Medicinal Herb Seeds: Best Medicinal Herbs To Grow

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Medicinal Herb Seeds: Medicinal Herbs To Grow

We live in times when the value of natural products is more known and almost everyone is really after “organic” products. Just as our mothers prepared for us in our childhood, we prepare teas, we do not defeat ginger and honey from our house.

But how well do we know all these “medicinal plants and herbs “? Are you ready to learn about the benefits of these medicinal herbs you know, how they are used, and the necessary side effects and harms? We compile the best medicinal herbs for you. Let’s examine our medicinal herb garden.

Best Medicinal Herbs To Grow

1 – Linden

Linden creates a calming effect on the body and saves us from nervous and stressful situations. It strengthens our immune system and reduces our risk of developing diseases. Also, it is known that it supports the body in anemia.

2- Ginger

Ginger, provides the body to warm up thanks to its components that help speed up blood circulation. It is with us in our fight against the flu and flu by strengthening the immune system. It supports especially sore throat healing faster and this effect becomes more evident when consumed with honey.

3- Nigella

Nigella prevents the formation of inflammations in the body, this feature provides a faster recovery in the already inflamed areas. Thanks to its antioxidant property, it cleans the body of toxins and prevents many possible diseases. Also, it is also known to balance bad cholesterol and have a diuretic effect.

4- Garlic

Garlic prevents inflammations that occur in the body and allows the existing inflammations to dry up and heal in a shorter time. It relieves the body in situations such as irritability, stress, and tension, which become a daily problem for many people and it helps the body to balance bad cholesterol.

5- Carob

It supports the rapid recovery of respiratory infections. It plays an important role in the strengthening of bones and also supports the elimination of bone loss, which is seen in older ages, with the least amount of damage.

Medicinal Herb Seeds

Some medicinal herb seeds are very important for human health. We compile some of them for you.

1- Quince Seed

It is used as a softener for children’s diarrhea, throat diseases, and skin. Also, it increases the milk of mothers.

2- Hazelnut Seed

It is the part eaten by people. Fat content is high and it contains protein, sugar, phosphorus, and calcium. It has a strengthening and sexual enhancing effect. In recent years, cholesterol-lowering effects have been emphasized in it.

3- Walnut Seed

It is the part eaten by people. In addition to its strengthening properties, it is also useful for the stomach and intestines. It can also improve intelligence.

4- Peach Seed

It contains oil and carries a glycoside called amygdalin. It is effective against abdominal pain and diabetes. When taken too much, it can have a poison effect.

5- Medlar seed

It has a urine increasing effect. It is used for lowering kidney and bladder stones.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs have a great place in medicine for centuries. Most doctors recommend these herbs to patients instead of chemical medicines. We have examined some of these plants for you in this article. Here is the traditional Chinese medicine herbs list.

1- Ginseng

The ginseng plant is a popular spice in Chinese medicine which is very beneficial for health. It has been known for centuries to help relieve erectile dysfunction, hepatitis, menopause, and high blood pressure.

2- Goji Berry

Goji berry is a fruit that can take place in the health and pharmaceutical industry. While Goji berry is used in the treatment of various diseases, it also acts as a spice that gives taste to the dishes.

3- Ginger

Ginger is very effective in relieving indigestion problems, strengthening blood circulation, and the heart and digestive system. It is good for muscle pain in the form of spasm and cramps in sports pain. It has been proven by research that consuming 2 grams of ginger a day reduces this problem.

4- Ephedra Sinica

It is one of the oldest herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Ephedra sinica, also known as Ma Huang, is good at treating allergic conditions such as asthma, colds, and colds.

5- Bupleurum 

Bupleurum plant, one of the most important Chinese herbs, has been used for the treatment of liver damage, joint pain and inflammation, some stomach problems, mental illnesses, and many others.

Medicine Cat Herbs

Medicine cat herb is a widely used plant against Psychological Disorders and Depression. Especially cat herb, Melissa and centaury teas are widely used for calming.

Sacred Herb Medicines

Sacred herbs medicines are included in religious books for many people. The scriptures explain what diseases these herbs are good for. They have been viewed as divine plants by humans for centuries and doctors use these herbs to cure diseases.

Medicinal Herb Plants For Sale

Plants provide the oxygen and nutrients necessary for sustainable life and protect our health. With the onset of human life, growing medicinal herbs for therapeutic purposes has begun. From the first day, the therapeutic power of plants has been used for “Good Life”. Medicinal plants for sale have been the livelihood of farmers for centuries.

Medieval Medicine Herbs

Many medicinal plants were used in medieval times, especially to fight plague disease. Since modern medicine did not develop, people sought healing from medieval medicine herbs. These plants, especially used by alchemists, were often used to solve the mystery of immortality. The thistle plant is one of the herbs used at that time and it is still used today for a healthy life.

Rosemary Gladstar Medicinal Herbs

Rosemary Gladstar is a famous herbalist. Also,  it is one of the famous names that people around the world consult before planting herbs. Rosemary Gladstar’s medicinal herbs are given to patients for treatment. She has written many books on herbalism. We recommend that you read the book “Rosemary Glastar’s herbal recipes”.

Sonoma Medicinal Herbs

Sonoma is a town in California, famous for its medicinal plants. Here, farmers sell their crops worldwide. Sonoma medicinal herbs have been a hope for people for years.

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