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problems with self watering pots

problems with self watering pots

​Master Tips on Using Self watering pots

Newly planted plants need serious watering to get their young roots going. These days, self-watering plants are all the rage.

And they’re really convenient because they intelligently irrigate your crops when and as needed; preserving water and giving you the freedom to continue with your daily chores without worrying about stunted growth or plants dying as a result of thirst.

You, however, need to be careful because of the potential problems with self watering pots including becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes and causing root disease.


What are self-watering planters?

 A self-watering container has 2 pots: an outer pot which usually holds the water and a second inner pot which usually holds the potting mix.

The wick joining the two compartments allows your plant’s roots to sip water from the reservoir as and when needed.

Most of the contemporary water planters have a separate water reservoir.


How self-watering pots work?

GroBucket Garden Kit (3PK) Self Watering sub-irrigated planter insert. Turn any bucket into a Self Watering Container Garden. Create an indoor or outdoor, space saving and portable garden in minutes.The soil draws up water from the outer container (through the wick)- provided the reservoir is full- using the capillary system.

Flooding is rarely a problem with one or more holes helping drain excess water from the crop’s soil.

This excess water subsequently collects underneath in the reservoir.

Other planters come with an overflow hose which ensures that the platform is never swamped.

The container and the potting mix cannot be left to dry out completely as the wick will be unable to draw water causing the roots to wither and die.

For a detailed step by step article on how to make a self watering planter click here.

Let’s look at some of the problems with self watering pots:

  • Potential Concentration of Toxic minerals salts

A major challenge with self-watering planters is the higher concentration of various mineral salts in the planting mix.

This mainly occurs because water is continuously being drawn up the pot from beneath and evaporated via the top which in the end leaves dissolved minerals behind.

These mineral salts build up can eventuallybe harmfulto your plants.

  • They Can Be Rich Breeding grounds for mosquitoes

 Drainage holes are essential in self-watering pots. Unfortunately, they offer a perfect breeding nest for mosquitoes.

Pesky mosquitoes will lay their eggs there and when they hatch, mosquitoes will multiply because of the perpetually soggy conditions.

  • Root rot

Some self-watering planters don’t have an overflow opening.

The water can, therefore, flood the platform and deeply wet the soil.

Eventually, your plant roots will start to rot leading to stagnated growth or plant death.

Another possible outcome is the growth of fungi which will again interfere with the healthy growth of your crops.


  • Not All Plants Thrive in Self-watering Planters

Someplants –including succulents and cacti -need to thoroughly dry out in between watering sessions and will suffer if you make a mistake of cultivating them in these planters.

Certain herbs, for example, the rosemary are said to lose their strong taste if grown in damp soil.

On the same note, some flowers such as nasturtiums excel in more balanced environments and fail if putin self-watering containers where the soil is always damp.


  • Poor Root Growth

Naturally, plants like spreading out their roots and will push them in all directions- including towards the ground.

Now, self-watering planters have water sitting in underneath the pot so when roots branch that way, they land in pure water.

But they won’t grow there because of insufficient oxygen.

This reduces your plant’s root mass inhibiting healthy growth.


Here are some practical ideas on how you can overcome some of the problems with self watering pots


  • Mosquito growth

To prevent mosquitoes from breeding from your planter, flush its water after every few days.

You can also plug the planter’s holesusing a pot scrubber to prevent the insects from flying in while still letting water to flow out.


  • Toxic Minerals Build Up

Your plant’s leaves (tips) will turn brown and dry if harmful salty buildup occurs.

Removing the water reservoir and flushing the soil with tons of fresh water may help.

You can also be going for a fresh potting mix each planting season.

Also, avoid using liquid fertilizers, time-release fertilizers or water with high salt content for these planters.

If anything, compost is the most recommended fertilizer for crops in self-watering containers.


  • Do Your Research

To avoid the frustrations of planting the wrong plants in your self-watering pots, do your research.

  • Root rot

Obviously, you’ve to go for a self-watering planter with an overflow opening. You can also drill one.

Using a more porous/airy soil also minimizes root rot.

Expert Tips when using self watering pots

  • If you have a large planter, try to reduce evaporation by covering the soil top with mulch.
  • Planting using moisture-retentive soil mixes help to decrease the frequency of refilling.
  • Also, soil for growing in self-watering containers should be light, friable, and well-drained to encourage excellent growth.
  • Never leave self-watering containers out after a heavy frost. Otherwise, the water pot in the base may freeze and expand making the chamber to break.

And if you must store them outside during winter, ensure you first drain the base completely dry.

  • The best size of self-watering pots to use depends on the plant(s) you are planning to grow.

Generally, you should pick the biggest container available since it will hold more soil which means a bigger root growing space and improved root growth.

  • You can reduce moisture loss (from leaves) by using an umbrella to protect plants from punishing midday heat.
  • Flowers, vegetables,and herbs have unique nutritional requirements, so use the recommended dry granular fertilizer for the type of crop you are growing.

Also,use it as per the package directions.

There is a wide variety of self watering pots in the market,  as a matter of fact you are spoilt for choice, so choose wisely.

Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (5”) + Fiber Soil = Foolproof Indoor Home Garden. Modern Decorative Planter Pot for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents. Easy / Looks Great.



Wrapping It Up

Yes, self-watering planters drastically cut the amount of time you spend watering your crops and sets you free to pursue your other chores.

However you could face potential problems with self watering pots such as poor root growth, toxic minerals buildup, and fungi.

Some helpful remedies include using porous soil, flushing your potting mix with lots of water,and plugging the planter’s drainage holes with a pot scrubber.

Others include thoroughly researching your plants and going for a planter with an overflow.

extra large flower pots

Extra large planters for outside: commercial outdoor planters

​Large outdoor planters for Flowers

If you’re planning to grow some of the plants with large root balls, you will need extra large planters for outside.

I’m talking about plants such as dwarf fig,citrus, and lemon trees.

These have bigger roots and will need a large pot- or any container that can accommodate their expansive roots and leave some growing space.

Anything less may fill up before the plant has reached transplanting stage spelling doom for your efforts.

Extra large planters are containers designed to hold plants with spacious roots,for example, ficus plants.

Most have a tasty finish and seamlessly incorporate into your existing indoor and outdoor décor.

Some even come with an easy-to-lift liner just to simplify planting.

Where to buy extra large planters

A number of websites currently stock a number of containers including extra large plastic planters.

Amazon has a huge variety while you will also find a sizeable collection on eBay.

Alibaba and individual manufacturer websites are the other options.

If you prefer buying offline, some garden supplies shops have them.

In our case, we camped on Amazon and cherry-picked some of the best commercial outdoor planters

Here is a brief look into some of these extra large planters for outdoors.

Extra large planters for outdoors

 Corten Steel Long Box Planter

The biggest news here is the insulation which helps to protect your plant roots during punishing winter and steaming summer months.

It’s welded using top grade and thick corten steel so it is a very durable product.

It has a furniture quality finishing and should blend seamlessly with your furnishings.

Lastly, it survives frost and cracks making it a better option for growers in colder climates

  • check
    It is not affected by ice and freezing conditions and is a sure bet for cold regions.
  • check
    It quite deep and is conducive to plants with deep-lying roots.
  • check
    The quality of steel used to make this makes it very durable
  • Like its H. Potter’s cousins, you have to cough up more to own it.

 Swan XL Planters (Set OF 3)

Measuring 15″ long x 8″ wide x 16″ high, these beautiful extra-large planters are big enough to accommodate most of the biggest flowers and plants.

These are made using strongly molded polyethylene and have nicely curved necks, colored beaks, and eyes on top of detailed “feathers.”

They arrive in mint condition and are very light.

  • check
    They are very beautiful and will charm your guests.
  • check
    These are light hence easy to move about.
  • check
    They are big enough to hold a variety of oversized plants
  • They lack drainage opening and could be difficult to drain

Flower Pot Garden Outdoor/indoor Planters 12″ 2-Pack Unbreakable Resin, Drain Hole, Grey

Made from unbreakable resin clay, these flower pots create a natural environment for your plants to thrive.

They are porous and allow the roots to devour compost while breathing.

Chances of over watering are also very minimal with this set-up.

They come predominantly in a natural looking pale grey.

  • check
    Chances of breaking during movement are next to zero
  • check
    These pots look neutral and match up to a variety of decors.
  • check
    They create a ‘natural’ growth environment making plants to blossom.
  • They are slightly heavier.

Nice Trough Planter 20″ x 46″ x 20″Corten Steel

Still made from high-grade corten steel material, this trough planter has a well thought out design and is fairly large.

It looks sleek and unique ensuring that your lawn will look extremely appealing.

Even though to you have to assemble it, it’s very easy to set up.

And it comes complete with useful drainage holes

  • check
    Since it’s made from industrial grade 16-gauge steel, this should last for a long time.
  • check
    This is a sharp looking planter especially after weathering
  • check
    It’s a good size even for a vegetable bed
  • You need to assemble it before use
  • It’s heavy and you may have to get help to lift.

 Southern Patio 23-inches Metro Poly-Resin Extra large Planter, Monzonite

This model of extra large lightweight planters is one of the largest- it’s deep, very wide, and leaves lots of free space for your plants to expand.

Its drainage plug is designed innovatively and is simple to unplug when a need arises.

It has a nice granite finishing and shines its beauty all over your home, garden, patio, or balcony.

  • check
    It doesn’t crack or chipas a result of variations in temperature.
  • check
    The planter is pretty deep and wide. Your plants will grow rapidly.
  • check
    It’s one of the lightest planters in the whole list!
  • It’s not as durable as the tall outdoor planters made from fiberglass.

 SUNCAST Herring XL Planter, 18-Inches, 

This stands out prominently and complements a large number of decors.

Not many plants will have their rootballs exceeding 18-inches and it should ,therefore, be a perfect home for every one of your large plants.

Thick walls ensure that it won’t break during transit.

And it comes at a good price despite its size and quality.

  • check
    Its walls are thick and won’t break easily during transit
  • check
    The planter is lighter and hence easier to shift
  • check
    Its material looks durable and could serve for many moons.
  • You will have to manually make drainage holes.
  • It’s only available in two colors- brown and blue

 Round Glazetone Planter, 16-Inch, Emberglow

The rubber feet on the bottom help prevent molding and staining on this round planting pot outside.

Then the removable drain plug makes it easy to drain and to protect your plant roots from rotting.

Further, it’s made from heavy duty steel and should survive in all environments regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

 I also noted that it’s hand-painted and looks stylish.
  • check
    This planting pot is lightweight and easily movable
  • check
    It offers fantastic drainage options for excess water.
  • check
    It looks very pretty and portrays lively surroundings.
  • It’s a bit pricey
  • The paint may start coming off after sometime.

 Flower Pot Large 14.2-inches Garden Planters, Unbreakable Resin, Drain Hole, Grey

Compared with plastic planters, resin planters are stronger and offer long service life.In fact, the manufacturer of this large pot offers a 5-year non-breaking guarantee.

Apart from that, it’s UV resistant and also frost resistant so you can leave it outside even when it’s freezing.

Its natural porosity enables your plants to “breathe” while ensuring they will never be flooded.

  • check
    This is yet another super durable extra large planter
  • check
    It is far much lighter compared to extra large ceramic planters
  • check
    Its breathable and plants will enjoy a healthy dose of airflow
  • It’s sold at a higher price

Round Moonstone Planter, 21-Inch, Teal

The round moonstone planter has rubber feet which makes it very stable. It also allows airflow meaning it rarely molds.

The removable drain plug helps to prevent rotting of roots and over-watering.

Then, it’s one of the few large planters made of steel.

It thus survives all weather conditions unscathed while guaranteeing many years of service.

You can use it indoors or outdoors for large flowers, vegetables, and a variety of crops.

  • check
    This extra large planter is made of heavy steel and will deliver many years of service
  • check
    The teal color makes it looks sleek and  expensive
  • check
    It’s easier to drain flooding water thanks to the removable drain plug.
  • It’s narrower on the lower edge

Southern Patio 20-inches Metro Poly-Resin Large Planter, Granite Brown

The one thing I like about planters with traditional styling is that they work with all decors and this is no different.

It adopts the color of cool earth-tones and beds in well with various furnishings.

Importantly, it made from durable resin and thus withstands the vagaries of outdoor seasonal elements.

At 20 inches, this is huge for the plants which need growing space.

  • check
    Its stone-age looks give your garden a contemporary appearance.
  • check
    Its UV protected, non-fade, and corrosion-resistant and retain its shine for longer
  • check
    This is super lightweight and thus very easy to move around.
  • The interior seems a bit narrow and may be small for some crops.
  • It doesn’t have a drainage opening

 GARDENGOODZ Honeysuckle 15″ Patio Pot  Fossil Stone

This planter looks like ceramic or an ancient stone.

It’s also lightweight and very durable thanks to its high density resin construction.

Versatile for both Indoors and outdoors, it’s weather resistant and has a UV coated finishing which protects its color from fading

Though it’s delivered without drainage, you can easily drill drainage holes on the bottom if the need arises.

  • check
    This is a very high quality and spacious planter with thick walls and a great finishing.
  • check
    It’s considered pocket friendly as compared to some premium varieties.
  • check
    You can use it both indoors and outdoors
  • You have to make your own drainage openings

 Suncast 1606NP36 Resin Planter, Blue/Brown

This suncast container can hold a full 8.35 gal of water thus reducing the frequency of watering.

It’s – as with all suncast containers- a beautiful pot and perfectly complements your existing decorations.

It’s much lighter and being a resin planter, its long term durability is assured.

It has a diameter of 16-inches.

  • check
    It endures all the damaging elements associated with outdoors.
  • check
    It’s much lighter as compared to its cousins.
  • check
    This planter feels really solid.           
  • It lacks a drainage hole and you have to make your own.

 Whiskey Barrel Planter, 20.5″, Distressed Oak

This is no doubt an outstanding planter.

As big as classic whiskey barrel planters, it looks fantastic with its distressed oak finishing and will surely accentuate your garden.

Its UV protected and its colors rarely fade

In addition, it’s lightweight and comes with drainage holes to make your work easier.

And its high-density resin construction is very, very durable

  • check
    This is absolutely one of the largest planters around.
  • check
    It’s a high quality product and is protected from fading and vagaries of weather.
  • check
    This comes with handy drainage holes
  • The Bottom drainage holes look too big and may drain faster than desired.
  • The insides are somehow thin and you may need to pack it well when in transit.
  • List Element

 Mayne 4833-ES Nantucket Super-Tall Patio Planter, Espresso

There are 2 things I like about this:

First, this is super tall- and also wide.

Its dimensions of 32″H x 15.5″W x 15.5″D are rare for planters in this category and are therefore excellent with plants which tend to shoot up first.

Secondly, I love its self watering tray.

Once inserted, it creates a functional sub-irrigation water system reducing your watering responsibilities while ensuring that the growing roots enjoy a nourished growth.

It’s made with highest grade polyethylene and should offer long-lasting service.

Finally,in spite of its enhanced dimensions, this large rectangular planters outdoor is very light

  • check
    Its self-irrigation system reduces your watering duties.
  • check
    This is very tall and goes well with plants which are tall as well as wide
  • check
    It looks quite elegant once installed in your garden
  • It scratches a little too easily

13. Mayne Fairfield 5825B 20-Inch Patio Planter, Black

This rectangular planter has a unique built-in water reservoir making your watering work easier.

The self-watering effect also encourages healthy growth in your plants as they’re practically watering themselves whenever thirst strikes.

It looks appealing in its natural black and introduces a charming lookinto your patio or deck

And at 20″L x 20″W x 20″H, this is quite big.

  • check
    It easier to plant into and grow thanks to its self-watering reservoir.
  • check
    It’s naturally charming and brings some nice aesthetics into your space.
  • check
    The planter feels super sturdy.
  • Mosquitoes maybe attracted to the reservoir.
  • Drilling drainage holes is a bit involving.
  • List Element

14. H Potter 12″ x 4″ x 4″ Rectangular Flower Planter, Black Nickel

A stainless steel rectangular potter, this introduces a timeless, luxurious appeal to your garden thanks to its black nickel finish.

It comes with a customized rectangular drainage dish which helps you to drain excess water.

Whichever way you want to use it, this will always work.

For instance, it looks awesome as a herbs planter on your windowsill, a flower pot, or even with dwarf trees

  • check
    This is one of the longest (and deepest) planters and can hold several plants.
  • check
    The drainage tray makes draining excess water a breeze.
  • check
    It makes your garden look gorgeous.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

15. H Potter Tall Planter Indoor/Outdoor, Antique Copper (With a planting insert)

Still, from H Potter, this is a very tall planter- it measures 33 inches (high)x 15 inches (wide).

It also comes with an 11-inches metallic liner insert which helps “lift” the bottom a bit especially when dealing with plants which don’t need a deep bed.Impressively, the insert has draining holes so even with it, over watering will never be a bother.

More drainage openings are found on the base.

It’s hand-crafted and has a striking clear lacquer finishing.

It will thus adorn your spaces with rich looks.

  • check
    With a unique handcrafted finishing, this is beautiful and striking.
  • check
    It has drainage openings in both the insert and the base.
  • check
    You can add some rocks to the base to make it more stable
  • It’s a heavy planter.

What to look for when buying  extra large planters for outside 

As you have seen, you’re spoilt for choice when we come to extra large planters for trees

However, to find the perfect extra large planter for your task, you need to be aware of a few things:

  • Size

Even though they’re all large, some are bigger than others.

You will want to pick the planter that will satisfy the requirements of your plant both in width and height.

  • Drainage

It should provide an opening or at least a way of draining off excess water.

Some allow you to punch drainage holes while others have an integrated drainage plug.

  • Styling

Planters with a contemporary design look great with indoor/outdoor decor.

Some models really accentuate your patio space.

  • Weight

Lightweight containers are easier to move- remember you may want to move your plants indoors when the weather conditions become extreme.

  • Durability

Large commercial fiberglass planters are not only super well-made. They are also fade resistant, water-proof, corrosion-proof, and insect resistant

Wrapping up

If you want to introduce plants with ​small roots to your lawn, then extra large planters for outside will serve you well.

These are bigger, more resilient, and mostly match up with your current décor.

And so your plants will blossom and bring forth handsome results.

11 cheap decorative urn planters that you will love.

Cheap decorative Urn planters have quickly become a must have home décor accessory amongst other urban farming methods like herb seed pod kits, grow bags and many others.

Apart from keeping you in touch with nature while you live in an urban setting , they offer so many other benefits that come about as a result of growing your own herbs and vegetables.

If you are looking for a planter that will not only provide herbs but carry a statement, the following unique urn planters are a good choice.

Cheap decorative urn planters

1. Regal Art & Gift Frog planter piece- 

Regal art and gift products come in six different styles and are of high quality, durable and lightweight. It has the dual functions of acting as sanctuaries while at the same time acts a plant pot.

The products are made of magnesium oxide formulas are each piece is hand painted with a unique finish that is both stylish and weather resistant.

It is sold by Hour loop and fulfilled by Amazon online stores. As a plus, gift wrappers are available.

2. White Porcelain Petite French Country Style Claw piece-small urn planter

The white porcelain petite French, foot bathtub/ vintage flower pot/ soap dish is a product from the MyGift online stores, fulfilled by Amazon.

With the old French script written on the bathtub, the addition of the weathered edges highlight the popular French decorating theme.

The classic white of the bathtub is contrasted with the outline which is dark brown with an added flare of the rustic script.This piece can double up as a soap dish, accessory tray or even a display item.

This planter is recommendable for use with succulent plants.The piece weighs approximately 4.8 ounces.

3. Vintage Pedestal Style Tabletop Gray Metal with decorative carved edge- cast stone urn planters

Another excellent piece from My Gift stores would be the vintage pedestal style tabletop.  This one is a gray metal succulent urn planter which is a decorative carved edge type.

It has an aura of European elegance, neatly handcrafted in order to give the impression of distressed stone.

With a small hole at the bottom, water is allowed to drain out therefore promoting healthy plant growth when not being used as a planter, it can be a very ideal statement for any shelf top.

Its heart shaped carved trim makes it a perfect planter for vibrant greenery, blooming flowers like jasmine and or dynamic succulents.

4. Oreala Fairy Garden Planter. 

The fairy garden planter is a masterpiece from Oreala which is any faity lover dream come true. They offer a beautiful and magical effect,  whether used indoor or outdoor.

Being made of strong plastic it has been made to withstand the harsh elements of the weather.

It is super easy to work with and a few weeks outside gives it a complete camouflage with your garden, making it look all natural.

The delivery is prompt with guaranteed customer satisfaction, with money refunds on service insatiability.

5. Turtle planter piece.- weather resistant urn

With the height of creativity soaring through the ceiling, what would prove it more than the Turtle planter from What On Earth. It is ideal for succulent and small plants.

It is made of sturdy polyresin with a weathered finish. It ca be used both indoor and outdoor, but with its weather resistant qualities, it can survive outside all year long.

With its small compartments, you are allowed to make dazzling displays of flowers of your favourite plants.

Then again, with its 21” long and 15” wide kind of stature, who is not going to see this dazzling piece in your garden?

6. Indoor-outdoor head resin.

If you are the type that likes bold and beautiful with a sense of appreciation of art, well then, this Art and Artifact piece might just be the thing for you.

The head of a lady is a great piece of display which also doubles up as the plant potter. It is well designed to give an artist charm and calming effect.

It is sturdy and stable, which keeps it upright during plant maintaining processes and avoids any unnecessary damages or mess.

It is made of string resin composite that makes it weather resistant and remarkably durable.

Also, it has the option of directly filling up the head with dirt or alternately filling up smaller pots then fixing it inside the head.

It can be used both inside the house or on the garden on patio.

Its delicate art designed features give charming and calming effects. It can be used as a display centre piece or a planter or holder. It has a prompt delivery service

7. Giraffe planter: Safari pieces.

 For the outdoor junkies, the giraffe planter from Oriental would be the perfect fit missing from your patio or garden.

It is made from durable polyesin which makes it a hardcore with the harsh weather elements.

It is made with a natural textural design and has a drainage hole to help in healthy propagation of your plants. This would be the dramatic flare you just need for your garden.

And it has prompt delivery so you do not have to agonizingly wait for your package.

8. The Christopher Knight Home.

For the antique lovers, this piece from Christopher Knight Home would be a heaven sent accessory to your garden or indoor shelves and countertops.

This piece is made from molded plaster and is therefore weather resistant.

It does have a drainage hole that you can cover to prevent dirt from falling out.

It weighs approximately 7-10 pounds, which allows for easy transportation and set up.

9. Tinksky Cute Hedgehog.

For those fairy lovers and those in love with life of the woods, this heavenly piece from Tinksky would be the one for you.

The Hedgehog Flower Sedum Succulent Pot Planter which also doubles up as a Bonsai Trough Box Plant Bed Office or Home Garden Pot Decoration.

It can be used as a fleshy kind of shelf or a storage box if you don’t like the idea of putting it out in the garden. It is made of resin and is therefore as durable as it can get.

10. Yorkie Planter – Outdoor Dog Urn Planter – Cute Garden Statue.

For the dog lovers, it cannot get any better. With the Yorkie planter from Bits and Pieces, you have got youself a cute outdoor gig statue to make everyone envious. It has been crafted in steel with a rustic bronzed patina.

The planting pot is 4 1/2″ in diameter with a height of 11″ *13 1/2″. However, it was not designed to be sturdy.  Therefore, it would not be recommended to put anything that is heavy.

11. Starburst Design Ceramic Flower Planter Pots / Decorative Plant Containers with Saucers.

This pieces are a courtesy of My Gift. Each flower pot is made of steady ceramic with a glossy finish in white. 

Each planter has a drainage hole but with an associated saucer to prevent damage and unsightly mess than can be caused by water dripping on your surfaces.

This pieces can be used to grow herbs in your kitchen or a succulent herb for your living room.

The dimensions of each pot are 4.3″ in height with a diameter of 5.2″. As an added bonus, this package comes with multi purpose towels.

Whether for your indoor or outdoor decor, this cheap decorative urn planters offer an exclusive feel of the earth in miniature form.

Due to their size, you do not have to get dirty maintaining it, compared to an actual flowerbed. So its all the beauty with lesser the effort.

Ensure you find one that suites your style.

Window Sill Herb Garden Kits

​How to choose an indoor herb garden kit

Limited space need not be a hindrance in satisfying your itch to start a garden. Neither should time or climate. A perfect alternative would be a smaller indoor herb garden. To liven up your windowsill or office shelf, picking the best Window Sill Herb Garden Kits available would be the thing to do. Your dinnertime menu too will be all the better.

Herb garden kits come is all shapes and sizes. As such, picking an appropriate windowsill herb garden kit that suits your needs may be a challenge.

This article hopes to lighten your choice making. This is through the presentation of four excellent choices for you to pick one that meets your needs.

Alternatively, pick all four to act as an indoor window sill herb planter kit for each of your rooms in your home.

​Window Sill Herb Garden Kits review 2018

1. Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit –  indoor garden kit

This indoor kitchen herb garden kit brings a unique handcrafted ceramic planter that adds old world charm to any windowsill. It will compliment your kitchen décor too.

This windowsill herb planter measures 15.8 by 5.2 by 6 inches in dimensions and weighs 3.75 pounds.

It conveniently comes with three cups of fiber soil that allow roots to breathe and plants to flourish.The soil consists of microscopic straw-like fibers.

Its porosity enables root sprawling and stretching, allowing plant flourishment. This soil does away with purchasing and lugging around bags of heavy pot soil.

Simply add fertilizer and hydrate pot discs in a dish to keep your windowsill garden lush and vibrant.

A germination bag keeps your seeds warm and moist while the fiber soil has over watering prevention traits. A detailed instruction manual, for guidance through the entire growing process, is included.

The process involves hydrating fiber soil through a watered dish, planting seeds into the soil, and germinating the seed with placement of a plastic bag over the pot.

Finally, ensuring seeds remain moist is crucial so watering and applying fertilizer when required is important.

Do not grow your cherished herbs in flimsy cheap pots. This indoor kitchen herb garden kit has impressive packaging and quality components, ensuring this kit impresses anyone receiving it as a gift.

  • check
    Kit has basil, sage, and chives herbs. 
  • check
    Very clear instruction manual in color, diagrams, and pictures. 
  • Herbs not interchangeable although you can change seeds. 
  • Soil lacks nutrients and fertilizer is required.

2. Aquaphoric – ​ Self Watering Planter

 This indoor window sill herb garden kit gives you attractive and innovative growing solutions.It takes advantage of sun energy to bring joy from the power of plants all year.

Growing plants on your windowsill gives you something to eat and admire as you breath the healthier air they bring.

It comes in vibrant colors and sleek lines that compliment homes, condominiums, or apartments. You have choices of decorative pot colors that complement home décor and chosen plants.

Convenience arises from its two-quart fiber soil, a superior plant growing medium, which allows your plant roots to breath. This kit has self-watering traits.

A water level indicator informs you when to and how much water your indoor houseplants need.

Its passive hydroponic action system creates ideal growing balance, between water and oxygen, around your plant roots.

This prevents flooding and under-watering of plants. This kit is 7 by 7 by 6.5 inches in dimensions, made of plastic, and weighs 1.3 pounds.

With this indoor window sill herb garden kit, you do away with soggy roots or wilted plants that arise from under or over watering plants.

  • check
    Kit lets you meet precise water and nutrient needs for your plants 
  • check
    Kit comes with an excellent instruction manual in color, with diagrams and pictures 
  • Soil has minimal nutrients. You need to fertilize your plants 
  • Water indicator gauge tends to get stuck sometimes

3. Grow 5 Herbs From Organic Seeds with Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Starter Kit –  A Complete Set W/ Everything a Gardener Needs to Grow Culinary Plants indoors

This indoor window sill herb planter kit gives you all you need as you grow five culinary herbs from seed.

It has top growing success rates within the market. Its seeds are entirely organic and non-GMO. They have been open pollinated and grown naturally within the United States.

It is a fun gift ideal for fresher gardeners, allowing them to grow a culinary herb garden with ease.

It lets you spice up your kitchen with fresh homegrown herbs. These include basil, parsley, sage, thyme, and cilantro.

The kit works well both indoors and outdoors in gardening. Kits have five units each of organic herb seed packets, seed starting biodegradable growing pots, and compressed soil discs made of unique coir mixture.

A kit also has five plant markers and a systematic instruction manual, all gift-wrapped in a sleekly designed box so it can be a perfect gift for a loved one. The product will occupy 8 by 4.5 by 7 inches in dimensions and weigh 11.2 ounces on your window sill.

This outdoor or indoor window sill herb garden kit lets you experience endless possibilities as you grow unique herbs right from seed to harvest.

There will be no need for prior experience or additional tools to work this kit.

  • check
    Lets you grow and taste fresh herbs picked from your own herb garden. 
  • check
    Package has all essentials to grow herbs indoors with no additional tools needed. 
  • Over watering plants may create a mold menace. 
  • New package requires close to ensure each item is present, including the right units.

4. Window Garden Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting Fairytale and Accessories


Window Garden Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting Fairytale and Accessories

These types of herb growing kits for the children help, through hands-on creativity and stories, children to learn how to grow and nurture their own mini vegetable gardens.

With this kit, the edible mini vegetables are ready for the dining table within ten days. It has an enchanting fable that talks of Blossom, a butterfly fairy’s fantastic journey.

Its glittery fairy components consist of adorable color coordinated accessories. The beautiful package contains an iridescent Butterfly Fairy, a unique 15 by 6 inch acrylic dish, sea glass, real moss, fiber soil, and flower picks.

Other components include the fairly story, spray bottle, micro-green seeds and a detailed instruction manual.

It has a design that engages children, through storytelling, to grow their own mini microgreen vegetables in an indoor garden. The micro-green baby vegetables shoots are ready after ten days of growing near a window.

The seedlings bring crisp textures, busts of vivid colors, and intense flavors that will transform your favorite dish into a nutrient rich gourmet experience. These seeds have their own food supplies they augment from soil, water, and light.

This green kit measures 15.2 by 6.5 by 2.3 inches in dimension and weighs 2.1 pounds. This is a lovely Christmas or birthday gift for a young child who loves fairies and gardens.

It presents a parent and child with a simple activity to undertake together.

  • check
    A perfect gift for young children exploring gardening. 
  • check
    Easy to set up from a detailed diagramed instruction manual 
  • Scrutinize the package closely to ensure each item is present and in working condition. 
  • Adult supervision is necessary for the children using this kit.
floor protectors for plants

Water Catchers For Plants: Drainage plate for plants

​Floor protectors for plants

When watering your plants, chances of ending up with a watery rings, soil stains and even root rot are high if you don’t have a way of drawing the excess water away…this is where water catchers for plants come in.

Drainage plate for plants protect your floors, carpets, and tabletops from soil stains and water rings. They also keep excess moisture away from surfaces and the overly-delicate root systems.

They do so by catching all the runoff water.

Furthermore, they hold extra water meaning you will water your plants/flowers less frequently.

​Water catchers for plants ​

1. Clear Plant Saucers Excellent Outdoor

My favorite bit about these clear saucers is that they have a ridged bottom so airflow is not a bother for your plants meaning they grow healthily- free from molding and mildew.

Then they are built so strong such that they hold your pot out of any standing water- even if you drench your plant.

They have a low profile and are visually unobtrusive.

Ridged on the bottom, these saucers provide a very stable base and smoothens air movement for your beautiful plants.

And you can always see the supporting surface as they are clear.

  • check
    They are clear so they don’t attract attention
  • check
    Prevents molding and mildew
  • check
    They are recyclable
  • check
    At 12” diameter, they Fit nicely around 12” planters 
  • May warp under heavy ceramic pots 
  • They may crack if bent 

2. Fiskars 24 Inch TerraBox Tray

If you use Terrabox Planters, then these are the drip trays you need.

And you don’t have to worry about colors or that you may miss an ideal size- you get a great mixture of colors and sizes.

Their tough resin construction guarantees durability whatever the weather while the UV additives ensures they don’t fade or crack like some of their competitors.

These water catchers come in a variety of colors and sizes and are specially build for Terrabox Planters.

They are all-weather and they neither fade nor crack.

  • check
    They have a cool clay textured look
  • check
    Fits with a variety of TerraBox planters
  • check
    Are very durable
  • check
    They resist fading and cracking
  • check
    You can spray paint them to match your décor 
  • A little shallow
  • They cost more than some of the others 

3. Curtis Wagner Round Clear Plant Saucer

Some of the budget clear plastic saucers crack easily and are generally flimsy.

But these are very well constructed and super-sturdy. They are also deeper so they easily catch excess water plus soil spillage.

You will finally forget about surface stains and smile that your carpets, furniture and floors remain fully protected.

These are inexpensive yet very sturdy and deeper.

They match with all clay, plastic and ceramic planters, on top of various grow bags. They could quite a clever choice in your hunt for the right drainage plate for plants.

  • check
  • check
    Fits a variety of planters.
  • check
    They have enough flex.
  • check
    Very lightweight for easier movement. 
  • May warp under the weight of water 

4. Hydrofarm Garden Saucer, ​


These re-usable green water saucers have a ribbed bottom that superbly keeps your plants out of water apart from ensuring that no plant/flower will stick to the saucer.

Having a diameter of approximately 14-inches, they come in economical packs of 10 so just like the   15-pc set home & garden plant pot saucers, they save you bucks.

These are top-ranked water catchers and for good reason- they are heavy duty, bend easily and cover a large area with their 14-inches diameter.

In short, they beat most of their peers hands down.

  • check
    Heavy duty products so super sturdy.
  • check
    Match most pots as they come in different sizes.
  • check
    Plants don’t stick to the saucer. 
  • check
    Flexible enough to bend easily.
  • Color green may not match with some patios. 

5. CWP-SQDS Footed Square Carpet Saver Saucer

These are durable square footed water catchers which are versatile enough to be used with both indoor and outdoor planters.

And they are functional enough to be used with a ceramic or round or even a molded plastic planter.

Still, they have an excellent airflow bottom design which doesn’t trap moisture, or dirt under your saucer.

Lastly, these square plant saucers have a variety of sizes – 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 16”

These heavy duty square water saucers fit with a variety of planters and can work both indoors/outdoors.

When looking for versatility, not many saucers beat this.

  • check
    Excellent with square or round ceramic on top of molded plastic planter
  • check
    Extra heavy duty
  • check
    Versatile- works indoors/outdoors
  • check
    They are clear making cleaning a breeze 
  • A bit costly 

6.  Plant Pot Saucers Clear Plastic


Due to their design water saucers can have many other uses. For example, they make great bird baths and watering cans for your pets and strays.

With their high sides confining the water, and their raised ridges helping to maintain moisture, these plant trays are engineered to be reliable and resilient amid the flooding.

Intentionally built to be reliable and consistent in performance, these water drips are one of the must-haves for a contemporary gardener.

Their ultra-high sides and inclined ridges ensures that they will always exceed all your expectations.

  • check
    The various sizes give you more choices
  • check
    Affordable compared to ceramic saucers 
  • check
    Can be bent easily
  • The labels that hold the saucers together are a little difficult to remove. 

7. Bloem Cotta Saucer- 24 inch plant saucers

Deeper plant saucers hold more water so you can water your plants until they are fully hydrated without worrying about emptying them.

At 2.5-inches deep, the bloem cotta saucer is deeper than most of the popular drainage plate for plants. It works well with Milano and Dura Cotta planters.

If you are a gardener  looking for a deep saucer- one that can go with larger planters, then this could be what you have been searching.

It impresses with its depth and functionality.

  • check
    A strong base makes it more stable
  • check
    Its depth is a great convenience.
  • check
    Fits with even larger plants 
  • Not very thick 

8.Bamboo Small Round Sandy Beige


These are made of bamboo hence they are hardy, lightweight and super- durable.

Then, they have a raised rim which quickly collects excess water and any soil spillage.

Lastly, these have a natural wooden color meaning they match almost all pots and planters.

These bamboo rounded plant trays are excellent with small planters. They match well with your other furniture due to the wooden color and expertly collect overflowing water.

Bamboo is also very durable.

  • check
    matches naturally with your other furniture
  • check
    Super lightweight
  • check
    Much cheaper
  • A bit smaller so won’t do well with large plants
  • May crack if bent 

9.  FUNNYGO Round  14″ Plant Saucer caddy- large plant saucer with wheels

What about a drip tray that gives you ultimate flexibility? A tray you can move- even with your large plants- conveniently around your home or garden?

Made of thicker and enhanced Materials, these funnygo round plant saucers have a removable water tray with a capacity to hold heavy and larger plants.

The durable caster Wheels roll easily making movement breeze.

If you are looking for saucers to Move heavy planters around your garden or home breezily, then these could be your lasting solution.

These have the capacity and ability to draw water while making your plants more mobile.

  • check
    Moves plants safely and easily
  • check
    Supports larger and heavier pots 
  • check
    They are made of top quality materials
  • Costs more 

10. 15-pc Set Home & Garden Plant Saucers

These round water saucers are sturdy, re-usable and come in different sizes.

They also have a Unique raised ring pattern design that effectively holds all excess water away from your plant pot.

Then, Apart from drawing water away, they also provide critical airflow crucial for your plants healthy root system and their overall improved health.

This doesn’t just hold water- it also guarantee plenty of healthy air flow for your plants meaning you will be growing healthier plants in mess-free environment.

  • check
    Since they are clear, these saucers match well with almost all the planters and grow bags in the market today- clay, ceramic, and plastic.
  • check
    Their airflow design doesn’t trap dirt or moisture hence your floors and furniture remain highly protected
  • check
    You get a free E-book bonus “Grow bigger plants” which is full of fresh ideas
  • check
    It’s a 15 pack so it’s cheaper than buying one-one
  • check
    They come in three versatile sizes (6’, 8” and 10”) so they will certainly fit most plant containers 
  • They are a bit thin and may crack under heavy soil 

Benefits of using drainage plate for plants

Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of water catchers for plants.

  • Your plants remain hydrated all through

The residual water ensures your growing plants remain in good health and hydrated all through without putting any extra effort or time

  • They prevent root rot

by drawing any standing water away from your plant, water saucers ensure that potted plants don’t develop mold that ordinary causes makes the roots to rot

  • Re-potting and watering become easier

Some plant pot saucers are designed not only to lure excess water but also to facilitate better oxygenation of your plants making them healthier.

Watering and re-potting is much easier with healthier plants.

  • Zero mess

If you want to water your plants without staining your furniture and floor, large planter saucers will give you peace of mind.

Where to buy drainage plate for plants

While your local gardening supplies store could supply your needs, online stores like Amazon, E-bay and similar eCommerce sites have more variety besides offering better prices.

Factors To Consider When Buying Water Catchers For Plants

Getting an ideal water catchers for plants shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds. By simply keeping in mind some crucial factors, you should soon be a happy owner of an excellent drainage plate for plants.

Here now are those key features:

  • Functionality

How well does it hold the water at bay? And does it really keep your growing flowers hydrated? What aerating the plant roots- does it really help to aerate your plant roots?

Well, be it rectangular plant saucers or  other drip trays, functionality is key.

  •  Décor

If you don’t want to attract attention, go for clear plant drips. They are others like the Bamboo-Small-Round-Sandy-Beige have a great natural wood theme and beautifully complement your furniture.


  • Size and depth

The size of your saucer tray and also its depth also matters.  For example, you may find a deeper rectangular plant drip tray or even a rounded one performing much better than shallow saucers.

If you are unsure of your ideal size, pick a diameter a bit bigger to avoid inconveniences.

  • Your planters

You will meet saucers purposed for certain planters- for example; the Fiskars TerraBox Tray is built for Terrabox Planters and won’t fit well with other water catchers.

  • Sturdiness

It shouldn’t crack or give in too easily.

  • Flexibility

Since you may want to bend it as you drain the residue water or when cleaning it, your water saucer should have enough flex to support such operations.


Final Thoughts on water catchers

By simply placing water catchers for plants, you get to kill many birds with one stone;

First, you catch excess water and prevent staining of your floors, tables and carpets.

They also help pass more oxygen to your plants making them healthier and more productive.

Saucers also help to decorate the base of all your plants- especially those with matching décor.

So, messy free gardening is possible- you only need a drainage plate for plants!

Terracotta pots with side holes

Terracotta pots with side holes

​Flower pots with holes in sides

Flower pots with holes in sides have a number of advantages but for me, what I like most is the exceptional drainage and airflow

And this is what makes them ideal for quite a number of your plants including orchids, tropicals and African violets.

In fact, experts will tell you that plants growing in terracotta pots with side holes will always outgrow and outsmart those in non-breathable pots.

Which isn’t surprising considering they enjoy better moisture levels throughout.

Now, since our goal is to help you reap big from your gardening efforts, I will be sharing on the available flower pots with holes in sides.

Here we go.

​Planters with holes in sides

  1. Slotted Clear Pot With Holes


Coming from RE Potme Orchid Supplies but selling on Amazon, this boasts of a total of 46 Individual holes. Problems to do with aeration and drainage are therefore unheard of with this magnificent flower pot.

Even better, it helps improve the health of your plants’ root guaranteeing a firmer foundation and the general well-being of your plant.

I was also happy to note its UV Protected so it won’t break up due to sun exposure.

This provides more than a home for your Orchids.

  1. Bloem Hanging Planter System 3 Pack, Terra Cotta 

This is another well-constructed terracotta pots with side holes

With a unique space saving design and the looks to make its competitors turn green with envy, it’s an absolute delight hanging in your garden

It’s a set of 3 but you don’t have to hang all at once. Plus you can hang each horizontally or vertically

It has a Built-in self-watering system so you don’t have to water frequently and when you have to, the two side holes makes it quick and easier.

So, if you are an urban gardener or space is at a premium, then this will serve.

  1. EMSCO Expandable Expandable Hose Storage Pot

Another of my favorites, this is an ornamental expandable hose hider with an appealing weathered terra cotta finish.

Featuring a hole on the side, it makes it keeps your hose screwed to the spigot while holding your expandable hose.

When not using it as a horse storage system, use it to store/organize your gardening tools.

It’s made of a super-sturdy structure so it stands up against heat and other damaging environmental elements

In summary, this functional hand-turned stoneware pot adds flair and style wherever you place it.

  1. Standard Strawberry Pot Herb Jar  Terracotta

Strawberry planters also called strawberry jars can be made of ceramic pottery or clay though wood and plastic ones are also available.

All have holes, or pockets, around their sides where you plant the individual strawberries

This is not an exception. It has multiple side holes and allows you to inter crop your berries with other plants to get the most beautiful effect.

And since it has a vintage design, it looks simply gorgeous!

  1. Square Ceramic Orchid Pot/Saucer + Felt Feet

For some reason, orchids are still considered one of the hardest plants to grow.

But you can reduce the work involved and increase your chances of getting results if you try planting them in flower pots with holes in sides

 This is one of the most beautiful and functional orchid pots.

With the patterned holes, your orchids thrive from the enhanced ventilation, improved drainage and growth freedom.

The other thing is that it comes in various shapes,color glazes and patterns so you are sure to find something that goes with your décor.

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  1. HD PRINTABLES Orchid Pot & Tray

Purposed for use with orchid barks, this work so well with orchids and is by far one of my luckiest buys.

I love just about everything about it.

First, I can always see the roots of my orchids. How? I just peak in through some of the holes.

Secondly, I can clearly see that my plants are happy with the aeration- you see the holes are big and well distributed so oxygen reaches every root

Then, the pot & tray set is durable, attractive and safe.

  1. HomArt Rustic Terra Cotta- Orchid Pot

Many growers who use ventilated orchid pots are driven not only by the need to harvest big but also by the desire for a special look

And that’s where the homart rustic terra cotta-orchid pot comes in.

Made from natural earth materials and using age-old world pottery techniques, this slotted pot introduces a unique and natural look to your garden

Offered in various shapes plus sizes, you can finally bring the aesthetics you have always wished for with this irresistible man-made planter.

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  1. Bloem Shortcake Planter, Gre-Fresh

The bloem shortcake planter, Gre-fresh has 4 giant ventilation holes which allow excess air to flow into the roots, thus keeping them healthier.

Then, if you want to make planting fun, you can try planting from the side holes-they are big enough for this so at least you can break monotony

It is also a comfortably-sized container so grabbing and lifting is pretty straightforward.

And it is not only for strawberries! Succulents, herbs, and many annuals will find a rich home in it.


How to keep ​flower pots with holes in sides ​from making a mess

In flower pots with holes in sides, water drains freely and of course, air circulation to your plant is immensely improved.

However, as water flows from your pot, potting soil may also wash out creating an ugly mess.

In this section, I will share some of the tips I use to avoid this.

  • Cover the openings

Before planting, cover all the side openings. Remember to use a material that permeates water to pass freely while preventing the loss of your potting soil.

A chunk of broken pottery or even a piece of fine wire mesh can work.

  • Use a drainage saucer

A drainage saucer will collect excess water so you can consider placing your container on one. Check out our recommended water catchers here.

  • Pebbles, gravel or sand

On your drainage saucer, add a layer of gravel, pebbles, or sand. They will allow the pot to drain more freely and reduces its chances of ending up with standing in water.


  • Generally, small-sized openings naturally help block the loss of potting soil.
  • Double-potting helps. This simply means placing a breathable pot inside a sealed pot. However, always confirm that your inner pot is not standing in water first.

creative urn planters you can find in the market.

Wrapping up

Flower pots with holes in sides or if you like, terracotta pots with side holes will give you plants exceptional drainage and aeration.

They are therefore worthwhile options for any gardener.

In this post, I have shared with you some of the available flower pots with holes in sides.

I hope this will benefit your plants moving forward.


Lawn Care For Beginners Tips – 26 Frequently Asked Questions

kids gardening tools

Gardening kits for toddlers and kids: child sized gardening tools

​Child sized gardening tools

kids gardening tools

How do you get your little ones to fall in love with gardening? Simple! Show them how to use gardening kits for toddlers and kids

And getting them into yard can be an eye-opening experience….

From learning the soil, then planting seeds, and the entire ecosystem- insects and underground creatures, he/she will have his hands full- playing, having fun and best of all, learning!

Why you should consider gardening with your children

Bringing them along helps.

This is how:

  • They make you an expert!

Any teacher perfects his art by teaching others. Here, you will be teaching kids about plants and flowers meaning you will start seeing things from a very different angle.

  • You develop a closer bond

Mom, dad, and baby working together in the yard is a fantastic way to build the family bond, crack jokes and get to know your loved ones better.

  • Its boosts physical, mental and general well-being

He/she will be exercising, reducing stress and growing socially. Any well-built  children’s gardening kits should allow him to work for longer without fatigue.

  • His teacher will thank you!

Where else can he learn about worms, bugs, spider webs, growing plants, plant cycles and even the underground habitat apart from the farm?

Even better, some of the gardening gifts for toddlers are intentionally designed to stretch his creativity and imagination.


Popular Children’s Gardening Sets

So, are you sold on this?

If yes, thank your lucky stars- you have plenty of gardening kits for toddlers that get them dancing with joy next time they hear its gardening time.

Here, I will be focusing on some playful pieces built for your little ones. Later, I will be showing you how to decide which kids gardening kits will work for your child.

Let’s go:

  1. Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit Broccoli 

My daughter has always loved vegetables. So, I decided to teach her how to grow her own.

I didn’t get a better vegetable growing trainer than this.

With the exotic vegetables growing kit, your kid has 5 veggies to farm- purple carrots, rainbow Swiss chards, black corns, romanesco broccoli and yellow cucumbers

And she can plant either indoors or outdoors.

  • 5 seed packets
  • 5 Biodegradable planters
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5 Compressed soil discs
  • 5 plant markers
  • The kit has everything you require
  • This kit always succeeds so your kid remain motivated
  • It is 100% non-GMO and very safe
  • The comprehensive manual uses kid-friendly language
  • It looks impressive and can be a superb gift
  • Your children can plant either indoors or outdoors.
  • The manual is written in small letters and can certainly be improved

This is A Complete vegetable growing Kit packed with all required essentials to Grow 5 Rare vegetables from Seed.

You kid will love its ease of use and the fun.


  1. TickleMe Plant Greenhouse garden kit with science activity card

Imagine how he would love growing a plant that kids him by closing its leaves and lowering its branches when he tickles it?

What’s more? He grows it in a greenhouse and the manufacturer seems to know that kids are impatient- the Plant starts growing within three days of planting so long as the conditions are right


·         Touch sensitive plant

·         6 soil pellets

·         1 Recyclable Greenhouse

·         6 flower pots

·         3 Plant seed packets

·         Easy to follow instructions

  • Packs all that your kid needs to grow the moving houseplant
  • It’s accepted as a fun holiday gift for kids
  • The plant grows easily indoors – even in winter!
  • It has a bonus of 10 fun activities
  • He can replant and replant -the greenhouse and flower pots are reusable
  • The instructions are simple and super easy to follow
  •  The price looks a little steep
  • If you don’t follow the instructions, it will take longer to sprout



This is an amazing touch sensitive plant grown in a greenhouse and moves played with. Kids will love growing and spending time with this funny toddler’s tree.

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3. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids

If you have lived with kids for long, you know you have to be creative if you want their attention. Now, the terrarium is a complete miniature garden that lets them exercise their creativity muscle through a simulated natural-like environment

You boy/girl will be free to create any imaginable farm ecosystem.

He crafts, plants, waters and grows his customized terrarium tabletop garden

  • Plastic mason-style jar
  • Decorative lid
  • Organic chia & wheat grass seeds
  • Potting mix
  • Garden figurines
  • Decorative sand, plant mister & river stones


  • It is a Fun and educational set
  • Promotes your kids creativity
  • Things grow fast so your kid isn’t bored waiting
  • Instructions are superb for beginner gardeners
  • It’s cute- just the way children like it.
  • Teaches science and art.
  • Perhaps your kid may need guidance during initial stages otherwise nothing grows

As a Science Kit for children, the terrarium is your complete miniature eco-system building kit that allows kids get creative.

It’s a fun way of teaching your kids lessons on botany, eco-systems and even plants life cycle


4. Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set

Another impressive gardening gifts for kids is the Toysmith big kids garden tool set.

It is a mix of functional, high-quality farm tools designed for outdoor fun and play.

The set comes in very handy when your child demands to work alongside you in the garden.

It includes a spade, a hoe, garden rake, and leaf rake.

To store the tool, he just hung it vertically using the leather loop.

  • Each tool is metallic and with a hardwood handle.
  • Leather loop fixed on each tool
  • For 5 years and going up.
  • Highest safety standards
  • Package: garden rake, hoe, spade, & leaf rake
  • Super cute tools
  • You can engrave your kids’ name on the handles to personalize it
  • Easy to store- thanks to the leather loop
  • The set is designed to be used without fatigue
  • This one of the highest quality kids gardening tools
  •  The set is not recommended for younger toddlers

The Toysmith big kids garden tool set has all the tools that your young gardener needs to enjoy your gardening time together.

Each tool has a leather loop for easy storage.


5. Little Gardener Tool Set With Bag

Again, you know they always try to copy you. If you are gardening, they will be right there throwing tantrums asking to your shovel, or the watering can …anything!

But if you have the little gardener tool set for kids, it actually becomes a happy time- baby and parent will have lots of fun. And he can do all that he wants to!

Dig, rake the soil, water the flowers- name it!

This exciting set has a watering can, kids gardening gloves, rake, fork, shovel, garden tote bag- it’s a complete tool set.

  • Lightweight tote bag
  • Rounded edges (for kids safety)
  • Tools have wooden handles & quality metal heads.
  • Bright & exciting colors
  • Built for smaller hands
  • The tool set is very sturdy
  • It’s a beautiful colorful little tool set
  • Stretches your kids’ imagination in addition to promoting physical activity
  • The tools are designed with kids’ safety in mind
  • Helps you bond with your child as you ‘co-work’
  • This is a great set- it doesn’t have a major flaw.

This is a set of child safe, garden tools that engages your kids as you get down to business in your yard. Your child won’t nag you- he will have a Canvas Tote, fork, gloves, rake and a Shovel to play with.

It’s an excellent training set!



When selecting Gardening kits for toddlers and kids, some features are a must have…

Here is what we consider crucial.

  • Kids safety

You don’t want him to get an injury as he ‘works’- check out your set’s safety features. Those made of safe materials, with wooden handles and rounded edges- where applicable are much safer.

  • Durability

Tools can plastic or metal. Others are exact miniatures. Needless to say, the sturdier, the more durable and the more money it saves for you.

  • Its composition

For miniature tool sets, ensure that it has all the essential tools including a:

  1. Shovel
  2. Hand trowel
  3. Tool caddy
  4. Watering can
  5. Rake
  6. Miniature wheelbarrow
  7. Hoe
  8. Small gardening gloves
  • Ease of use

It can only be fun if its kid friendly. What I mean is that its manual should be clear- especially for experimental sets- and easier to learn. After all, he/she is a beginner.

  • How long does it take to grow

This applies again to gardening training kits. Kids aren’t patient so if the plant or vegetable will take months to sprout or ‘mature’ , expect them to get bored quickly.

So, pick fast-growing varieties.

  • Age

Some of the tool kits are suitable for certain age groups. For example, the toysmith big kids garden tool set is for kids who are at least 5 years old.

  • Additional considerations

There could be other unique issues like pricing, or you may get sets with added features like a convenient carrier bag or even a leather loop for hanging.

Such extras may tip the scales in favor of the concerned kit.

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Wrapping it up

Gardening kits for toddlers and kids will help your little one’s love gardening even as they exercise and develop mentally, physically, and socially.

They also make mom, dad, and child to bond amongst other benefits.

When buying, age matters as well as a tools composition, ease of use and safety features.

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Aerogarden herb seed pod kit review.

​Aerogarden where to buy

As an urban trend ​, herb seed pod kit is an assurance that you will have a fresh supply of herbs at your convenience.

An herb seed pod is not only a good piece of house décor, it is also a sustainable way of ensuring you get a fresh supply of herbs and all the benefits that come with growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Since they all use the hydroponic technique,you can be assured you are free from dirt or mud of your counters or whatever surface you place them on.

These reviews should help provide insight on the best Aerogarden herb seed pods available in the market today.

Miracle gro aerogarden reviews

1. AeroGarden sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

With up to three plants being accommodated in this seed pod, you can be assured of a variety of plants and herbs.

The pod is a work of technology, as only water is used.

There is also the use of 10 Watt LED lights that can be tuned to any spectrum to increase produce through controlled photosynthesis.

The control panel is not only simple to use but also has reminders on when to add nutrients.

As an added advantage is that the pod comes with a gourmet herb seed kit that includes Dill, Genovese Basil and Curly Parsley.


2. Great new LED technology miracle-grow AeroGarden ultra LED with strawberry grow bowl and gourmet herb seed kit.

For  quite an affordable amount you get an herb seed pod that comes with actual strawberry plants that should be planted as soon as they arrive.

The pod boasts of LED Grow Lights that are high performance for extra growth of the plants.

The pod has a trellis that is adjustable, with the arm of the lamp capable of extending up to 24 inches.

The control panel has automatic key garden functions and easy to use.

The pod comes with 10 live and ready strawberry crowns, AeroGarden liquid plant food and an instruction manual.


3. AeroGarden bounty elite Wi-Fi with gourmet herb seed pod kit, platinum.

This pod is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can control it from your smart phone device. This is also an added advantage since you get reminders on when to add nutrients.

It has a 45-Watt LED for controlled photosynthesis, which is an assurance of fresh and abundant products all year round.

The pod is easy to assemble once you get it.It also comes with 3.oz plant nutrient, 2 Genovese Basil, Chives, Dill, Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Curly Parsley,Thyme and Mint. That should be enough for a whole season.


4. AeroGarden harvest elite with gourmet herb seed pod kit, stainless steel.

The stainless steel will not only look great on your counter but it will give life to the place considering it holds up to six plants at a time.

The 20 WATT LED lights are high performance for excellent photosynthesis.

It has an LED control panel with reminders for water and nutrients and it automatically turns on and off.

The pod comes with a gourmet herb kit that includes Genovese basil, Thai basil, curly parsley, thyme, dill, mint and 3 oz. nutrients.

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