Tips for Hot Cold Water Installation

Living in a healthy way to use clean water in the area to be communicated in an appropriate manner, allowing the removal of collected waste water out of the building like toilet water system installation is known as. The water installation systems used to carry water, which is the most essential element for the continuity of life, to every area , can be easily installed thanks to the developing technology. The installation realized by laying the pipe network is divided into two as hot water installation and cold water installation . If there is a need for water in homes and workplaces, suitable installation is performed for both hot and cold water.

What to Consider While Installing Water Installations?

Whether hot or cold water installations , the first thing to consider when building a installation is that it is accessible. In installation systems, conditions such as malfunction and maintenance against aging are required. When such situations arise, it is an important issue to easily reach the pipes during repair and replacement. Pipes that are easily accessible are easily repaired. It is possible to save serious time and money. Plumbers who perform repairs and repairs of the faults in the installations should be competent and expert in their work. Work with a good and quality plumber to solve a problem with your plumbing at your home and workplace.

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In addition to performing the functions of the pipes laid in the open area in the best way, attention should also be paid to the visuality. Pipes used in the installation must be insulated to prevent freezing.

  • First of all, the mixing of any dirty liquid into the water should be prevented to provide clean water to the building residents.
  • An appropriate system should be established in terms of the amount and pressure of water provided.
  • Considering the needs, a system in which water can be stored should be kept in order to avoid a negative situation.
  • In order to prevent possible contamination and blockages in the waste water drainage system, a suitable protection device should be installed.
  • To ensure the longevity of the system, quality pipe and equipment materials should be selected.
  • Suitable separation, ventilation and insulation should be provided for clean and dirty water systems.

While the water installation is being installed, the hydrophores of the system are vital in order to allow the residents to access the water without any problems.

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The hot water installation planned to be installed in buildings and workplaces is selected according to comfort, energy status, available heating sources, location and volume. There are basically two separate hot water systems;

  • Independent hot water installation: In these facilities, water is heated in water heaters installed independently for each flat such as water heater, boiler, mains water water heater and solar energy.
  • Central hot water installation: The water is heated in a center by the boiler used to prepare hot water and distributed to the system with pipes. If the hot water circulation line is longer than 30 meters, two circulation pumps, one of which is primary and the other is spare, should be installed.

Unlike normal hydrophores, hot water hydrophores are hydrofoils that are resistant to hot water.

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A Thermal Disinfection Possible Installation Should Be Established

While hot water installation is installed, heat insulation is made by using hot water and circulation pipes in the interior of the wall. Thus, heat loss is reduced and there is no heat gain in the building in the summer. A good boiler should be used in order to have an efficient use in hot water installation. The most common transmission of Legionnaires’ disease, which is a serious pneumonia disease caused by Legionella bacteria and can lead to death, is air conditioning and sanitary installations. Make sure that the water installation to be installed has a thermal disinfection facility in order to be protected from this bacteria that lives and multiplies in a moist and watery environment.

Insulation Should Be Made for Long Life Pipes

In order for the pipes used in the cold water installation to have a long life, insulation should be made. In this way, measures are taken against sweating in pipes. The cold water pipe should be placed at the bottom. Putting the bottom of these pipes in horizontal pipes overlapping each other ensures that the water does not damage the underlying pipes. Pressure regulator is placed after the water booster and water hour in the installation, the pressure can be kept constant and unnecessary water expenses are prevented. Each flat should have a separate arrangement from the system independently. The installations installed for cold and hot water should be independent from each other.

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