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What Does Lime Do For Your Lawn? Lime improves your soil’s pH to make it a better nutrients’ absorber and improves grass growth in notoriously poor nutrients absorbing acidic soils (where pH is below 5.5).

In addition to altering soil’s acidity, applying lime adds to the soil calcium and magnesium, two essential nutrients for healthier plant growth.

The best time to lime your lawns is generally in fall or spring. In fall, lime tends to break down much quicker thanks to the conducive weather cycles.

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It’s also important to note that lime can take a couple of months to break down so don’t expect to see a lush green grass overnight.

Conducting soil tests will help determine the current pH and the necessary amount of limestone.

How To Apply Lime To Your Lawn?

When applying the lime on lawn, first aerate your lawn to open up the space that the lime will use to move into the acidic soil. You can use a core plug aerator.

Next, apply the lime using a rotary spreader or a drop to your lawn.

To ensure proper coverage, apply half of the required amount while walking in one direction then the other half while coming in the reverse direction.

For more on how to improve your lawn with lime, watch this video below.

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