focus should be on a number of things.

Here they are:

  • Material Used

Most fabrics are made of woven polypropylene because it’s both lightweight and breathable.

This means that sunlight and water reach your plants, but frost remains firmly locked out.

Again, Most of these wooden shrub protectors are UV-stabilized.

This means they won’t break down easily when exposed to direct sunlight and can therefore be re-used for several seasons.

  • Thickness

Still on the question of how to protect fruit trees from frost damage, your covers’ thickness matters.

Generally, thicker protectors perform better than thinner ones.

In addition, they exclude more light.

It is like this:

Thicker covers protect plants to 24- 26° F and pass 30% of direct sunlight to plants

On the other hand, Thinner frost blankets protect plants to around 28° F and allow 70% of sunlight to pass to plants.

  • Size

It’s more economical to buy frost blanket rolls up to20 X 100 feet long, or 6 X 12 feet wide.

Then, Cut your fabric into varying sizes, and sew the pieces together as you may need to create larger blankets.

Remember to check your plants height since some are recommended for plants that reach certain inches tall

  • How Is It Secured?

Some frost blanket have grommets that help you to secure them to the ground so as they don’t get blown off by wind.

Others use hoops.

Just ensure that at least your choice has a mechanism to hold it tight.

  • Nature of Your Plants

Some plants can only go with certain specific protectors- for example, hanging plants can’t match to every cover- they will need a protector with a hole in the center for hanging


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Wrapping Up

To keep your garden shielded from frost is best done using winter covers for outdoor plants and trees.

They give your plants a cool, cozy hideaway that’s much warmer than the surrounding air. This ensures winter doesn’t bring you losses or nullify your efforts.

We also saw that you can work with frost blankets, fleece jackets, tunnels or any other efficient frost cover.

Lastly, to fully answer the question- how to keep trees from freezing?- remember the key considerations like size, overall design, size and even thickness matter.

Otherwise, that’s all there is for now about using winter covers for outdoor plants and trees.

With this, I am sure that you will be able to beat back any efforts by frost to derail your efforts.

Happy gardening.


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