Grow light bulbs for indoor plants

​18 cheap led grow lights that work

Like in life, being smart in your garden can save you big bucks. For example, we know that even through LED grow lights are traditionally costly compared with fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, and high-intensity discharge lamps (HID), you can still unearth some pretty cheap led grow lights that work.

And this applies to every other gardening accessory. Okay?

Now, you know us.

We like showing you practical ideas. Stuff that works.  And so we recently set out to discover the available cheap led grow lights for sale.

​Cheap led grow lights for sale

1. Dual Head LED Grow Light,10W 360°- ​

This has an innovative dual design meaning that it has 2 groups of LED grow lights and 2 switches to control each set.

So, you can set them to work either solely for one or simultaneously for two plants.

Then, since your plants’ light needs may differ, it has two adjustable luminous levels so you can easily meet each of your plant’s actual lighting needs.

Last but not least, its 360°adjustable gooseneck will allow you to twist the light into any angle that you feel serves your plants right.

Overall, it’s a highly promising grow light

2. Albrillo LED Grow Light -5W, 3 Dimmable Modes, 360° 

Shining brightly in this is first and foremost the 3 brightness levels/modes- low/medium/bright- so you dim your lights according to your requirements.

Then it has a massive 23pcs of high-quality LEDs perfectly mixed to meet all your growth needs.

The 6 blue one cater for the photosynthesis process. The 6 white boost coloring while the last 11 red are for blooming and your fruits

And it still has the famous 360º adjustable arm so you won’t struggle with positions.

This could delight plants in your cellar, balconies, home, darkroom, greenhouses, or your office desk

3. Toplanet 75w Full Spectrum Growing light Lamp panel

Now, plants in hydroponic greenhouses are more light sensitive so for them you need to get it right.

This LED grow lamp is one such. It’s bigger and so it sheds light in a more balanced manner while reaching all corners of the targeted range thus ensuring that your crops grow uniformly.

In addition, it’s constructed on aluminum back plates which effectively reduce internal heat buildup.

So this light is more durable and will give your plants service for longer.

This could be the lamp kit for to make your hydroponic greenhouse plants flourish.

4. Osunby LED Grow Light 45W UV IR Plant Grow Light

Also impressive is this recently upgraded grow light.

built with full spectrum, it one of the few high luminous LED grow lights that produce perfect wavelength to nurture your plants all the way from seeding, germination, vegetative and flowering.

Not only that.

Its coverage is adjustable so you will comfortably set it at the correct height depending on the current growth stage.

Furthermore, it’s one of the easiest to assemble.

It’s another of shining hope for your herbs.

5. Lovebay 3 Head 15W,LED Grow light 360 Degree

Featuring 9 Red light and 6 Blue lights in a trio of beautiful heads, this lovebay 3 head 15w LED grow light produces targeted wavelengths wherever you mount them.

Its 3 head design has other advantages like a 360°coverage even the hidden parts of your garden will be sufficiently lit up.

  Apart from covering an expansive area, you will enjoy the fact that you can independently control each lamp heads thanks to the handy set of 3 switches- one for each head.

In a nutshell, this is a life savior for your crops

6. Newforshop 30W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum UV&IR

Coming with a stable UV and IR function, this is another outstanding cheap led grow lights that work.

Its UV function will kill all the bacteria which stunt your plant’s growth while its IR function helps in promoting the all-important cell division subsequently resulting into healthier growth during your plants’ vegetation & flowering phases.

It’s made of high-quality aluminum shell so you can be sure that the kit will deliver long and effective service

Finally, it has an innovative lock assembly for mounting so positioning is easy as 1-2-3

7. SOLMORE 3Pc 1.6ft/strip LED Plant Light

In Comparison with the rest of the cheapest led grow lights online, this has a softer light bar meaning its very user-friendly.

In fact, because of its super-versatile design (3 grow strip light pieces plus
a 12v DC power adapter), you can install it virtually anywhere and still get excellent results

I mean it’s not just a just for plants- it can work for bedrooms and in plenty of other places.

This is another cheap led grow light that exceeds expectations.

8.  LED Plant Grow Light, Dual Head, 360 Degree

Having 2 heads and a total of 10 LEDs (4 blue bulbs + 6 red bulbs), this is yet another of the wonderful cheap led grow lights for sale.

Its premium headlamps are built in a way that you can set them to target specific areas meaning you can use them to reach hidden plants or those that have left behind by their peers

Then, its twin set of on/off switches are conveniently positioned so you will find them easier to access and also safer

Plus obviously, you can manipulate each lamp flexibly using its switch. This helps whenever you want to deliver custom lighting for specific plants.

9. Dual-lamp Grow Light Autien 36LEDs 4 Levels 3 Modes Timing(3H/6H/12H)

Now, this is quite interesting- especially its timing feature. As part of giving you full control of your plants’ lighting, it allows you to light in intervals of 3, 6 or 12 hours depending on your needs.

Also, it has plenty of dimming settings so as to fit whatever you need- remember some plants don’t enjoy harsh light while others thrive under such lights.

Moving on, its mounting clip is significantly large and will securely hold your lights wherever you set them.

Another cool feature is that you will be able to turn its two heads separately or together.

In summary, it works expertly and is easy to mount.

10. ACKE LED Panel Plant Light PCBA, Grow Light

Some of the grow lights can truly stretch your patience when you come to the assembly.

If you, like me, hate such over-complicated products, then you will be happy to meet a very basic but super-functional grow light in this LED slim panel light.

Its LEDs, connectors, and wiring are all surface mounted to a sheet metal with hanging holes already drilled making its installation the easiest.

Still, it’s safe -just gets comfortably warm and not too hot to touch.

And it works wonderfully for the price.

11.  TaoTronics LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

The TaoTronics LED full spectrum Grow Lights are highly rated in terms of build quality. They have very good heat sinks (thermal efficiency) especially within the 46-50w LED light bulbs range.

And even if you leave them running 24/7, you will still easily touch anywhere without feeling the heat.

We also love that they are compatible with almost all the standard E26 / E27 sockets plus 100~240V AC so you don’t need a special lamp- in fact, a free E26 standard socket is included

Lastly, they generally offer better dissipation thanks to their umbrella design

12.    Shengsite 50W LED Plant Grow Lights  UFO 250 LEDs

One of the ways of awakening stubborn seeds from their deep slumber is to get a powerful, super-blight light.

And this 50W super bright LED fits the bill.

Comprising of 250 top quality LED Beads (186 red LEDs and 64 blue LEDs), then you are assured of getting the light you need to jumpstart their growth and at a befitting light spectrum.

So, when the misty raining and snowing days come, you empower your plants to fight back using this energetic lighting system.

For outdoor plants, you may need to cover the plants with winter covers and frost blankets.

13. UNIFUN 45W LED Grow Light Plant Bulbs

The recent version of this 45W Grow Light has been equipped with both the UV and IR functionality making it a rich resource for your herbs during all growth stages.

It has also been improved to attain peak wavelength with 4 peak bands of Red/blue/UV/IR supplying everything your crops desire for a bumper harvest.

Still, being high performance LED grow lights, they are completely quiet again thanks to the upgraded cooling system.

Well, looking at it, you wonder if you could really ask for more.

14. Triple Heads Portable LED Grow Light, 360° Flexible Goose neck-

The competition among the cheapest led grow lights online is cut-throat with each of them having something unique to be proud of.

For this, it is the manual stepless dimming. If you are wondering how it helps, well, it allows you to adjust its brightness to match that demanded by your plants as they go through the motions of growth.

Then, you will easily control each of the 3 headlamps from the user-friendly triple separated switch

So, generally, it’s another effective, convenient and safe option for your indoor garden, succulent plant, greenhouse, hydroponics or even soiled based horticulture.

15.  Ppunson 10W Dual Head LED Grow Light

This has 2 headlamps and contains 10 LEDs (6 red and 4 blue LEDs).

So, how is it?

One, it’s quite sturdy. Two, the hanging clip is metallic and foam padded so it doesn’t scratch whatever you hang it on.

Coming to size, it shines very well especially when your plants are young and since the necks are more flexible, it usually stays in place.

The dual switches also help you to comfortably control the direction and lighting from each lamp.

It’s a chic pink in appearance so even in your office, it showers not only light but also beauty.

16. Dual Head UV & IR 20W Grow Light, 40 LEDs

Yet another of the cheap led grow lights that work well, this comes with UV & IR functionality and contains 40 LEDs (8 blue LEDs, 26 red LEDs, 4 UV LEDs and 2 IR LEDs).

It’s Rigid but highly flexible arms have rotatable tubes that make its light distribution very complete whether aimed at a single plant or even 2 small plants simultaneously.

And its strong clip grips very well. Note that they have foam pads so you can safely attach it to your office desk or anywhere else for that matter.

Provided you move it around, it will serve even your big plants- just as well as bigger lights.

You and your plants will definitely be very happy.

17. OxyLED LED Grow Light Bulb(E26 12W 3Blue/9 Red LEDs)- led grow light under 200

Topping all the features in this is the awesome Temperature Control. You see it has been constructed with aluminum heat-sink which works marvelously to maintain high-intensity temperatures at the levels that plants like for growth and protection

Of course, it has the usual goodness of great LED grow plants like producing a balanced bundle of lighting (It has 12 LED- 3 blue and 9 red) so you would expect that.

Then, it’s quality engineering and is compatible with the E26 sockets so you don’t have to spend more on special lamps.

All in all, this stands tall in this price range.

18. 2-in-1 LED Plant Growing Lamp with 360° Flexible Gooseneck

Having a 2-in-1 base, this can clip to almost any surface. It can also hang tightly from walls, counters or any other surface.

It has 5 super bright LEDs (2 blue and 3 red) and emits the ideal wavelength for full, blooming and luscious plants.

The lamp’s gooseneck makes it very versatile and allows you to direct light whichever way you please and without having to relocate your system.

This is essentially a nice little gem that caters for your indoor plants when natural sunlight won’t suffice

To maximize your yields without breaking your bank in paying astronomical electricity bills, pick one of the cheap led grow lights that work.

Our list covers some of the most, high performing and cheapest LED grows and should offer you a great starting point.

You can drop your further questions in the comments area. We will be happy to answer them.

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​grow light distance seedling

How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

So, how far should led grow lights be from plants if you are to get maximum yield and the healthiest growth?

It is a detail which is often overlooked but the thing is if you want to increase your yields and potency, you need to keep your grow lights at the right distance.

I know you are perhaps asking “but how far should I hang them? “

Well, no need to panic. I will be answering that question plus several others we have been receiving from our passionate readers.

But let me take you back first.


Why should you use grow lights?

For the best results, your indoor garden should mimic a natural growing environment as close as possible- complete with the ‘sun’.

The grow lights, therefore, acts as the sun from which your plants get the energy to grow.

The best part is that you have full control over the type of light to use and also how much light will reach your herbs.

Grow lights are suitable for seed starting for the simple reason that they help guarantee stocky, green seedlings.

A wintertime bumper harvest of salad greens and herbs can also grow nicely under lights.


How grow lights work

Grow lights are engineered to deliver wavelengths of light necessary for your plants’ growth.

Plants hungrily reach for this much-coveted lighting source exactly the same way they pull towards the sun when germinating outdoors.

Specifically, a grow light imitates the spectrum of natural sunlight.

Or, depending on the plant, it can incorporate a spectrum which has so far proved to immensely benefit a certain plant species.

Your plants may need varying types and volumes of light

Now, your plants usually need different types & amounts of lighting as they progress through different growth periods.

So, if possible, have a mix of several essential grow lights. This is the only way you can give your flowers the best possible lighting throughout the stages.

But there are other grow lights; so why LED?

Before I come to tackling the question of led lights for seed starting, I need to remind you the reason why LED lighting has exploded in the last few years.

Here is why LED beats incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, and high-intensity discharge lamps (HID)

  • Plants automatically thrive better
  • LED lasts longer
  • Your electricity bill remains low
  • LED grow light can be customized to emit specific wavelengths
  • LEDs are super-green (no mercury, lead or gas)

This is how to determine the correct distance

Even though LED grow lights pack all these advantages, they also happen to be the hardest when we come to estimating the ideal hanging height.

But at least, the following tips should help reduce your confusion

  • Looks can be deceiving

LED lights are deceptively strong, more so the blue and red mixed lights. While they look dim and don’t feel very hot, they can scorch your plants.

You must, therefore, keep a close eye on your garden, whenever you install a new light- that is until you have a good idea of the best hanging height.

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations

Most manufacturers provide a guide on the recommended hanging height. Rather than play the guessing game, start by hanging your lights at the stated distance.

Again, observe your plants.

If you notice any bleaching (leaves start to turn white), back your lights off.

However, if your plants look fine, move your light closer until you notice some bleaching.

Then push them back again. If you check well, your plants should be okay.

But don’t take your eyes off the ball- just in case they start starving or feeling more heat.

At this stage, exercise your judgment. You can easily note the point where your plants start growing robustly and turn lush green.


  • General guide

If you don’t have any recommendations about how close should a grow light be to plants on the package, the following general guidelines will help.

For LED lights growing little patches of herbs, spices and wheatgrass (15w-90w), go a minimum of 15″ away.

You will hang even further if you have higher wattage lights. Here is a summary;

WattageDistances from plants
240-400w16-30” away
450-550w20-30” away
600-850w24-26 away
900w+26-42” away
  • Rule of thumb

If getting your ideal grow light height above plants becomes a tough nut to crack, this is what you do:

Get your LED lights as close to your plants as possible without compromising their coverage area while leaving enough room for your plants’ growth

  • Change the distance as they grow

Also, always ensure that you either lower your lights then raise them as your herb grow taller.

Alternatively, you may raise the plants towards the grow lights early on before lowering them as they continue to grow

What if you hang the grow lights too far from your plants?

If you set your grow lights too far away, your plants move from normal to a stretched growth.

It occurs since your plants have to put in more effort and try to grow taller so as to be near your light source.

The problem with this is that all the energy that could have gone into producing fruit is now being used to stretch.

So, you will experience a reduced harvest by as much as 30%!

What if you set the lighting so close to your plants?

Setting your horticultural grow lights too near will also be detrimental. You can easily burn your plants, especially the tops.

If not, some growers have reported experiencing strange/ stunted growth.

Wrapping it up

The question of how far should led grow lights be from plants will depend on several things including the wattage, the plants you are growing and even the season.

Setting them too far harms your harvest while pushing them too close will burn your plants or inhibit the growth.

Therefore, work hard and get your LED grow lights for seedlings set up correctly for a fruitful garden