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Terracotta pots with side holes

Terracotta pots with side holes

​Flower pots with holes in sides

Terracotta pots with side holes

Flower pots with holes in sides have a number of advantages but for me, what I like most is the exceptional drainage and airflow

And this is what makes them ideal for quite a number of your plants including orchids, tropicals and African violets.

In fact, experts will tell you that plants growing in terracotta pots with side holes will always outgrow and outsmart those in non-breathable pots.

Which isn’t surprising considering they enjoy better moisture levels throughout.

Now, since our goal is to help you reap big from your gardening efforts, I will be sharing on the available flower pots with holes in sides.

Here we go.Table of contentflower pots with holes in sides 2018Slotted Clear Pot With Holes Bloem Hanging Planter System 3 Pack, Terra Cotta EMSCO Expandable Expandable Hose Storage Pot Standard Strawberry Pot Herb Jar  Terracotta Square Ceramic Orchid Pot/Saucer + Felt FeetHD PRINTABLES Orchid Pot & TrayHomArt Rustic Terra Cotta- Orchid PotBloem Shortcake Planter, Gre-FreshHow to Keep Flower pots with holes in sides From Making a Mess

​Planters with holes in sides

  1. Slotted Clear Pot With Holes

Coming from RE Potme Orchid Supplies but selling on Amazon, this boasts of a total of 46 Individual holes. Problems to do with aeration and drainage are therefore unheard of with this magnificent flower pot.

Even better, it helps improve the health of your plants’ root guaranteeing a firmer foundation and the general well-being of your plant.

I was also happy to note its UV Protected so it won’t break up due to sun exposure.

This provides more than a home for your Orchids.

  1. Bloem Hanging Planter System 3 Pack, Terra Cotta 

This is another well-constructed terracotta pots with side holes

With a unique space saving design and the looks to make its competitors turn green with envy, it’s an absolute delight hanging in your garden

It’s a set of 3 but you don’t have to hang all at once. Plus you can hang each horizontally or vertically

It has a Built-in self-watering system so you don’t have to water frequently and when you have to, the two side holes makes it quick and easier.

So, if you are an urban gardener or space is at a premium, then this will serve.

  1. EMSCO Expandable Expandable Hose Storage Pot

Another of my favorites, this is an ornamental expandable hose hider with an appealing weathered terra cotta finish.

Featuring a hole on the side, it makes it keeps your hose screwed to the spigot while holding your expandable hose.

When not using it as a horse storage system, use it to store/organize your gardening tools.

It’s made of a super-sturdy structure so it stands up against heat and other damaging environmental elements

In summary, this functional hand-turned stoneware pot adds flair and style wherever you place it.

  1. Standard Strawberry Pot Herb Jar  Terracotta

Strawberry planters also called strawberry jars can be made of ceramic pottery or clay though wood and plastic ones are also available.

All have holes, or pockets, around their sides where you plant the individual strawberries

This is not an exception. It has multiple side holes and allows you to inter crop your berries with other plants to get the most beautiful effect.

And since it has a vintage design, it looks simply gorgeous!

  1. Square Ceramic Orchid Pot/Saucer + Felt Feet

For some reason, orchids are still considered one of the hardest plants to grow.

But you can reduce the work involved and increase your chances of getting results if you try planting them in flower pots with holes in sides

This is one of the most beautiful and functional orchid pots.

With the patterned holes, your orchids thrive from the enhanced ventilation, improved drainage and growth freedom.

The other thing is that it comes in various shapes,color glazes and patterns so you are sure to find something that goes with your décor.

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  1. HD PRINTABLES Orchid Pot & Tray

Purposed for use with orchid barks, this work so well with orchids and is by far one of my luckiest buys.

I love just about everything about it.

First, I can always see the roots of my orchids. How? I just peak in through some of the holes.

Secondly, I can clearly see that my plants are happy with the aeration- you see the holes are big and well distributed so oxygen reaches every root

Then, the pot & tray set is durable, attractive and safe.

  1. HomArt Rustic Terra Cotta- Orchid Pot

Many growers who use ventilated orchid pots are driven not only by the need to harvest big but also by the desire for a special look

And that’s where the homart rustic terra cotta-orchid pot comes in.

Made from natural earth materials and using age-old world pottery techniques, this slotted pot introduces a unique and natural look to your garden

Offered in various shapes plus sizes, you can finally bring the aesthetics you have always wished for with this irresistible man-made planter.

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  1. Bloem Shortcake Planter, Gre-Fresh

The bloem shortcake planter, Gre-fresh has 4 giant ventilation holes which allow excess air to flow into the roots, thus keeping them healthier.

Then, if you want to make planting fun, you can try planting from the side holes-they are big enough for this so at least you can break monotony

It is also a comfortably-sized container so grabbing and lifting is pretty straightforward.

And it is not only for strawberries! Succulents, herbs, and many annuals will find a rich home in it.

How to keep ​flower pots with holes in sides ​from making a mess

In flower pots with holes in sides, water drains freely and of course, air circulation to your plant is immensely improved.

However, as water flows from your pot, potting soil may also wash out creating an ugly mess.

In this section, I will share some of the tips I use to avoid this.

  • Cover the openings

Before planting, cover all the side openings. Remember to use a material that permeates water to pass freely while preventing the loss of your potting soil.

A chunk of broken pottery or even a piece of fine wire mesh can work.

  • Use a drainage saucer

A drainage saucer will collect excess water so you can consider placing your container on one. Check out our recommended water catchers here.

  • Pebbles, gravel or sand

On your drainage saucer, add a layer of gravel, pebbles, or sand. They will allow the pot to drain more freely and reduces its chances of ending up with standing in water.


  • Generally, small-sized openings naturally help block the loss of potting soil.
  • Double-potting helps. This simply means placing a breathable pot inside a sealed pot. However, always confirm that your inner pot is not standing in water first.

creative urn planters you can find in the market.

Wrapping up

Flower pots with holes in sides or if you like, terracotta pots with side holes will give you plants exceptional drainage and aeration.

They are therefore worthwhile options for any gardener.

In this post, I have shared with you some of the available flower pots with holes in sides.

I hope this will benefit your plants moving forward.


kids gardening tools

Gardening kits for toddlers and kids: child sized gardening tools

​Child sized gardening tools

kids gardening tools

How do you get your little ones to fall in love with gardening? Simple! Show them how to use gardening kits for toddlers and kids

And getting them into yard can be an eye-opening experience….

From learning the soil, then planting seeds, and the entire ecosystem- insects and underground creatures, he/she will have his hands full- playing, having fun and best of all, learning!Quick Navigation​Child sized gardening toolsWhy you should consider gardening with your childrenPopular Children’s Gardening SetsExotic Vegetables Growing Kit Broccoli TickleMe Plant Greenhouse garden kit with science activity card3. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids4. Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set5. Little Gardener Tool Set With BagFACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING GARDENING KITS FOR KIDS

Why you should consider gardening with your children

Bringing them along helps.

This is how:

  • They make you an expert!

Any teacher perfects his art by teaching others. Here, you will be teaching kids about plants and flowers meaning you will start seeing things from a very different angle.

  • You develop a closer bond

Mom, dad, and baby working together in the yard is a fantastic way to build the family bond, crack jokes and get to know your loved ones better.

  • Its boosts physical, mental and general well-being

He/she will be exercising, reducing stress and growing socially. Any well-built  children’s gardening kits should allow him to work for longer without fatigue.

  • His teacher will thank you!

Where else can he learn about worms, bugs, spider webs, growing plants, plant cycles and even the underground habitat apart from the farm?

Even better, some of the gardening gifts for toddlers are intentionally designed to stretch his creativity and imagination.

Popular Children’s Gardening Sets

So, are you sold on this?

If yes, thank your lucky stars- you have plenty of gardening kits for toddlers that get them dancing with joy next time they hear its gardening time.

Here, I will be focusing on some playful pieces built for your little ones. Later, I will be showing you how to decide which kids gardening kits will work for your child.

Let’s go:

  1. Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit Broccoli 

My daughter has always loved vegetables. So, I decided to teach her how to grow her own.

I didn’t get a better vegetable growing trainer than this.

With the exotic vegetables growing kit, your kid has 5 veggies to farm- purple carrots, rainbow Swiss chards, black corns, romanesco broccoli and yellow cucumbers

And she can plant either indoors or outdoors.

  • 5 seed packets
  • 5 Biodegradable planters
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5 Compressed soil discs
  • 5 plant markers
  • The kit has everything you require
  • This kit always succeeds so your kid remain motivated
  • It is 100% non-GMO and very safe
  • The comprehensive manual uses kid-friendly language
  • It looks impressive and can be a superb gift
  • Your children can plant either indoors or outdoors.
  • The manual is written in small letters and can certainly be improved

This is A Complete vegetable growing Kit packed with all required essentials to Grow 5 Rare vegetables from Seed.

You kid will love its ease of use and the fun.

  1. TickleMe Plant Greenhouse garden kit with science activity card

Imagine how he would love growing a plant that kids him by closing its leaves and lowering its branches when he tickles it?

What’s more? He grows it in a greenhouse and the manufacturer seems to know that kids are impatient- the Plant starts growing within three days of planting so long as the conditions are right


·         Touch sensitive plant

·         6 soil pellets

·         1 Recyclable Greenhouse

·         6 flower pots

·         3 Plant seed packets

·         Easy to follow instructions

  • Packs all that your kid needs to grow the moving houseplant
  • It’s accepted as a fun holiday gift for kids
  • The plant grows easily indoors – even in winter!
  • It has a bonus of 10 fun activities
  • He can replant and replant -the greenhouse and flower pots are reusable
  • The instructions are simple and super easy to follow
  • The price looks a little steep
  • If you don’t follow the instructions, it will take longer to sprout

This is an amazing touch sensitive plant grown in a greenhouse and moves played with. Kids will love growing and spending time with this funny toddler’s tree.

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3. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids

If you have lived with kids for long, you know you have to be creative if you want their attention. Now, the terrarium is a complete miniature garden that lets them exercise their creativity muscle through a simulated natural-like environment

You boy/girl will be free to create any imaginable farm ecosystem.

He crafts, plants, waters and grows his customized terrarium tabletop garden

  • Plastic mason-style jar
  • Decorative lid
  • Organic chia & wheat grass seeds
  • Potting mix
  • Garden figurines
  • Decorative sand, plant mister & river stones
  • It is a Fun and educational set
  • Promotes your kids creativity
  • Things grow fast so your kid isn’t bored waiting
  • Instructions are superb for beginner gardeners
  • It’s cute- just the way children like it.
  • Teaches science and art.
  • Perhaps your kid may need guidance during initial stages otherwise nothing grows

As a Science Kit for children, the terrarium is your complete miniature eco-system building kit that allows kids get creative.

It’s a fun way of teaching your kids lessons on botany, eco-systems and even plants life cycle

4. Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set

Another impressive gardening gifts for kids is the Toysmith big kids garden tool set.

It is a mix of functional, high-quality farm tools designed for outdoor fun and play.

The set comes in very handy when your child demands to work alongside you in the garden.

It includes a spade, a hoe, garden rake, and leaf rake.

To store the tool, he just hung it vertically using the leather loop.

  • Each tool is metallic and with a hardwood handle.
  • Leather loop fixed on each tool
  • For 5 years and going up.
  • Highest safety standards
  • Package: garden rake, hoe, spade, & leaf rake
  • Super cute tools
  • You can engrave your kids’ name on the handles to personalize it
  • Easy to store- thanks to the leather loop
  • The set is designed to be used without fatigue
  • This one of the highest quality kids gardening tools
  • The set is not recommended for younger toddlers

The Toysmith big kids garden tool set has all the tools that your young gardener needs to enjoy your gardening time together.

Each tool has a leather loop for easy storage.

5. Little Gardener Tool Set With Bag

Again, you know they always try to copy you. If you are gardening, they will be right there throwing tantrums asking to your shovel, or the watering can …anything!

But if you have the little gardener tool set for kids, it actually becomes a happy time- baby and parent will have lots of fun. And he can do all that he wants to!

Dig, rake the soil, water the flowers- name it!

This exciting set has a watering can, kids gardening gloves, rake, fork, shovel, garden tote bag- it’s a complete tool set.

  • Lightweight tote bag
  • Rounded edges (for kids safety)
  • Tools have wooden handles & quality metal heads.
  • Bright & exciting colors
  • Built for smaller hands
  • The tool set is very sturdy
  • It’s a beautiful colorful little tool set
  • Stretches your kids’ imagination in addition to promoting physical activity
  • The tools are designed with kids’ safety in mind
  • Helps you bond with your child as you ‘co-work’
  • This is a great set- it doesn’t have a major flaw.

This is a set of child safe, garden tools that engages your kids as you get down to business in your yard. Your child won’t nag you- he will have a Canvas Tote, fork, gloves, rake and a Shovel to play with.

It’s an excellent training set!


When selecting Gardening kits for toddlers and kids, some features are a must have…

Here is what we consider crucial.

  • Kids safety

You don’t want him to get an injury as he ‘works’- check out your set’s safety features. Those made of safe materials, with wooden handles and rounded edges- where applicable are much safer.

  • Durability

Tools can plastic or metal. Others are exact miniatures. Needless to say, the sturdier, the more durable and the more money it saves for you.

  • Its composition

For miniature tool sets, ensure that it has all the essential tools including a:

  1. Shovel
  2. Hand trowel
  3. Tool caddy
  4. Watering can
  5. Rake
  6. Miniature wheelbarrow
  7. Hoe
  8. Small gardening gloves
  • Ease of use

It can only be fun if its kid friendly. What I mean is that its manual should be clear- especially for experimental sets- and easier to learn. After all, he/she is a beginner.

  • How long does it take to grow

This applies again to gardening training kits. Kids aren’t patient so if the plant or vegetable will take months to sprout or ‘mature’ , expect them to get bored quickly.

So, pick fast-growing varieties.

  • Age

Some of the tool kits are suitable for certain age groups. For example, the toysmith big kids garden tool set is for kids who are at least 5 years old.

  • Additional considerations

There could be other unique issues like pricing, or you may get sets with added features like a convenient carrier bag or even a leather loop for hanging.

Such extras may tip the scales in favor of the concerned kit.

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Wrapping it up

Gardening kits for toddlers and kids will help your little one’s love gardening even as they exercise and develop mentally, physically, and socially.

They also make mom, dad, and child to bond amongst other benefits.

When buying, age matters as well as a tools composition, ease of use and safety features.

I have also introduced to you some of our favorite kids gardening kit and believe you now have a starting point.

Otherwise, that’s all there is for now.

I will be happy to hear your comment- leave it below.

Aerogarden herb seed pod kit review.

​Aerogarden where to buy

aerogarden herb pods

As an urban trend ​, herb seed pod kit is an assurance that you will have a fresh supply of herbs at your convenience.

An herb seed pod is not only a good piece of house décor, it is also a sustainable way of ensuring you get a fresh supply of herbs and all the benefits that come with growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Since they all use the hydroponic technique,you can be assured you are free from dirt or mud of your counters or whatever surface you place them on.

These reviews should help provide insight on the best Aerogarden herb seed pods available in the market today.​

Miracle gro aerogarden reviews

Quick Navigation​Aerogarden where to buyMiracle gro aerogarden reviews1. AeroGarden sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit2. Great new LED technology miracle-grow AeroGarden ultra LED with strawberry grow bowl and gourmet herb seed kit.3. AeroGarden bounty elite Wi-Fi with gourmet herb seed pod kit, platinum.4. AeroGarden harvest elite with gourmet herb seed pod kit, stainless steel.

1. AeroGarden sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

With up to three plants being accommodated in this seed pod, you can be assured of a variety of plants and herbs.

The pod is a work of technology, as only water is used.

There is also the use of 10 Watt LED lights that can be tuned to any spectrum to increase produce through controlled photosynthesis.

The control panel is not only simple to use but also has reminders on when to add nutrients.

As an added advantage is that the pod comes with a gourmet herb seed kit that includes Dill, Genovese Basil and Curly Parsley.

2. Great new LED technology miracle-grow AeroGarden ultra LED with strawberry grow bowl and gourmet herb seed kit.

For  quite an affordable amount you get an herb seed pod that comes with actual strawberry plants that should be planted as soon as they arrive.

The pod boasts of LED Grow Lights that are high performance for extra growth of the plants.

The pod has a trellis that is adjustable, with the arm of the lamp capable of extending up to 24 inches.

The control panel has automatic key garden functions and easy to use.

The pod comes with 10 live and ready strawberry crowns, AeroGarden liquid plant food and an instruction manual.

3. AeroGarden bounty elite Wi-Fi with gourmet herb seed pod kit, platinum.

This pod is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can control it from your smart phone device. This is also an added advantage since you get reminders on when to add nutrients.

It has a 45-Watt LED for controlled photosynthesis, which is an assurance of fresh and abundant products all year round.

The pod is easy to assemble once you get it.It also comes with 3.oz plant nutrient, 2 Genovese Basil, Chives, Dill, Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Curly Parsley,Thyme and Mint. That should be enough for a whole season.

4. AeroGarden harvest elite with gourmet herb seed pod kit, stainless steel.

The stainless steel will not only look great on your counter but it will give life to the place considering it holds up to six plants at a time.

The 20 WATT LED lights are high performance for excellent photosynthesis.

It has an LED control panel with reminders for water and nutrients and it automatically turns on and off.

The pod comes with a gourmet herb kit that includes Genovese basil, Thai basil, curly parsley, thyme, dill, mint and 3 oz. nutrients.

A grow bag is also a nice way to grow your vegetables and to achieve the quality and quantity you need this article on  grow bags will come in handy.

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