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16 Splendid Restoration Hardware Planters You Must Have!

Restoration Hardware Planters

Planters are one of the most wholesome additions to Gardening. The addition becomes more eccentric if it is from the list of Restoration Hardware Planters below.

Plantation and Gardening are not only rewarding but also fulfilling areas of occupation for every individual. It is often said people who indulge in planting and Gardening tends to be more happy and elevated than that person would be in general, and this may be because of the beauty and enchantment of the rosy blossoms, droplet mirrors formed by the leaves soaked in the rain or can even be the heavenly aroma from the sweet nectar of flora.

In short, a walk through a garden is a walk through heaven. So in case you are unfamiliar with the colossal beauty of the dynamic world of floras, then make your DIY plantation and, with the help of restoration hardware planters, make your paradise.

And if you consider yourself a plantation person, then get your hands on one of these beautiful restoration planters today.

Our Recommended & Handpicked A Must-Have Restoration Hardware Planters:

  1. Outdoor Heritage Planter
    This versatile planter with a unique design allowing self-watering plantation or potting plants with adjustable liners is made up of BPA free and UV inhabited polyethene with 28.5x16X11 dimensions.
  2. La Jolie Muse Tall Planters
    Made from recycled plastic and natural stone is a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor plantation. This model comes in a weathered grey variant with four drainage holes in the bottom.
  3. Casablanca Outdoor Planter
    Made from UV proof recycled polythene this set of 2 Casablanca planters have morocco quatrefoil design and water drainage system for self as well as manual watering, have an adjustable lining.
  4. Balcony Garden Patio Deck
    This comes in the combined set of 2, made from durable plastic and stone powder, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, has four drainage holes to reserve, filter out excess water.
  5. La Jolie Muse Tall Planters Outdoor Indoor - Specked Black Flower Plant Pots, 20 inch Set of 2
    Made from durable plastic and stone powder, the unique part about this pot is that though looks heavy, the planters are so lightweight that it can be easily lifted.
  6. PurePino Tree Planter Set
    16 cm high porch planters can serve as an excellent decor with lightweight, drainage system and durable finish it will also be of utmost utility, making it worthy of investment.
  7. FENG ZHITAO Self Watering Planter
    Made with premium material for elongated lifespan, whitewashed finish this planter is a work of art and if you are a literature person then this item is a must-have.
  8. Tall Plant Decor Box
    This set of 2 waterproof liner boxes are made for outdoor planting, both pots feature removable drainage holes so that you can control the amount of water the plant gets.
  9. Large Planter Pot
    Attractive speckled flower pots with water, crack, frost resistance and capability to withstand the harsh climate, it is an excellent choice for ivy, pothos and spider plants; however, a saucer is needed.
  10. Woodline Barrel Planter
    Handcrafted model made exclusively by TenFuju, has hand-crushed stone blended with rustic design, perfect for decor and plantation.
  11. Embossed Designer Planter
    Made from 100% recyclable friendly polythene material, these pots are white, textured body for adding unique tone to decors and plant collection, can also be used as a gift item.
  12. Modern Garden Planter
    Carefully handcrafted with blacked speckles will be a worthy addition for home decor and planting corners to add divine tone. This also has a keyhole hanger at the back.
  13. Large Garden Planter
    Made from recyclable plastic and stone powder, this flowerpot head is a product of meticulous and careful crafted with off white accent to add a romantic air to the plantation and gardening world.
  14. Bucket Panter
    This is a farmhouse pot made from premium galvanized material with vintage accent bringing renaissance taste to it. The unique pink colour is the selling point of this planter.
  15. Corrugated Metal Planter
    Sturdy planter with meticulous crafting, this planter is extremely lightweight, durable and compact, making it value for money. Important to note that this variant also comes with water drainage hole.


That brings us to the end of the list of 16 unique and elegant restoration hardware planters, which are an amalgamation of elegance and utility to bring out the true essence of the art of Gardening with a romantic accent to it.

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