Heating Mats For Seed Germination Reviews 2020

Heat Mat For Plants

Heating mats for seed germination have become a necessity for the modern day farmer. And this is with good reasons.

A good heat mat will speed the rate of seed germination thus reducing time, stimulate root growth and also increase the total output of the seedling germination overall  increasing productivity.

The other major advantage of using seed heat mats while germinating your seeds is that, you can germinate your seeds during winter or germinate them indoors. This is an important attribute to consider especially for indoor farmers that want to grow their herbs and vegetables throughout the year.

There are many different types of seed heat mats in the market today and generally they are quite affordable, more so when you consider the cost vis a vis the benefits.

If you are an hands on person and don’t mind doing the work, then you can also easily construct your own heat mat.

Have a look at this video and be the judge.

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Nevertheless if you want to concentrate on your core objective i.e farming then check out our review on the top rated heat mats for seed germination.

Heating Mats For Seed Germination Reviews 2020

1. Jump Start CK64050

As the name suggests, this germination station comes with a heat mat, thus one price for two, to the benefit of the consumer.

The one thing I like about the jump start CK64050, is that not only does it give you full control of successful germination of your seeds, it’s also not expensive to operate. This is because it has low wattage of 17 watts thus the impact on the electricity bill is negligible.

The germination station has a water tight tray with 2″ humidity dome while its heat mat is ‘UL listed and is water proof.

If the other winter greenhouse heating solutions are failing your seedlings, this greenhouse germination station could be the one to make a difference.It has one of the highest rated heat mats in the market, a tray and a convenient 2” dome.It’s good not only for heating but also humidity control

With it, you have more than a fair chance of growing and sustaining your garden.Here you get a waterproof heat mat, a 2″ humidity dome, a watertight base tray, and a 72-cell seedling insert. It offers a comprehensive solution to your greenhouse planting and heating efforts.


  • The product also comprises of a dome and water tray that has holes for easy drainage.
  • It has an even heat distribution thus even germination rate for the seeds.
  • It’s good for both indoors and out door since the cover protects the seedling from external elements.
  • It is easy to set up and has an instructions and growing tips manual.


  • It does not include a lighting system. Thus one will need to buy a grow light if you intend to use it indoors where there is no light.
  • The covers are also a bit flimsy so a little care is needed when handling it.

Yet another of efficient greenhouse heating methods, this performs exceptionally well in holding the temperature at a level conducive for plant growth.
It’s strengthened with an alloy nikrothal heating cable and an extra film insulation to ensure that it won’t scorch your roots.
It also produces revitalizing dew which goes a long way to help crops grow in a humid environment.
This is one of the few 5-star rated greenhouse heating pads.
It manages to consistently maintain temperatures at approximately 10-20 above the existing air temperature- perfect for germination!


  • Water resistant and Convenient long power cord
  • Heats evenly and has an energy efficient design
  • Good quality


  • Doesn’t come with a thermostat

3. Super Sprouter Premium Greenhouse Propagation Kit

The Super Sprouter Premium Heated Kit is an all-in-one greenhouse heating set with a grow light and heating mat.
It’s known to produce immediate results.
So, your seeds or cuttings will warmly embrace growth as they enjoy tender care from the combination of the grow light and the heat mat.
An effective all-in-one greenhouse growing kit, this Super Sprouter Premium Heated Kit makes your seeds to quickly shoot up and thrive.
The heating mat combines very well with the grow light to ensure your plants survive unscathed.

4. Garden Smart Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat with a Digital Thermostat

Featuring a digital temperature thermostat, this allows you to set the optimum temperatures for each crop.
And it will then maintain these temperatures till your seedlings attain desired growth.
It has a durable construction, its waterproof and can work almost everywhere- greenhouses, indoor gardens, and nurseries.
The Garden Smart seedling heat mat specifically targets the root area and does an excellent job of ensuring proper germination
Its digital thermostat allows you to set and maintain the ideal temperature for each plant.


  • Waterproof
  • Versatile- you can use it almost anywhere
  • Warms evenly


  • The thermostat LED screen a bit small

Wrapping Up

To germinate well, your plant roots must also be warmed. Greenhouse heating mats also known as heating pads- are a cheaper and a more convenient option as they specifically target the roots.

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