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Best rated lawn sprinklers for low water pressure

​Highly rated lawn sprinklers for low water pressure

So, how do you keep your lawn lush green without wasting a drop of water? Simple! Just get yourself one of the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure.

And since your water bills will come down, each drop saved equals more money in your pockets.

Not bad. Or is it?

Types of lawn sprinklers

Before we check out some of the sprinkler heads for low water pressure, let’s briefly look at some common types of lawn sprinklers.

  • Rotor heads

These are awesome in larger areas such as lawns or spacious commercial parks. They produce water in a solid continuous stream.

  • Spray Sprinkler Systems

These are mostly used in medium spaces, though they can work in smaller areas such as vegetable patches and flower beds.

  • Standing or Spike Sprinklers

This type is mounted on tripods or on a spike driven into the floor. They cover a larger area of lawn and hence provide excellent coverage.

  • Oscillating Sprinklers

Working by distributing water via individual jets, these provide even watering to small and medium-sized garden plots.

Their pulse or spray patterns are adjustable

  • Drip Systems

These have tubes or hoses with small holes which allow water to directly drip into the soil.

They provide controlled water coverage evenly. And, you can cover them so that they don’t mess the looks of your garden.

  • Travelling Sprinkler

These are self-propelled and move along your hose’s path.  They are superb for watering large areas.

​Low pressure sprinkler Reviews 2018

Now, we scoured the markets- offline and online- for the highly rated lawn sprinkler for low water pressure

These are our candidates.

1. Spot Sprinkler– ​best rated lawn sprinklers

A major reason for shunning high-pressure sprinklers is because they struggle to irrigate when water pressure drops for whatever reason.

But low pressure irrigators like this spot sprinkler for small and medium watering consistently continue watering even when pressure drops.

In addition, this water sprinkler covers an impressive 30” radius and is guarantees longer service thanks to its heavy duty metal construction.

With a premium heavy duty construction and ability to continue pouring even in the lowest water pressure; this popular lawn sprinkler system offers a longer, and a reliable service.

Your lawns will have a caretaker who they can truly trust.


  • check
    Beautiful finishing
  • check
    Works superbly
  • check
    Very compact 


  • So light it may flip sideways when irrigating

2. Gilmour Rectangular Pattern Spot Sprinkler- low pressure pop up sprinkler heads

If yours is a small lawn, and you want to achieve uniform growth throughout the garden, then you may consider a sprinkler with a fountain-like spray.

That is exactly how this Gilmour rectangular pattern spot sprinkler is. With a fountain-like spray, it saves water while constantly showering targeted spots.

The end result is a well-fed lush green lawn.

It’s more durable and works very well in spot-watering small areas

This rectangular fountain-spray low-pressure sprinkler dazzles with its superior performance in watering a small rectangular area.

You won’t find many irrigators this effective in thoroughly and evenly moistening your soil.


  • check
    Durable metal construction
  • check
    It’s adjustable.
  • check
    List Element


  • Only covers a small range 

3.Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact – most water efficient sprinkler heads

This can be adjusted to rotate slower so that you can achieve the ​highest possible coverage. Boosting the uniform coverage further is the diffuser screw which creates smaller water droplets

And its stream will never splash sideways or on walkways thanks to the user friendly spray guide arm.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about using it in dirty conditions as it has a removable bayonet nozzle which provides an easier cleaning route.

Featuring great functions such as an adjustable rotation, spray guide arm (for stream control) and a removable bayonet nozzle (simplifies cleaning), this Straight-through-flow sprinkler delivers excellent moistening even in extremely dirty water conditions

It’s one of those sprinklers that quietly do their job.


  • check
    You can increase its range
  • check
     No side splashing 


  • The rotation feature tends to misbehave at times

4. Dramm 15075 ColorStorm Spinning – high efficiency sprinkler heads

What about when you are watering from well systems? You definitely need a sprinkler that can work even with the very low water pressure from wells.

Working with lowly water pressure- from as low as 20 PSI-, the dram colorstorm spinning sprinkler is one of the very ​top notch sprinklers for well systems.

It even has a better base plus if you want to store it, you will find its molded storage hook very convenient.

This spinning sprinkler works nicely with extremely low-pressure areas such as wells. It also has a better stability base and a convenient molded hook for storage

With this, low-pressure will never again be an issue!


  • check
    Beautiful spray pattern
  • check
    Works with extremely low water pressure
  • check
    Color variety: red, orange etc. 


  • Won’t work at higher water pressure
  • Doesn’t perform well in rectangular lawns 

Let’s look at a few of the outstanding benefits of the lawn sprinkler heads for low water pressure.

·         Monetary advantage

Since they use less water than their high-pressure competition, you will gradually see a drop in your water bills.

Such savings are very welcome in these challenging economic times.

·         Lawn Health

Since they deliver water slowly to your soil, these high efficiency sprinkler heads neither cause erosion nor damage your soil structure.

Remember aerating your lawn plays a huge role to having a healthy lawn.

Drawbacks of ​low pressure sprinklers.

  • The downside is that these systems may not deliver if yours is a large garden.

Factors to consider when buying the lawn sprinkler for low water pressure

Here are the key considerations when choosing the sprinkler heads for low water pressure

  • 1. Water Pressure

For efficient watering, you don’t want too low water pressure.  Then, consistent pressure guarantees that all your grass will grow uniformly.

  • 2. Affordability

Some are highly affordable and I would pick them anytime provided they don’t compromise on performance.

  • 3. Size and shape of your lawn

Some are created to irrigate smaller lawns while others are for larger spaces. So, compare your lawn size versus your irrigator of choice.

  • 4. Durability

To give service for long, it needs to be well constructed and sturdy.

  • 5. Does it operate quietly?

Rather adding more noise to your neighborhood with a noise low-pressure sprinkler, why not pick one that operates quietly too?

  • 6. Overall design

Some sprinklers have soft ergonomic and adjustable controls.

Wrapping up

The top 4 lawn sprinkler for low water pressure  above will save you from astronomical water bills by economizing on water usage.

And despite this, your neighbors will still turn green with envy seeing how healthy and lush green your lawn has grown even on steep hills.

Well, you now know most of what matters regarding these most water efficient sprinkler heads.

So, will you still continue complaining about water wastage and high bills when you could solve that problem permanently?

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