What is Septic Submersible Pump?

Have you considered how waste water and sewage costs work?

In homes and businesses, sewage systems work according to gravity. Sewage flows downhill, goes to municipal sewer line or a septic tank. However, the sewer line is laid from the basement of the residences in places such as villages and towns, and there are septic tanks, namely sewage pits. Gravity is not important enough in septic tanks. In such places, septic pumps, a type of submersible pump, are used. Septic pumps are also known as sewage pumps.

The septic pump is the pumps used to transfer sewage fluids and solid parts from one place to another.

Septic pump , because most of the time submerged in water, septic tank drainage submersible pump is also called. The septic pump can be automatic, manual or dual mode. As I explained in the drainage pumps before, the operating mode can be adjusted with a floater system.

Cesspool pumps are specially designed centrifugal pumps that allow solid parts to pass without blocking the pump. When the pump is turned on, the engine begins to rotate the impeller and creates pressure that pushes the water into the impeller and enters the drain pipe.

The sewage pump is powered by the electric cable. Depending on the model, the voltage can be three-phase and monafezed. The pump body, which contains the motor and propeller, is made of cast iron and is produced for long-term use.

What is Septic Drainage Submersible Pump? Where is it used? Features, Types, Brands and Models

Cesspool Pump Types

Septic pumps are divided into 3 in terms of structure and operation.

  • Grinding septic pumps
  • Septic pumps with blades
  • Septic pumps with grinder and blade

Besides, there are also floater septic pumps and floatless septic pumps.

How is the septic pump selection made?

Before choosing a septic pump , you have to answer the following questions.

  • Where will I use the septic pump? What are the measurements?
  • With the dimensions of the septic pit, automatic and manual use, will it be with or without a floater?
  • Do I need to use knives for particles of my septic waste? (Do you have napkins, pads, cloths etc. in waste water)
  • How many meters will I evacuate (mss)?
  • How much fluid will I transfer per hour (m3 / 4)?
  • Electricity single-phase or three-phase?

With your answers to these questions, you can easily select the septic pump.

How does the Septic Submersible Pump Work?

In general, the way the septic submersible pumps work consists of two stages;

  • When the pump starts running, the motor starts rotating the impeller.
  • Thanks to the pressure created, the water is pushed from the propeller into the discharge pipe.

Cesspool submersible pumps may vary depending on the mode of operation of the pump.

  • In septic pumps with blades, blades cut solid parts and mix them into water.
  • In float submersible pumps, when the water reaches a certain level, the pump operates, and when it is below the level, it turns off.
  • For manual use, you must turn the pump on and off.

How is the Septic Drainage Submersible Pump Installation?

Installation of a standard septic pump
Septic submersible pump assembly with blade

Follow the steps below for Septic Pump Installation ;

  • Hose suitable for pump water outlet should be selected.
  • Have the pump electrical connection made by an electrician or a qualified electrician.
  • The ground line must be connected during the connection of the pump.
  • Never operate the pump without water.
  • Never hang the pump off the power cable! Use a sling rope.
  • Do not touch the pump and water while the pump is running.
  • Make sure that the water hose does not break while the pump is running.
  • Do not use the pump in liquids such as acid, olive oil, petroleum. Do not pull sandy, gravel and muddy waters.
  • Do not operate the pump if the water freezes during the winter months.
  • Do not operate the pump at low voltages.
  • Use the pump to supply clean water.

Septic Pump Prices

Septic pumps are different from each other in terms of structure and operation as we mentioned above. Prices vary depending on the material, brand and model used.

As Kampa, we think that the prices of Sumak Septic Pump, which is a quality brand, should be evaluated in order to increase the Euro and Dollar exchange rate for the last few years, to support domestic production.

By the beginning of 2020, septic submersible pump prices start in the 500 TL band and can reach up to 25.000 TL. You can contact us if you are looking for economical solutions suitable for usage area.

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In this blog post; ” What is a septic pump ?” I tried to explain. I hope it was useful. If there is a detail that you have not mentioned above, you can send it by commenting or reaching us from 444 56 22.

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