Terracotta Pots with Side Holes 2021


Flower Pots with Holes In Sides

Flower pots with holes in sides have a number of advantages but for me, what I like most is the exceptional drainage and airflow.

And this is what makes them ideal for quite a number of your plants including orchids, tropicals and African violets.

In fact, experts will tell you that plants growing in terracotta pots with side holes will always outgrow and outsmart those in non-breathable pots.

Which isn’t surprising considering they enjoy better moisture levels throughout.

Now, since our goal is to help you reap big from your gardening efforts, I will be sharing on the available flower pots with holes in sides.

Here we go.


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Planters With Holes In Sides

  • 1. Slotted Clear Pot With Holes

Coming from RE Potme Orchid Supplies but selling on Amazon, this boasts of a total of 46 Individual holes. Problems to do with aeration and drainage are therefore unheard of with this magnificent flower pot.

Even better, it helps improve the health of your plants’ root guaranteeing a firmer foundation and the general well-being of your plant.

I was also happy to note its UV Protected so it won’t break up due to sun exposure.

This provides more than a home for your Orchids.

  • 2. Bloem Hanging Planter System 3 Pack, Terra Cotta

This is another well-constructed terracotta pots with side holes

With a unique space saving design and the looks to make its competitors turn green with envy, it’s an absolute delight hanging in your garden

It’s a set of 3 but you don’t have to hang all at once. Plus you can hang each horizontally or vertically

It has a Built-in self-watering system so you don’t have to water frequently and when you have to, the two side holes makes it quick and easier.

So, if you are an urban gardener or space is at a premium, then this will serve.


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  • 3. EMSCO Expandable Expandable Hose Storage Pot

Another of my favorites, this is an ornamental expandable hose hider with an appealing weathered terra cotta finish.

Featuring a hole on the side, it makes it keeps your hose screwed to the spigot while holding your expandable hose.

When not using it as a horse storage system, use it to store/organize your gardening tools.

It’s made of a super-sturdy structure so it stands up against heat and other damaging environmental elements

In summary, this functional hand-turned stoneware pot adds flair and style wherever you place it.

  • 4. Standard Strawberry Pot Herb Jar Terracotta

Strawberry planters also called strawberry jars can be made of ceramic pottery or clay though wood and plastic ones are also available.

All have holes, or pockets, around their sides where you plant the individual strawberries

This is not an exception. It has multiple side holes and allows you to inter crop your berries with other plants to get the most beautiful effect.

And since it has a vintage design, it looks simply gorgeous!


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  • 5. Square Ceramic Orchid Pot/Saucer + Felt Feet

For some reason, orchids are still considered one of the hardest plants to grow.

But you can reduce the work involved and increase your chances of getting results if you try planting them in flower pots with holes in sides

This is one of the most beautiful and functional orchid pots.

With the patterned holes, your orchids thrive from the enhanced ventilation, improved drainage and growth freedom.

The other thing is that it comes in various shapes,color glazes and patterns so you are sure to find something that goes with your décor.

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  • 6. HD PRINTABLES Orchid Pot & Tray

Purposed for use with orchid barks, this work so well with orchids and is by far one of my luckiest buys.

I love just about everything about it.

First, I can always see the roots of my orchids. How? I just peak in through some of the holes.

Secondly, I can clearly see that my plants are happy with the aeration- you see the holes are big and well distributed so oxygen reaches every root

Then, the pot & tray set is durable, attractive and safe.


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  • 7. HomArt Rustic Terra Cotta – Orchid Pot

Many growers who use ventilated orchid pots are driven not only by the need to harvest big but also by the desire for a special look

And that’s where the homart rustic terra cotta-orchid pot comes in.

Made from natural earth materials and using age-old world pottery techniques, this slotted pot introduces a unique and natural look to your garden

Offered in various shapes plus sizes, you can finally bring the aesthetics you have always wished for with this irresistible man-made planter.

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  • 8. Bloem Shortcake Planter, Gre-Fresh

The bloem shortcake planter, Gre-fresh has 4 giant ventilation holes which allow excess air to flow into the roots, thus keeping them healthier.

Then, if you want to make planting fun, you can try planting from the side holes-they are big enough for this so at least you can break monotony

It is also a comfortably-sized container so grabbing and lifting is pretty straightforward.

And it is not only for strawberries! Succulents, herbs, and many annuals will find a rich home in it.


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How to Keep Flower Pots With Holes On Sides From Making A Mess?

In flower pots with holes in sides, water drains freely and of course, air circulation to your plant is immensely improved.

However, as water flows from your pot, potting soil may also wash out creating an ugly mess.

In this section, I will share some of the tips I use to avoid this.

  • Cover the Openings

Before planting, cover all the side openings. Remember to use a material that permeates water to pass freely while preventing the loss of your potting soil.

A chunk of broken pottery or even a piece of fine wire mesh can work.

  • Use a Drainage Saucer

A drainage saucer will collect excess water so you can consider placing your container on one. Check out our recommended water catchers here.

  • Pebbles, Gravel or Sand

On your drainage saucer, add a layer of gravel, pebbles, or sand. They will allow the pot to drain more freely and reduces its chances of ending up with standing in water.


  • Generally, small-sized openings naturally help block the loss of potting soil.
  • Double-potting helps. This simply means placing a breathable pot inside a sealed pot. However, always confirm that your inner pot is not standing in water first.

Creative urn planters you can find in the market.


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Wrapping Up

Flower pots with holes in sides or if you like, terracotta pots with side holes will give you plants exceptional drainage and aeration.

They are therefore worthwhile options for any gardener.

In this post, I have shared with you some of the available flower pots with holes in sides.

I hope this will benefit your plants moving forward.


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