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Cover material used in greenhouse plastic sheeting should be able to easily eliminate the sun’s rays. In addition, it should keep the temperature, should be light and cheap, easy to install, durable, light-permeable type, and easy to clean and wash. As a cover material in greenhouses:

  • Glass
  • Soft plastic
  • Hard plastic
  • Fiber can be used.

The light transmittance of the glasses is the most. If a plastic greenhouse cover will be used, the frame must be wooden, and if glass covering material will be used, the frame must be metal. If the plastic greenhouse covers are stretched directly to the metal frame, they will rupture with the wind more quickly.

Since the wooden frame also bends over time, a glass cover is not recommended. Because, if the frames are wood, they will be broken quickly, but in semi-cylindrical greenhouses, the contact points of the metal skeleton can be reinforced with wood or hard plastic, and plastic cover can be preferred.

Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting – Plastic Greenhouse Covers

Greenhouse plastic covers are usually polyethylene or PVC-based. These last 1-2 years. Generally, small plastic sheeting for the greenhouse is not resistant to physical and mechanical effects. The greenhouse plastic sheeting material has a much higher quality of transmitting ultraviolet rays, which prevents the formation and growth of plants in the plants, causing them to remain short. This disadvantage has been tried to be eliminated in recent years by adding some additives to the composition of the best greenhouse plastic sheeting, which reduces the effect of ultraviolet rays.

UV resistant plastic sheeting for greenhouses release itself at high temperature and shrinks in cold. However, this defect has been reduced to some extent recently with some additives. If adequate ventilation cannot be achieved with plastic cover for greenhouse since the air gaps are almost nonexistent, the glass retains a lot of moisture compared to the greenhouse, and this excess moisture creates disadvantages.

  • Corrugated Plastic For Greenhouse

Corrugated plastic greenhouse covers make the sun’s rays come to the greenhouse as if they had a glass coating. This coating, which is popular in recent years, creates a more efficient greenhouse interior environment.

  • Clear Greenhouse Cover Plastic

Light transmittance in clear greenhouse plastic has been improved in recent years and even higher light transmittance like glass has been achieved. For example, although the light transmittance in glass is 89-92%, the permeability of plastics produced in recent years is 85-89%. This value could be increased up to 92-95%.

However, plastic causes large decreases in light transmittance due to contamination and wear over time, and this permeability can decrease up to 62-65%. When plastics are washed, they cannot remove their impurities like glass, that is, they cannot be cleaned. Because powders are attached to plastic with an electrical charge. Pollution remains constant.

  • 6 Mil Greenhouse Plastic

6 mil greenhouse plastic home depot is ideal for small greenhouses or repairing missing parts in large greenhouses.

  • 10 Mil Greenhouse Plastic

If you are looking for longer-lasting and economical options, your choice maybe 10 mil greenhouse plastic covers.

  • Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Many people use plastic bottle greenhouses as covers to ensure sustainability. Thus, bottles in waste status acquire a new function.

  • Polycarbonate Plastic For Greenhouse

Polycarbonate plastic for the greenhouse is durable, long-lasting, and much more useful.

  • Greenhouse Plastic Panels

Greenhouse plastic panels are sold in certain sizes, unlike covers. By taking these panels, you can easily switch them to metal frames on the outer surface of the greenhouse. In this respect, greenhouse plastic panel is much easier and practical to apply.

Where To Buy Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting/Cover?

Plastic greenhouse covers are lightweight; 1m² plastic greenhouse sheeting is only 100-125 grams. It is also possible to close and shape the skeleton as desired and easily. They are even better protective when used double coats. Price and facility costs are cheap. Moreover, they can be purchased in many places.

Amazon Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting/Covers

If you want to order plastic covers online, Amazon may be the number one. You can find the type of Amazon greenhouse plastic sheeting you want among the countless options.

Home Depot Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting/Covers

Home Depot, which is a very large construction company, is an address that you can look for if you want to find more specific Home Depot greenhouse plastic cover.

Lowe’s Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting/Covers

You can find more cost-effective Lowe’s greenhouse plastic sheeting at American retail company Lowe’s.

Walmart Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting/Covers

Offering low-priced products with a free delivery option, Walmart also draws attention to Walmart’s best greenhouse covering. So if you are interested in a plastic cover, the Walmart greenhouse plastic cover is worth looking at.

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