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Pull Behind Tiller For ATV

​Pull Behind Tiller For ATV

Tilling is a hugely important process in land preparation and a big factor in achieving healthy soil, blooming plants, and a bountiful harvest.

And in tandem with what has been happening in other farming machinery, some of the recent interventions such as the pull behind tiller for ATV have dramatically simplified the entire procedure in addition to doing a better job.

More so for medium and large-scale farms where the good old manual methods such as hand tools (dibbles, hoes, shovels,  etc.) have not only proven costly in terms of time but also less intensive. Properly ploughed soil encourages newly planted seeds to sprout faster through the surface and to continue growing rapidly through the seasons.Quick Navigation​Pull Behind Tiller For ATVTypes of tillersWalk behind tillersPull behind cultivators​Our Recommendations on the best Tow Behind Tillers1. Agri-Fab Multi-Fit Universal Tow-Behind Tiller2. 48-inch ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator3. ATV Tiller with Briggs and Stratton -205cc (ATV-3665)Pull Behind Tiller For ATV Buying Guide

How tilling Helps

Tilling is the mechanical agitation of soil and involves activities such as digging, overturning, and stirring.

These activities help the soil and ultimately your plants in several ways:

  • Soil naturally becomes dense and compact. Tilling loosens it making it planting easier.
  • Breaking up soil’s blocky structure aids drainage, nutrients absorption, and also promotes improved root growth.
  • Well-prepared soil is hostile to garden pests, weeds, and interfering micro-organisms and will eventually yield a better harvest from your burgeoning crops.

Types of tillers

As I had mentioned, you can’t compare hand-driven tilling tools with a pull behind garden tiller.

For instance, a pull behind tiller for lawn mower will do a thorough job and takes minimum time. You will also find them more practical.

Now, the market offers several types of tillers but for this article, I will only look at the differences in their operational design;

  • Walk behind tillers

These tillers are pushed (powered) forward by the user when tilling. They are directed and controlled by hand so more taxing.

Of course, walk behind tillers are better than shovels and hoes but for the fact that they may cause back problems due to the required muscle power to dig deeper and their tendency to sometimes ‘run away’ from the farmer- when in full flight, they can be quite hard to rein on.

best tiller
  • Pull behind cultivators

A pull behind cultivator is a tiller which is towed by another vehicle. You can fix them on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a tractor (with a PTO) etc.  

Their wheels are designed such that they roll easily when pulled along with the tines reaching deeper, and mixing the soil intensively.

The tiller attachment for riding lawn mower is generally more powerful and intense yet uncomplicated to operate.

Who are pull behind tillers designed for?

A lawn tractor tiller is designed for farm owners who need a potent tiller but lack a tractor (with a PTO), or any farmer who need to till tight, tough-to-reach places.

Gardeners with large operations love these workaholics.

Advantages of Tow Behind Tillers

  • The major winner with tow-behind tillers is that they can be pulled by various equipment including ATVs.
  • Since they don’t rely on their own power to propel them, pull-behind tillers can focus all their torque on the duty of turning their tines, delivering more power, and breaking up heavily compacted soil more effectively.
  • They also have the strength to cover a bigger area with each tilling pass hence they take less time to plow extensive spaces. Most can also adjust the extent(depth) of till by a number of inches
  • A number of models have pneumatic tires and thus travel comfortably even over rough ground

Disadvantages of a lawn tractor tiller

Because of its versatility, a lawn tractor tiller will generally cost a little bit more.

For this reason, some gardeners opt to rent a pull behind rototiller.

However, considering their formidable performance and versatility, they remain the most economical in tilling larger areas- in the long run.

Our Recommendations On The Best Tow Behind Tillers

1. Agri-Fab Multi-Fit Universal Tow-Behind Tiller

  • Universal pin-type hitch.
  • 206cc Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 36in. tilling width
  • Tires:15” x 6”
  • 6 Double edged 11-inch diameter steel tines

Armed with a roaring 206cc Briggs-Stratton engine, this lawn mower tiller is a distinguished performer on all types of soils and is a very good even in immensely compacted clay soil.

Its six durable double-edged heavy-duty tines (11-inch in diameter) breaks up everything into the finest bits, removing weeds expertly, and also perfectly mixes organic matter to leave the soil 100% ready for planting.

These tines are forward rotating meaning you can use it behind any ATV (provided it can produce at least 12hp).

Plus, it affords you a fairly large 36-inch tilling width meaning that you’ll complete tilling within no time and with minimal effort.

Then, if you’re looking for a tiller that can go deeper, this can adjust to till up to 5.5-inches deep so you are assured of a better aeration in your seedbed.

Coming to finer details, its hitch pin attachment means it easily fits onto ATVs and doesn’t need you to use any special equipment.

This, coupled with easily-reachable controls makes it one of the most user-friendly tow-behind tillers.

The tires are 15” x 6” and are the type that stands up to all terrain in addition to maneuvering smoothly over narrow surfaces.

  • This pull behind tilling machine can work with almost every other tractor/vehicle
  • It’s quite user-friendly with easy starts, easily reachable  controls, and a simple to attach mechanism
  • Since it covers a larger 36-inch tilling width with every pass, you will complete tilling within a significantly reduced time compared to other models
  • It doesn’t come with its oil so you to spend extra coins on oil.

2. 48-inch ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator


  • 48-inch tilling width
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Adjustable depth control
  • 7 shanks with removable shovels
  •  Powder-coat finish

This is another tow-behind cultivator that gets the job done with admirable urgency.

It’s designed to work behind any 500cc (or larger) lawn mowers, ATVs or UTVs and has one of the biggest tilling widths, covering up to 48-inch with each pass.

Such coverage, and a marauding performance has seen this cultivator continue to win over more market share since it was launched.

The other reason for its growing fame is the way it’s easy to operate….

First, its pin-style hitch usually adjusts to stand at the same height with the towing vehicle making it easy to mount.

Secondly, it allows you to adjust the depth so that you can customize the till to meet any unique conditions in soil.

In addition, you manage the control lever by hand – easily raising or lowering to cultivate when you arrive at the targeted spots.

The 7 shovels till and drill magnificently while they can be removed when you are done to ensure it doesn’t take up a lot of space in storage   

Also important are the 13-inch pneumatic tires which absorb shock loads superiorly protecting you from impact and ensuring an easy ride over bumpy areas.

 As far as durability is concerned, this is one of the longer-lasting tow-behind tillers thanks to the powder-coat finishing which makes it fully resistant to scratching, chipping, and fading.

  • The 13-inch wheels help it to go over bumpy terrains smoothly.
  • Once you remove the shovels, this tiller takes up a reduced space compared with its rivals.
  • It has one of the largest tilling clearances and completes the job than most of the competition
  • Its assembly isn’t a straightforward affair- it takes a bit of time and effort.

3. ATV Tiller with Briggs and Stratton -205cc (ATV-3665)

  • 36-inch tilling width
  • 15-inch turf tires
  • Infinite lift Adjustment
  • 24, 12-inches long  hardened tine blades
  • 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine

The biggest news with this powerful tow-behind tiller is the versatility it delivers.

To begin with, the design of the tines enables it to easily hoist on any available vehicles including   ATVs, lawn tractors, and UTVs – much unlike other models which limit you to a tractor.

Then we have the 205cc engine from Briggs and Stratton which gives it the torque to work on any type of soil no matter the level of compartment..

Looking at the tines, you appreciate why this records the kind of results it does.

It relies on a total of 24 hardened tine blades, each 12” long to till extremely deep.

The best bit is that the tines are further guarded by a metallic shield to ensure they don’t break easily even if they encounter a rock.

It tills 36-inches wide with every pass which is generally sufficient to effectively and efficiently prepare different sizes of plots.

Then, and as you would expect, it comes with Pneumatic, 15-inch turf terrain tires, which have always been the most recommended type of tires for uneven terrain.

Still, it’s a friendly machine as evidenced by the conveniently located lift adjustments controls and the simplified attachment mechanism.

  • It is easier to use in areas rocky land or surfaces with large roots thanks to the 15-inch turf tires and the shock-absorbing spring hitch.
  • Its tines are hardened and further shielded by a metal cover so they dig deep without breaking.
  • This is versatile enough to Tow behind almost any vehicle including ATVs, lawn tractors, or UTVs giving you more options.
  • It’s one of the more pricey models around.

Pull Behind Tiller For ATV Buying Guide

Just like when buying a manual garden tiller, we have several key questions that you ought to answer when choosing a pull behind tiller for lawn tractor (or ATV);

 pull behind tiller for lawn tractor (or ATV);
  • The Tires

You can imagine pulling out your tiller one bright morning only to have the tires limp along then go flat even before you’re quarter-way. Frustrating..Mmmh?

So, only consider the tillers with heavy-duty, pneumatic tires. These are battle-hardy, rarely flatten, and much more reliable.

  • Storage Space

Some models take up significant space in your garage. You’ll ,therefore, need to check beforehand to avoid eventual storage space challenges.

  • Ease of Mounting

What connector does it use to hook it up to the ATV?

Tow behind tillers with the universal hitch-pin connector are preferred over those using other complex connectors because they’re easier to mount.

  • Horsepower

The engine horsepower is another key determinant.

Areas with soil which frequently over-compact need more power to till effectively hence need higher engine capacity.

  • Durability

As we have repeatedly seen, these machines are costly so I can’t see the reason why some of the manufacturers still make fragile tillers..

Well, the onus is on you- the buyer to make sure you spend your money wisely by only considering longer-lasting types.

Signs that it could give service for years includes heavy-duty tines, steel frame, powder coated finishing, etc.

  • Your Budget

How much you’re willing to pay will also dictate your choices.

The thing is these types of tillers are expensive.

But the very best tow-behinds are quite pricey so you must be prepared to cough up the dollars if that’s your target.

Luckily, if you scratch just slightly below the surface, you may land a reasonably ‘inexpensive’ gem.

  • Warranty and support

Some manufacturers offer lengthy warranty and support period as part of customer service.

Their brands can save you huge amounts in repair costs if something went awry before the expiration of the warranty period.


  • Tilling at night may reduce weeds germination (after the tilling process) by half. That’s because the presence of light reactivates more dormant weed species’ seeds, and so denying them light when tilling discourages them from sprouting.
  • Plowing at a higher speed is more vigorous and leads to a more exhaustive tillage and superior soil.
  • Chisel plows with spikes are considered more aggressive than those with sweeps.
  • Different tillage systems can be rated by looking at percentage residue since the quantity of crop residue may reduce/increase the loss of soil as a result of erosion

A pull behind tiller for ATV has no equal in terms of intensity and time savings, especially when tilling medium and large farms.

Yes, you pay a little bit more when buying but when you see the results and the eventual produce, you will always come to be glad that you invested in one.

Just remember the factors we mentioned earlier on when buying to ensure you end up with a worthy pull behind cultivator.

Okay? Or what’s your opinion on these handy machines? We would appreciate your comment. 

best commercial backpack blower 2018

Most powerful backpack blowers for the money

​Most powerful backpack blowersin the market

best commercial backpack blower 2018

Maintaining a classy lawn can be time consuming and expensive. For example, leaves keep falling in autumn and clearing them plus other debris may take time and lots of energy – especially if your yard is large- unless you get smart and use one of themost powerful backpack blowersin the market.

Well, you can also hire a local landscaping company to do the job.

But according to market surveys, it will set you back between $100 -$1000 per acre-which isn’t cheap by all means.

So, for most people, a residential backpack blowerwill do- they mercilessly dispatch wet/dry leaves, small rocks, matter, and all dirt to hell within no time.

And so we thought: why not share with our readers about the best backpack leaf blowers?

After all, the beautiful autumn season will always carpet your yard with a layer of yellow leaves which means you’ll always need help.Table of content​Most powerful backpack blowers in the marketMost powerful backpack blowers on the market comparison tableBackpack blowers reviews 20181. Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower(75.6 cc)2. Makita EB7650TH 20″ 64 cc Chain Saw (75.6 cc)3. Echo PB-580T Backpack leaf Blower4. New Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower (75.6cc)5. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 50.2 cc Backpack Leaf Blower6. ​Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2 cc EB802RT –  Backpack Blower (Tube mounted throttle)7. Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc Gas Backpack Blower, 2-Cycle8. Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC  4-Cycle 32cc Backpack Blower (with JumpStart Technology)9. RedMax EBZ8500 Back Pack Leaf Blower Hip Throttle10. ​Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack Blower48ccMost powerful backpack leaf blowers buyer guide

Can I use handheld leaf blowers?

Handheld leaf blowers are generally cheaper.

However, we found them pretty limited:

  • The electric models have cords which limit your reach
  • Battery-powered models require frequent recharging
  • Gas-powered are heavy and cause fatigue soon after starting

Worst of all, some take 3 times longer to clear an average area, in addition to the field needing additional raking.

What about other leaf blowers?

Okay. Let’s get clear on something here.

The type of leaf blower you use depend on a number of factors- chief among them the size of your backyard.

For example, handheld leaf blowers remain the ​most recommended for small lawns and all other light clearing duties.

On a similar note, the backpack leaf blowersdo a fantastic job for grounds approximately 1 acre.

And then we have the mightiest: the walk-behind leaf blowers.

These have the power to move huge amount of debris including small rocks.  They are thus ideal for massive yards like golf courses.But these machines are damn expensive!

Why Use Backpack Blowers

Before we leave this section, let’s do a small shootout:

Backpack vs handheld leaf blowers

And here’s the score:

Top rated backpack blowerswill cost more than their handheld cousins.

But, they have more power so they do a much better job for medium/large gardens- no raking needed.

And they will clear in a few hours.

Then, they transfer the weight of the blower to your back setting your arms free to concentrate on directing it.

Having said that, let’s get some of the terms out of the way to make our going smoother.

Most powerful backpack blowers on the market comparison table

Backpack blowerFeaturesRatings
Makita EB7650TH 20″ 64 cc75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)
670 CFM, 200 MPH
Tool-less handle adjustment
Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC  4-Cycle 32cc Backpack Blower4-Cycle 32cc engine500 CFM150 MPHJumpStart technology (with SpringAssist)
Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 50.2 cc50.2 cc X-Torq engine692 CFM, 180 MPHAir purge
Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc Gas Backpack Blower50cc engine X-Torq engine710 CFM250 MPHLowvib dampeners
Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)
526 CFM, 195 MPH
Easily accessible Oil filling port & drain plug
Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower48CC 2-stroke engine475 CFM200 MPHHeavy duty frame
Echo PB580T Backpack leaf Blower58.2 cc Engine510 CFM, 215 MPHAdjustable control wand (hip throttle)
New Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower (75.6cc) 75.6cc X-Torq Engine907 CFM, 208 MPHCentrifugal air cleaning system
RedMax EBZ8500 Back Pack Leaf Blower Hip Throttle75.6 cc 2-stroke engine908 CFM206 MPHcontoured, self-cooling back pad
Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2 cc EB802RT –  Backpack Blower (Tube mounted throttle)79.2 cc engineThrottle control (Tube mounted)Two stage filter618 CFM 210 MPH“Hush Mode” switch

​Backpack leaf blowers:Common Terms

  • CFM ( cubic feet per minute)

Manufacturers will tell you this:  “Ours is the most powerful at this and this CFM”

So, what is this?

This is a question of how much air does your blower move. You see, all the ​backpack blowershave to pull in the air and then push it out through the blower in order to sweep debris from the surface.

And scientifically, the volume of air sucked in and pushed out contributes to its muscle.

  • MPH(miles per hour)

Another number thrown around by vendors is the MPH.

Basically, this represents the blower airspeed…that is how quickly is the air circulating?

Again, how fast air moves affect the performance of all blowers

Backpack blowers reviews 2018

After analyzing what the market is offering currently, we arrived at our final shortlist of the ​most powerful backpack blowers on the market.

Here are the privileged professional backpack leaf blowers that you should bet your money on.

1. Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower(75.6 cc)

  • 75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Large-capacity air filter
  • High air volume : 526 CFM
  •  Air speed :195 MPH

What I love about 4 stroke backpack blowers such as this Makita’s 75.6 cc MM4 Backpack Blower is that they leave very little carbon footprint.

Plus, they need very little maintenance.

And that’s because you don’t go through the cumbersome process of mixing oil and fuel- mandatory in two-stroke gas backpack blowers.

So, not only does this spare your nostrils from pungent emissions….It will also do a clean job in a short while- thanks to its larger air filter and a powerful 75.6 cc commercial duty engine.

This engine is also known not to be as thirsty as some of the greedy engines you get in most of the top rated commercial backpack blowers.

Another thing: It runs quieter- some of the backpack blowers produce as much as 85 decibels and you have to use protection.

Then, it’s as comfortable as any of the commercial backpack blowers –thanks to the well-padded shoulder straps, soft hand grip, and the ventilated back panel which superbly supports your lumbar

  • This is one of the most fuel economical backpack blowers
  • It’s very comfortable when on your back due to the extra padding on the shoulder
  • It’s Eco-friendly and has one of the least emissions
  • Its unique engine decompression system enables it to start easily
  • It’s easier to drain the oil and replace the plug
  • This model is a bit heavy
  • It‘s a bit costly.

2. Makita EB7650TH 20″ 64 cc Chain Saw (75.6 cc)

  • 75.6 cc commercial duty engine (4-stroke)
  • Padded back panel
  • Heavy duty anti-vibration mounts
  • Tool-less handle adjustment
  • Large grip
  • High air volume : 670 CFM
  • Air speed :200 MPH

Still from Makita, This is another powerful step-up from the cumbersome older 2-stroke motors.

Indeed at an air speed of about 200 MPH and an air volume of 670 CPM, this beats even its well-liked sibling- the Makita BBX7600N Backpack Blower(75.6 cc) hands down.

So, if you have a larger space, and desires a top, top performance, this will scamper the debris to the horizons impressively and the good news is that you will not have to worry about gas expenditure – like its sibling, it ranks highly in fuel economy.

In lightweight backpack leaf blowers, speed and power fondly accompany class and comfort so we are still looking at shoulder straps specially engineered with flexible adjustments to improve their fit.

And a superiority padded and ventilated back panel for a comfortable operation.

Perhaps the other few shining spots include the smoother idling and its majestic performance in snowy conditions.

  • It starts extremely easily
  • The tank will run for longer at full power
  • This is very powerful
  • It clears well even in snowy conditions
  • It’s comfortable and easier to carry
  • Sometimes the traps slide off the shoulders and it you may need a chest strap

3. Echo PB-580T Backpack leaf Blower

  • 58.2 cc Engine
  • High air volume : 510 CFM
  • Air speed :215 MPH
  • Adjustable control wand (hip throttle)
  • Bigger gas tank

The Echo PB-580T Backpack blower has a sprightly engine and offers a tasty performance pleasing both enthusiasts and new users alike.

It’s a very good alternative to handheld leaf blowers and is automatically a solid upgrade on the first generation backpack blowers..

This more so in performance where it cuts blowing time by almost a third, according to some of its fans.

The 58.2 cc engine enables it to blast right through swathes of ugly leaves clearing everything on its way effortlessly.

And it’s very easy to use- just strap it on your back and start clearing in seconds. On the same note, you start it in an instant by positioning your foot
on its frame and pulling the starting lever.

The adjustable left control wand (with a throttle) enables you to manage everything conveniently.

Overall, compared to its handheld rivals, this is infinitely better..You’ll clear your larger drive in a fraction of the usual time and have fun battling the waste to oblivion.

  • This is very simple to assemble.
  • It’s not as noisy as some of its peers
  • It’s very well built and has minimal vibrations even when at maximum power
  • This fires up almost instantly
  • It doesn’t overheat even when faced with huge piles of debris
  • If you want to restart it, you’ve got to take it off first

4. New Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower (75.6cc)

  • 75.6 cc X-Torq Engine
  • Centrifugal air-cleaning system
  • Variable speed settings
  • Throttle control (Tube mounted)
  • High air volume : 907 CFM
  • Air speed :208 MPH

Despite their being looked down on by the 4-stroke engines, some 2-stroke engines blower have clung on to our selection of the top most backpack leaf blowers.

These include this Husqvarna 580BTS gas 2-stroke backpack leaf blower- largely because of its engine technology.

Christened X-Torq, the engine works slightly differently and delivers more force, while blowing at maximum power and at precise accuracy.

This engine is also engineered to use up to 20% less fuel while reducing obnoxious emissions by about 60%.

Then, while sounding rather complicated, its centrifugal air purifying system is big news.

And this is why:

It works hard to remove larger debris and dust particles long before they reach the air filter.

This means you will only need to clean your air filter a few times.

I also like the ergonomic handle because its longer and feels much more comfortable..

You can now see why this claims (and rightfully so) a position among the elite commercial grade performers.

  • It looks like a durable machine
  • It blasts all out of its way with amazing power
  • It has a longer and more comfortable ergonomic handle
  • This beast starts easily
  • The waist buckles are quite handy when wearing it
  • At 25.8 lbs, this is by no means light.
  • You still need to mix oil and fuel

5. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 50.2 cc Backpack Leaf Blower

  • 2.1 HP X-Torq engine
  • ventilated harness (with hip belt) ,
  • High air volume : 692 CFM
  • Air speed :180 MPH
  • Throttle control (Tube mounted)
  • Variable speed settings

Even with release of the more muscular Husqvarna 580BT Backpack leaf blower,the Husqvarna 350BT Backpack leaf blower has remained a hot cake out there.

That’s because it can do all the good deeds associated with the Husqvarna 580BT model but at a quarter of the cost

While the 580 is mostly recommended for commercial landscapers, this is lighter and considered a good fit for both mid-range landscaping professionals and homeowners.

The engine is still the less thirsty, reduced fumesX-Torq so there’s plenty of magic in fuel economics and more cojones to go after the scalp of the most annoying debris.

The 2.1 HP X-Torq engine also has reduced vibration levels and with its cozy ventilated harness (with hip belt), the blower becomes incredibly comfortable.

The variable speed setting wins the blower another point- You will be able to sustain airflow at optimumlevels.

This precision delivers better airflow, and top blasting speeds.

In summary, both the Husqvarna 580BT Backpack and the Husqvarna 350BT Backpack should strike debris with a single blow but the pricing difference is huge.

  • It is quite comfortable thanks to the wider shoulder straps
  • You can set the optimum fan speed to make it easier to manage
  • Its fuel is purified (by the air-purge system) making it easy to fire up
  • Its tank has a higher volume and can sustain a lengthy operation
  • Its cruise-control function ensures constant fan speeds so you don’t have to keep regulating your blower’s speed.
  • You still need to mix oil and fuel
  • Assembly the hoses is a bit tough

6. ​Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2 cc EB802RT –  Backpack Blower (Tube mounted throttle)

  • 79.2 cc engine
  • High air volume : 618 CFM
  • Air speed :210 MPH
  • Throttle control (Tube mounted)
  • Two stage filter

The Shindaiwa EB802RT blower is an exceedingly good commercial grade blower.

I have used it recently, the latest model, and trust me, it’s exceptional.

The build quality is miles ahead of most commercial class backpack powers, as is its immense performance.

It is raw power at 618 CFM and 211 MPH and it could be the ultimate model for those looking for quick results in large jobs.

I tell you this scares the hell out of even wet and frozen leaves– and effortlessly.

It runs the 2-stage air filtration system hence the machine runs clean, for longer, and with minimal emissions.

Noise is a headache in many of these machines but this has a lovable feature- the “Hush Mode” switch on the throttle meaning you remain in the good books of your neighbors thanks to its quieter operation.

As usual, commercial jobs require a machine which can run for an eternity before needing refueling.

And so the manufacturer has integrated a big gas tank – sure to go acres upon acres without inconveniencing refueling.

  • This is super powerful- it blows with class and authority
  • It’s very well built and should give you lengthy service
  • It’s easier to monitor fuel usage through the translucent gas tank
  • It’s fairly quiet – one of the quietest in the market
  • It blows wet leaves majestically
  • It looks quite expensive

7. Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc Gas Backpack Blower, 2-Cycle

  • 50cc engine X-Torq engine
  • High air volume : 710 CFM
  • Air speed : 250 MPH
  • CARB compliant
  • Variable speed throttle (cruise control)

Husqvarna seems to know a thing or two about putting together formidable backpack blowers.

We had the exquisite business meaning 580 model, then the nifty 350 model. Now we have this Husqvarna 150BT –another stellar 2-stroke blower.

That this is a scary nemesis to debris is not in doubt- at least for the average yard owner.

The 50.2cc X-Torq engine coupled with a super-efficient fan design helps to bring in volumes upon volumes of required air while running at a stunning 250 MPH..

So, expect your debris to be forced out of the way in no time.

And it’s also quite practical:

Its tank is large enough to hold fuel needed for several hours of non-stop blasting while the air filter and the plug are accessible and easier to replace.

The padded harness has a handy hip belt and wider shoulder straps for more comfort.

Finally, the variable speed throttle features a cruise control and a little knob to help you easily set optimum speed.

This can be a fantastic option for home and other lighter jobs.

  • It doesn’t vibrate regardless of the intensity of the operation.
  • It automatically resets for easier starting.
  • The harness is ergonomic and padded on top of fitting the contours of it operator.
  • It’s easier to operate thanks to its Variable speed throttle and cruise control
  • It easier to restarts after refueling
  • Assembly can be a bit tricky

8. Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC  4-Cycle 32cc Backpack Blower (with JumpStart Technology)

  • Jump Start-capable engine (with SpringAssist)
  • High air volume : 500 CFM
  • Air speed : 150 MPH
  • 4-Cycle 32cc engine
  • Cool flex backpack design

This could be another sensible buy…and if you don’t believe me go back to the other myriad available options and note that all rely on a pull cord to start…

This is not everyone’s cup of tea- including me.

Now, this uses an engine starter to bring it to life in seconds.

Yes, thanks to the innovative jumpstart technology, there’s no more hassling with nasty pull cords -and the like.

Let’s now dabble a bit into its other detail..

First, when we compare the performance metrics- 150 MPH and 500 CFM –this ranks favorably with efficient workers such as the high-rated Makita BBX7600N MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower- at 195 MPH and 526 CFM so be prepared for a thorough job.

It even beats some of these supreme operators in some areas.

For example, its long flex tube helps you maneuver more easily around and under obstructions thus you will reach and blow hiding leaves out of their cocoons effortlessly.

Its backpack is also designed with unique, softer flex materials which go a long way in reducing fatigue and keeping your behinds cool.

Plus, it still has the lovable variable speed which gives you greater control.

In summary, this stands up to be counted where it matters and is a nice little non-commercial option.

  • This is quite comfortable while on your back
  • Its blows consistently and steadily
  • It feels lighter in comparison with its peers
  • Its unique backpack design reduces operator fatigue
  • This maneuvers around and under obstructions impressively
  • List Element

9. RedMax EBZ8500 Back Pack Leaf Blower Hip Throttle

  • 75.6 cc 2-stroke engine
  • High air volume : 908 CFM
  • Air speed : 206 MPH
  • Contoured, self-cooling back pad
  • Tube mounted throttle

Purposed for an ambitious commercial user, this registers one of the top performances in the commercial category.

It features a super-charged 75.6 cc 2-stroke engine – popular for its ultra-low emissions and energetic performance.

The amplified performance emanates from the unique designed fan which sucks in huge volumes of air in one go and similar discharges out at super fast speeds.

Your back remains cool all because some of the sucked in air goes to cool the back pad.

This cooling feels magical during hot days.

The back pad is also contoured and oversized so you remain as comfortable as ever during when working.

This is reinforced by the tube mounted throttle which enables you to control this comfortably and conveniently.

It would be fair to say this is a commercial blower for people looking for a comfortable operation regardless of the weather.

  • This is has impressive blowing ability – powerful enough to move rocks
  • It’s one of the better priced commercial backpack blowers
  • It starts much more easily and sustains top momentum throughout
  • It contours around you back making you feel very comfortable
  • It’s back self cools enabling you to work comfortably even steaming days
  • You have to mix fuel and oil
  • It doesn’t burn as cleanly as 4-stroke engines

10. ​Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack Blower48cc

  • 48CC 2-stroke engine
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Variable speed throttle (Cruise control)
  • High air volume : 475 CFM
  • Air speed : 200 MPH

Back to mid-sized home lawns and we have another professional blower in this Poulan Pro- 48Cc backpack blower.

It runs a 2-stroke engine which is optimized and delivers superior blowing force- enough to sweep leaves, mixed debris, nut, and even tiny rocks.

Which is not surprising considering the 475 CFM air volume and air speeds of up to 200 MPH

It has a longer, flexible handle to which can be bent to reach closed areas and fence corners.

If you hate the process of mixing fuel and oil- typical of 2-stroke engines, the manufacturer has gone one step here…

You can purchase this product’s affordable pre-mixed fuel- a high-quality mixture of gasoline, fuel stabilizer, and synthetic oil with the product.

You will enjoy excellent lubrication, less smoke, and improved engine conditioning ensuring a longer life and service for your equipment.

The filter, the gas tank, and the plug are all conveniently sited so again if you prefer doing the maintenance yourself, you’ll find the whole process smoother.

The backpack itself is stable and comfortable..

Well, If you are looking for a professional and a reliable performer for your domestic chores, perhaps you have finally landed on what you’ve been looking for !

  • This spreads weight well and you won’t feel fatigued even after a longer operation
  • It’s not the type which poses problems when starting.
  • It has excellent air flow and power for a home lawn
  • It runs at significantly reduced noise
  • This blow feels solid and is of impressive quality
  • The assembly is a bit hectic and takes more time
  • It definitely weighs slightly more than most of its competition

Most powerful backpack leaf blowers buyer guide

Now, separating the backpack leaf blowers can feel like you’re comparing apples to apples if you don’t know where and what to look for.

Here are some pointers:

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  • Gas Vs Electric

The market for the top rated backpack leaf blowers is dominated by gas backpack blowers though electric models have their own fair share.

Do I have a personal recommendation?  Not really.

And that’s because each has its own benefits and issues. Now, to keep things short, the following table should guide you:

Leaf blowers buyer guide comparison table

FactorsGas backpack leaf blowersCorded backpack leaf blowersCordless (battery-powered ) backpack leaf blowers
PowerNot as powerful as corded but better than cordlessMost powerful for big jobsLeast powerful (limited run time per charge)
SpeedBackpack gas blowers are the fastest2nd fastestSlower
WeightMore than 10 lbs. on average8 lbs. maximumMaximum 10 lbs.
CostCost more than the restCheapest2nd cheapest
MaintenanceNeed fueling and regular maintenanceexcept for 4 stroke backpack blowers as they don’t need you to mix fuel and oilNo fueling/rechargingNeeds recharging
ReachUnlimited reach100 feet from a power outletUnlimited reach
  • Power and efficiency

It’s clear from the above table that corded backpack leaf blowers are the most powerful for big jobs. Followed by gas backpack leaf blowers.

  • Ease of Use

If you compare backpack blowers, you will notice that some are quite easy to run. I’m talking about features like ease of starting (for gas leaf blowers), variable speeds, and friendly control knobs installed in top backpack leaf blowers

  • How loud is it?

These devices are noisy by nature though some of the top 10 backpack leaf blowers are relatively quiet.

Related product reviews and guides: Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

As you’ll notice in our backpack blowers reviews, some are so loud you have to wear noise protection to avoid damaging your eardrum.

  • Your Comfort

Even the cheap backpack leaf blowers seem to put your comfort first. You will find them with soft grip handles, and ergonomic support.

A cozy blower enables you to deliver beautiful results without straining.

  • Your budget

If you like operating within a budget, then I expect you to look for the ​cheapest backpack leaf blowers – though you shouldn’t sacrifice performance at the altar of pricing.

Generally, most of the cheap backpack blowers are corded electric.

Using one of the most powerful backpack blowers to remove debris and leaf can save you time and money.

​The thing is that you have a lot of affordable and functional options as seen from our backpack leaf blowers reviews.

When buying, remember to focus on features such as its power, ease of use, the available budget and such.

We have also talked about the various electric/gas models and I’m sure you now know how to compare backpack leaf blowers.

Now, since we have talked a lot about these useful garden tools, I will leave you there.

But as usual, we would love to hear from you so please leave a comment.

Types of garden tools

​How to care for your lawn

Push mowers for steep hills reviews

​Lawn mower battery reviews

Wheeled Leaf Blower

​commercial outdoor planters
cold weather waterproof work gloves

Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity

​High dexterity cold weather gloves

cold weather waterproof work gloves

You definitely understand the value of warm clothing if you work outside in very cold weather or in cold rooms.

You know you need to protect your hands because working with numb hands is unpleasant and you soon lose the feeling in your fingers. Furthermore, sustaining this exposure leads to frostbitten hands.

Perhaps you dislike the feeling of chunky gloves as you work. Also, thick hand wear may interfere with your dexterity and your ability to accomplish your tasks.

Whatever the conditions, you really must get your work done and it therefore boils down to finding the best winter work gloves for dexterity.

READ  Broccolini

This all means you need to pick good quality gloves made of appropriate material. These should keep your hands and fingers warm and dry while giving you the freedom of movement necessary to accomplish your assignments.

To make you search easier, below are reviews of nine great gloves for extreme cold temperatures giving you an opportunity to pick the perfect fit for you and your job.Table of content​High dexterity cold weather gloves​9 Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity 20181. Superior Winter Work Gloves – (378PLFL)2. CLC Custom Leathercraft L123L3. CLC 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves4. ProFlex 817WP5.Superior Winter Work Gloves – SNTAPVC – Size Large6. Fleece Winter Work Gloves NR4507. Carhartt Women’s Perennial High Dexterity Glove8. Carhartt Women’s Dex II High Dexterity Work Glove9. Men’s Hi-Dexterity Winter Gloves

​9 Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity 2018

1. Superior Winter Work Gloves – (378PLFL)

Application: Unisex outdoor working gloves.

Effectiveness: Gives you flexibility while keeping your hands warm and dry.

Price: Nearly the lowest in its category.

Ease of Application: Lightweight and contoured fit for all day comfort with a strong grip infreezing wet or dry conditions making them among the ​top notch waterproof insulated work gloves.

        Lovable Features
  • Neoprene over your knuckles joints offers protection against scrapes and knocks.
  • Synthetic leather fiber takes a short time to dry.
  • Their fabrication fiber does not become stiff after you dry them.
  • High ANSI 3 rating puncture resistance protects your hands as you work.
  • They come in four sizes and you need to determine your size before ordering to avoid hand size misfit.
  • Some have found them bulky during manipulative assignments.
  • With daily hard use, lasts between three and five months.

If in your occupation winter conditions are a factor, then these protective and safety working gloves are the ​perfect options for you. Think of part handling, cold storage, agriculture, construction, utilities or forklift operations.

These gloves give you all the great features of leather alternatives without the negatives associated with real leather.

They are lightweight with elastic backs giving you a contoured fit without being bulky. You have four sizes: extra-large, large, medium and small for both men and women.

They are black, weigh 3.2 ounces and will take 5.4 by 5.3 by 3.1 inches of your storage space. It is advisable to determine your fitting size if you do not like working with loose gloves.

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft L123L

Application: Keeps your fingers and hands warm as you work in winter.

Effectiveness: Wing closing strap stops gloves from slipping off on getting wet from sweat orweather.

Price: Average among their peers.

Ease of Application: Deftness arises from Lycra side panels and stretchable spandex, letting youperform without restraint.

        Lovable Features

  • Synthetic leather gives them toughness and hardening or shrinking prevention.
  • Wonderful for your outdoor jobs where other gloves would become ineffective on becoming wet.
  • These gloves will not snag on metal or wood due to their unique concealed inner stitching.


  • Since they are not waterproof, you need to keep melted snow from getting inside.
  • If you allow moisture in, a residue may develop making your hands sticky calling for a wash.
  • Come in two sizes therefore you need to determine your size before buying.

If you work outside during winter, cold hands and dry skin are hazards you have to deal with. With modern tools equipped with touch pads, working with gloves becomes difficult. Not anymore.

The index, thumb, and middle finger tips of these gloves have material allowing you to use touch screen tools. These gloves let your hands do what they have to do.

They have superb insulation that keeps your hands warm in cold conditions. They are excellent for gardening, using a hammer, and putting up siding or similar jobs. Wall ripping or hauling big concrete pieces wears them off fast.

They are black and will take 23.6 by 14.1 by 11.8 inches of your storage space and weigh 0.48 ounces.

3. CLC 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Application: General purpose handyman work gloves

Effectiveness: Unique syntrex palm material enhances abrasion resistance.

Price: Middle range for its class

Ease of Application: Stretch and fit thumb feature combined with spandex back create acomfortably fitting glove, enhancing flexibility and luxury.

        Lovable Features
  • Three finger tips are touchscreen enabled allowing easy smartphone usage.
  • Padded knuckles, spandex back and additional padded thumb.
  • Cold weather insulation that your hand and finger warmth as you work in winter conditions.
  • Will not shrink or harden when they dry up after using in wet conditions.
  • They have a rather poor durability compared to their peers.
  • Consistent application during tough jobs and the stitching starts to go missing.
  • Tough jobs also leads to wearing on the point of most contact to a point of showing a finger through.

These waterproof insulated gloves are your working gloves in carpentry, plumbing, basic utility, ranching, or gardening. They are tight fitting but not too tight. Their padding is exceptional giving you excellent dexterity while you work.

You also get nice adjustability from its Velcro strap on your wrist and they will not over-heat your hands as you work.

A slick feature is its material that lets you use your smartphone and other tools or equipment operated through touch screens.

The gloves weigh 3.04 ounces and occupy 4.5 by 11.5 by 1.5 inches of your space.

4. ProFlex 817WP

Application: Cold weather, cold storage, freezer, refrigeration work or outdoor recreation, huntingor fishing.

Effectiveness: rugged reinforcement palm brings you cold weather hand protection.

Price: Top of its range

Ease of Application: Made to trap body heat, allow moisture to escape for warm comfortablewear, and full dexterity.

        Lovable Features
  • Wind and water proof, breathable membrane blocks moisture and cold keeping your hands dry and warm as you work in snow and cold temperatures.
  • Palm and fingertip rugged AX suede reinforcements bring abrasion resistance, flexibility and a superior grip.
  • Outer shell is weather and resistance rip proof for easy handling of things in chilly temperatures.
  • Water repellent finishing gives durability while making the gloves breathable.
  • There are complaints that in certain conditions, these gloves are not waterproof.
  • They come in five sizes with different price tags. This means if you get a wrong fitting size, water may seep inside making your hands cold.

This pair of gloves has extended neoprene wrist cuffs that fit over or under your jacket sleeves for easy and convenient on and off wear.

You can tighten them with loop and hook closure so as to keep cuffs secure around your wrists for enhanced cold and warmth protection.

Touch screen capabilities mean you can type, tap, and swipe on your tablet, smartphone, and touchscreen operated tool without taking your glove off.

If you love ice fishing but need to avoid cold and wet fingers, these are your gloves. They will keep you warm and dry once you have taken wet fish off your lone.

They weigh 6.4 ounces, are black and measure 5 by 3 by 14 inches.

5.Superior Winter Work Gloves – SNTAPVC – Size Large

Application: Construction, cold storage, agriculture or any winter influenced work.

Effectiveness: Puncture and abrasion resistance, crinkle grip palms give flexibility in the coldesttemperatures.

Price: High compared to its peers

Ease of Application: Great grip while keeping your hands dry and warm for jobs that involvewintry and wet conditions.

        Lovable Features
  • Unisex gloves allow a tight grip while fleece lining keep your hands soft, warm, and dry.
  • They are snug, fit into your pockets easily, and sufficiently windproof to maintain hand warmth.
  • When they get damp, they are quite easy to dry.
  • Glove fingers are quite long, at least half an inch longer than average length real fingers, reducing dexterity.
  • Complaints arise about lack of water resistance making them poor tools in wet conditions.
  • Five sizes, although all same prized, infer you need to find out what your size is before you place an order.

These unisex work gloves are lightweight and fast drying, giving you comfort as you work all day in wet or dry conditions.

Their puncture resistance rises to ANSI 2 while abrasion resistance rises to ANSI 3, giving your hands the protection needed while you undertake your wintry conditioned job.

Flexibility, even in cold temperatures, is enhanced due to a unique, tiny air bubble filled palm coating. This means you need not give up on flexibility or comfort as you work.

They are ideal if you work in commercial fishing, construction, utilities, farming, and cold storage or in any occupations where cold and wet winter conditions are major factors.

They weigh 4.2 ounces and measure 5.3 by 5 by 2.3 inches all features that make them among the best thin gloves for extreme cold working conditions.

6. Fleece Winter Work Gloves NR450

Application: Unisex Light handyman and winter sports.

Effectiveness: Thesegloves for subzero temperaturesallow manual dexterity for delicate jobssuch as box delivery or skiing.

Price: Middle range compared to its nearest competitors.

Ease of Application: Anti-slip features make handling oily and heavy materials easy.

        Lovable Features
  • They offer excellent grip and precision meaning you can pick up small screws easily while elastic wrists keeps them tight.
  • They are touch screen compliant so you can operate your smartphone and touch screen operated equipment.
  • Industrial friendly grey façade hides dirty grime appearance until you can clean them.
  • People have complained they are not liquid resistant with oil and water seeping through to the hands.
  • Your hands might get cold if you work in a freezer or dairy box for long periods.
  • Make sure you know what size that fits you before you order because they come in three sizes.

These gloves have been nicknamed “spider-Man Gloves” due to how well you can grip bottles.

You can catch a bottle of wine in the air and they will stick like glue but not too much that the bottle will not slide off into its cubby immediately.

You will be able to use them with a computer, scanner, touch screen operated equipment, and even write with your pen with ease. They are thin, lightweight, warm, and soft good enough for handy ladies.

They are machine washable, weigh 4 ounces, measure 9.2 by 5.1 by 1.4 inches, and are made of nitrile rubber, polyester, and spandex.

7. Carhartt Women’s Perennial High Dexterity Glove

Application: All round assignments for the ladies.

Effectiveness: Allows women to work in comfort while protecting their hands.

Price: Top of the range among its peers.

Ease of Application: Offers women durable yet fitting work gloves.

        Lovable Features
  • Side vent cuff, synthetic wrist pull, palm foam padding, and wrap cap construction combine to make all year round working gloves.
  • They have a perfect fit for women who discern well-fitting gloves for more than typical gardening work.
  • Light and snug enough to wear beneath heavy gloves on bitterly cold winters.
  • You can grasp small items with them.
  • They are not machine washable, calling for thorough hand washing.
  • Different sizes on offer require you determine your size first before you order for a perfect fit.
  • Complaints of too much material on the palm and finger circumference interfering with the fitting arise.

On too many occasions, women have had to wear smaller sized men gloves because working gloves for women were rare. Not anymore.

This pair will give you durability and you can use them for moving and hauling things, carry firewood and numerous other projects around your home, garden all the way to fixing your fences, and farm.

These women’s waterproof winter gloves look wonderful and appear very well made making them perfect for the lady who wants to go about her chores but also wants to appear elegantly adorned.

They are made of nylon and spandex, are lightweight, and come in work associated colors such as dusty plum.

8. Carhartt Women’s Dex II High Dexterity Work Glove

Application: All weather jobs for ladies.

Effectiveness: Precision without compromising great looks and comfort.

Price: Top among its peers.

Ease of Application: Lets you maintain your deftness while keeping your hands warm aroundyour work.

        Lovable Features
  • Real palm leather and cowhide overlay, leather knuckle protection, and elastic cuff with loop and hook closure come together to create working perfection for women.
  • They give you precision handiness that you can pick up nails and screws without removing the gloves.
  • Come in assorted colors to help you maintain your dress code as you work.
  • The leather needs to adjust to your hands before they can become a good fit.
  • Complaints arise about poor maintenance of warmth.
  • Some elements of stitching may come off with constant use and hand washing. They are not washing machine compatible.

Many women had given up on finding real working gloves. This is because there were only two options, either pick non-fitting men working gloves or flimsy brightly colored gloves designed for gardening. Not anymore.

These women gloves are sturdy, will keep your hands protected, and will leave you looking great while at it.  ​making them rate highly when it comes to  ​ best women’s cold weather gloves.

They are breathable through a spandex shell, are made of genuine leather with a cowhide overlay, measure 1 by 1 by 1 inches in dimension, and weigh 1 pound.

For a woman who cares about how what you wear looks like, you have a choice of colors. These include black winter and white rose, and blue dusk and black.

9. Men’s Hi-Dexterity Winter Gloves

Application:Equipment operation, material handling, maintenance and driving.

Effectiveness: Protects your hands from the elements while keeping them warm in cold weather.

Price: At the top of the range among its nearest competitors.

Ease of Application: Thesegloves for extreme cold temperaturesare durable but comfortable dueto abrasion resistance and reinforcement from top synthetic fabrication material.

        Lovable Features
  • Thinsulate promises warmth, fleece lining guarantees comfort both creating ideal gloves for working in cold conditions.
  • Closure adjustable wrist straps keep out the cold from your hands.
  • Improved wear performance and grip come from reinforced PVC palms.
  • Improved flexibility especially around the knuckles comes from stretch neoprene knuckle wrapping.
  • Extra fingertip and palm material may prove useless since stitching may ware through in a short time with nails getting caught in them.
  • Precision may be compromised since you have to remove them to handle small finishing nails.
  • They may not be ideal for extremely rugged applications.

This pair of extreme cold weather work gloves does pretty well within three critical scenarios. Durability, dexterity, and warmth in cold weather or working conditions. Few gloves in the market can afford this balance at the price.

The synthetic leather they are made of makes them more durable than genuine leather and their enclosed cuffs keep the wind out. Their flexibility will allow you to undertake most tasks around the construction site without the need to take them off.

Once you identify and pick a pair of good quality waterproof insulated work gloves that are made of modern materials, you will be able to keep your hands warm. This is while giving you the freedom of movement your hands need to accomplish various tasks.

Note that when you work in extreme cold conditions, the nature of what you do makes the difference to the type of protection your gloves offer for your hands. This means for enhanced dexterity, you may require to sacrifice some warmth.

Alternatively, a lot of activity and movement may be enough to keep you warm. This means your ​perfect glove choice would be those you can adapt through removing or adding a layer.

With the above advice and reviews, it now becomes easier to identify the best winter work gloves for dexterity.

what is the best gas leaf blower for the money

What is the best gas leaf blower for the money?

Gas leaf blower reviews

To help in the speeding up of various tasks, such dispersing stray grass clippings and fallen leaves around your yard, a gas leaf blower is an essential piece of lawn maintenance equipment to have around.

Without one handy, you would spend too much time cleaning with a broom or rake. If you have a large lawn, you would understand the hassle of raking the lawn for hours and the resulting aching muscles.

what is the best gas leaf blower for the money

Basic Functions of a Gas Leaf Blower

While the seasons bring their own beauty, they also come with challenges besides leaves in Autumn. A gas powered leaf blower will help you get rid of dust, twigs, grass, gravel, debris, powdered snow, spider webs, or you could use it to dry your automobile.

A job that would take two or more people welding rakes, would take less than fifteen minutes with the ​right gas powered leaf blower. Within your basement or garage, you can use the leaf blower to dust down machinery and dirty tools.

It blows warm air at speeds rising to 200 miles per hour, excellent for drying your freshly washed car. Warm air shooting at high velocity works brilliantly in sucking away moisture from your wet surfaces.

There is a great way to answer the question: What is the best gas leaf blower for the money? It involves beginning with having a look at various gas leaf blower reviews.

Below are ten top gas leaf blowers.Quick NavigationGas leaf blower reviewsBasic Functions of a Gas Leaf BlowerGas leaf blower for the money 2018 comparison table​​Gas leaf blower reviews 2019No. 1 Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep- Best Wheeled Leaf BlowerNo. 2 Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 – best gas powered backpack leaf blowerNo. 3 Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart TechnologyNo. 4 Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack BlowerNo. 5 Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower/Vac with JumpStart Technology and Vacuum AccessoryNo. 6 Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf BlowerNo. 7 Craftsman 25cc Gas BlowerNo. 8 Husqvarna 952711925 125B 28cc 2-Stroke 170 MPH Gas Powered Handheld BlowerNo. 9 Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas BlowerNo. 10 Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower- 4 cycle gas leaf blowerUnderstanding the basis of “What is the best gas leaf blower for the money?” question.

Gas leaf blower for the money 2018 comparison table

Gas Leaf Blowe​​​​rMax Air Volume (cu.ft./min)Noise dB(A)​​​​Weight (Pounds)Max. Air Velocity (mph)
Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower1,0008078150
Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 Backpack Blower6707628.7200
Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack      Blower5007221.8150
Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower4758022200
Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf         Blower/Vac4508712150
Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower441858.6170
Craftsman 25cc Gas Blower430889.5200
Husqvarna 952711925 125B 28cc 2- Stroke        170        MPH   425949.4170
Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower391658.8165
Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4- Stroke Engine Blower358679.8195

​​Gas leaf blower reviews 2019

No. 1 Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep- Best Wheeled Leaf Blower

For a job that would take an hour or more, it would take fifteen minutes with this wheeled gas leaf blower. No matter how big your yard is or the number of leaf dropping trees you own, you need no longer worry about leaf nuisance.

This is an easy to maneuver, easy to start, and lightweight walk behind machine.

If you are not careful, it will blow leaves right across your lawn into your neighbor’s lawn across the street with one sweep.

        What you will like

  • This yard tool beats raking all those over sized maple and other big leaves every time.
  • Its wheels come in excellent sizes making maneuvering around a large yard easy.
  • This is a perfect working tool for anyone with a shot back or someone who is unable to lug a backpacking tool.

          What you will not like

  • You may need to modify the blower outlet to suit your own unique functional needs.
  • For a machine this large, its 150 miles per hour velocity capacity is restrained.

Adorable Features of Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

A 208 cc overhead valve engine powers this walk behind gas leaf blower. This means it will do all the hard work around your yard so that you will not have to.

From a three-quart gasoline fuel capacity, this powerful engine will, in turn, give you up to 150 miles per hour of air stream and up to 1,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow volume capacity.

This output gives you enough airstream resources to get rid of wet leaves and other debris making a nuisance of your yard, patio, or driveway within no time.

To make a complete job of the leaf and debris effective disposal, this walk behind gas leaf  blower comes with a 14-inch large output impeller and a 90-degree front discharge chute.

To give you a better and more comfortable handling operation, you will get a rubberized handgrip while its wide 12 by 2 inch rear s-wave wheels and 8 by 2 inch s-wave front wheels with semi- pneumatic ball bearings will not leave ugly track marks behind on your lawn.

 It measures 30.5 by 27.5 inches in dimension and weighs 78 pounds.

No. 2 Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 – best gas powered backpack leaf blower

If you are looking for ​a powerful gas powered backpack leaf blowerthe market has to offer, this one fits the criteria.

It has wide padded straps with a padded back panel that give operational comfort. So do mounts in between its engine and frame, which are heavy-duty and anti-vibration, enhancing working comfort.

It was made to work as a commercial tool for gardening, making it ideal for professionals looking for the best commercial backpack leaf blower.

        What you will like

  • This commercial tool gives enhanced capabilities to DIY lawn homeowners.
  • It is convenient that you need not mix oil and gasoline to power it.
  • It uses a large capacity, replaceable, and easily accessible air filter.
  • It will cut your working time by as much as 65% compared to working with rake and bloom.
  • It meets and exceeds CARB and EPA evaporative and exhaust emission regulations.

          What you will not like

  • This gas leaf blower is a little heavy and you require eye protection.
  • Shoulder straps may require a cross-strap, such as dog collar, to avoid parting and sliding off your shoulders.
  • You need to handle its 200 mph speed with care because it is powerful enough to knock over newly planted saplings or small children.

Lovable Features of  Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 Backpack Blower

Easier and faster starting comes from its mechanical automatic engine decompression, while an effective muffler enables a quiet, 75 dB(A) operation. Its efficient four-stroke engine does not need fuel mixing meaning you need only one gasoline can to power the tool.

Quick handle positioning arise from a tool-less handle, while the handle has a large grip at its optimum center of gravity, enabling easier transportation.

The handle and shoulder straps give you multiple adjustments, enhanced fit, and working comfort. These padded shoulder straps will retain a particular shape enabling easier re-shouldering.

It has a padded and ventilated back panel enhancing your comfort as you work. You will get an adjustable tube that you can easily adjust to your desired length.

This blower runs on a powerfully fuel efficient commercial four-stroke 75.6 cc engine. This means

Horsepower and 7,000 revolutions per minute,  that give you a high air volume rising to 670 cubic feet per minute, and air speed rising to 200 miles per hour.

This machine measures 16.54 by 21.65 by 24.02 inches in dimension and weighs 28.7 pounds. The throttle is on the tube, the fuel tank capacity is 64 ounces, and it runs on straight gasoline.

All these features come together to make it among the ​top rated gas leaf blower in the market compared to such tools as the husqvarna 50.2cc 2-cycle professional gas backpack leaf blower.

No. 3 Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

Large jobs around the yard call for the ​right tools, and this troy bilt gas leaf blower is a powerful tool that moves huge piles of leaves with ease.

Operating from a backpack, it is ergonomically designed to take of landscaping chores comfortably for you.

        ​What you will like

  • Medium throttle setting is more effective compared to full throttle since it gives you better control of leaves and debris
  • Compared to a 2 cycle, this 4 cycle engine does not require an oil and gasoline mixture to function and it is quieter too.
  • It loosens matted down leaves and debris much better than handheld blowers.
  • With its jumpstart technology, it is much easier to start, doing away with arduous cord pulling to start it up making it a great electric start gas leaf blower.

          What you will not like

  • Attempting to start it up without filling the crankcase first will fail.
  • The tool has challenges working with ethanol gasoline.

Adorable Features of Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

A 32 cc four-stroke full crank engine powers this tool. The engine comes with more torque but without the hassle associated with oil and gasoline mixing.

This engine will give you a high 150 miles per hour air speed and 500 cubic feet per minute air volume strong enough for blowing huge piles of debris and leave.

A spring assist starting mechanism makes an easier job of pulling of the startup cord much easier. An engine starter accessory eliminates having to pull the cord on this jump start-enabled engine.

Its long flex tube gives you maneuverability under and around various objects while variable cruise and throttle control features give you enhanced control.

It has a unique backpack design that incorporates a padded hip belt. This fits the shape of your hips, reduces your pressure points and helps in doing away with operator fatigue.

Another unique feature is a multi-material and fully tension-ed suspension system that distributes weight comfortably and evenly between your hips and shoulders. In addition, a patented backpack harness enables air flowing to your back as you work, keeping you cool.

In dimensions, it measures and will take up 19.44 by 21.31 by 16.06 of your storage space and weigh 21.8 pounds when dry.

No. 4 Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower

This gas leaf blower will clear hickory nuts, old piles of animal manure, and compacted or half-rotting clumps of vegetation in low-lying parts of your yard.

This is besides clearing leaves and various mixtures of debris from your horse pasture thereby allowing fresh grass to grow.

It is light enough on your back not to leave you feeling fatigued after an hour or two working around your yard. In addition, starting up the unit will be few of your worries.

        What you will like

  • This product comes with an instruction manual. Most manufacturers rarely include this anymore, referring customers to download versions.
  • For such a lowly priced product, it is a great yard area tool.
  • The backpack has excellent padding making it comfortable against your back.

          What you will not like

  • The location of the primer bulb is located in a funny position and whose location will take time adjust to.

Lovable Features of Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower

This gas leaf blower runs on a 48 cc two-stroke engine. This will give you up to 200 miles per hour of air stream velocity and up to 475 cubic feet per minute of airflow volume capacity.

A cruise control feature coupled with a variable speed throttle-controlling feature mean better handling of the tool for you.

Its heavy-duty frame means it give you excellent service for a long time to come.

It will take up 13 by 17 by 17 inches of your storage space and weighs 22 pounds when dry. It tends to enjoy positive gas powered leaf blower reviews regarding its packaging from the factory.

It is relatively easy to assemble and comes with a Philips head screwdriver and a spark plug tool to assist in assembly. You will also get a bottle of oil to start you off on a first tankful.

This collection of features lead to a great gas leaf blower if you are looking for one that does heavyweight jobs with ease and without breaking your wallet.

No. 5 Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower/Vac with JumpStart Technology and Vacuum Accessory

A regular leaf blower gathers leaves into a huge pile for one or more people to dispose with tarps thereafter.

This tool, however, has vacuum functionality in-built, which means you can single- handedly collect, bag, and dispose the leaves as well.

In other words, you get a two in one tool that does both leaf blowing and vacuuming making it among the ​top rated gas leaf blower vacuum tools in the market.

        What you will like

  • It is a lightweight but heavy-duty leaf blower.
  • Its two in one blower and vacuum functions make light work of yard cleaning up.
  • The jump starter is a wonderful feature particularly for elderly and physically challenged yard owners.

          What you will not like

  • Ethel in gasoline tends to damage the engine after a few short years.
  • Premixed fuel and not regular gasoline and oil additives are recommended.

Adorable Features of Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower

Its power arises from a 27 cc two-stroke full crank engine whose centrifugal fan attachment spins at top speed to generate 450 cubic feet per minute of air volume and a top velocity rising to 150 miles per hour.

This creates the ideal velocity and air volume required for optimum controlled debris and leaf blowing.

It is a jump-start enabled engine meaning it does away with the need to pull its cord during start up. This compares favourably when electric vs gas leaf blower tool are placed side by side.

An engine starter is an accessory you can obtain separately. In addition, a spring assist mechanism makes pulling its cord easier should you not go for the starter accessory option.

This gas leaf blower and vacuum easily converts to vacuum functionality that enables you clean up leaves from your flowerbeds and other hard to reach mulching spots.

It has a 10:1 debris reduction capability and comes with a big capacity vacuum bag and a vacuum kit that allow easier cleaning up of your yard.​

You get an extended output nozzle that directs air closer to the ground and your target, there by doing away with the strain that arises from constant bending.

Its uniquely designed handle assists in minimizing engine vibrations making operations comparatively comfortable compared to other gas leaf blower vacuum mulcher in the market.

It measures 15.8 by 18 by 17.8 inches in dimensions and weighs 12 pounds dry.

No. 6 Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

If you are a homeowner who finds working with a backpack leaf blower a hassle, then this handheld gas leaf blower is the way to go for you.

Furthermore, if you care so much about the environment, this tool has environmentally friendly features. These provide low exhaust emissions and ensure the tool is CARB III compliant even for such stringent states like California.

This lightweight leaf blower will not break your bank while it offers you excellent options in handling medium to heavy-duty assignments around your yard.

        What you will like

  • For a lightweight handheld leaf blower, it throws a huge amount of air volume.
  • It is designed for home use yet it runs on a commercial grade engine and can therefore work as a professional tool.
  • Comes with a Hitachi consumer warranty lasting seven years.

          What you will not like

  • After a few applications, a slight amount of gasoline tends to dribble when the priming bulb goes into use.
  • There have some complaints of difficulty to start.

Adorable Features of Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

A 23.9 cc two-cycle 1.13 horsepower commercial-grade engine powers this gas leaf blower. This engine works on a gasoline to oil ratio of 50:1 and produces 441 cubic feet per minute of air volume. Through a taper nozzle, it produces 170 miles per hour of air velocity.

The engine features a unique pure fire low emission technology that emits fewer fumes and therefore creates a lower environmental impact. This technology enables the blower attain Tier Three CARB and top EPA compliance ratings.

An automatic return stop switch resets the blower such that it always reverts to the ON position for easier startup each time. It also features a big two-finger lever for easy throttle operation.

It is lightweight, weighing 8.6 pounds dry and well balanced for less fatigue and comfort as you work around your yard. It will occupy a mere 10.5 by 17.3 by 15 inches of your storage space.

In the packaging box will be an owner’s manual, a tape nozzle and the Hitachi handheld gas leaf blower.

All these features coming together are a means for large assignments such as removing autumn leaves, and quick jobs such as stray grass clipping removal.

No. 7 Craftsman 25cc Gas Blower

With this powerful handheld gasoline leaf blower, it is time to do away with the cumbersome rake in order to get that job done and fast.

In a period shorter by half than you would take to rake in leaves into a disposable pile, you can use this tool to blow them into a convenient corner for easy containment or disposal.

Whether it is fall or spring, cleaning up your yard into a beautiful scenario becomes an easy job rather than a tiresome chore with this handheld leaf blower.

        What you will like

  • This a great blower, lightweight but blows powerfully.
  • Works well against heavy pine needles and large wet leaves.

          What you will not like

  • Only a unique two cycle pre-mixed fuel is recommended for this gas leaf blower to ensure a long lasting performance.

Lovable Features of Craftsman 25cc Gas Blower

The Craftsman gas blower has a 25 cc two cycle engine whose gasoline to oil consumption ratio is 40:1. The tool has a comparatively superior power to weight ratio when placed side to side with the rest of the ​gas leaf blowers under $100.

It comes with its unique incred-pull spring-assist recoil starting technology system that reduces the amount of force required to start it up, making the starting up process relatively easy.

With its advanced Three Step Choke to Prime to Run to Process, starting up is a simple, easy, and fast undertaking. This system also reduces the starting up process by as much as fifty percent when compared to traditional starting up systems. The features make for the easiest how to start a gas leaf blower instruction.

The engine, in turn, gives you up to 430 cubic feet per minute of air volume power and up to 200 miles per hour of air velocity, a powerful blow force to tackle wet or dry leaves around your yard.

This means no debris or leaf is safe if it falls in your path.

You have access to a variable cruise and throttle control that reduces the fatigue you have to go through while improving the overall working experience with this yard tool.

In dimensions, it measures and will therefore occupy 15 by 9.5 by 13.8 inches of your storage space when it is not in use. It weighs 9.5 pounds when dry.

No. 8 Husqvarna 952711925 125B 28cc 2-Stroke 170 MPH Gas Powered Handheld Blower

Compared to a gas powered backpack leaf blower, this husqvarna 28cc 2-cycle heavy-duty handheld gas leaf blower is light and provides excellent maneuverability within tight spaces and hard to reach places such as gutters and rooftops.

It is ideal for those light duty projects around the yard that include blowing out flowerbeds and removing grass clippings from small lawns, driveways and sidewalks.

        What you will like

  • Its cruise control button enhances working on long driveways.
  • Its starts up easy enough.

          What you will not like

  • The pulling crank is on the right side, a minor challenge for right-handed operators.

Adorable Features of Husqvarna 952711925 125B 28cc 2-Stroke 170 MPH Gas Powered Handheld Blower

This gas blower has an ergonomic design that suits working for extended periods.

It has a unique Low Vib Technology that will offer you effective anti-vibration dampeners. These will absorb vibration from the machine, which minimizes stress on your hands and arms.

It comes with a fan housing engineered to align air stream with the handle. This combined with a lightweight frame means there is less rotational force and weight stress for your arm and wrist to worry about.

With the cruise control feature, you can set and maintain a constant fan speed. This will allow you to deal with sweeping and raking tasks over long periods with ease.

The stop switch will reset to the ON position automatically for an easier starting session next time.

Its controls are easy to access and well gathered while the blowing tube gives you enhanced performance due to its adjustability.

The two-stroke, 28cc, 1.1 horsepower engine on this gas leaf blower produces 8,000 revolutions per minute, will give you a top 170 miles per hour air speed, 425 cubic feet per minute air flow volume and a top noise level measuring 94 dB(d).

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Compared to other gas leaf blowers in its league, its engine technology promises as much as 75% lower exhaust emissions and up to 20% higher fuel efficiency. This is as long as you use its unique husqvarna leaf blower gas mix.

Once it lands on your doorstep, it will occupy 38 by 16 by 8 inches of your storage space and weigh 9.8 pounds wet or 9.4 pounds dry.

No. 9 Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower

This Echo creates enough velocity to blow away even the wettest of leaves.

It compares very well with electric blowers although the irritating dragging of power cords is not one of its handicaps.

Its cruise control mechanism is an excellent additional item. It means you can set this blower to work at your preferred speed without having to hold down the trigger the entire time.

Once you start using this blower, you will realize how light and easy to use it is.

        ​What you will like

  • It start easily and accomplishes the job just as easily.
  • On arrival at your doorstep, it is easy to put together.
  • It is relatively lightweight for the job it accomplishes.

          What you will not like

  • It is a two-cycle engine, which means you have to worry about things like the echo leaf blower gas oil ratio.

Lovable Features of Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower

The echo gas powered leaf blower is a two-stroke engine with a 16.9-ounce fuel tank capacity. It has a 25.4 cc displacement that gives you 165 miles per hour maximum air speed and 391 cubic feet per minute top airflow velocity.

This handheld blower engine comes with a variable speed control feature and its top 65 dB(A) noise level is among the reasons it is certified as EPA compliant.

Since it runs on an echo leaf blower gas mixture, it comes in a package that also includes the recommended two-stroke oil, a power head, an operator manual, and pipes.

It originates from Japan, measures 12.13 by 17.63 by 15.25 inches in dimensions and weighs 8.8 pounds dry.

No. 10 Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower- 4 cycle gas leaf blower

This 4 cycle gas leaf blower purrs like a big cat and you can deal with most of your leaf blowing jobs at idle or quarter throttle.

This arises from carrying it around with its nozzle close to the ground or any other target. You will only need to apply more power when you encounter wet leaves.

Should you be looking for a decent amount of power and reliability, this gas leaf blower will easily make your cut.

To operate first time is simple. Open your box and remove three items. Attach blower pipes to the blower. Add up to 17.7 ounces of unleaded gasoline. Pump the primer button ten times. Put the choke up. Pull the string once, or twice and you are fired up ready to go.

        ​What you will like

  • This is a comparatively much quieter blower and very quiet while idle.
  • At full throttle, its gyroscopic effect is minimal.

          What you will not like

  • The primer pump lies out of sight so you need to seek for it the first few times.
  • The slider on and off switch appears backward, forward is OFF while back is ON.

Lovable Features of Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower

You will get a fuel efficient and powerful 24.5 cc commercial duty engine with a 17.7-ounce fuel capacity and it features mechanical automatic engine decompression giving you faster and easier start-ups every time.

This engine, in turn, gives you air speed rising to 195 miles per hour and 356 cubic feet per minute top air volume.

At 9.8 pounds, this gas leaf blower is lightweight affording easy maneuverability. Its four-stroke engine means up to 60% in gas and oil cost savings for its class since no fuel and oil mixture is required to run it.

Its EPA Phase II and CARB Tier III compliance infer little exhaust emissions without compromising performance and power.

It uses a dual stage, replaceable and easily accessible air filter and its big capacity muffler restricts noise levels to 67 dB(A). This means less disturbance for you and your neighbors.

Its handle has a soft grip for lower vibration while a cruise control lever gives you more convenience and less operation fatigue.

For storage space, it will occupy 11 by 14.5 by 16.25 inches and the box that lands on your doorstep will contain a tool kit, a round end nozzle, a long nozzle, and the Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower.

Understanding the basis of “What is the best gas leaf blower for the money?” question.

If you long to maintain a clean lawn, garden, pavement, and driveway, a leaf blower is a wonderful tool to have around. Remember that your needs come first as you go about making a purchase.

Your tool needs to fit you and not the opposite.

​Reviews that look into actual user experience versus manufacturer claims provide an excellent answer. As such, take time to look at such reviews carefully to help you pick a great product.

Basic Gas Leaf Blower Classifications

You have three types of gas leaf blowers to pick from. The handheld blower is the most portable and least expensive. They work best in clearing small porches, driveways, yards, and patios.

Compared to the ​handheld gas leaf blower is the backpack, which despite being heavier is more comfortable to work with if you plan on working on big areas. They are more powerful and work faster compared to handheld blowers. They work best on yards measuring up to one acre.

Commercial entities and landscaping corporations often go for the walk behind leaf blower. These are either self-propelled or push types. They work best on yards larger than one acre.

Engine types is another aspect to look into as you pick a gas leaf blower. Four-cycle engines mean higher efficiency since they burn air-fuel mixtures entering the cylinder in a cleaner manner compared to two-cycle engines. This means less emissions and lower consumption when compared to gas or electric leaf blower types.

Multi-functions, besides merely blowing gravel, snow, and grass away is another issue to look into. ​Most gas leaf blower 2018 models come with gas leaf blower vacuum mulcher systems, mulch bagging, gutter cleaning, tree spraying, and vacuuming capabilities.

Easier engine starting functions procedures, such as a starting button, bring added advantages.

Do Not Forget The Environment

Some states and homeowner associations have laws and regulations on how much noise certain power tools may generate, measured in dB(A). Furthermore, gas leaf blowers operating cleanly enough to comply with emission laws bear the label CARB compliant.

Remember to consider your dominant hand into consideration as you pick best gas leaf blower for the money you spent. Pick a model whose intake goes opposite your dominant hand to avoid unpleasant scenarios such as having your trousers sucked into your blower’s screen as air intake occurs.

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​Snow blower for gravel driveway

gravel driveway snow blower

Snow blower for gravel driveway

​Gravel driveway snow blowers

gravel driveway snow blower

​​​​When you’re faced with a biting winter, you need to keep the driveways clear of the frost to remain safe…and that’s where a snow blower for gravel driveway comes in.

And there are other time-tested methods of rescuing your gravel driveway from the jaws of ice including:

  • Spraying the frozen pathways with rubbing alcohol
  • Covering your driveways in rock salt
  • shoveling

However, to many, one of the  ways to clear snow from long gravel driveway- is by using the best snow plow for gravel driveway in the market.

What is asnow blower ?

Snow blowers (or snow throwers) are simply machines- in the mode of mini-tractors or lawn mowers- designed to do the heavy lifting when you have a serious ice invasion.

They clear your icy driveway with finesse and are an efficient alternative to other methods.

And provided you know how to clear snow from gravel driveway, you’ll find them outstanding.Quick Navigation​Gravel driveway snow blowers​​​ Snow blower for gravel driveway ​comparison tableTypes of snow blowers​​​Snow blower for gravel driveway 2018 reviews1. Yard Machines 208cc 22-Inch Two Stage Gas Snow Thrower 2. Yard Machines 357cc 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower3. Poulan PRO PR240 – 24-Inch 179cc Two-Stage Snowthrower 4. Husqvarna Two-Stage Electric Start Snow BlowerFactors to Consider when Buying the lawn tractor for snow removal.

​ Snow blower for gravel driveway ​comparison table

As it is our norm, we prefer giving our readers more value by investigating and briefly highlighting the top notch products in various categories.

By doing this, we hope to make you- our reader- make informed buying decisions

Here is a brief look at the ​highly -rated snow blowers for gravel driveway

FeaturesYard Machines 208cc 22-InchYard Machines 357cc 30-InchPoulan PRO PR240- 24-InchHusqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc
Engine208cc OHV 4-cycle gas engine357cc OHV 4-cycle engine179cc Poulan-PRO OHV Engine..208cc Husqvarna engine
Chute rotation13” x 4”16″ x 4.8″13″ x 4″15”
Width clearance22 inches30 inches24  inches24  inches

Types of snow blowers

Snow blowers are available in different styles.

Let’s skim through them:

  • Single-Stage snow blowers

These are the most basic. They can be gas powered or electric.

But the auger may also pick up gravel so they are therefore not recommended for gravel driveways.

  • Two-stage snow blowers

These throw the snowfall out the chute twice (hence the name two-stage)

First from the auger and then through the fan-like impeller

Two-stage snow blowers perform well on gravel and concrete driveways since the design of auger prevents it from touching the ground.

If you have a large swath of snow to clear, pick these type of snowblowers.

Three-Stage Gas snow blowers

The difference between these and the 2-stage models is the accelerator which helps to quicken the snow clearing process. Otherwise, they excel – just like the two stage siblings- in clearing large areas.

Our Top Picks

Well, all the units present a strong case and fully deserve to be on this list. But we weren’t looking at just the first impressions.

We needed consistency, adjustability, ease of use, and performance.

And all factors remaining constant, the Husqvarna st224 24-inch 208cc two stage electric start snow blower as the star of the show.

With a 208cc Husqvarna engine and a remote chute deflector, this is a high-performance snowblower and should clear snow from all large gravel driveways and paths.

Thanks to its adjustable skid shoes, it will work on any surface type

The handle is also adjustable and very comfortable use.

And it has all the essentials to enable it to work regardless of the prevailing weather including heated handle grips, an electric starter, and LED headlights.

Snow blower for gravel driveway 2018 reviews

  • 1. Yard Machines 208cc 22-Inch Two Stage Gas Snow Thrower 
  • It churns out the snow effectively at the first attempt.
  • It is effective even in dense snow making it suitable for areas which traditionally snow heavily
  • This snow blower for gravel driveway is fairly quiet.
  • With all its components being well-built, the thrower seems very durable
  • Its engine requires minimum maintenance
  • This two-stage snowblower lacks an electric start and may take more time to start.

In fact, this snowblower can throw ice up to 50 feet away.

Its chute rotates 180 degrees and at a good speed meaning that there’s hardly any snow blow back when running this.

Of course, this – plus the other performance features- help it to clear gravel driveways up to 22-inches wide on at the first attempt.

Additionally, it comes with an extended 2-year warranty.

  • 2. Yard Machines 357cc 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

The yard machines 208cc 22-inch two stage is by all standards a very good snowblower.

And it has quite a following.

But there’s a group which – typically homeowners with expansive driveways- could do with a mightier machine.

And this is the category which inspired Yard machines to invent this upgrade to the previous model.

I am talking about those who often times need to clear driveways as wide as 30-inches.

  • The machine is very versatile and works on various surfaces-smooth, carved, rough, graveled surfaces etc
  • It’s has a convenient electric starter. This means it starts with a simple press if the button- rather than cumbersome pull starts
  • It has an interesting engine: quite powerful yet requiring very little maintenance.
  • It clears larger driveways (up to 30-inches) efficiently
  • Its wheels are very, very good- at 24” and with an anti-slide feature, they maneuver admirably even in extreme conditions.
  • It costs a little bit more- compared with its cousins.

Now, the installed 357cc OHV 4-cycle engine has more power and is more resilient meaning that if yours is an extended and winding driveway, this could be the machine to do the job.

You see, the manufacturer has also fine-tuned the auger and impeller:

It now comes with a 12-inches steel auger and a reinforced impeller

These further enable it to easily penetrate and cut even extremely deep snow areas.

Even the tires are bigger. And better.

This time they measure 16 by 4.8 inches. Plus, they have a deluxe steel slidable part in case you may want to reverse.

And a total of 7 speeds- 6 forward, 1 reverse

All these points to a much improved maneuverability!

The chute rotates 200 degrees but the warranty stands at 2 years- like its counterpart.

Also note worthy are the four-way controllers which allow you operate it with a lot of ease.

  • 3. Poulan PRO PR240 – 24-Inch 179cc Two-Stage Snowthrower 

Designed to clear 24-inch driveways, the PR240 model is just like many of the top-quality two-stage snowblowers:

It has a good engine, a functional set of augers, and a nice ampeller.

It comes with a powerful 179cc Poulan PRO OHV Engine. This energizes it to clear up significantly huge gravel driveways.

It’s easier to operate and control thanks to its improved control panel plus an improved power steering

Then, instead of steel shoes, it has plastic skid shoes – these are not only smoother but also tender on delicate surfaces which means you can use it on more surfaces.

  • Very powerful even in harsh conditions. It’s,therefore, a unit you can rely on whatever the conditions.
  • Easy to start and work with since it has a pretty simple assembly
  • The adjustable handle makes it cool even for taller users as they can adjust until they establish a comfortable position
  • Its spare parts are readily available
  • This unit is well balanced and rarely tips over
  • It sometimes becomes too loud – especially when the snow is very thick.

Something else I like about it is the adjustable handle height- you can keep moving it upwards/downwards until you feel comfortable.

This makes the snowblower great even for tall people. I also liked the fact that it’s designed in a way that it can hardly tip over- some of the snowblowers for gravel driveways are top-heavy and keep tipping over-making it safe.

Also impressing are the sharp lens headlights which improve the visibility making it easier for you to focus and concentrate

And the Improved ribbon auger which mixes snow and air nicely for a quicker cleaning job.

In summary, this unit is easier to handle and takes a shorter time to clear your spaces!

  • 4. Husqvarna Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

This is yet another impressive snow blower.

The engine is a respectable 208cc Husqvarna engine- only second to the 357cc OHV 4-cycle engine we found in the yard machines 357cc 30-inch two-stage gas snow thrower.

This should give you an idea of what to expect from it… a performance that ranks with the big boys.

One thing the manufacturer has done well here is to prepare it to be ready for all seasons.

  • It’s very powerful and works very well
  • The ergonometric handle is supportive even for people with physical challenges.
  • Its versatile and equipped to be used for all seasons- even when the weather is extreme
  • The unit is self-propelling. it thus moves easily- regardless of the type of the surface or the depth of the snow
  • The headlights are not strong enough and do not project beyond a few feet.

It has an array of empowering features including headlights, heated handle grip, and an electric starter.

The reason for their inclusion is to make the unit usable even when the weather is extreme- for example when it has a high level of humidity.

It covers a 24-inch width at once and can penetrate snow accumulations of about  2-12 Inches effectively.

When you add its effective chute deflector that makes it possible for you to direct the snow to your preferred direction, you realize that this is a top product.

And by the way, it  can throw snow up to 50 feet.

Moreover, the Husqvarna ST224 has an ergonomic handle. Thus means better you will never need to bend when operating it Last but not least, the friction-disc transmission goes a long way in ensuring the whole unit runs smoothly. And efficiently.

Factors to Consider when Buying the lawn tractor for snow removal.

Buying a snow blower require some careful analysis. And you must know precisely what you need.

Here are a few pointers on what constitutes ​highly rated snow blower for gravel driveway

  • Width of your driveway?

Different snowblowers clear different widths. Buy a blower that can clear your width at once.

So, you need to know how wide your driveway is before spending.

  • What’s your budget?

If you are on a budget, you should try to get a snowblower that can perform but is priced within your reach.

The thing is, the ​most expensive isn’t necessarily the best. Neither is the least expensive the worst.

The easiest thing to do is to analyze all the available options and see which model is fitting your requirement and is within your budget.

Nowadays the market is so wide and there’s something for everyone.

  • Maneuverability

You want a unit you can easily steer over dense snow.

Therefore, consider movement enabling options such as the type and size of wheels, inclusion of power steering etc

  • How  Powerful is the unit?

You need decent power to clear deeply entrenched snow. You thus need to choose a model with an engine and a construction built to deliver even in a harsh environment.

  • Extras

certain models like our favored Husqvarna st224 24-inch 208cc two stage electric start snow blower has a wider collection of convenient features such as adjustable skid shoes, heated handle grips, and LED headlights.

Such enhanced snow blows score more marks because being user friendly.

Are acorns becoming a problem for you? We have written  a review on the ​ tools in the market to pick up acorns.

Wrapping up

A snow blower for gravel driveway(or snow throwers) provide a quick and an efficient snow clearance service.

And they come in various designs with the two-stage being the best for larger spaces and gravel driveways because of their well-constructed auger

When buying, you need to have basic information like the width of your driveway.

Plus you must check its maneuverability, power, and even handy extras such as LED headlights.

Now, our post has also introduced to you the top 4 models currently trending in the market with the Husqvarna st224 24-inch 208cc two stage electric start snow blower stealing the show.

We now believe you are now well equipped to start your hunt for the ​right model.

So, can you now take over ?

To buy or not to buy a robotic lawn mower. For more on this read this.

best yard vacuum for acorns

Best way to pick up acorns

Recommended Rake & Yard Vacuum For Acorns

best yard vacuum for acorns

Cleaning  up acorns in yard need not be punishing, you only need to find the best way to pick up acorns that you deem fit for you. 

 There are several ways and tools of cleaning up acorn from your yard. You can directly pick them up with your hands or use specialized acorn picking tools. such tools make acorn picking task a breeze especially when you are using the top rated rake for acorns in the market.

But in case of a “bumper harvest” of acorns then, you may need to think beyond arake for acorns and consider the  a yard vacuum for acorns.Table of contentMy top 3 ​tools to clean up acorns from yard1. Garden Weasel Large Acorn/Nut Gatherer2. 18″ Push Pecan/ Large Acorns Picker- ​machine to pick up acorns​3. Nut Broom – acorn CollectorOther acorn pick up tools​4. A.M. Leonard Weasel Acorn/Nut Gatherer – 10 Inch5. Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/ Acorns gatherer w/Retractable Handle6. Medium Nut /Acorn Wizard 14-inch7. Nut Harvester for Gathering Acorns (Small)8. Garden Weasel Medium Acorn/Nut Gatherer

My top 3 ​tools to clean up acorns from yard

1. Garden Weasel Large Acorn/Nut Gatherer

  • Basket made from spring wire
  • 1 ½ gallon capacity
  • 3/8″ Steel handle
  • For objects sized 1 ½ ” to 3″
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Weather/rust resistant

This is another revolutionary alternative to rake tool for acorns.

It supersedes it cousin – the Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer- collecting bigger acorns and just about anything sized between 1½” to 3″

I’m talking of things like walnuts, magnolia seed/flower heads, sweet gum balls, and even small fruits.

Its basket is also larger holding approximately 1 ½ Gallon.

Then, just like its medium-sized cousin, it works easily- just roll it to start picking up acorns and everything else. This means you will never bend over to pick up the hazards.

  • It’s very sturdily built
  • It rolls over smoothly regardless of the surface
  • Picks up hazards pretty easily
  • Made of steel hence very durable
  • It’s long and so very comfortable even with taller farmers
  • May not collect smaller acorns or pecans
  • Its basket isn’t very easy to empty

Commercial robotic lawn mower reviews

2. 18″ Push Pecan/ Large Acorns Picker- ​machine to pick up acorns

  • For sizes 3/8″ to 1 1/4″
  • All-terrain Wheels
  • Push motion
  • Large basket

This push lawn sweeper for acorns makes your acorns gathering faster, easier, and very productive.

Then, it’s designed to work on almost every terrain with tines on multiple wheels expertly capturing the invaders.

Operating it is quite simple – you just push it over the surface and let it do the rest of the work.

When the basket fills up, simply hoist it out to empty your harvest. It’s really effortless

​Check out how  this ​push rake picks up acorns
  • It’s generally built to last
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It has minimal maintenance cost.
  • Picks up more in a round so it’s faster
  • Picks up even hidden acorns
  • A bit pricey

​​3. Nut Broom – acorn Collector

  • For sizes below 4″ and more than 3/8″
  • Notched disc
  • 1.4mm Wire
  • Fully repairable

NutBroom rake for acornshas been designed to excel in all collection jobs – whether collecting walnuts, pecans, acorns, or black walnuts, this is immense.

Like some of its competition, the used 1.4mm Wire should last for many, many years. No wonder it’s one of the few acorn pickers that offers a 2-year warranty

The notched disc firmly holds the wires together to ensure that it collects every acorn every time in addition to preventing them from falling out when caught.

Eventually, you should be able to pick every object off the ground.

On maintenance, this is fully repairable with all its spare parts being readily available.

​Here is a video of the acorn pick up tool in action.


  • It comes with a dumping tool
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to unload collections into a bucket
  • It’s a very durable nut picker.
  • This is fully repairable with repair kits readily available


  • The handle could have been better

Other acorn pick up tools

​4. A.M. Leonard Weasel Acorn/Nut Gatherer – 10 Inch


  • Steel wire design
  • Carbon steel tines
  • 48 inches long comfort-grip handle
  • Cage measurement: 10 x 6.5 in.
  • 2.75-quart capacity
  • For objects 3/4-inch  to 2-inch wide

With a Cage measuring 10 x 6.5 in. and a 2.75-quart capacity, this excels in picking up nuts sized between 3/4-inch – 2 inches

When you run this Weasel over acorns, they are forced into the wiring of the weasel and further into the basket- making the whole process a breeze.

The comfort-grip handle is handy especially for those days when you’ll be working for more hours as it reduces fatigue.

It’s also weather/rust resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged soon.

Of course, its steel wire design makes it long lasting!


  • Gather everything in a single easy sweep
  • Handle is long enough so no bending over
  • Picks up  a wide range of objects from buckeyes all the way to sweet gum seeds
  • This is another super durable substitute to a rake for picking up acorns
  • Its light so it spares your energy when working


  • It may not collect acorn “hats”

5. Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/ Acorns gatherer w/Retractable Handle

  • Retractable handle
  • Metal wire design
  • 4-foot handle
  • For smaller sizes

The Ammo Nut (and acorns) Wizard happens to enjoy a massive following from firearms enthusiasts.

That’s because it is magical in collecting brass casings. Even those hidden within the grass.

It’s similarly effective in picking smaller acorns and many other smaller nuts.

Metal wires form the basket which easily rolls on different surfaces. Then its easy spin motion will block it from backpedaling when working.

The retractable handle makes the process even smoother.

The wires are flexible and spread open meaning it will be collecting acorns from the ground as you roll the picker. And they rarely fall out of the container

  • This is super effective
  • The collapsible handle makes it storage friendly
  • The twisted basket functions well
  • Collects even hidden hazards
  • It’s straight forward- unpack and start using
  • The basket isn’t screwed very well
  • May not work that well on rough surfaces
Machine to pick up rocks in yard

6. Medium Nut /Acorn Wizard 14-inch


  • For sizes 3/4″ to 4″
  • Flexible wire design
  • Free swiveling
  • Medium sized basket

With an absolutely top quality construction, this medium nut/acorn wizard 14” ​​answers your question how to pick up acorns.

And it’s quite versatile collecting large pecans, acorns, red oak, English walnuts, chestnuts, buckeye, shotgun shells, and golf balls collection like a little champ.

I was also impressed by its ability to pop the caps from the acorns

Indeed, you can deploy it to help gather every other unwanted object so long as they’re between3/4″ to 4″

In a nutshell, it’s superbly constructed and super easy to roll around.

It also swivels in all directions.

  • It’s very good with 3/4″ to 4″ sized objects
  • It rarely breaks down
  • This gathering tools rolls and swivels very easily
  • It even pops the caps from the acorns
  • It’s also easy to empty- just shake it
  • Not for larger nuts and acorns
Sprinklers for low water pressure

7. Nut Harvester for Gathering Acorns (Small)

  • Made of welded steel wire
  • 48″ long aluminum handle(thick and tubular)
  • Dumping tool included
  • For items measuring 0.7″ to 1.9″

Lastly, our search for the ​right picking up acorns tools took us to this welded steel wire nuts-cum acorns collector/cage.

Clearly constructed to serve for many years, it comes with a super sturdy 48-inches long, thicker and tubular aluminum handle.

You hold its handle, and then roll it back/forth over any surface to pick up your acorns, small nuts, or any other item with a diameter from 0.7″ to 1.9″

​More so it comes with a dumping tool which saves you time by allowing you to directly empty your waste into the bucket.

Is your yard flea infested? Have a look at the​ ways to treat it.
  • Makes collecting acorns so easy
  • Since you empty directly into the dumping tool, it saves your precious time
  • Seems very durable
  • Its aluminum handle is longer and convenient
  • It also picks up other waste including crab apples
  • Tines are a bit flimsy and may cause gaps through which acorns fall out

Universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers

8. Garden Weasel Medium Acorn/Nut Gatherer

This is a durable, easy-to-use rolling tool. You just roll it over any surface in a back-and-force motion until the wire basket fills to capacity or your area clears.

It goes beyond being just an acorn removal from lawn, doing well to help you mop up pecans, hickory nuts, crab apples, and of course large acorns.

Indeed, it will help you gather just about any other object sized between ¾” to 1 ½ ”.

It made from carbon steel thus it’s a very durable tool. You will also be happy with its comfortable handle grip.

  • Capacity:1 gallon
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Weather/rust resistant
  • Wire basket
  • For objects sized ¾” to 1 ½” in size.

The storage hook is also very well constructed.

The wire cage is evenly spaced and heat-tempered so it maintains its shape even when in use. This acorn cleanup tool is also weather resistant and rust resistant.


  • It’s very easy to use. Just roll it over to start
  • Its handle is very comfortable so you can work for many hours without tiring
  • Its basket is fairly big so you can collect more with each round
  • Made from carbon steel, this acorn netting is very durable
  • It works smoothly


  • It doesn’t pick up small acorns
Wrapping up

Most of the recommended tools are easier, faster, and more effective.

Some even come with easy to use manuals showing you how to clean up acorns in yard.

So, don’t allow acorns to pull you back. You can take the battle to them by finding the right way to pick up acorns that fits you!

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Cheapest commercial robotic lawn mower for large lawn reviews 2018

​Robotic lawn mower for your large lawn

An immaculate lawn is something to take pride in as well as a great investment on your property. However, if the bane of your existence happens to be lawn mowing, then the best robotic lawn mower for large lawns, small lawns, and those in-between is your answer.

In any case, your overworked lifestyle may not have a place for some of these kind of menials and maintaining your landscape personally may not be such an appealing idea.

With a domestic or commercial robotic lawn mower working on your lawn, the traditional manner of working with noisy, polluting, and gas guzzling push lawn movers at inconvenient periods becomes outdated.

With a bot, you can plan grass-cutting operations according to seasonal growth rates or program day or night mowing sessions.

It will let you deliver a beautiful lawn without physically mowing your tuft and turn grass into rice-grain sized cuttings. This means no more unsightly grass piles.

robotic lawn mower will accomplish these exploits through operating within a wire boundary laid above or underground and a unique combination of real-time sensory feedback, timers, and controls you can program and monitor from your smartphone.Quick Navigation​Robotic lawn mower for your large lawnCommon traits of the best commercial and domestic robotic lawn mower​Robotic lawn mower reviews 20181. Husqvarna 967646405 Automower 450X2. Robomow RS630 ​ – Install Kit Included3. Husqvarna 967622505 Automower ​4. Honda Miimo ​HRM 5205. RoboMow RL 2000 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower6. Husqvarna 967623405 Automower 315 ​, Needs Install Kit7. McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower8. WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed ​ with Rain Sensor and Safety Shut-off9. Robomow Rs622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install Kit Included10. GARDENA 4069 R80Li ​11. John Deere Tango E5 Series II

Common traits of commercial and domestic robotic lawn mower

The most basic traits to look for in a domestic or commercial robotic lawn mower are:

  •  First an ability to head back to its charging station on its own when its battery is low or during severe weather. It should then resume operations automatically once it is fully charged or dry.
  • Second, it needs to have enough versatility to handle turf of varying types, thickness, and heights.
  • Third, look for flexibility that allows mowing of intricate and narrow areas of your lawn.
  • Forth, it should come pre-programmed ready to mow within a specified boundary. Everything needed to install and start it should be in the box.
  • Fifth, it needs to have the intelligence and power to mow on uneven terrain and handle declines and inclines up to 45 degrees with ease.
  • Sixth, it must have a friendly and intuitive interface to allow easy customization and programming.

Below is a look at eleven  robotic lawn mower reviews of products the market has to offer.

These reviews illuminate precisely what each robot can accomplish for you

​Robotic lawn mower reviews 2018

1. Husqvarna 967646405 Automower 450X


This lawn mower is smart enough to negotiate challenges put up by big and complex turfs.

These include slopes reclining to 45%, tough terrain, diverse stationary or moving obstacles, and narrow passages.

​Husqvarna 967646405 Automower 450X covers 1.25 acres. Its battery charging period covers seventy-five minutes and sound level measurement rises to 58 dB(A) only.

You will interact with it, track it, and remain updated of its operations wherever in the world you may be through the touch of a screen. A built-in SIM card makes this possible.

  • It has awesome headlights that make it easy to spot at night. From its application main screen, you can see the cutting height and battery charge state.
  • It has an ability to mow as low as 2 cm and as high as 4 cm. It runs for about 6 hours and with its 75 minute recharging pause, can mow for up to 20 hours.
  • You can adjust the height it mows at while the mower is running. It stops shortly, makes the adjustment than resumes its program.
  • Your wire must be at least 20 inches from your neighbor’s dog wire, otherwise your mower will depart your boundary.

Its unique application gives you complete control while its GPS enabled navigation system come together to maintain your lawn in mowed perfection, green splendor, and excellent health.

Various Husqvarna robotic mower review sentiments place it at the top of the food chain.

2. Robomow RS630 ​ – Install Kit Included

​This Robomow RS630​ will run all night and neither you nor your neighbors will hear it. It is that quiet.

A pin code will keep both prying little fingers and your mower safe and sound. This code ensures no one else can operate it without your knowledge or consent.

Once you activate its child lock system, you will prevent children, or anyone else not familiar with its safe handling, from operating the robot mower.

Its blades will stop rotating once it tilts onto a vertical position or it has been lifted off ground. The blades stop also when its bumper senses an obstacle and the robot changes direction.

  • An adjustable integrated rain sensor protects it from rain. It will return to base station independently in rainy weather and start out again once conditions get better.
  • Relatively wider wheels enable enhanced maneuverability.
  • Non-grass covered wet and muddy patches inside its perimeter will bog it down.

Slopes rising or declining up to 36% are not a hindrance and its rain sensor gives you an option of operation subject to rain and high humidity.

The height adjustment system gives you various grass height cuts according to your preferences. It will also drive independently to other zones in your garden that are connected by a grass strip or pathway. It will return to dock on its own once its schedule is done.

A unique edge mode enables cutting beyond the wheel, a design that allows an extra and special finish. Finally, its emissions compare favorably with any solar robotic lawn mower.

3. Husqvarna 967622505 Automower ​

This GPS robotic lawn mower has smart technology that adapts mowing operations to grass growth rates. This allows concentrated spot mowing for areas where grass grows longer. The technology guides your mowing bot through narrow passages too.

​Husqvarna 967622505 Automower comes equipped with a GPS navigation system bringing efficiency mowing to demanding lawn areas.

It will work easily on a sloppy lawn that inclines as much as 45% and works  on an area as large as 0.8 acres or 34,000 square feet. This makes it suitable as a robotic lawn mower for large lawns.

A wonderful feature is its unique auto-mower connect compatibility. This brings the mower menu system to your smartphone. This way, you can read and change remotely the settings on your mower.

  • This bot mower crosses driveways with ease.
  • It mows very quietly day and night come rain or sunshine.
  • It is extremely good looking and will attract several gawps and from neighbors and friends.
READ  Uncategories
  • The owner manual has limited information although a more detailed manual is available online.

With auto-connect smartphone compatibility, whenever your robot stops, it will send an alert regarding its issue. You can then work with the auto-connect application on your smartphone to sort the issue.

It is a great looking but functional toy, which might attract thieves. Once someone picks it up, it becomes disabled and a loud alarm goes off. You must feed a code to put the alarm off.

If you are not around and a thief makes off with it, the application tracts it down “find iPhone” style.

Of your storage space, it will occupy 12 by 10 by 12 inches and weigh 1 pound. It has a typical 65 minute charging period and has a 57 dB(A) sound level measurement.

4. Honda Miimo ​HRM 520

If you do not enjoy cutting grass, have little time for lawn care, have a busy lifestyle, and live on the technological cutting edge, this lawn mower is for you.

This autonomous robotic lawn mower comes with a programmable timer and cuts within a boundary wire. Your customer care staff will install this wire boundary below or above ground according to your wishes.

Its arsenal of intuitive sensors, timers, and controls will detect the electric field within the boundary wire while helping it avoid obstacles such as ponds, shrubs, fence, pets, and trees.

It occupies 25.4 by 21.7 by 10.8 inches of storage space, weighs 25.6 pounds, and has a 60 minute run time.

  • It yields tiny tuft clippings and disperses them into the grass root system, creating natural fertilizer.
  • It is self-charging. Once battery life falls below 30%, it returns to dock to replenish voltage.
  • It has anti-theft protection
  • Can tackle steep sloped lawns, reclining up to 25%
  • It has a maximum one-hour battery life.

Whether you want to mow your tuft depending on seasonal growth rates or on a day or night program, you have five modes to choose from. Random mode favors large and open areas of your lawn, making wide-angle turns on detecting the boundary wire.

Directional mode benefits narrow lawn portions, turning at a narrow angle at the wire. Mixed mode alternates between directional and random modes on regular intervals.

Edge mode makes miimo mow along the wire edge initially before proceeding to the rest of the tuft. Spiral mode directs miimo to concentrate on those tuft portions whose grass growth differ from the rest of the lawn.

5. RoboMow RL 2000 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Th​e RoboMow RL 2000 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower has a mulching system that consists of 20.8-inch heavy-duty three blades.

It comes with a user-controlled disabling and theft protection system.

A unique feature is a manual control option that lets you maneuver the robot through extremely narrow areas.A floating deck and its solid blades deal with tough conditions and high grass with ease.

This robotic electric lawn mower is designed specifically to mow your lawn entirely by itself. This is a wonderful feature if you happen to dislike cutting or are allergic to grass.

  • It is safe when working around pets, children, various obstacles, and any weather.
  • It has a system to protect itself against theft.
  • It will handle the various grass types with ease so long as you program in appropriate schedules.
  • Appropriate and technical documentation regarding this device is sparse.
  • Setting up a perimeter wire can be tedious and lengthy particularly if your neighbors have similar perimeters but gives exhilarating results once it is done.

In addition, running on battery power compares it favorably to a solar, or a gas powered robotic lawn mower,

It will safely cut grass on your tuft efficiently while you relax or do other important chores.

It works well on a mowing surface covering half an acre and cuts grass to a height rising between 1 and 2.4 inches.

It will occupy 35 by 26.1 by 12.4 inches of your storage space and weigh 86 pounds, batteries and all.

6. Husqvarna 967623405 Automower 315 ​, Needs Install Kit

The lawn mower promises to mow your tuft emission-free and silently, giving you an immaculate and healthy lawn each time.

It comes with enough durability and power to handle your terrain no matter how tough, steep, big, or complex it is, any time day or night.

To accomplish this, it has three razor-sharp and pivoting blades that rotate to mow your lawn cleanly and evenly.

​Its recommended to mow a  quarter of an acre or less and reclines up to 40%.

It has an 8.7-inch cutting width and 0.8 to 2.4 inch tuft mowing height. Finding its own way to its charging station is a standard feature.

  • It is safe around children and pets.
  • It is very quiet in operation.
  • It comes with a detailed manual assisted by an informative online presence.
  • It has factory PIN number that you must obtain from customer service before starting it.
  • Its maximum cutting height is 2.4 inches meaning you need to use another mower for the initial trim.
  • A robotic lawn mower kit is one of the accessories you need to acquire.

It comes with a unique anti-theft password controlled system that incorporates built-in safety measures. This is besides an intuitive and easy to operate control panel with large, user-friendly display that lets you program your preferable custom settings.

You and your neighbors will sleep blissfully because its noise emission rarely exceeds 58 dB(A). Only a solar powered robotic lawn mower would beat its environmental friendliness.

Furthermore, it will not leave behind ugly ruts or an uneven lawn because it has large driving wheels, which allow it to work effortlessly on uneven lawn surfaces.

It measures 24.8 by 20.1 by 9.8 inches and weighs 19.8 pounds.

7. McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower

You are the boss where this robotic mower is concerned. It is fully programmable. You decide when it mows, come rain or sunshine, day or night, or any time that is most convenient for you.

You can make it work on your lawn on weekdays while you are working or late in the evening when you watching television. It will not complain or need a drink but merely a self-propelled trip to its dock home to recharge or avoid foul weather.

Define its operational boundaries with provided wire, around objects it needs to avoid. This wire may go underground or remain above ground depending on your preferences.

  • It operates quietly with its un-docking chirp louder than when it is actually mowing.
  • It has a penchant for demolishing ant mounds and limiting crabgrass growth.
  • It gets stuck in any holes in your yard, therefore fill them in before it runs into them.

A sloppy lawn surface, as much as 25%, is not an obstacle due to its high performance motor and wide wheels.

It emits a loud screech when lifted while working and only keying in the right PIN code will quiet it down. Without this code, it becomes useless, deterring theft.

It works ​well on a ​lawn measuring a quarter of an acre of grass. It weighs 15.4 pounds and measures 23.2 by 17.3 by 10.2 inches.

8. WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed ​ with Rain Sensor and Safety Shut-off

Should your lawn measure 10,750 square feet or under and you long for it to look like the putting green of a top golf course, then this is the best robotic lawn mower for you.

It has features that allow customizing of mowing plans for each day. Other features include navigation of narrow passages and precise mowing even on slopes angling as high as 20 degrees. It will do this with zero emissions.

Its low noise during operation will give you peace of mind day or night while its intuitive keypad operated system lets you customize operations easily.

It operates on a shock sensor system to cut grass around obstacles, has five cutting height positions that rise from 1.6 to 4 inches, and ​its suitable for a quarter-acre lawn.

  • It has a multiple zone function, which you can apply if you have a lawn in your front and back yard.
  • It continues cutting during a light downpour but goes back to dock when it starts raining heavily.
  • This machine lacks operational control based on a smartphone.

It will return automatically to its charging docket to recharge its battery or in the event that it starts raining. Its technology enables precise navigation on narrow passages and intricate mowing.

It weighs 36 pounds and occupies 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches of space. Combinations of all these features make it a suitable robotic lawn mower for large lawns.

9. Robomow Rs622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install Kit Included

If your lawn has a tree or two, raking and disposing leaves is one of the repetitive chores that go with mowing. You need not do this anymore because the Robo-mow Rs622 has blades that chews up every leaf and buries them so well you will not need to rake again.

The blades also chops grass on your lawn and chops them so finely they are no longer visible as grass. These turn into mulch, perfect as natural fertilizer for your lawn.

​Robomow Rs622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install Kit Included,  comes with a remote control you use to mow small patches of turf that call for more precise handling than in an automatic operation. As such, this remote control is a great accessory to the robot giving it additional features of a diy robotic lawn mower.

With this robot, mowing a surface slopping as much as 36% is easy and a rain sensing system lets you choose whether to work under rainy or high-humidity conditions.

​Does your lawn need aeration? These articles will guide you on all you need to know about lawn aeration.

  • It will send an alert to your phone when it gets bogged down for any reason.
  • It will find its way back to dock despite hot or rainy weather and resume its schedule once the weather is favorable once more.
  • It is password protected against theft making it useless unless the right code is fed.
  • It is challenging to lay and set the perimeter wire.

It will work seamlessly on multiple patches of lawn so long as they are connected by a grassy patch or path way and falls within the programmed perimeter.

Child lock is one of its adorable features that prevent anyone unfamiliar with its operation or children from operating or playing around with it.

A standard feature is that it returns to dock for battery re-loading, between operations,and in bad weather.

It weighs 44.1 pounds and measures 28.9 by 26 by 12.2 inches in dimension.

10. GARDENA 4069 R80Li ​

If you own a lawn and looking for more free time, an easy life and a golf course picture perfect lawn, this is the product for you.

With its unique cutting system, it will not create lawn stripes but rather, it will leave behind an immaculately manicured carpet of a lawn.

It will go on quietly about its turf mowing operations prior to returning automatically to its docking station for recharging or in between schedules.

Its mowing operations are entirely programmable and as such, it will operate only if you need it to.

  • Allows to you enjoy an immaculate lawn while giving you more free time away from lawn care.
  • Functions seamlessly on highly complex lawn areas
  • Initial familiarization is a stiff learning curve for those less technologically inclined.

It gives cutting heights between 0.7 and 2 inches easily set on its rotary knob. Its ​suitable for 8,611 square feet lawns and will not leave behind wheel ruts on your turf.

Among its standard features include cutting grass tips into tiny clippings using its three razor sharp blades and dispersing them around the grassroots as natural fertilizer.

It measures 24 by 16 by 8 inches in dimension and weighs 16.5 pounds. Its information panel is LCD display with menu settings. It has lift and tilt sensors and a PIN code protected alarm.

11. John Deere Tango E5 Series II

Tango cuts grass in a random pattern thereby keeping your lawn looking flawless. It detects its boundary wire and obstacles automatically and will even adapt to longer grass patches on the move.

It is quiet and will mow at night and not disturb anyone. It will work with little fuss, noise, and with no foul emissions whatsoever.

This programmable robotic lawn mower will take on your yard’s inclines and slopes in its stride and with its optional traction kit accessory, it will master any hill slopping 36%.

Press its red button to stop the blade. A sensor on the handle will lock the blade as you move it around. It is PIN protected with its screen locking automatically, a great feature when children are around.

  • The docking station is weatherproof and can be positioned anywhere on your yard where there is power connection.
  • To change cutting height, you need to power it off, turn it over, and rotate the saucer shaped blade cap slightly to move the blades up or down.

In addition, this bots represents a win-win situation for you, the lawn itself, and the environment.

  • First, they reduce noise pollution by as big a margin as seventy-five percent compared to other lawn mowers. Furthermore, it will not consume gasoline but rather, it is electric powered, there by avoiding carbon emissions.
  • Second, it works by cutting grass and turning it into tiny clippings that are then dispersed to the grassroots, becoming a natural fertilizer. In other words, it will let you deliver a beautiful lawn without physically mowing your tuft and turns grass into rice-grain sized cuttings. This means no more unsightly grass piles.
  • Third, with several seasonal weather changes within a year, how your lawn develops and appears due to the prevailing weather changes too. This means you need to change mowing schedules, cutting heights, and adapt to grass thickness.

​Does your lawn need some good low pressure sprinklers? This article will help.

Its grass cutting height ranges between 19 and 102 millimeters while up to 2,200 m2is the optimal lawn size.

It takes 80 minutes to charge itself fully and works for up to ninety minutes all depending on the job complexity.

Working in the rain is no problem; however, it is advisable to protect it from severe weather through pressing the stop button.

It is PIN code protected rendering it useless to a thief giving it a high robotic lawn mower comparison grade.

Wrapping up

In recent years, automation has come a long way, increasing production, making jobs safer and easier, and leading to creation of things that would not have otherwise existed.

machine to mow a lawn without your physical presence is one such creation.

From the cheapest robotic lawn mower to the most powerful commercial robotic lawn mower, the market is today inundated with automatic grass cutting robots. 

These robotic lawn mower reviews will go a long way in helping you overcome the choice challenge.

high wind greenhouse kits

Best greenhouse for windy area 2018

High wind resistant greenhouses buyer guide

high wind greenhouse kits

So, how do you get peace of mind when planting in a greenhouse in a windy area?  Well, I think the best greenhouse for windy areashould take priority over anything else.

Well, I learned this the hard way:

I live in a very windy area and I always work with greenhouses.

I remember watching in horror, one cold night, as a violent storm brazenly blew off my first greenhouses’ cover resulting in extensive damage to my tulips.

I was left with no choice but to look for high wind resistant greenhouses

So, what  are high wind resistant greenhouses?

High wind resistant greenhouses are greenhouses built with materials which can withstand high winds

Some also have unconventional shapes thereby reducing the impact that wind may have on the greenhouse.Table of content​Greenhouse kits for windy area reviews 20181. Ohuhu Large Walk-in Plant Greenhouse,- high wind greenhouse kits2. Outsunny 12′ x 10′ x 7′ Portable Walk-In Garden Greenhouse  (Deep Green)- windproof greenhouse3. STRONG CAMEL New Wind Resistant Green House 12’X7’X7′ Larger Walk-In Outdoor4. Homewell Mini Walk-In  Greenhouse -3 Tiers,6 Shelves (56″W x 29″D x 77″H)

​Greenhouse kits for windy area reviews 2018

Here now is a review of  4 green house kits for windy areas at least from our own experience

1. Ohuhu Large Walk-in Plant Greenhouse,- high wind greenhouse kits

  • Portable greenhouse
  • 3 Tiers-12 Shelves
  • Dimensions: 55.5” (L) x 56.3“(W) x 76.8“(H)
  • 23.4lb weight capacity
  • Zippered roll-up door
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel frame &PE canopy

Engineered to create the optimum growing environment for your crops, this wind-resistant 55.5” (L) x 56.3“(W) x 76.8“(H) greenhouse provide the ultimate protection against extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow.

Its frame is made of durable rust-resistant steel tubes making it very resilient

It has a total of 12 wired shelves – enough space to place your small plants, gardening pots, and other essential supplies.

It also comes with a zippered roll-up door making it easy to access. Its screened ventilation provides optimum air circulation.

In a nutshell, this portable greenhouse is Ideal for starting your seedlings, protecting your budding plants, and of course for extending your plant growing season.

  • Offers plenty of space for your seedlings
  • The 4 lockable wheels make the house sturdy and easier to move around
  • It retains warmth for longer
  • Easier to put together
  • Super sturdy especially once you zip tie your shelves on.


  • The assembly directions are confusing

2. Outsunny 12′ x 10′ x 7′ Portable Walk-In Garden Greenhouse  (Deep Green)- windproof greenhouse

Features : Outsunny Portable Walk-In Garden Greenhouse

  • Made of well-ventilated PE cloth
  • Breathable roll-up windows (6) with screens (3 per side)
  • Zippered entry door
  • 4 guy ropes & 4 ground stakes
  • Powder coated steel tube frame
  • Deep Green
  • Dimensions: 12′ (L)x 10′(W) x 7′ (H)
  • Net Weight: 73.9lbs

This deep green,12′ x 10′ x 7′ tent-like shaped greenhouse is designed to be highly portable.

This means you can mount it where you feel it will give the better results. You can as well place it as an emergency to cover crops you feel are going through a rough patch

Its PE mesh clothing will cover your crops at an ideal temperature ensuring their survival despite the prevailing frost conditions

It’s supported by a strong powder-coated steel tube frame. You can also enhance its standing using the 4 ground stakes plus the included 4 guy ropes.

Combined, this kind of support ensures it will not be uprooted by the wind.

And like its predecessor, it has a zippered door which acts as a protective seal while also allowing easy access.

  • Has more support and is hardly affected by wind
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Holds up during all weather conditions
  • The windows enable you to monitor your plants from outside
  • Has significantly more room so it can hold lots of plants
  • Directions are a bit difficult to follow.
  • It’s not that tall and you may easily touch its top

3. STRONG CAMEL New Wind Resistant Green House 12’X7’X7′ Larger Walk-In Outdoor

STRONG CAMEL New Hot Green House 12'X7'X7' Larger Walk In Outdoor Plant Gardening Greenhouse


  • Size: 12’x7’x7′
  • UV protected cover
  • 6 white mosquito windows
  • 1 door (with a white zipper )
  • Steel tube size (green powder coated)

one of the top rated greenhouse for windy area, this strong camel12’X7’X7’holds up really well even in torrential rain and comes unstuck a 30+ MPH stormy wind.

And it will need minimal reinforcement!

Its powder coated steel structure plus the installed middle rails give it the oomph to stand up against torturous winds.

Further to this, its covering is UV safe and so you can expect it to serve for many seasons now that it’s not going to be damaged by harmful UV radiation.

Going deeper, its ventilation is simple and cool with the handy roll-up windows lined on each side.

Then its door unzips easily to open up the entire greenhouse.

This makes it easier to move shelves in or to push your garden cart in for loading or unloading plants.

Overall, it’s an impressive invention.

  • It provides more ventilation ensuring your herbs remain healthy
  • Instructions given are very clear, making its assembly quite easy
  • It has some large space inside so it can hold more and more plants
  • It is absolutely sturdy
  • It’s a bit tall and if you are short, you may need support when hanging plants

4. Homewell Mini Walk-In  Greenhouse -3 Tiers,6 Shelves (56″W x 29″D x 77″H)

  • 6 wired shelves (3 per side).
  • Each shelve can hold 75 lbs.
  • Roll-up door (with zipper )
  • Walk-in design
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel.
  • Clear polyethylene plastic covering
  • Measurements: 56” wide x 29” deep x 77” high.
  • Zipper door entrance

This also proudly claims its place among the elites thanks to its elaborate ‘walk-in’ design.

First, its Strong frame is very well built with anti-rusting heavy-duty powder coated steel. This frame is among the sturdiest I’ve seen in a greenhouse and is sure to resist any potential damage as maybe caused by the vagaries of weather

Its stacked design also enables you to grow more plants within a small space. Remember it accommodates even larger sized plants

The clear polyethylene removable plastic covering makes it superb in not only retaining heat but also in preventing heat from dissipating.

This reduces your heating expenditure as you will need minimum extra heating during frost

Lastly, its zippered roll-up front door is big enough so placing and removing plants is a breeze.

  • Its push-fit frame is very easy to assemble
  • Its unique walk-in design offers enough growing space and the necessary ventilation to grow large sized plants
  • It’s very stable and  resists wind admirably
  • Its portable so you can always shift it to new locations depending on your needs
  • Its tall enough so you don’t have to stoop when checking on your plants
  • It’s not for a big project

Final Word

Wind can lead to huge losses if you live in a windy area and you haven’t taken precautions such as investing in the best greenhouse for windy areas

Of course, there are a few other controls that can help but nothing beats high wind resistant greenhouses in terms of results.

You now know how they work so selecting a suitable one shouldn’t be too hard.

Propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower reviews 2018

​5 Propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower ​

indoor propane heaters for homes

When the colder months come, it’s time for you as a greenhouse owner to think of ways to protect your plants from the destructive frost…options are many but as we will see later, propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower stand out because of their low running costs, availability, and efficiency.

Indeed, propane wall heaters for greenhouse are by far more popular compared with traditional paraffin based units and definitely are as efficient as the  electrical greenhouse systems.

Now, in this article, I will be taking you through some of the best wall mounted propane heaters for your greenhouse.

We’ll also know what to look out for when buying propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower

Let’s delve right in;Table of contentPropane wall heaters with thermostat and blower reviews 20181. Mr. Heater Vent Free Propane 30k BTU, Blue- ventless propane wall heaters2. ProCom Dual Fuel and Vent-Free Blue Flame  – 30,000 BTU3. Sure Heat Dual Fuel 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Gas Heater with Blower and Thermostat4. Dyna-Glo 30,000 Propane Tank Top heater5. Southern Burner Vented Propane Greenhouse Heater (Set-Back Thermostat)- vented propane heater with thermostatFactors to consider when buying propane greenhouse heaters

Propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower reviews 2018

1. Mr. Heater Vent Free Propane 30k BTU, Blue- ventless propane wall heaters

A true buddy for your crops, this propane heater covers an extended heating surface (750 sq. ft.) and has a thermostat with a handy automatic low ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor)and an easy to start electronic ignition

Producing 30000 BTUs, and with all these handy features, Mr. Heater vent free convection heating system nudges your plants back to life shortly after you mount it.

With advanced features including a low-oxygen auto shut-off and an extra-large heating area, this heats and cares for your plants till they can stand on their own.

It’s another fantastic option for heating small greenhouses.


  • Heats evenly ensuring that all your crops survive
  • It produces results soon after installation
  • It runs quietly
  • The unit is easy to mount


  • A bit hard to turn off

2. ProCom Dual Fuel and Vent-Free Blue Flame  – 30,000 BTU

This gives you more flexibility. One, you can power it from natural gas or using propane fuel

Then, you can control the thermostat either manually or set it to run automatically based on your crop needs

Then, if you want to improve the circulation of heated air across you greenhouse, it provides you with the option of installing a blower (sold separately).

​It circulates warm air evenly leaving each and every plant fully satisfied.

The pro-com dual fuel vent-free propane heater is one of the most impressive small greenhouse heating systems

It gives you more options and superbly beats away the chill leaving your plants flourishing.


  • You can use either natural gas or propane
  • It very safe to use thanks to the integrated oxygen depletion sensor
  • Heats as much as 1100 sq.
  • Works superbly even minus the blower
  • Pretty simple to install


  • The front is made of fragile glass

3. Sure Heat Dual Fuel 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Gas Heater with Blower and Thermostat

Still, on heating a greenhouse in winter without electricity, this Sure Heat Dual fuel 30000 BTU is one of the most robust propane greenhouse heating systems.

Running on either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas, it heats as much as 1000 square feet with vigor as well as producing enriching CO2.

Its thermostatic control turns the blower on/off automatically so as to keep your greenhouse at desired temperature

It also comes with a functional Piezzo ignition and the essential ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) hence is regarded as one of the safest.

This is one of the safest propane greenhouse heaters with thermostat. It results in a cleaner burn, heats evenly, and is generally more reliable.


  • It’s has enhanced safety features
  • It heats the entire greenhouse efficiently
  • Works well even for large greenhouses
  • It’s easier to ignite
  • It doesn’t fail anyhow thus its considered more reliable


  • The pilot starts to turn off after sometime

4. Dyna-Glo 30,000 Propane Tank Top heater

This is one of the ​highly rated radiant tank top propane heaters and once installed on your propane tank, it radiates heat in all directions ensuring that all your crops are catered for.

It also offers an adjustable heat angle so you can always target any emerging cold spots.

It’s adequate to warm a range of 15 X 25 square feet and offers you multiple variable heat controls (from 11,000 to 30,000 BTU’s))

Thanks to its convenient hand wheel, it’s easy to connect.

Finally, it fits almost all 20lb. propane tanks.

These are portable, inexpensive, and convenient radiant heat tank top greenhouse heaters

We like that they work with different tanks.


  • Offers better heating angles
  • Installation and removal super easy
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Works with different tanks
  • It’s easy to carry around


  • Propane tank sold separately

5. Southern Burner Vented Propane Greenhouse Heater (Set-Back Thermostat)- vented propane heater with thermostat

This has 2 thermostats so it allows you to set different day and night temperatures.

On top of this, the thermostat is fitted with an adjustable clock which comes in handy when setting the right timing intervals, especially when changing from the daytime to night settings.

It offers a temperature range of between 35 to 75 degrees so you can adjust it to the optimal level depending on the crops you have in your greenhouse.

With 2 thermostats, this expertly heats greenhouses. It’s also versatile and will work with either L.P. gas or natural gas

It’s also very portable.


  • It circulates warm air all uniformly over the greenhouse
  • The 2 thermostats work excellently
  • Works with L.P. gas or natural gas
  • It’s very lightweight hence portable
  • Adjusting the temperatures is a breeze


  • A bit costly

Advantages of propane greenhouse heaters?

  • Propane gas is cheaper hence these heaters are economical to run
  • They produce a C02-important in plant’s photosynthetic process
  • They are readily available
  • They aren’t affected by blackouts or pipeline interruptions
  • Propane gas is considered an Eco-friendly energy source

Disadvantages of propane greenhouse heaters

Factors to consider when buying propane greenhouse heaters

There are several factors that you need to pay attention to when selecting the​ propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower

  • Size of your green house

Bigger greenhouses will automatically need more heating. This means you have to pick a heater with more BTUs

  • Ease of installation

Luckily, most of these types of heaters are very easy to install. But some of them will force you to hire some to help with installation

  • What are you growing?

Some crops need more heating. Knowing the plants that will be in your greenhouse beforehand is therefore very important

  • Geographic location &environmental conditions

Knowing how many months your greenhouse will need heating is also important. And one of the ways of telling this is by following the weather patterns of the location of your greenhouse

This also helps you know the likely difference between in-house temperature and the temperature outside


It’s clear from our propane greenhouse heater reviewsthat propane-powered heaters remain one of the cheapest and highly efficient greenhouse heating methods

They are also readily available and definitely very easy to install.

So, why go for expensive heating methods while you could save you bucks with propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower?


Tow-Behind lawn aerator reviews

Best Pull Behind Plug Aerator for the money: Tow-Behind lawn aerator reviews

​Pull Behind Plug Aerator for the money reviews

Tow-Behind lawn aerator reviews

Aeration is extremely vital to a beautiful lawn. And this makes the best pull behind plug aerator a must have.

Now, the lawn plug aerator will soften your soil, allowing water, and nourishing fertilizer to reach beneath your grass.

Well, we thought that as a proud lawn owner, you would love to know why, when and how to aerate your grass for immaculate results.

A combination of a good lawn aerator and a good lawn mower is needed for a beautiful lawn to be attained.

So, in this post, I will be baring it all. And if you follow this, expect your lawn to receive praise from your entire neighborhood.

Recommended ​pull behind plug aerators reviews 2018

As we are used to, we decided to scour the markets for you and shortlist the 4 ​top notch aerators- ​as per our experience.

Here we reveal them:

1. Brinly PA-40BH ​, 40-Inch- best lawn aerator machine

This lawn plug aerator has 24 heat-treated, industrial-grade 16-gauge plugging spoons. It comfortably pulls up to 3-inches deep soil plugs from your lawn.

In the process, it superbly decompresses your soil to allow seed, fertilizer, and water to reach the deepest roots.

Then, whenever you want to aerate heavy clay or any other compact soil, you can always add more weight without it feeling the heat (so long as you don’t exceed 150 lbs.)

Lastly, each plugging spoon is designed to be individually replaceable, so you will enjoy quicker and inexpensive service.

  • Penetrates pretty hard ground superbly
  • maneuvers through driveways and sidewalks easily 
  • Penetrates pretty hard ground superbly
  • Very sturdy unit
  • Takes longer to assemble 

With 24 16-gauge plugging spoons, a powerful but easy-to-engage gear, and cheaper service, this aerator does an excellent job

And with a cheaper servicing and versatility, you will notice that this is among the best top notch plug aerator to grace your lawn.

2. Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch- best Tow Plug Aerator

Smooth transport is crucial if you are to aerate each and every corner of your lawn.

This has been well taken off in this aerator.

It has smooth sailing flat free tires and a user-friendly cantilever transport handle which makes raising and lowering your machine breeze.

It also impressed us with very clear assembly instructions and the twin 70# sand tubes which provides the required down force when working on highly compact soils.

  • The 48-inch weight tray perfectly holds added weight for increased penetration
  • Easier movement
  • Penetrates thick thatch comfortably
  • Lowering and raising the tines is super easy 
  • Easy to assemble
  • The handle, though working is placed a bit awkwardly 

For a large lawn area, its 32 galvanized knives works miracles and it certainly holds its own against ​other tow behind plug aerators.

With a much-improved transport mechanism and tough 32 galvanized knives, this aerator does an amazing job penetrating the thatch and mixing compacted soil even in clay conditions

It delivers even when you least expect it.

3. Brinly PA-48BH , 48-Inch- commercial pull behind aerator

One of the ways of achieving proper aeration in larger, uneven terrains is by making sure that your aerator has plug spoons which rotate independent of each other.

The Brinly PA-48BH tow behind plug aerator is one such aerating machine.  It has an extra-large 48-inch working width plus a total of 32 heavy-duty plug spoons.

Its 4 independently rotating plug spoons help aerate large uneven yards quickly, achieving excellent aeration to the last corner.

 Don’t forget that its stiff steel tray can hold up an extra 150 pounds of weight if you will need better soil penetration

  • Delivers maximum support for added tray weights.
  • Performs very well on uneven terrains
  • Has a bigger aeration width
  • Easy to operate handle
  • Requires a grueling assembly 

This isn’t very far from the highly rated plug aerator when we come to large, uneven terrains.

It comes with a total of 4 independently rotating plug spoons, 32 heavy-duty plug spoons and achieves a working width of 48-inches to ensure you achieve the penetration you have always dreamt of.

4. Strongway  48in.W, 32 Coring Plugs- ​best lawn aerator for the money

Coring means physically removing any small plugs/cores from your lawns soil and sward. It relieves compaction allowing water, nutrients, and oxygen to instantly flood into your root zone.

You will either a motor-driven coring machine or an aerator with coring plugs.

Rated as one of the favorites in our hunt for the ​top rated lawn aerator for the money, the Strongway  aerator has a total of 32 coring plugs so you can trust it to not only aerate but also help you in coring around your lawn.

  • Easily holds added weights
  • Fairly easy assembly
  • Rolls smoothly over any terrain
  • Can be easily hitched or removed on riding lawn mowers
  • Durable finishing 
  • You have to keep inflating your tires 

This is an aerator cum coring machine. Its 32 coring plug spikes reach up to 2 ½ inches deep aided in movement by its 10in. pneumatic tires which roll smoothly over any terrain.

So, rather than buy a separate coring machine, this commercial pull behind aerator could be all you need.

Reasons why you need a lawn aerator

Aeration involves perforating your lawns soil for better nutrients, air, and water flow to the grass roots.

It will help to:

  • Alleviate soil compaction

Remember compacted soils have many solid particles which prevent proper circulation within the soil.

  • Remove Excess lawn thatch

Excess lawn thatch (heavy organic debris) under your grass surface also starves the roots off essential elements.

What to look for in a tow plug aerator

Assuming you are buying an aerator, what are the crucial features that you should focus on? Here I have compiled a few:

·         Maneuverability and ease of transport

The tires determine how smoothly your aerator will roll along. Some have flat free tires, with others having pneumatic tires- considered excellent for any terrain.

Then, a transport handle should be conveniently designed to make it easy to raise and lower the aerator knives so that you can easily push it from one end of your lawn to another.

  • Additional features

Some aerators like the Strongway tow-behind aerator are also coring machines. Such added features are sure winners

  • Durability

Aerators should come ready to work on some very hard and compact soils. Therefore, pick aerators with improved endurance like the heavy-duty steel aerators.

Again, you don’t want to spend too much in its maintenance.

  • Added load capacity

For better penetration, you may need to add some extra weights. So, how well does it accommodate the extra load?

  • Ease of assembly

It makes sense for you to pick an aerator that should be up and running in a matter of minutes. Some have very poor instructions and take time to set up.

Round up

To aerate your lawn, the best pull behind plug aerator is a must have. It opens up your soil surface letting your grass roots to receive air and moisture needed for healthy growth.

Remember that soils are likely to become compacted in late summer and early spring.

​Remember that, the best lawn aerator for the money moves easily even in uneven terrains, penetrates fairly deep and can comfortably take extra weight whenever you need better penetration.1 23Next »

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