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3 fungicide for tomatoes and late blight

​Late blight tomato treatment

For your tomatoes to thrive, remain healthy, and free of fungus, you need to spray them with the best fungicides for tomatoes. This lets you treat or control fungi maladies before they destroy your crop.

Among infestations that afflict tomatoes, three of the most common are septoria leaf spot, early blight, and late blight. Spraying with great products,such as a fungicide for tomatoes and late blight spray, goes a long way in salvaging a desperate situation.

A homemade fungicide for tomatoes gives you an avenue to enhance your tomato crop harvest. A homemade compost tea fungicide is one choice. Another homemade option is a baking soda spray for tomato blight concoction. This concoction features baking soda, horticultural or vegetable oil, dishwashing soap, and water.

However, a commercial tomato fungicide stands a better chance due to the stringent research that goes into their preparation and precise measurement features that come with a tomato spray guide.

​3 best fungicides for tomatoes and late blight

Below are three excellent products that make your venture easier in your search for tomato disease treatment.

1. Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML)

Once you discover your garden, or neighboring gardens havea history with septoria leaf spot, early blight, or late blight, among other maladies, then your tomatoes are vulnerable too.

That is one way of knowing if you should use fungicide on your tomato plants.

Apply copper fungicides for tomatoes long before symptoms of infestation appear. This is particularly critical if you live in a humid and warm environment, where blight and other such maladies thrive.

Lovable Features of Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide

Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML) will protect a wide range of plants in your garden, besides tomatoes, from several disease infections. Suchplants include your lawn tuft grass, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

This commercial tomato fungicide is particularly effective against blight and is very suitable for your organic gardening. Thistomato disease treatmentwill not harm those beneficial insects, such as bees, that compliment your gardening.

In addition, you can safely use this product both indoors,on your windowsill plants for example, and outdoors on your tomato crop.

Physical Features and Application of Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz (473ML)

This fungicide for tomatoes and late blight comes in a package measuring 1 by 1 by 1 inches in dimensions and weighs 1 pound. Ingredients include copper octanoate, or copper soap, at 10%.

It is critical to spray in the early morning or early evening, while it is still cool. Conversely, early evening spraying gives it time to dry before nightfall.

This product is Amazon’s top choice for copper fungicide. That is no mean achievement as a tomato disease treatment.

  • check

    Concentrate lets you set your dose, preferable to pre-mixed products

  • check

    Helps to reduce white flies

  • Your plants should not spend overnight wet with the product.

  • Sun heat bakes this product while it should actually dry.

2. Southern Ag Captan 50% WP Fungicide, 8 Oz

For a wide range of fungi that threaten your tomato crop, this is an excellent general-purpose fungicide. It spectrum of activity is wide.

It works quite well despite prevailing diverse weather and growing conditions. The type of soil in which you grow your tomatoes will not be a problem either with this product.

Attractive Features

Fungi that attack your tomato crops have yet to develop resistance against this powerful fungicide.

It contains captan, which is a micro-fine powder that you can mix in water to create a spray. You can then use this spray to control numerous fungus diseases that afflict fruits, ornamental plants, lawn turf grass, and vegetables.

It comes with an instruction guide that gives precise dosage application measurements such as 2 pounds per acre.

Physical Features

This product comes in a package weighing 8 ounces and measuring 3 by 3 by 6 inches in dimensions.

It is a powder that you can wet or mix with water to create a powerful spraying agent.

The mixture has low toxin traits against honeybees and other garden beneficial insects. However, it would be preferable to stop spraying when plants are in full bloom.

Its active ingredient features Captan, or N-Trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximideat 48.9%.

Mixing this fungicide powder with water and applying as a foliar spray gives you a powerful deterrent and control tool against tomato-attacking fungus.

  • check

    Safe for use around garden pollinators

  • check

    Powder form lets you set your precise dose compared to pre-mixed competitors.

  • Leaves white powder coating on leaves, although this powder washes away with rainfall.

  • Calls for precise dose measurement and stringent adherence to guide instructions

3. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide, 16oz – 1 Pint

Should you have a garden of nut and fruit crops, a lawn turf, ornamental crops, or vegetables, you need to have this product around to control various diseases affecting such crops.

Attractive Features

This liquid copper fungicide features a formulation that works brilliantly with your hose end sprayers.

Its gives you enormous power over fungi and bacteria diseases. These include algae control over grass on your lawn turf, moss control in live oak or ornamentals, and prevention or control of fungal leaf spots, blights, and rust attacks on your tomatoes.

It is so easy to prepare and use. It simply requires mixing with water, using doses prescribed in its instruction guide, followed by misting, as a foliar spray, on your tomato crop.

Physical Features

Its packaging weighs 1.32 pounds and measures 2 by 4.1 by 6 inches in dimensions.

It consists of a 16-ounce liquid concoction whose active ingredients include 31.4% Copper Ammonium complex, an 8% Metallic Copper Equivalent, at 0.784 pounds per gallon.

Its application rate will vary depending on the crop under attack and the instruction guide settings. For your tomatoes, you need 2 ounces, per 1000 square feet, mixed in 2 gallons of water.

Tomato fungi, septoria leaf spot, late blight, and early blight are known to overwinter in the soil.

In addition, these maladies have a tendency to spread quite easily onto your tomatoes, as water splashes up onto the stems and leaves, infecting them with pathogens.

These diseases can be prevented from attacking your crops, and when they do, they can be controlled. Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide, 16oz – 1 Pint provides an easily accessible control and prevention tool for these maladies.


  • check

    Powerful against tomato leaf blight

  • check

    Best alternative to purchasing pre-mixed copper competitors


  • Close attention to instruction and dosage critical for desired results.

  • Several rounds of spraying are necessary to control fungus disease outbreaks.

Copper fungicides are effective in treating and preventing bacterial pathogens and fungi. This makes such products quite valuable for you, as a home gardener, to have in your gardening arsenal.

As you venture out in search of the best fungicide for tomato early blight and other maladies, take particular care to look up on the ingredients.

Highly Rated Atomizers For Spraying Plants: Fog electric atomizer sprayer

Fog electric atomizer sprayers

At some point during gardening, you will need to folia feed fertilizers to your plants or spray them against pests and diseases.

To undertake this process, a precise liquid sprayer, particularly one that applies a fine mist, becomes necessary. Your choice to accomplish this essential function must only be the best atomizer for spraying plants  the market can offer.

The right tool for this job is one that does not splash and wash all over your treasured herbs and flowers. Rather,  a good atomizer hand sprayer will be one that soothes instead of one that soaks your cherished plants.

A great atomizer hand sprayer will also serve other critical purposes. These include helping you in degreasing and cleaning delicate car parts and spraying your home and garage against roaches.

Traits to look out for include hardy nozzles, durable and damage resistant bodies, multi-purpose misting, easy adjustability, comfortable lightweight, and chemical resistant seals that prevent leaks.

Atomizers For Spraying Plants Reviews 2018

1. Hudson 99598 – Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer

This electric atomizer sprayer has designs that allow you to spray wide ranging foliar feed products. In addition, it gives you a tool to control just as wide a range of pests and diseases among plants in your backyard garden.

Simply carry it around, point to the bushes or plants, and fire away.

The fog electric atomizer sprayer has a two-gallon lightweight poly tank and is powered by an electric 110-volt engine. It comes with a strap to carry it around.

To direct your folia feed or chemical mist, it has a long commercial grade coiled hose.It outputs between 22 and 46 micron sized particles at a speed of 20-micronsized droplets per second.

You can adjust your mist output to between 1.5 and 14 gallons per hour while its shoot range is 13.5 feet.The garden atomizer sprayer measures 16 by 16 by 16 inches and weighs 10.99 pounds.

With these features, a plant misting assignment that would take about four hours with a spray bottle, takes about twenty minutes with this fog electric atomizer sprayer.

This fog electric atomizer sprayer is a wonderfully practical piece of equipment for pesticide spraying or folia fertilizing plants on a backyard garden.

  • check

    Works well in fog spraying big plants, trees, or shrubs.

  • check

    Works well in spraying homes against roaches. 

  • Its power cord is short. You may need an extension cable. 

  • Its full two-gallon load is heavy to carry around although you could load lighter loads per session.


2. B&G Sprayer 1 gallon and 9 inch wand BG2032

Application: Hand held professional pest controller working tool.

Effectiveness:Long lasting working life.

Price: Middle range compared to nearest competitors.

Ease of Application: Comes from several spraying pattern options.

Spraying options make this product among the top hand held garden sprayer include fine mist, fan spray, fine pin stream, and crevice and crack options. With these options, you will be able to easily control how you hit your target.

A one gallon tank size gives enough chemical capacity without too much weight to hand carry around your garden. A 48 inch hose length lets you reach further from any position while a 9 inch ward length gives you more power for each pump handle thrust compared to its nearest competitors.

It will take 16.6 by 8.4 by 8.2 inches of your working space and weigh 7.68 pounds when empty.

  • check

    Long lasting qualities due to stainless steel tank casing, and brass and metal major components.
  • check

    A high 50 psi pressure capacity.
  • You need to pump it to obtain spraying pressure.
  • You need hand carrying, pumping, and target spraying coordination dexterity.


3. Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

Application: Indoors or outdoors spraying, weed control, car cleaning, fertilization, and gardening.

Effectiveness: Small jobs in and around your home.

Price: Top tier among its peers.

Ease of Application: Its features such as a unique drip and drift guard providing precise spot spray treatment.

You are getting a high efficiency piston pump whose telescoping wand is adjustable within the 12 to 24 inch range. This will make ground level spraying without bending over much easier.

You will be able to lock its trigger for less fatigue on your hands while multi-directional nozzle will let you spray from any direction. Furthermore, its seals are harsh chemical resistant giving your longer service.

It is a lightweight 1 pound when empty, one hand pressure sprayer measuring 15 by 19 by 11 inches in working area dimensions all which are conditions making it one of the  highly  recommended hand held sprayer products in the market.

  • check

    Nozzle comes with adjustable extension wand with nozzle angle adjustable too.
  • check
    Delivers contents in a very fine atomized and even spray at a constant pressure, critical for precise jobs such as waterproofing a boat.
  • check

    Even mist delivery is guaranteed for large areas, rare in hand pumps

  • May continue to spray even when its trigger is not depressed.
  • Your hands may tire if you have a large area to spray.


4. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon 20-volt Wide Mouth Battery Backpack Sprayer, 

Application: Weed taming, pest control, folia feeding.

Effectiveness:105 minutes of continuous backpack spraying.

Price:Top of the range among nearest competitors.

Ease of Application: No hand pumping required making it a top  battery powered backpack sprayer.

An electric pump makes it quiet with no undue vibrations. You will finish you assignments faster compared to manual pumps meaning it is on your back for a shorter period like other great battery powered garden sprayers.

Its wide mouth lets you easily and directly add chemicals into your tank without spilling everywhere. It also makes much easier to fill with a hose. The battery lasts long enough to discharge up to fifty gallons.

You get a battery charger, it measures 14.8 by 8.8 by 22 inches and weighs 10.5 pounds when empty.

  • check

    Pump maintains constant pressure meaning spraying does not stop or slow you down, with battery kicking on/off as you use.
  • check

    Fabrication material for seals, wand, sprayer, and tank is excellent for a longer working life.
  • check
    You get several spray nozzles with the unit giving you a wide range of applications.
  • check
    Easily replaceable standard Black and Decker battery.
  • Complaints arise about straps being poorly padded and thin compared to similar pumps.
  • Lack of a lockout on the ward means you must hold down the trigger throughout.
  • check
    Short spraying wand especially for tall operators.

Application: Fertilizer application, pest control, weed control, home bug disinfection.

Effectiveness: In-tank anti-clog filter enables clog free and steady spraying.

Price: Bottom among comparable pumps.

Ease of Application: Ergonomic pumping handle allows easy carrying and pumping.

The lock and release mechanism as you carry this pump around your yard is easier and smoother given the abuse it takes.

It is a beautifully made garden sprayer, easy to use, maintains excellent pressure, and gives you clear volume markings.

Three pressurization’s are all you need to empty your tank and its extendable part brass wand accessory is slightly bent at its tip. A bent tip is critical because with a slight hand turning you can spray the underside of your plant leaves.

Its fully extended wand lets you spray top branches of trees rising fifteen feet high or high ceiling corners.

It weighs 1.3 pounds when empty and takes 7.4 by 7.4 by 15 inches of your working space.

  • check

    Has clog prevention filter that sifts debris in the tank creating steady, nice spray stream.
  • check

    Comforting shut-off mechanism allows continuous hours of spraying
  • check
    Tank is rust-resistant, lightweight, and translucent allowing easy fluid level confirmation.
  • Complaints refer to poor misting.

6. Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer for Weed Killers, Herbicides, and Insecticides

Application: Lawns, commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and harsh chemical application.

Effectiveness: 21 inch adjustable poly wand, long term chemical resistance, pressure release valve prevents chemical touching you.

Price:Top range among its peers.

Ease of Application: Comfortable grip, commercial grade shut-off, lock on mechanism, in-line filter, easy to clean.

Comparable pumps come with single nozzles and lack inline filters that keep dirt out. This pump comes with five nozzles and a large white filter you can easily remove for cleaning.

The yellow nozzle gives you a narrow spray excellent for limiting spraying target to a small area. This means you hit all weeds in your yard with just a gallon of spray.

The conic shaped black plastic nozzle gives you long range streams. This lets you reach the top ridge of your roof for issues such as mold treatment without risky ladder climbing.

The handle is large and gives you lots of leverage resulting in comparatively less hand fatigue.

It weighs 5 pounds and measures 22.5 by 9.5 by 10 inches all of which features form a great pump sprayer for weeds among its peers.

  • check

    Lockable shut-off reduces hand fatigue.
  • check

    Nickel plated brass poppet enhances precision and strength.
  • check
    Pressure release valve lowers tank pressure before you open it, preventing accidentally dousing you in harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid immersion in vinegar or dish soap for long periods because these cause bottom sealing of pump mechanism to shrivel and lose sealing abilities.
  • You need to pump it more times to obtain optimum spraying compared to similar products.



best 2 gallon garden sprayer

Application: Indoor and outdoor use.

Effectiveness: Compatible with most weed killers, pesticides, herbicides commercial liquid fertilizers and fungicides.

Price:Top range among its peers.

Ease of Application: Multi-functional, practical spraying wand, transparent bottle, easy filling.

Even when filled to capacity, this pump is lightweight, very important for elderly citizens or anyone with physical challenges.

This garden sprayer has a great pressure relieve valve that prevent harsh chemical blasts to the arms, hands, and face.

Its funnel top opening means no-mess re-filling while a carry strap makes moving around your yard much easier. A long hose gives you access to a bigger surface area reducing movements.

Other features that make this product among the top 2 gallon garden sprayer include its lightweight 3.45 pounds and 22 by 7.3 by 7.3 inch dimensions.

  • check

    Wand gives you a better reach, allows working while standing up.
  • check

    A shoulder strap makes lugging around your yard easier.
  • check
    Comfy grip handle features shut-off valve, resting your hand while you maintain a constant spraying flow.
  • check
    Transparent bottle gives you live fluid level visibility letting you know when to refill precisely.
  • This pump is unsuitable for acidic vinegar and caustic solutions.
  • Complaints arise that nozzle is not adjustable.
  • check
    Some customers complain of a poor cone shape spray.

8. NorthStar High-Pressure ATV Tree Sprayer – 16 Gallon, 2 GPM, 12 Volt

 best garden pump sprayer for gardens

Application: Commercial grade pressure system for spraying trees to a 30 feet maximum height.

Effectiveness: Maximum system pressure rising to 200 PSI and 35 feet heavy-duty high pressure hose for extended reach.

Price:Top of the range compared to similar products.

Ease of Application: Regulator bypass valve agitates fluid ensuring even chemical dispersion throughout the liquid.

If you are looking for the top notch sprayer for your domestic or commercial spraying jobs that involve tall targets, this should be your first choice spraying pump.

It comes with a spray gun specially designed to spray trees or structures rising thirty feet.

Its unique liquid filled pressure gauge lets you control the system pressure precisely. You can monitor chemical liquid level through gallon marks and you can attach it to an ATV since it comes with straps for tying down.

It is also uniquely approved to work with RoundUp agricultural herbicides, measures 32 by 15 by 18 inches, has a 16 gallon tank size, and its hose dimensions read 0.375 by 35 inches.

 All these features come together to create a great garden pump sprayer for gardens that have trees and high bushes.

  • check

    Comes with superior resistance to corrosive chemicals and harsh environments.
  • check

    You can adjust spraying gun nozzle modes to atomized mist, cone, or stream depending on your assignment.
  • Requires power connection cables limiting effectiveness to cable length.

9. Greenwood 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer 

best pump sprayer for staining fence

Application: Control weeds and pets, apply sealers, apply folia feed, and plant watering.

Effectiveness: Arise from durable polyethylene fabrication, shoulder straps, and hand pumping.

Price: Average compared to similar spraying pumps.

Ease of Application: Restricted to how long you can withstand pumping, targeting, and shooting coordination.

If you work regularly on your yard and garden or if you are conducting the occasional re-modeling of your home, this four gallon backpacking spraying tank system is an easy way for fast spraying jobs.

The hand pump mechanism lets you determine how much pressure you will apply against a specific target and for how long you can work.

When empty, this backpacking spraying system weighs 8.1 pounds and will take 23.5 by 18 by 7.1 inches of your working or storage space.

These are among the features that make this spraying system a top contender pump sprayer for staining fence and other garden operations.

  • check

    You get a four gallon tank capacity

  • check

    Backpack spray tank system makes working movement easier compared to hand pumps.
  • check

    Overflow preventing top and integrated filter prevent re-filling associated spilling and operator splashing with harsh chemicals

  • Complaints arise regarding cracks appearing on the plastic ward after a few months of usage resulting in risks of spraying the operator with harsh chemicals.

10. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer – 8 Gallon, 1 GPM, 12 Volt

best garden tank spraye

Application: Small orchard or homeowner level fence line and tree spraying to a 12 feet maximum height.

Effectiveness: Compatible with virtually all types of pesticides.

Price: Bottom of the range compared to its peers.

Ease of Application: Excellent when spraying a small orchard, a few trees or roundup application along a lane.

This is another garden tank sprayer for you if you work around bushes and trees, particularly in a small orchard.

An added advantage is working with a product approved for agricultural herbicides from RoundUp.

Your spray gun nozzle gives you stream and cone spraying mode while you can shoot spraying streams up to 12 feet vertically or 20 feet horizontally.

It comes with a lightweight clear PVC 0.375 inch by 11 feet hose whose braided synthetic cord reinforcement promises durability.

With a 12 v DC power supply, it measures 22.5 by 13 by 10.5 inches with an 8 gallon tank size.

  • check

    This pumping systems saves you having to fill a hand sprayer several times.
  • check

    Chemical resistant components with 8 gallon tank resistant to ultraviolet rays and all pesticide compatibility.

  • check

    3.5 inch opening for easy chemical liquid refilling and easy to empty bottom drain.

  • Complaints of most pressurized connections leaking arise, more so at the ward. You may need to apply hose clamps and silicone to stop leaks.

  • Hose appears to be between 1 and 2 mm too large.


11. Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer – 12 Volt, 9-Gallon Capacity-

best pull behind lawn sprayer
best pull behind lawn sprayer

Application: Broadcasting or spot glyphosate compatible, fertilizer application, winter sidewalk de-icing sprayer.

Effectiveness:You can push it, pull it or attach it to UTV or tractor through an included hitching system.

Price: Top of the range compared to its peers.

Ease of Application:Cart mounting does away with backpacking or hand lugging around.

The search for the highly rated battery powered, pull behind lawn sprayer stops with this product.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery therefore no fatigue inducing hand pumping. It is mounted on a cart therefore no more tiresome backpacking or hand lugging.

With its front mounted broadcasting nozzle, you get a 50 inch spray width to cover a bigger area in a comparatively shorter time span.

It will take up 22.2 by 18.5 by 26 inches of your working and storage space and weigh 10 pounds when empty. You get a charger that you can hook an extension cord on to or wall outlet with an initial charge taking several hours. A red indicator light alerts you to full charging.

  • check

    Heavy-duty 12 inch wheeled cart for easy movement and maneuverability.
  • check
    Capable of delivering up to 15 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally through an 18 inch handgun.
  • check
    Rechargeable 12 volt battery gives you a two hour run time from a 9 gallon chemical resistant tank.
  • It is difficult to see tank capacity markings.

12. Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-ratio 895064-1001-

best heavy duty spray bottle
best heavy duty spray bottle

Application: Mixing and spraying foaming chemicals safely.

Effectiveness: Quick-set dial for picking mixing ratios gives precise cleaning solution first time.

Price: Middle of the range compared to similar products

Ease of Application: Excellent alternative to an expensive, loud pressure foam and washer cannon duo.

If you are looking for a cleaning gun ideal for disinfecting, de-greasing or cleaning, then this among the top rated garden sprayers you can get.

Features that make it a great heavy duty spray bottle include a quick set dial that lets you pick the right mixing ration for your chemicals or soap with precise accuracy. It works with a regular hose too.

It is a handheld spraying system that measures and occupies 6 by 11 by 6 inches of your storage and working space and weighs 1.05 pounds when empty.

  • check

    ​It allows you to mix 4 ounces of your chosen chemicals for each gallon of water.
  • check
    It comes with a spray deflector to protect you from ricocheting spray.
  • check

    It is chemical resistant for a long lasting work life.

  • Its nozzle tends to shoot off at random.

13. NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 21 Gallon, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volt DC

spot and broadcast sprayer

Application:Ideal for weeds, trees, fence lines, lawns, fields, roadways, and various isolated target areas.

Effectiveness:Restricted to how long the battery power lasts.

Price:Middle range compared to similar products.

Ease of Application: No hand lugging or backpacking necessary.

The North Star  pull behind lawn sprayer and industrial grade pump, is one powerful sprayer.

You get a trailer boom spot and broadcast sprayer with a remote switch to tow behind your garden or lawn tractor or ATV.

It grants you an ability to perform wide-coverage and precision spraying. It enjoys excellent resistance against corrosive chemicals and harsh working environments.

Its 21 gallon is secured on a heavy-duty steel cart that can handle the roughest terrain. Its retractable tow-bar, removable wheels and axle, and foldable boom arms make storage easy.

For easy liquid level monitoring, gallon marks have been molded into the tank.

  • check

    ​Easy left and right nozzle control allows enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces, property boundaries, and fence lines.
  • check
    Unique valves with chemical resistant seals last up to five times compared to other brands.
  • check
    12 foot wide swath saves time and energy through covering a much wider spray area, especially on lawns and fields.
  • Leaves behind tire marks on your lawn.

  • The mount may be a tad higher that most lawn tractors.
  • check

    The wand may awkwardly take time to adjust from being tightly coiled around clamps out front.

14. Pump Pressure Water Sprayers

atomizer hand sprayer

This is a perfect example of a multi-purpose misting atomizer hand sprayer. With this product, you take control of gardening, automobile, and pest and disease control, where spray misting features.

This sprayer atomizer is built to last. It is rust proof and comes with adjustable brass nozzles. Its damage resistant and reinforced plastic body lasts for season after season.

 With its chemical resistant seals, you need not worry about dangerous chemicals leaking all over, a challenge common among other poor quality pressure sprayers.

It is lightweight to carry around your garden and particularly comfortable to operate with its arthritis friendly grip handle. Its trigger lock and efficient pump enables continuous misting with less strain.

 Its package comes with seven e-books whose purpose is to enlighten you about maximizing how lovely your home, garden, and lawn look with the help of this garden atomizer sprayer. The package measures 12 by 6 by 4 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.

Should a heavy-duty hand sprayer be an essential tool for your gardening, this garden atomizer sprayer is just the right product in your gardening arsenal. In addition, where rugged reliability and top performance matter around your gardening yard, this sprayer atomizer fits the bill.

  • check

    Perfect for spraying building foundations particularly concrete joints where ants like to borrow. 

  • check

    You can almost shower the entire garden from one spot or mist tall plants without a ladder. 

  • Aggressiveness with the pump handle will break it. Firm up and down motions are enough to charge the bottle. 

  • You must pump a handle to create a vacuum and hold down a button to shoot a mist.


15. Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels (2 Pack) – atomizer hand sprayer

atomizer hand sprayer

You can tell how wonderful in quality the bottles are the moment your open your package. Its amber glass is thick and its sixteen-ounce size relieves you of constantly making new batches of your stored or spraying liquid concoction.

Amiable Traits

Ultra violet resistance traits protect your essential oils and other chemicals from degradation caused by ultraviolet light. Its glass fabrication material is resistant to strong oils and other chemicals such as those with a citrus base.

Its unique design enables it to fit snuggly in your hand yet it is big enough that you need not refill it constantly. It looks lovely, comes with a dependable atom sprayer mechanism with a squeeze trigger.

It also includes a cap, to cover your contents while not spraying, and two labels to help identify your contents.

This atomizer hand sprayer brings unlimited functions that include mixing your homemade cleaners, linen misting as your iron, misting succulents and herbs in your garden, spraying your pests against odor and fleas, and bathroom deodorizer.

Other important functions include non-toxic bug spraying, natural air freshening around your home or office, carpet and floor cleaning, cosmetic face moisturizing, and washing your vegetables.

Physical Features

This atomizer hand sprayer is lead and BPA free. It consists of a phenolic cap for liquid storage without its spraying nozzle.

To help identify its contents, it comes with two bottle labels. In addition, it has stream, mist, and off nozzle settings. It is dishwasher safe too.It measures 8 by 3 by 3 inches and weighs 10.1 ounces when full.

 This atomizer hand sprayer, a clean chemical free and reusable tool, mist-sprays your target with top efficiency.

It will help you assuage your guilt in saving the environment while reducing plastic related chemicals around your home and garden.

  • check

    Glass fabrication prevents plastic related chemicals and odors from leaching into your liquid contents 

  • check

    Allows you to mix your own DIY products letting you know precisely what you use. 

  • check

    Protects your essential oil concoctions from ultraviolet damage 

  • Bottles are breakable if dropped on a hard floor. 

  • You need to check the package carefully to ensure every piece of the product is present and unbroken. 

  • Requires through cleaning before re-using with another concoction


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