Water Flows Less From The Tap. What is the solution?

You come out of work and come home and you want to relieve the tiredness of the day with a good shower. When you open the fountain, the water flows from the tap a little and this disturbs you. There are two reasons why water is running low from the tap. First, there may be a blockage in the clean water installation. The second reason is that if you are sitting on the upper floors, the upper floors of the water cannot reach during the time when you will use the water with your neighbors. Since the water pressure is not sufficient, you can use a booster to solve the problem of not reaching the upper floors .

If you are sitting on the upper floors in the buildings, you can see that the water coming from the water plumbing flows less in the apartment especially in the evening and in the morning. Hydrophore is used to solve this problem and increase the pressure in the water . The reason for the installation of the booster is to solve the problem of low water flow from the tap to the upper floors due to the insufficient pressure of the water coming from the city network in the building you are in .

How to Install Hydrophore?

When you encounter the problem of low water flow from the tap , the first thing you will check is that the faucets and plumbing may be clogged due to dirt in the water. This type of blockage prevents water from reaching your apartment. Cold water installation may become clogged over time as a result of dirty deposits and lime deposits. This problem causes the water to flow less from the tap. To solve this problem, blockages in the installation should be cleaned with opening devices.

If cold water flows less from the tap, the pressure of the city water coming into your building is insufficient. You can install a booster system in your apartment to increase the amount of water coming up to the upper floors and to solve the problem of insufficient pressure. The booster system is installed and the tap water pressure is increased by the pump.

How does the booster system work?

Two filters are installed at the beginning of the water installation established to transmit water from the city network. These filters, which are installed to prevent dirt in the water coming from the network, should be replaced as they become dirty. The water passing through the filters fills the tank. The water filled in the tank is transmitted to the booster pump installed right behind it . When the pump is operating here, water is supplied to the installation with the help of compressed air in the balance tank in the tank. The sensor system on the booster gives warning when the pressure decreases in the tank. Upon this warning, the pump activates and increases the pressure inside the system to the required level.

Compressed water can be supplied to the facility as 50 percent compressed air and 50 percent water level. When there is no booster system, sufficient water flow cannot be provided to the upper floors. The booster provides the water to the user comfortably in high buildings and buildings where the water tank is used against water shortage. The most important criterion when choosing the most suitable booster system for your home is to determine the capacity of the pump. While determining this capacity, the number of flats and floors in the residence is important.

Hydrophores are used not only for network water problem but also for pressurizing water in solar systems such as boats and caravans.

  • Hot water hydrophores for solar or hot water pressurization ,
  • Battery powered DC boosters are used for boats, yachts, caravans.

There are 3 different types of booster for domestic use.

  • Hydromate hydrophores
  • Tank Boosters
  • Control Panel Boosters

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Benefits and Features of Hydrophore

  • The flow control device that controls the activation and exit of the pump ensures that the pump does not run continuously and that the pump consumes energy depending on the need.
  • The system works longer and with better performance thanks to the equipment that prevents the return of the pressed water and dry running.
  • Horizontal tank boosters are used in low-rise and villa style houses. These models are hydrofoil types used up to a maximum of 9 floors and 27 apartments.
  • Horizontal tank boosters have some benefits over flow controlled boosters. When use is low during the day, the tank is activated instead of the pump. This reduces energy costs. Since the pump is less engaged, the probability of malfunction is reduced.
  • Control channel hydrophores are used for higher-rise buildings. It is more advantageous than other hydrophores due to its multiple pumps and control panels.
  • In hydrophores with more than one pump, when the pump fails, the other pump is activated and the user does not feel this failure.
  • A safe operation is ensured with the malfunction and working lights on the booster control panel.

In short, the most obvious reason for the problem of water running out of the tap is that the water does not have the desired pressure. It is necessary to use a booster to give the water enough pressure. Hydrophores are devices used to pressurize water.

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