15 Wonderful Muggly Face Planters That You Will Love!

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Are you a gardener having a different taste of choice for your planter’s design? Then this article, about Muggly Face Planters, has been written for your needs.

Muggly face planters are mainly designed for the gardeners having a different kind of choice when it comes to the question of planters. Some want it to be simple and glazed, while some want it to be quirky and modern. This article is for the second batch. Here, we will discuss the best muggly face planters available for decorating your indoor and garden in a kinky style. Mainly a caricature type face statue is used to design the muggly faces, and it holds much space for your trees to grow correctly. So, gardeners who love simple planters can also try statues like planters once, and we are sure that they will love this.

Let’s Check Out An Amazing Collection Of Muggly Face Planters:

  1. Fevas 1pcs Flower Planter
    A 5 inches joyous and cool smarty faced planter is an ultimate choice for the gardeners of quirky choice. Hand-painted, resin made planter has UV and weather resistant capability.
  2. QDLE Muggly Face Planters
    This muggly planter can be used as a garden statue also. Its stone wash finish and beautiful hand painted design has made it best one among other muggly face planters.
  3. Muggly Face Statue Planters
    This strong polyresin made planter with stone wash finish has an internal drainage facility that makes it appropriate for indoor use. It’s weather resistant and can be used as a garden statue too.
  4. QCUTEP Face Muggly Planter
    Another design in Home style’s “great-grandpa planter” range for indoor and outdoor use. It’s UV and weather resistant garden statue cum planter with unique design of great grandpa’s smiling face.
  5. Funny Muggly Face Planter
    A 13 inches muggly face planter has 5 inches space for plantation. Cold cast resin has made it strong enough and resistant of UV, harsh weather, cracks and fading.
  6. Athemeet Funny Muggly Planter
    A set of two muggly face planter having 12'' and 8.5 '' height is made of sturdy cold cast resin and capable to resist UV and harsh weather impact.
  7. IFUNEYS Head Planter Face
    Strong cold cast resin has been tactfully used to bring the elegance of a princess’s face in this planter. It’s UV and weather resistant and guaranteed longevity without cracks and fading.
  8. Sungmor Creative Goddess Planter
    9×9×14 inches planter is made of premium resin and an ultimate pick for choosy gardeners. Not only for garden purposes but also this planters get used for home and dining décor.
  9. Female Head Design Succulents
    A cat face of stone wash finish and an antique white coloured dog face planter is considered among best muggly face planters just because it's humorous designing and finish.
  10. YIKUSH Female Head Design
    This 5 inch planter has a Spanish Latin touch in its design. Cold cast designer, hand-painted planter has weather and UV resistant capability and an amazingly cool garden ornament.
  11. Wall-Mounted Greek/Roman Planter
    17×9×10 inches muggly face planter has 7 inches depth of plantation. It is original looking and crack, fade and peel resistant. It is weather and UV protected capability having hand-painted beautiful finish.
  12. Poitemsic Personality White Ceramic
    5 inches muggly face planter has stone wash finish and weather resistivity. Cold cast resin made structure provides it the grip to stand still in a position.
  13. ART & ARTIFACT Head Man
    A 13 inches muggly face, antique white statue planter has 5 inches depth for plantation. It has stable grip over indoor and outdoor placing and that makes it a cool choice.
  14. Creative Art Portrait Sculpture
    This 13 inches statue planter has 4 inches plantation capacity can be counted as a cool choice for a bike lover gardener. Resin made, White coloured planter weighs only 5 pounds.
  15. Multi-Face Succulent Planter
    This statue planter is 12 inches tall that holds 4 inches space for plantation. This humorous statue needs to get sun protection to resist fading, cracks and peeling.


In the end, we need to thank all gardeners with a quirky choice for garden ornamentation for bearing with us from first to last. Your patience is evident enough of your interest in buying a muggly face planter for your garden. But, what are you waiting for? Take ideas from above and plunge to gift a fantastic planter for yourself now.

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