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Herbs That Can Be Planted Together


Herbs That Can Grow Together

Some herbs and vegetables grow better with some sister plants due to their nature. This system is a plan used by farmers for centuries. Herbs to plant together are of higher quality than others. Because these herbs grow together with support each other in some ways We have compiled some possible reasons to plant herbs together. Let’s examine these reasons together.

Reasons To Plant Herbs Together

  1. Trap Herbs: The harmful insects are drawn to the trap plant and the plant which wants to grow can be grown healthy.
  2. Fixing Nitrogen: Plants that fix nitrogen (legumes) are planted together with plants that do not. For example, beans are next to corn, and oats/barley is next to the vetch.
  3. Weed Germination: If the rye is mowed when it is green and left as a mulch in the field, the dissolved residues secrete components that prevent weed germination.
  4.  Reinforcement: Seedlings planted on mulch are provided with a competitive environment where they can easily develop.

What is Companion Planting?

One of the most effective methods that can be applied for ecological farming, the companion planting system is based on planting together with the plants that benefit each other and planting the incompatible ones away from each other. While the system preserves the organic structure of the soil, it brings with it a long harvest period. The companion planting system, which is fully regulated within an average year, creates a natural defense mechanism against disease and harmful plants. It was observed that the most effective results were obtained when applied in a humus-rich, healthy, and fertile soil that provides the natural balance between pests and parasites.

Also, we see that the companion planting system is mostly applied in gardens and large areas, but it is also possible to apply it in narrower planting areas. Planting the herbs that grow well together in pots to support each other’s development makes it easier for them to have a healthy and trouble-free process.

List Of What Herbs Can Be Planted Together?

Herb                                                   Compatible                                        İncompatible        

Tomato                                        Onion, Carrot, Parsley, Cucumber                       Cabbage

Pepper                                        Tomato, Carrot, Basil

Onion                                           Beet, Carrot, Lettuce, Cabbage                         Beans, Peas

Pea                                             Carrot, Radish, Cucumber, Corn                          Onion

Corn                                            Beans, Peas, Zucchini, Cucumber                                  Tomato

Spinach                                         Strawberry, Broad Beans
Bean                                                      Corn, Radish                                            Onion, Beet, Sunflower

Cabbage                                         Celery, Beet, Onion, Spinach                               Dill, Tomato


Which Plants Can Help Other Herbs? What Are Their Features?

We learned which herbs grow best together. Let’s take a look at the plants that help other plants grow well.

Firstly, supporting plants help other plants to grow healthy. It supplements the soil, repels harmful insects while attracting beneficial insects, and allows plants to grow in optimal conditions. While achieving a healthy environment with auxiliary plants without using chemical drugs, artificial fertilizers, and hormones, we can provide a practical planting process with economical water use and minimum workforce.

1- Sage Tea

Available year-round in the form of fresh, dry leaves or powder with a soft and sweet taste. Throughout history, it has been used extensively both as a food and as a treatment tool with its health benefits and continues to be used increasingly today. It removes slugs for the herbs to plant together and protects it from carrot flies.

2- Rosemary

It grows a lot in the Mediterranean Region. It is a plant that has small, thick, scented, and fragrant leaves and flowers. Its leaves are needle-like. Its flowers are blue or purple. Extract rosemary, which is a colorless or pale yellow, is extracted from its flowers. It contains camphor, cineole, camphene, pinene, borneol, and borneol asset. It protects the herbs that grow well together with it from butterflies, leaf fleas, and carrot flies.

3- Stinger

Although stinger has a burning and irritating feature when touched, it is very beneficial for human health. Its diuretic property can quickly remove toxins that are inactivated in the body. This improves the nutrient intake of the intestines and ensures that the digestive process runs smoothly and prevents the accumulation of dangerous toxins. Also, it provides the development of leafy vegetables, prevents fungal diseases, and removes them from the beetle.

4- Thyme

It is a perennial plant that loves sunny places and usually grows on barren soils. It is between 15 and 40 cm in length. The leaves are opposite, oval, elliptical or egg-shaped, dark green, without stem or short stem. Its flowers are bell-shaped backward, pink, pinkish-red, magenta, or pinkish white. Its roots are fringe-shaped, and the lower part of the trunk is woody. It helps plants by removing whiteflies and protecting them.

5- Yarrow

Yarrow can be seen at the roadside, at the bottom of the wall, and almost everywhere. It is a perennial herbaceous plant and has feathery leaves and white flowers. It manifests itself by ripening between June and September, opening purple or pink flowers. It is good for stomach ailments, indigestion, cold, and cough. Also, it attracts beneficial insects, increases the essential oil content of spices, and removes pests.

6- Marigold

Marigold flowers attract useful pests in the soil while removing harmful ones. It has the ability to cope with the scorching summer heat. Also, marigold flowers are perennial plants. It is an extremely effortless flower and is easy to reproduce.  Seeds can be taken almost every year. Seeds can be taken almost every year.

7- Dahlia

Dahlia is effective in combating sweating problems. Also, it has an expectorant effect and is good for sore throat. It is good for stomach and groin pain and can be consumed during menstrual periods. Dahlia is used in the fight against flu. It is good for pain and swelling occurring in various parts of the body.

What Herbs Grow Well With Basil?

In this article, we answered the question of what herbs can be planted together and examined the herbs that grow well together. But we need to examine the best herb to plant together with plants under a new heading. Because basil is a helping to all plants you can plant herbs together. Therefore, it is frequently used by farmers.



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