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Greenhouse ventilation.: For plant production, suitable environmental conditions should be provided in the greenhouse as well as in the winter. In order to provide suitable environmental conditions in which the plants can grow in the greenhouse, which is heated in the winter, the internal temperature and humidity of the greenhouse should be kept within certain limits. Therefore, cultivation in the greenhouse in summer can be achieved by airing, cooling, and shading the greenhouse by greenhouse ventilation.

Greenhouse Ventilation – Greenhouse Ventilators & Equipment

Greenhouse ventilation allows the internal air of the greenhouse to be replaced with the atmospheric air outside. Ventilation of greenhouses is not done only for the purpose of cooling the greenhouses in the summer. The heat recovery ventilator of the greenhouses is used more in summer and less in winter and for different purposes.

It is necessary to use best greenhouse ventilation equipments for some reason. Ventilation is carried out so that the greenhouse indoor air, which is rich in oxygen and poor in carbon dioxide compared to the external atmosphere, is replaced with the air outside. Thus, the carbon dioxide that plants need for vegetative production enters the greenhouse.

Ventilator machine is carried out in order to balance the temperature inside the greenhouse, that is, to exclude the high heat caused by excessive sunbathing, outside the greenhouse. Thus, the slowdown in crop production caused by high temperature is eliminated. The indoor greenhouse temperature may be 1 -2 ° C higher than the outdoor temperature.

Balancing of moisture in the greenhouse can be achieved by heating cooling & ventilation accessories. Excess moisture in the greenhouse can cause some disease factors to occur in the plants as well as prevent the plants from sweating. Since the plant, whose sweating has stopped, cannot absorb water and nutrients from the soil, the production of herbal substances also stops.

Grow Tent Ventilation – Grow Room Ventilation

The grow tent ventilation system to be chosen should have some features. The grow room ventilation system should not create an air breeze on the plants. Air movement should be in the space above the plants. On the other hand, adequate air exchange should be provided at the location of the plants.

Fresh air entering the greenhouse should not hit the plants directly. The grow tent ventilator element should be intact and be able to close well. Thus, heat loss is less with air exchange. Grow room ventilator aerators must be waterproof.

Grow tent ventilators should not be affected by the storm. The ventilation system should not be opened or closed to external influences. Ventilation openings should be large enough. Grow room ventilators should not be a technical problem in the enterprise and should be able to be opened and closed with little force.

The effect of best greenhouse ventilators is determined by the number of air changes in the greenhouse. This number of changes is to know how many times the greenhouse air will change in one hour. Having this number between 30 and 40 is sufficient for a good ventilation of the greenhouse. The most important factor in the air exchange rate required for ventilator machines depends on the difference between the temperature levels of the air inside and outside the greenhouse, as well as the sum of the window areas and the distribution to the greenhouse surfaces.

The best greenhouse ventilation equipment is done with the ventilation apertures placed on the sidewalls and roofs. Windows that are effective in ventilation are skylights. Especially in greenhouses covered with plastic, the absence of a portable ventilator for the greenhouse generally reduces ventilation. In this case, even if the window area placed on the sidewall increases too much, it cannot bring the ventilation to the desired level. Knowing the importance of roof ventilation, greenhouse production companies prefer the best greenhouse ventilator systems.

Last Updated: May 5, 2020

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