How To Edge A Lawn?

How To Edge A Sidewalk?

How To Edge A Lawn

Edging a lawn gives it a professional look and makes it the talk of the neighborhood. Its an easy task yet it stresses most lawn owners.

This need not be, follow this easy to follow process on how to edge a lawn.

Start by marking out a straight path on the edges clearly and prominently.

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Option 1: Edging Using a Powered Edger

1: Start your power edger andstarting at an end, walk forward slowly along the defined path while tightly controlling the edger to cut neatly.

2: For a precise edge, keep the edger level and at the same position throughout. Also, focus on moving your body but never your arms. Additionally, movement should be slow and deliberate.

3: If possible, avoid stepping on the grass all the way to the end.

4: Review the line and perfect it where necessary.  

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Option 2: Edging Using a manual edger (half-moon)- best for non-straight lines

1: Pick up the half-moon and standing at the first end of the area to be edged, align the round edge of the half-moon with the line.

2: Next, tilt its handle back about 45 degrees.

3: Now place one foot on top of the edger and push it down until the round edge has sunk 2-3 inches in the turf.

4:  Rock the edger sideways and forward/backward to loosen the soil and attain a good cut.

5: Repeat this to the end and again in reverse coming back from the other way.

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6: Finally remove the turf with a straight-edged shovel.

7: Review the line and perfect it where necessary. 

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For more information on how to edge a lawn check out this video below.

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