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What does lawn aeration do to your lawn?

​The Secret to a Luxurious lawn

What does lawn aeration do to your lawn?

To get a beautiful, lush, and an immaculate green lawn, you need to observe a strict lawn maintenance routine.

Proper mowing, watering, fertilizing plus aeration are some of the vital lawn care activities.

Now, many of you seem okay with the others but I occasionally get asked what does lawn aeration do to your lawn?.

“What is it?”, “Is it necessary?”, “Can I do it next season?” …. and questions of the sort.

And so I decided we need to talk about this indispensable soil improvement process- once and for all.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of puncturing the soil to allow air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the roots.

Your main goal is to break up compacted soil or deep thatch layer.

This is because such soil is highly impregnable. And this means that water, nutrients, and air may no longer be reaching an important part of your plants- the roots.

And when your grass plants are starving, your dream of having the most beautiful, lush and green lawn remains just that- a dream.

Causes of soil compaction and how to loosen compacted soil lawn

Any movement on your lawn may slowly lead to solidifying of the soil. For example, as you mow,you apply extra pressure to the soil

The same thing happens as your children play in the backyard.

Still, if you are fond of driving on your lawn, the weight of your car will certainly harden the surface.

Heavy rainfall,as well as low spots that fail to drain well, may also cause compaction.

And as we saw earlier on, consolidated soil is hard to infiltrate.

Also, remember that too much thatch hampers the movement of water and air

Benefits of lawn aeration

Aerating your lawn has numerous benefits.

Here are the most obvious:

  • Worms become more active thus helping to decompose thatch.
  • Water, nutrients, and oxygen will reach all corners.
  • Your crops grow healthier roots.
  • Rainfall and irrigation water will penetrate deeply.
  • Fertilizer and pesticideswill flow into desired areas.

Signs that you need to Aerate your lawn (when to aerate your lawn)

So, how can you be sure that your grass needs aeration?

You will need to be on the lookout for the telltale signs.

These are the clearest signs:

  • Water puddles form on your lawn after raining
  • Presence of ultra-heavy clay soil
  • Thatch layer looks thicker than normal
  • Your grass looks thin, patchy or discolored despite your best efforts

How to tell if a lawn needs aerating

If not convinced, you can opt for a simple test

This is how you inspect your soil:

Test A: Using a Shovel, a Screwdriver (or a pencil)

Push either a screwdriver or a pencil into the soil.

If your garden is compacted, it will barely move.

Now what remains is to actually confirm it truly needs aeration.

So, do this:

Take a shovel and try to sink it underground- up to around half the blade

If you succeed, your soil is okay.

Otherwise, if it won’t budge, consider aerating it.

Test B: The Dig Test

Another way is to first dig up some soil (and grass).

In this case, you want to check the condition of the grass roots and the level of thatching.

You do this:

After digging up, first look for thatch.

Usually, you should notice a layer of thatch between soil and the grass blades.

If this layer happens to exceed one-half inch in thickness, you will need to aerate.


Measure the depth of your grass roots.

If they extend up to 4-6 inches deep, then your soilis not compressed.

 However, if the roots are only 1-2 inches deep, it’s time to aerate

Best way to aerate your lawn

There are 2 main methods of aerating.

Let’s go through them:

  • Core / plug Aerating

Here, the aerator excavates a core (or plug) of soil by drilling hollow tubes into the turf.

Extracting of cores is recommended for deeply compacted soils

  • Solid Tine (Spike) Aerator

In this method, the core isn’t removed.

Instead, your aerator will punch solid holes using solid metallic spikes.

This is a basic way of relieving minor compaction and is less effective.

Types of lawn aerators

You have the option of using manual or mechanized aerating equipment.

Have a look:

  1. Machine Aerators

Motorized aerators come in two forms.

  • Smaller Machine Aerators

These are targeted at small and medium sized lawns.

They are pushed just like lawn mowers.

  • Larger Machine Aerators

Built for larger fields, these have to be pulled with a tractor being the most convenient pulling aid.

They are extremely effective but cost more.

We have reviewed the best  tow behind aerators in the market today here. Have a read it will come in hardy one day.

 2. Manual Aerators

As well as mechanical aerators, you can also go for manual methods. These techniques are mainly for small gardens and are very cost effective

  •  Hand Operated Aerators

Hand operated tools such as a pitchfork or a pitchfork-like tool (having hollow tines) can also work.

For instance, the hollow tine pitchfork aerator removes plugs and is fairly effective though tiresome

  • Shoes / Sandals as Aeration Tool

You can also use aerating sandals (shoes) especially those with long spikes underneath.

You put them on and walk around (in an organized way).They will be punching holes with every step.

You can consider wearing them when mowing to get better results.

What's the Ideal Time To Perform Core Aeration? (Best time to aerate a lawn)

If you are growing cool-season grasses, do this in early fall.

But if you have warm-season grasses, the recommended time for plug aeration is mid-spring all the way to early summer.

Anyway, it’s always good to time it during the growing season as your grass will have a chance to heal and spread to the open areas where soil plugs were removed.

How frequently should you aerate?

To decide how frequently you should do it, you need to answer 2 questions:

What type of grass are you growing? Then, which is the dominant type of soil in your lawn?
Now, if your yard has heavy clay soil, aerate twice a year.

Sand-based lawns can do with one aeration per year.

However, your lawn can be busier or fairly free meaning you may need to aerate more or fewer times.

When completely unsure, just perform the aeration test. You will know when to aerate.

Tips on Aerating Your Yard

Here are some tips to help you aerate like a pro.

  • Ensure the soil is wet

Aerating bone dry soil can be frustrating.

So, to make it more enjoyable, water your lawn a day before. Alternatively, you can aerate after a rain shower

  • Multiple Passes are Essential

Aerators cover only a fraction of the surface per pass. So, to make sure 100% aeration, pass severally over the most affected areas.

  • Leave Plug to Dry before Breaking Them Up

So that your lawn can have a uniform, immaculate appearance, allow excavated soil plugs to dry before breaking them up.

  • Don’t forget your other lawn care practices

After aerating, continue with your lawn care routine. So, properly fertilize, mow and water.

That’s the only way to ensure your lawn reaches its full potential


Aeration is very beneficial if you will ever have the lawn you have always dreamed of.

It will help break up blocked soil particles and allow crucial nutrients, water and oxygen to reach your plants’ roots.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated or that costly especially for small lawns.

Hope I have answered the question “what does lawn aeration do to the lawn” and other questions you had, if not leave a comment, I will be happy to dig it up.

So, just be committed and then wait to enjoy the luscious lawn.

Propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower reviews 2018

​5 Propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower ​

When the colder months come, it’s time for you as a greenhouse owner to think of ways to protect your plants from the destructive frost…options are many but as we will see later, propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower stand out because of their low running costs, availability, and efficiency.

Indeed, propane wall heaters for greenhouse are by far more popular compared with traditional paraffin based units and definitely are as efficient as the  electrical greenhouse systems.

Now, in this article, I will be taking you through some of the best wall mounted propane heaters for your greenhouse.

We’ll also know what to look out for when buying propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower

Let’s delve right in;

Propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower reviews 2018

1. Mr. Heater Vent Free Propane 30k BTU, Blue- ventless propane wall heaters

A true buddy for your crops, this propane heater covers an extended heating surface (750 sq. ft.) and has a thermostat with a handy automatic low ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor)and an easy to start electronic ignition

Producing 30000 BTUs, and with all these handy features, Mr. Heater vent free convection heating system nudges your plants back to life shortly after you mount it.

With advanced features including a low-oxygen auto shut-off and an extra-large heating area, this heats and cares for your plants till they can stand on their own.

It’s another fantastic option for heating small greenhouses.


  • check
    Heats evenly ensuring that all your crops survive
  • check
    It produces results soon after installation
  • check
    It runs quietly
  • check
    The unit is easy to mount


  • A bit hard to turn off

2. ProCom Dual Fuel and Vent-Free Blue Flame  - 30,000 BTU

This gives you more flexibility. One, you can power it from natural gas or using propane fuel

Then, you can control the thermostat either manually or set it to run automatically based on your crop needs

Then, if you want to improve the circulation of heated air across you greenhouse, it provides you with the option of installing a blower (sold separately).

​It circulates warm air evenly leaving each and every plant fully satisfied.

The pro-com dual fuel vent-free propane heater is one of the most impressive small greenhouse heating systems

It gives you more options and superbly beats away the chill leaving your plants flourishing.


  • check
    You can use either natural gas or propane
  • check
    It very safe to use thanks to the integrated oxygen depletion sensor
  • check
    Heats as much as 1100 sq.
  • check
    Works superbly even minus the blower
  • check
    Pretty simple to install


  • The front is made of fragile glass

3. Sure Heat Dual Fuel 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Gas Heater with Blower and Thermostat

Still, on heating a greenhouse in winter without electricity, this Sure Heat Dual fuel 30000 BTU is one of the most robust propane greenhouse heating systems.

Running on either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas, it heats as much as 1000 square feet with vigor as well as producing enriching CO2.

Its thermostatic control turns the blower on/off automatically so as to keep your greenhouse at desired temperature

It also comes with a functional Piezzo ignition and the essential ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) hence is regarded as one of the safest.

This is one of the safest propane greenhouse heaters with thermostat. It results in a cleaner burn, heats evenly, and is generally more reliable.


  • check
    It’s has enhanced safety features
  • check
    It heats the entire greenhouse efficiently
  • check
    Works well even for large greenhouses
  • check
    It’s easier to ignite
  • check
    It doesn’t fail anyhow thus its considered more reliable


  • The pilot starts to turn off after sometime

4. Dyna-Glo 30,000 Propane Tank Top heater

This is one of the ​highly rated radiant tank top propane heaters and once installed on your propane tank, it radiates heat in all directions ensuring that all your crops are catered for.

It also offers an adjustable heat angle so you can always target any emerging cold spots.

It’s adequate to warm a range of 15 X 25 square feet and offers you multiple variable heat controls (from 11,000 to 30,000 BTU's))

Thanks to its convenient hand wheel, it’s easy to connect.

Finally, it fits almost all 20lb. propane tanks.

These are portable, inexpensive, and convenient radiant heat tank top greenhouse heaters

We like that they work with different tanks.


  • check
    Offers better heating angles
  • check
    Installation and removal super easy
  • check
    Relatively inexpensive
  • check
    Works with different tanks
  • check
    It’s easy to carry around


  • Propane tank sold separately

5. Southern Burner Vented Propane Greenhouse Heater (Set-Back Thermostat)- vented propane heater with thermostat

This has 2 thermostats so it allows you to set different day and night temperatures.

On top of this, the thermostat is fitted with an adjustable clock which comes in handy when setting the right timing intervals, especially when changing from the daytime to night settings.

It offers a temperature range of between 35 to 75 degrees so you can adjust it to the optimal level depending on the crops you have in your greenhouse.

With 2 thermostats, this expertly heats greenhouses. It’s also versatile and will work with either L.P. gas or natural gas

It’s also very portable.


  • check
    It circulates warm air all uniformly over the greenhouse
  • check
    The 2 thermostats work excellently
  • check
    Works with L.P. gas or natural gas
  • check
    It’s very lightweight hence portable
  • check
    Adjusting the temperatures is a breeze


  • A bit costly

Advantages of propane greenhouse heaters?

  • Propane gas is cheaper hence these heaters are economical to run
  • They produce a C02-important in plant’s photosynthetic process
  • They are readily available
  • They aren’t affected by blackouts or pipeline interruptions
  • Propane gas is considered an Eco-friendly energy source

Disadvantages of propane greenhouse heaters

Factors to consider when buying propane greenhouse heaters

There are several factors that you need to pay attention to when selecting the​ propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower

  • Size of your green house

Bigger greenhouses will automatically need more heating. This means you have to pick a heater with more BTUs

  • Ease of installation

Luckily, most of these types of heaters are very easy to install. But some of them will force you to hire some to help with installation

  • What are you growing?

Some crops need more heating. Knowing the plants that will be in your greenhouse beforehand is therefore very important

  • Geographic location &environmental conditions

Knowing how many months your greenhouse will need heating is also important. And one of the ways of telling this is by following the weather patterns of the location of your greenhouse

This also helps you know the likely difference between in-house temperature and the temperature outside


It’s clear from our propane greenhouse heater reviews that propane-powered heaters remain one of the cheapest and highly efficient greenhouse heating methods

They are also readily available and definitely very easy to install.

So, why go for expensive heating methods while you could save you bucks with propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower?


Where To Buy A Pineapple Plant.

Where To Buy A Pineapple Plant.

​Dwarf pineapple plant for sale

Where To Buy A Pineapple Plant.

Are you wondering where to buy a pineapple plant? in this article we will not only let u know where to buy but also recommend the best pineapple plant for you.

Before that, some little history:

The pineapple plant originated from southern America, where it was heavily cultivated by the natives before spreading out to the Caribbean.

During one of his voyages, Christopher Columbus stopped briefly at the island of Guadalupe where his crew gathered fruits and vegetables, which included pineapples.

He then took them with him to Europe. Voyagers then took them to Hawaii in 1527. Here it was highly favored by the climatic conditions and it thrived well. The pineapple has been an exotic gift for ages.

They have thrived in hot areas with water, which is why it does well in Hawaii, Brazil and Thailand. One third of the world’s pineapple is produced from Hawaii, making the island a reputable and guaranteed source of the plant.

Where to buy a pineapple plant.

 Growing a pineapple plant can be easy because it literally just requires the planting of the crown. However, this may take longer to fruit. You have the option to get them as they have rooted from your nearest nursery. However, in the urban setting, it can be hard to locate a nursery, so you can order the plant online. There are numerous sites where you can order one that you want. Websites like Amazon, EBay and Shopify are some of the few where you can find the pineapple plant.

Recommended pineapple plants in pots to buy.

These two plants are the most recommended in the market today

1. Hawaiian Pineapple Plant (Ananas Comosus)-Potted and Rooted

Buy Fruiting Pineapple Plant

This plant comes comes potted, so you have the option to either keep it that way or transplant it on to a paddy. Since it comes potted, it has already rooted so if it is going the transplanted, in the right conditions, it will adjust fast and continue with growth.

It fits in a 4 inch pot, which is a good size for someone who would like it to fit in small spaces. It comes stamped by the department of agriculture, so you can be assured it has no pests or diseases.

  • check
    The plant has been grown in a pest free nursery, so you know you do not have to be afraid of them carrying anything harmful to your farm or garden.
  • check
    It comes in a 4 inch pot that can easily fit in your porch if you do not have a farm or a garden.
  • check
    It can grow well as a house plant
  • check
    It produces a delicious fruit compared to other brands of pineapple plants
  • check
    It comes with guide to help in maintaining it.
  • check
    It also comes with fertilizer that works especially well with the pineapple plant. 
  • It requires partial sunlight, so it may grow slowly in cold areas compared to warmer areas. 

 2. Fruiting Pineapple Plant Ananas Comosus-Great Indoors

buy pineapple plants

It is a species that does well indoors, so even in the areas that are prone to harsh weather, the plant still blossoms and fruits.

It only grows 2.1-2.5 inches, so it is not a nuisance when grow indoors or as a hanging plant.

It makes a good rustic piece of décor so apart from its nutritional benefits, it can act as a decoration especially when planted in a beautiful planter.

  • check
    It is a certified plant, so it is not diseased and carries no pests
  • check
    It arrives in good condition for transplant to a garden or a farm
  • check
    Compared to other pineapple brands, it requires low maintenance and still stays healthy
  • check
    The plant is rooted, so growth is faster compared to planting the pineapple from scratch 
  • It does not have a manual to help beginners with the initial growing process
  • Although it does great indoors, in areas where the sun does not shine much may experience slower growth
  • It does not come with fertilizer unlike some of the other pineapple brands 

Benefits and uses of a pineapple plant.

A pineapple is not only a source of healthy vitamins but also a cool refreshment that can be taken as fruit, juice, and pudding or in many other ways. Many people these days prefer to go the organic and natural way.

It is also used to make pineapple wine. Since refined sugars are unhealthy, the pineapple is a great source of sugar.

Pineapples also contain bromelain, a rare proteolytic enzyme which reduces inflammation of joints and muscles. This works well for people with arthritis. The pineapple is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which helps in boosting the immunity of the human body.

Due to its high vitamin C content, it is a good remedy for common cold and other respiratory issues. It helps in eliminating mucus and phlegm, which is useful in terms of such illness.

Pineapples are also good for oral health. It has astringent properties which help in strengthening the gum and teeth.

The pineapple is also a great source of fiber, which helps the body in digestion.

Wrapping up

Gardening and keeping of live plants in the urban setting has gained popularity, and why decorate the place with plants that only flowers while you could do it with ones that actually bear fruit? Think of it as nature’s reward for taking good care of the plant.

In order to make sure it thrives well, one has to ensure it gets the right amount of sunlight, meaning if it is an indoor plant, it will have to be put in a position where the sun can reach it, like a window.

The pineapple plant is one of the most beautiful of them all. With its sharp leaves, it provides the perfect rustic setting for your house or even your office.

The pineapple plant produces only one fruit at a time, so it is easy to maintain and cultivate. It is also a fleshy plant, so it does not require as much watering as other plants.

Due to its short size, it is great for any kind of garden, both indoor and outdoor.  It is a great choice of a plant to give as a gift.

Grow light bulbs for indoor plants

​18 cheap led grow lights that work

Like in life, being smart in your garden can save you big bucks. For example, we know that even through LED grow lights are traditionally costly compared with fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, and high-intensity discharge lamps (HID), you can still unearth some pretty cheap led grow lights that work.

And this applies to every other gardening accessory. Okay?

Now, you know us.

We like showing you practical ideas. Stuff that works.  And so we recently set out to discover the available cheap led grow lights for sale.

​Cheap led grow lights for sale

1. Dual Head LED Grow Light,10W 360°- ​

This has an innovative dual design meaning that it has 2 groups of LED grow lights and 2 switches to control each set.

So, you can set them to work either solely for one or simultaneously for two plants.

Then, since your plants’ light needs may differ, it has two adjustable luminous levels so you can easily meet each of your plant’s actual lighting needs.

Last but not least, its 360°adjustable gooseneck will allow you to twist the light into any angle that you feel serves your plants right.

Overall, it’s a highly promising grow light

2. Albrillo LED Grow Light -5W, 3 Dimmable Modes, 360° 

Shining brightly in this is first and foremost the 3 brightness levels/modes- low/medium/bright- so you dim your lights according to your requirements.

Then it has a massive 23pcs of high-quality LEDs perfectly mixed to meet all your growth needs.

The 6 blue one cater for the photosynthesis process. The 6 white boost coloring while the last 11 red are for blooming and your fruits

And it still has the famous 360º adjustable arm so you won’t struggle with positions.

This could delight plants in your cellar, balconies, home, darkroom, greenhouses, or your office desk

3. Toplanet 75w Full Spectrum Growing light Lamp panel

Now, plants in hydroponic greenhouses are more light sensitive so for them you need to get it right.

This LED grow lamp is one such. It’s bigger and so it sheds light in a more balanced manner while reaching all corners of the targeted range thus ensuring that your crops grow uniformly.

In addition, it’s constructed on aluminum back plates which effectively reduce internal heat buildup.

So this light is more durable and will give your plants service for longer.

This could be the lamp kit for to make your hydroponic greenhouse plants flourish.

4. Osunby LED Grow Light 45W UV IR Plant Grow Light

Also impressive is this recently upgraded grow light.

built with full spectrum, it one of the few high luminous LED grow lights that produce perfect wavelength to nurture your plants all the way from seeding, germination, vegetative and flowering.

Not only that.

Its coverage is adjustable so you will comfortably set it at the correct height depending on the current growth stage.

Furthermore, it’s one of the easiest to assemble.

It’s another of shining hope for your herbs.

5. Lovebay 3 Head 15W,LED Grow light 360 Degree

Featuring 9 Red light and 6 Blue lights in a trio of beautiful heads, this lovebay 3 head 15w LED grow light produces targeted wavelengths wherever you mount them.

Its 3 head design has other advantages like a 360°coverage even the hidden parts of your garden will be sufficiently lit up.

  Apart from covering an expansive area, you will enjoy the fact that you can independently control each lamp heads thanks to the handy set of 3 switches- one for each head.

In a nutshell, this is a life savior for your crops

6. Newforshop 30W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum UV&IR

Coming with a stable UV and IR function, this is another outstanding cheap led grow lights that work.

Its UV function will kill all the bacteria which stunt your plant’s growth while its IR function helps in promoting the all-important cell division subsequently resulting into healthier growth during your plants’ vegetation & flowering phases.

It’s made of high-quality aluminum shell so you can be sure that the kit will deliver long and effective service

Finally, it has an innovative lock assembly for mounting so positioning is easy as 1-2-3

7. SOLMORE 3Pc 1.6ft/strip LED Plant Light

In Comparison with the rest of the cheapest led grow lights online, this has a softer light bar meaning its very user-friendly.

In fact, because of its super-versatile design (3 grow strip light pieces plus
a 12v DC power adapter), you can install it virtually anywhere and still get excellent results

I mean it’s not just a just for plants- it can work for bedrooms and in plenty of other places.

This is another cheap led grow light that exceeds expectations.

8.  LED Plant Grow Light, Dual Head, 360 Degree

Having 2 heads and a total of 10 LEDs (4 blue bulbs + 6 red bulbs), this is yet another of the wonderful cheap led grow lights for sale.

Its premium headlamps are built in a way that you can set them to target specific areas meaning you can use them to reach hidden plants or those that have left behind by their peers

Then, its twin set of on/off switches are conveniently positioned so you will find them easier to access and also safer

Plus obviously, you can manipulate each lamp flexibly using its switch. This helps whenever you want to deliver custom lighting for specific plants.

9. Dual-lamp Grow Light Autien 36LEDs 4 Levels 3 Modes Timing(3H/6H/12H)

Now, this is quite interesting- especially its timing feature. As part of giving you full control of your plants’ lighting, it allows you to light in intervals of 3, 6 or 12 hours depending on your needs.

Also, it has plenty of dimming settings so as to fit whatever you need- remember some plants don’t enjoy harsh light while others thrive under such lights.

Moving on, its mounting clip is significantly large and will securely hold your lights wherever you set them.

Another cool feature is that you will be able to turn its two heads separately or together.

In summary, it works expertly and is easy to mount.

10. ACKE LED Panel Plant Light PCBA, Grow Light

Some of the grow lights can truly stretch your patience when you come to the assembly.

If you, like me, hate such over-complicated products, then you will be happy to meet a very basic but super-functional grow light in this LED slim panel light.

Its LEDs, connectors, and wiring are all surface mounted to a sheet metal with hanging holes already drilled making its installation the easiest.

Still, it’s safe -just gets comfortably warm and not too hot to touch.

And it works wonderfully for the price.

11.  TaoTronics LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

The TaoTronics LED full spectrum Grow Lights are highly rated in terms of build quality. They have very good heat sinks (thermal efficiency) especially within the 46-50w LED light bulbs range.

And even if you leave them running 24/7, you will still easily touch anywhere without feeling the heat.

We also love that they are compatible with almost all the standard E26 / E27 sockets plus 100~240V AC so you don’t need a special lamp- in fact, a free E26 standard socket is included

Lastly, they generally offer better dissipation thanks to their umbrella design

12.    Shengsite 50W LED Plant Grow Lights  UFO 250 LEDs

One of the ways of awakening stubborn seeds from their deep slumber is to get a powerful, super-blight light.

And this 50W super bright LED fits the bill.

Comprising of 250 top quality LED Beads (186 red LEDs and 64 blue LEDs), then you are assured of getting the light you need to jumpstart their growth and at a befitting light spectrum.

So, when the misty raining and snowing days come, you empower your plants to fight back using this energetic lighting system.

For outdoor plants, you may need to cover the plants with winter covers and frost blankets.

13. UNIFUN 45W LED Grow Light Plant Bulbs

The recent version of this 45W Grow Light has been equipped with both the UV and IR functionality making it a rich resource for your herbs during all growth stages.

It has also been improved to attain peak wavelength with 4 peak bands of Red/blue/UV/IR supplying everything your crops desire for a bumper harvest.

Still, being high performance LED grow lights, they are completely quiet again thanks to the upgraded cooling system.

Well, looking at it, you wonder if you could really ask for more.

14. Triple Heads Portable LED Grow Light, 360° Flexible Goose neck-

The competition among the cheapest led grow lights online is cut-throat with each of them having something unique to be proud of.

For this, it is the manual stepless dimming. If you are wondering how it helps, well, it allows you to adjust its brightness to match that demanded by your plants as they go through the motions of growth.

Then, you will easily control each of the 3 headlamps from the user-friendly triple separated switch

So, generally, it’s another effective, convenient and safe option for your indoor garden, succulent plant, greenhouse, hydroponics or even soiled based horticulture.

15.  Ppunson 10W Dual Head LED Grow Light

This has 2 headlamps and contains 10 LEDs (6 red and 4 blue LEDs).

So, how is it?

One, it’s quite sturdy. Two, the hanging clip is metallic and foam padded so it doesn’t scratch whatever you hang it on.

Coming to size, it shines very well especially when your plants are young and since the necks are more flexible, it usually stays in place.

The dual switches also help you to comfortably control the direction and lighting from each lamp.

It’s a chic pink in appearance so even in your office, it showers not only light but also beauty.

16. Dual Head UV & IR 20W Grow Light, 40 LEDs

Yet another of the cheap led grow lights that work well, this comes with UV & IR functionality and contains 40 LEDs (8 blue LEDs, 26 red LEDs, 4 UV LEDs and 2 IR LEDs).

It’s Rigid but highly flexible arms have rotatable tubes that make its light distribution very complete whether aimed at a single plant or even 2 small plants simultaneously.

And its strong clip grips very well. Note that they have foam pads so you can safely attach it to your office desk or anywhere else for that matter.

Provided you move it around, it will serve even your big plants- just as well as bigger lights.

You and your plants will definitely be very happy.

17. OxyLED LED Grow Light Bulb(E26 12W 3Blue/9 Red LEDs)- led grow light under 200

Topping all the features in this is the awesome Temperature Control. You see it has been constructed with aluminum heat-sink which works marvelously to maintain high-intensity temperatures at the levels that plants like for growth and protection

Of course, it has the usual goodness of great LED grow plants like producing a balanced bundle of lighting (It has 12 LED- 3 blue and 9 red) so you would expect that.

Then, it’s quality engineering and is compatible with the E26 sockets so you don’t have to spend more on special lamps.

All in all, this stands tall in this price range.

18. 2-in-1 LED Plant Growing Lamp with 360° Flexible Gooseneck

Having a 2-in-1 base, this can clip to almost any surface. It can also hang tightly from walls, counters or any other surface.

It has 5 super bright LEDs (2 blue and 3 red) and emits the ideal wavelength for full, blooming and luscious plants.

The lamp’s gooseneck makes it very versatile and allows you to direct light whichever way you please and without having to relocate your system.

This is essentially a nice little gem that caters for your indoor plants when natural sunlight won’t suffice

To maximize your yields without breaking your bank in paying astronomical electricity bills, pick one of the cheap led grow lights that work.

Our list covers some of the most, high performing and cheapest LED grows and should offer you a great starting point.

You can drop your further questions in the comments area. We will be happy to answer them.

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11 cheap decorative urn planters that you will love.

Cheap decorative Urn planters have quickly become a must have home décor accessory amongst other urban farming methods like herb seed pod kits, grow bags and many others.

Apart from keeping you in touch with nature while you live in an urban setting , they offer so many other benefits that come about as a result of growing your own herbs and vegetables.

If you are looking for a planter that will not only provide herbs but carry a statement, the following unique urn planters are a good choice.

Cheap decorative urn planters

1. Regal Art & Gift Frog planter piece- 

Regal art and gift products come in six different styles and are of high quality, durable and lightweight. It has the dual functions of acting as sanctuaries while at the same time acts a plant pot.

The products are made of magnesium oxide formulas are each piece is hand painted with a unique finish that is both stylish and weather resistant.

It is sold by Hour loop and fulfilled by Amazon online stores. As a plus, gift wrappers are available.

2. White Porcelain Petite French Country Style Claw piece-small urn planter

The white porcelain petite French, foot bathtub/ vintage flower pot/ soap dish is a product from the MyGift online stores, fulfilled by Amazon.

With the old French script written on the bathtub, the addition of the weathered edges highlight the popular French decorating theme.

The classic white of the bathtub is contrasted with the outline which is dark brown with an added flare of the rustic script.This piece can double up as a soap dish, accessory tray or even a display item.

This planter is recommendable for use with succulent plants.The piece weighs approximately 4.8 ounces.

3. Vintage Pedestal Style Tabletop Gray Metal with decorative carved edge- cast stone urn planters

Another excellent piece from My Gift stores would be the vintage pedestal style tabletop.  This one is a gray metal succulent urn planter which is a decorative carved edge type.

It has an aura of European elegance, neatly handcrafted in order to give the impression of distressed stone.

With a small hole at the bottom, water is allowed to drain out therefore promoting healthy plant growth when not being used as a planter, it can be a very ideal statement for any shelf top.

Its heart shaped carved trim makes it a perfect planter for vibrant greenery, blooming flowers like jasmine and or dynamic succulents.

4. Oreala Fairy Garden Planter. 

The fairy garden planter is a masterpiece from Oreala which is any faity lover dream come true. They offer a beautiful and magical effect,  whether used indoor or outdoor.

Being made of strong plastic it has been made to withstand the harsh elements of the weather.

It is super easy to work with and a few weeks outside gives it a complete camouflage with your garden, making it look all natural.

The delivery is prompt with guaranteed customer satisfaction, with money refunds on service insatiability.

5. Turtle planter piece.- weather resistant urn

With the height of creativity soaring through the ceiling, what would prove it more than the Turtle planter from What On Earth. It is ideal for succulent and small plants.

It is made of sturdy polyresin with a weathered finish. It ca be used both indoor and outdoor, but with its weather resistant qualities, it can survive outside all year long.

With its small compartments, you are allowed to make dazzling displays of flowers of your favourite plants.

Then again, with its 21” long and 15” wide kind of stature, who is not going to see this dazzling piece in your garden?

6. Indoor-outdoor head resin.

If you are the type that likes bold and beautiful with a sense of appreciation of art, well then, this Art and Artifact piece might just be the thing for you.

The head of a lady is a great piece of display which also doubles up as the plant potter. It is well designed to give an artist charm and calming effect.

It is sturdy and stable, which keeps it upright during plant maintaining processes and avoids any unnecessary damages or mess.

It is made of string resin composite that makes it weather resistant and remarkably durable.

Also, it has the option of directly filling up the head with dirt or alternately filling up smaller pots then fixing it inside the head.

It can be used both inside the house or on the garden on patio.

Its delicate art designed features give charming and calming effects. It can be used as a display centre piece or a planter or holder. It has a prompt delivery service

7. Giraffe planter: Safari pieces.

 For the outdoor junkies, the giraffe planter from Oriental would be the perfect fit missing from your patio or garden.

It is made from durable polyesin which makes it a hardcore with the harsh weather elements.

It is made with a natural textural design and has a drainage hole to help in healthy propagation of your plants. This would be the dramatic flare you just need for your garden.

And it has prompt delivery so you do not have to agonizingly wait for your package.

8. The Christopher Knight Home.

For the antique lovers, this piece from Christopher Knight Home would be a heaven sent accessory to your garden or indoor shelves and countertops.

This piece is made from molded plaster and is therefore weather resistant.

It does have a drainage hole that you can cover to prevent dirt from falling out.

It weighs approximately 7-10 pounds, which allows for easy transportation and set up.

9. Tinksky Cute Hedgehog.

For those fairy lovers and those in love with life of the woods, this heavenly piece from Tinksky would be the one for you.

The Hedgehog Flower Sedum Succulent Pot Planter which also doubles up as a Bonsai Trough Box Plant Bed Office or Home Garden Pot Decoration.

It can be used as a fleshy kind of shelf or a storage box if you don’t like the idea of putting it out in the garden. It is made of resin and is therefore as durable as it can get.

10. Yorkie Planter – Outdoor Dog Urn Planter – Cute Garden Statue.

For the dog lovers, it cannot get any better. With the Yorkie planter from Bits and Pieces, you have got youself a cute outdoor gig statue to make everyone envious. It has been crafted in steel with a rustic bronzed patina.

The planting pot is 4 1/2″ in diameter with a height of 11″ *13 1/2″. However, it was not designed to be sturdy.  Therefore, it would not be recommended to put anything that is heavy.

11. Starburst Design Ceramic Flower Planter Pots / Decorative Plant Containers with Saucers.

This pieces are a courtesy of My Gift. Each flower pot is made of steady ceramic with a glossy finish in white. 

Each planter has a drainage hole but with an associated saucer to prevent damage and unsightly mess than can be caused by water dripping on your surfaces.

This pieces can be used to grow herbs in your kitchen or a succulent herb for your living room.

The dimensions of each pot are 4.3″ in height with a diameter of 5.2″. As an added bonus, this package comes with multi purpose towels.

Whether for your indoor or outdoor decor, this cheap decorative urn planters offer an exclusive feel of the earth in miniature form.

Due to their size, you do not have to get dirty maintaining it, compared to an actual flowerbed. So its all the beauty with lesser the effort.

Ensure you find one that suites your style.

how to heat a greenhouse without electricity

Cheapest way to heat a greenhouse: How to heat a greenhouse in winter for free

​Cheap ways to heat a greenhouse without electricity

​The astronomical monies involved with some of the traditional greenhouse heating methods have led researchers to relentlessly pursue pocket-friendly alternatives…..especially with farmers eagerly ​awaiting the invention of the ​cheapest way to heat a greenhouse. ​

We have also been on a similar mission here at ..although we choose to go a step further- and also find out how to heat a greenhouse in winter for free.  

Well, the good news is that we have already come across some functional money-saving options.  

Paraffin heaters, compost, Bubble wrap, DIY systems, and thermal mass are just some of the effective and cheaper greenhouse heating methods.  

Here now are our insights into how to heat a greenhouse in winter for free (or almost free).

a. Heating your greenhouse using Paraffin

A paraffin heater can supply the warmth your plants are desperate for during winter.

Provided your greenhouse doesn’t extend more 8ft in length, you will find paraffin powered energy convenient

Also, mind the following:

  • Heating demand should not be too high(maximum of +5c )
  • Outside temperature should not go below -6c

With these conditions, your paraffin heater greenhouse will readily save your herbs from the biting cold.

Where to buy paraffin greenhouse heaters

You can buy a good paraffin heater from the teeming online stores, local garden stores, and in some cases, from manufacturers direct

​Paraffin greenhouse heaters Reviews 2018

Here are the top paraffin greenhouse heaters from Amazon

​1. Parasene Superwarm  Heater

This is ideal for heating a 6ft x 6ft greenhouse. It delivers continuous burning and will help your plants remain super warm despite the chill.

Like other paraffin heaters, it’s cheaper and very easy to use.​

This is another functional economical anti-frost heater for small greenhouses. Since it’s so light, you can place it at any preferred spot to maximize results.


  • check
    Works well
  • check
    Highly portable
  • check
    Straightforward application


  • Not for bigger spaces
  • List Element
  • List Element

b. Compost For Warmth- heating a greenhouse with compost

Compost is one ​important input for gardeners

Beyond nourishing your plantation with essential nutrients, compost has another major advantage: heat

This is what happens:

As it chemically dissolves, compost releases energy as heat. This can even rise above 1000F

As such, your plants can benefit a lot from manure during the winter.

The sweetest news is that heating a greenhouse with compost is almost 100% free- if you know how to prepare it

And in case you are unsure of how to use compost to create a powerful water heater, here is a nice guide.

The Compost-Powered Greenhouse Heater: heat a greenhouse using compost

Author Gaelan Brown in collaboration with engineers and top compost experts has researched and written a very informative manual on the various refined ways of composting.

If you are looking at using manure to heat your greenhouses, this is a complete trainer.

It trains you how to make high-value compost organically while generating reasonable combustion-free heat.

And it’s very practical thanks to the numerous case studies, step-by-step illustrations plus photos

So, if you are thinking long-term cheap greenhouse heating, this could prove to be a smart investment.

Editor’s Note:

Follow this manual 100% …you should soon be enjoying free heating!

C. Store solar-based energy in a thermal mass

Another cheap and common way to heat a greenhouse is to utilize thermal mass (sometimes called a heat sink).

A thermal mass is simply any material that can store thermal energy until the temperatures decline when it will start releasing the stored heat into your greenhouse.

When selecting, choose the right material- that’s because some hold heat better than others.

For instance, water holds roughly 2 times the heat that concrete holds, and as much as 4 times what soil holds and is most preferred

Using water as a thermal mass

Water barrels are excellent when used as thermal mass due to their higher heat capacity.

You can fill a reasonable number of 55-gallon drums with water then stack them on each other.

You will have created an energetic thermal mass.

Ensure you stack the barrels where they can access direct sunlight- mostly facing south

Also,put them near tender plants since they need more warmth when the temperature drops off

Alternative materials

If the Floors of your greenhouse have been made from compressed gravel or concrete, then you already have your thermal mass

Also, the soil in your raised seedbeds can also add thermal mass.

Another thing, if you have been growing using an aquaponics system — where fish and plants grow symbiotically —the fish tanks can double as thermal mass

D. Insulation

The simplest way to protect your plants from cold is by insulating.

Depending on your budget and what you’re cultivating, you can insulate with either:

  • A regular bubble wrap
  • A Horticultural bubble wrap
  • A horticultural fleece
  • A regular bubble wrap

Covering your greenhouse with a layer of insulating bubble wrap helps.

A bubble wrap functions as an added shield against frost beside restraining the heat inside.

For wooden greenhouses, you can use push pins to fasten the wrap against the wall

If your housing is metallic, use special fasteners to twist it the frame.

In case your glazing is glass, moisten suction cups and press them against it –they should work.

Once you wrap up all the walls plus the roofing, don’t forget to seal any wrap joints with scotch tape- this avoids potential heat loss.

Remember you'll need to ventilate your greenhouse.

So be sure to line the vents separately (or at least one) to allow them/it to open.

This trick works wonders for both heated and unheated greenhouses.

  • A Horticultural bubble wrap

You can also choose to take the horticultural bubble wrap route- these types of wrappers are considered tougher, longer lasting, and are UV-stabilized.

And they definitely give better results

To give you a better idea of how these work, here is a review of the most recommended horticultural bubble wraps

1. Duck Brand Original Protective horticultural Bubble Wrap -Single Roll

This features a unique air lock technology and is revered for its ability to maintain consistent cushioning against freeze.

It’s also one of the longest lasting and so you will use it for many more winters.

When installing, it wonderfully conforms to your walls and even awkward corners.

With its outstanding air lock technology helping to reliably guard against the freeze, this could be an amazing gift for your crops.

Remember you can also use it for many other purposes at home


  • check
    Conforms easily around awkward corners
  • check
    Hold heat longer hence protect your herbs better
  • check
    Easy to install


  • Smaller size bubbles

2. Reflectix Staple Tab Horticultural Insulation Roll

This has a special construction.

It has twin layers of toughened aluminum foil that reflects as much as 97% of radiant heat

The center layer is made of polyethylene thus making it more reliable and stronger

It’s therefore perfect in insulating greenhouses using radiant heating systems.

Thicker and with a reinforced construction, this does well to insulate radiantly heated greenhouses

It’s considered a reliable and cost-effective greenhouse heating solution.

Editor’s Note:

Finally when the cold is gone, carefully take down the bubble and store it- next winter will find you fully armed.


  • check
    Easy to cut and wrap
  • check
    Made of Non-toxic (Fiber free)
  • check
    Very durable


  • Doesn’t come with staple tabs
  • Horticultural fleece

Moving away from the bubble wrap and the horticultural fleece, another handy option is by covering your suffering plants using a horticultural fleece.

This is particularly recommended as an additional insulation during those nights when it’s extra-cold

As usual with covers, remember to remove your fleece during daytime to afford your veggies a chance to breathe and also to receive essential light

  • Use an economical renewable energy powered heater

Harnessing the sun and storing solar energy is your first step towards‘free’ heating.

But if you need additional heating, the underrated rocket mass heater could offer a fantastic solution

If you ask those who have used it, they will tell you that this is a super-efficient improvisation from an ordinary wood stove.

This is what it does:

Rather than exhaust hot air straight through the chimney like standard wood stoves do, this customized wood stove will first circulate the hot air past a mass of brick,cob,  or even stone before being exhausted out.

The air will warm the mass, hold the heat before subsequently radiating it back into your greenhouse.

It will continue warming even if your stove is no longer burning.

A rocket mass heater is mainly a DIY system; you will need to investigate the appropriate design for your greenhouse from the many plans and explanations available online.

one can also consider cheap  Grow light bulbs for indoor plants

​Looking at the options, we can say that the search for the cheapest way to heat a greenhouse has been quite successful.  

But rather than stick to one method, it’s recommended that you experiment and see what works for you.  The good thing is that even if not all are 100% free- some of you had actually asked how to heat a greenhouse in winter for free- the little investment in terms of labor, time, and materials pays back big in the long run.

 Otherwise, this is clear evidence that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to grow food in a greenhouse.

How to grow lima beans in a cup

Lima beans originated from South and Central America’s and do well in temperatures over 60 degrees. They also grow easily indoors and even in cups. Today, we will learn on how to grow lima beans in a cup.

Read on if you want to become a guru in growing lima beans indoors.

For lima bean recipes this link will come in hardy.

First, let’s start with the basics…acquiring the seed:

Where to buy lima beans to grow?

The seeds are available from a number of vendors. Here we list a few;

  1. Amazon

As you would expect, Amazon is your go-to solution whenever your neighborhood stores are not forthcoming.

They stock a number of Lima beans seed varieties.

Here is a link to on Lima beans seed varieties   section

  1. EBay

The other online store we found Lima Beans seeds on sale is Ebay. You can check their options.

  1. Individual Farms, Garden Supply Stores or Local Nursery

There is also a sprinkling of a few stores, nurseries and individuals who pack certified Lima Bean Seeds for sale. The variety and packaging differ so it’s advisable to contact them directly.

You may actually find one in your locality so start there.

Lima bean plant life cycle.

Gardeners cherish lima beans due to fast growth and minimal maintenance.

Understanding its life cycle stages will help you care for this awesome vegetable and ensure optimal success plus a big harvest.

The 4 keys stages are:

  1. The lima seed

The cycle starts with you planting the flat, round Lima bean seed.  Remember that every bean has 2 identical sides with the embryo (tiny plant) at the centre.

Plant it in your planter of choice and water.

Your seeds should germinate within 7-14 days.

  1. Lima seed Germination

After watering, the seed will germinate.  The hard shell around your lima bean will burst open with the root now starting to grow downwards (from your bean towards the ground).

This paves way to the seedlings..

  1. Lima Seedling

Gradually, the Lima bean moves above the ground with a stem now appearing on the fledgling plant.

Its roots are now anchoring your plant firmly to the ground.

After a couple of days, leaves will appear on the plant’s stem and start growing towards the sunlight.

Your plant is now a seedling.

It takes around 2-3 months for the seedlings to reach their mature height of approximately 24 inches when they also start producing the pods

  1. Adulthood and Lima harvesting

Lima pods duly grows from around 60 days and will start to ripen.

Finally, the ripe pods crack open and “throws” the Lima seeds out and away.  Each of the seeds may be harvested or left to again germinate (provided conditions permeate)

It will be between 75-80 days from planting, before your lima bean plant is ready for harvesting.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the lima bean plant life cycle.

Let us now have a look at how to grow lima beans in a cup….

Growing lima beans indoors

First, why would you want to grow Lima beans in a cup?

There are a few compelling reasons…

First, it’s a great method to demonstrate Lima bean’s growing process in a classroom setting…. justification being that the plants sprout quickly, and need very little care.

Then, if the outdoor conditions are presently harsh, gardeners will use this method to commence growing plants as the wait for the growing conditions to improve.

So, that’s why..

Here are step-by-step procedures on how to grow Lima beans in a cup

Step 1

Get the seeds for your favorite bean plant from your chosen seed supplier. Be advised that dried beans don’t germinate well since the may have been preserved to be eaten, not grown.

Step 2

Pick a cup and fill soil to its top.

Step 3

Make a hole in your soil at the mid of your cup by inserting one finger 1-inch deep into the soil

Step 4

Push the Lima bean into the bottom of your hole then cover that hole with soil.

Also, compress the soil slightly to ensure it isn’t too loose. Do not over- compress as you may block its roots and those of other growing parts.

Step 5

Water your seed gently. You may just sprinkle enough water since the idea is to moisten the soil- remember beans grow better in moist soil (not wet).

Step 6

Now Place your cup in a spot with lots of sunlight. It will need plenty of light for between 6-8 hours daily. Also remember to water it on demand

Step 7

Over the following few days, your seeds will sprout! And also begin growing roots. This should be between 3-5 days after step 6.

Step 8

When its roots reach around 1 ½ inches long, transfer it to clay pots.

Fill your pot with soil, and then create 2 holes using your finger in the soil.

Then, place the beans- roots side down- in the pot, still using your finger. Then cover with more soil.

Continue watering the plants so that the soil remains damp.

It will now be approximately 6-9 days since you planted.

Step 9

Your plants should break out of the soil and grow leaves a few days after planting.

Now, you can now transfer your seeds to the outside garden, - in case you want to grow real Lima beans- or watch them mature indoors by or making use of urn planters and vegetable grow bags!

This should be 10-11 days from the planting.

So, how much water do lima beans need?

To do well, the soil around the plant should always be moist, never wet or soggy. Problems like poor seed germination, diseases and pests arise if you let the soil soak at any given time during the process.

Round Up

So, thats how to grow lima beans in a cup and as you can see, it’s so easy- everyone can do it.

The other important thing is to remember to take care of the plant during the various stages of its life cycle.

As usual, drop us a comment and also share this!

Your fellow gardener…

adaptive gardening tools for arthritis

​25 garden tools for the elderly and disabled

It is estimated that about 1 billion people live with some disability around the world. And some of these are still great gardeners. Simply because they have mastered how to use a variety of  gardening tools for the elderly and disabled.

Regardless of whether your condition is permanent or short-lived, you don’t have to give up on gardening. A wide range of  garden tools for the handicapped people exist.

Even better, we have recently come across awesome garden tools for the arthritics!

In this post, I will be discussing some of the gardening tools for the elderly and the disabled.

Come with me.

Table of content

Why use specialized gardening tools?.

So, how do garden tools for the arthritics, elderly and physically challenged differ from conventional tools and how will they help in your gardening endeavors?

Well, these tools are ergonomic and designed with more support to help reduce suffering and pains.

Most, if not all:

  • Save your back by helping you to maintain a more natural posture.
  • Are soft on your hands so you can work for longer without tiring
  • Have an enhanced grip so even if you have a weaker hold, you can still continue working on your lawn
  • Provide you with more leverage means you can do as much as a normal gardener but with minimum effort.

So, as you can see, they help you reclaim your passion for farming and contribute to making it more fruitful.

Where to buy garden tools for the elderly and disabled.

All the tools and equipment highlighted here are available from various garden centers, garden shopping websites, hardware stores, and e-commerce websites such as Amazon and E-bay and in a few selected cases, directly from the manufacturer.

I am a fan of Amazon because of their convenience of delivery, fair pricing, returns policy and top-rated customer care. But when I can’t find it there, I am not afraid to explore and seek out the others.

How we have grouped our garden tools for the elderly and disabled.

Now, we didn’t want to leave anything to chance so we have worked hard to ensure we have suitable tools to assist you in every other yard activity.

Our list, therefore, has a mix of all the following equipment.

  1. Pruning tools
  2. Weeding tools
  3. Planting tools
  4. Watering tools
  5. Movement equipment
  6. Digging tools
  7. Handle on grips
  8. Tools for sweeping/cleaning
  9. Convenience tools


Can we now have a look at each?

Here we go.

Handle on grips

Adding an extra grip or handle to your tool may make it easier to grip and hold. This help to reduce arm, hand, and wrist strain when gardening.

Here are some recommended grip and handle products.

1. Easi Grip Add On Handles

Now, if you feel pain using conventional style tools, you can be smart and fit these Easi grip handles to make your tools ergonomic.

You simply slip them into your equipment then tighten them to your most comfortable grip.  Now, with the handles in place, you can work while in an upright position preventing back strain and without twisting your body.

They also keep your hand and wrists in very comfortable position making it less painful and easier to use your favorite garden tools.

These are recommended ergonomic handles that are added to your conventional tools to give them an ergonomic feel and hence less painful and easier to use

They also prevent back strain.


  • check
    More ergonomic grip
  • check
    Very steady
  • check
    Easy to attach
  • check
    Lasts a lifetime


  • The thumb screw for tightening is a tad too soft

2. Back-Saving Tool Handle, Labor-Saving Ergonomic Shovel or Rake Handle Attachment

If you have back problems, you can as well bid goodbye to your gardening vision.

But you can be clever and go for a priceless back saver- I am talking about this back-saving handle which is attached to your rake, sweep, shovel, or any other Gardening tool to make your effort painless and fruitful.

You will attain a less painful posture and reduce the amount of work needed!

Based on an exclusive ergonomic design, this is a versatile tool handle that drastically improves gardening for wheelchair users, seniors and the handicapped.

It makes shoveling, raking, sweeping, lifting and tossing snow less exerting!


  • check
    UV safe
  • check
    Easy Installation
  • check
    Comfortable and easy on your hands


  • Kind of expensive

3.Bionic Women’s Relief Grip Gardening Gloves, Medium

Designed with the help of an orthopedic surgeon, this is a delightful set of gardening gloves for arthritic gardeners and those with highly sensitive hands.

It features a unique pad relief system which is very soft on your hands and Terrycloth mini-towels on its inside to keep your hands cool and dry all through.

Its expanded wristband nicely supports your wrist and your thumb so you can work until the sun sets.

These gardening gloves could be another fine addition to your collection of gardening tools for arthritis.

They are perfectly engineered by an orthopedic hand consultant to help arthritic gardeners and those with sensitive hands live their gardening dreams.


  • check
    Superior grip and Longer lifespan
  • check
    Machine washable so hygienic
  • check
    Comfortably supports your wrist


  • May feel a bit thicker on your hands

Digging Tools

Digging break up your soil, to aerate and it can loosen weeds.

Choose the right tool according to your needs.

Forks and Spades are used to dig up and turning over soil while hoes and rakes are very useful for cultivating, preparing and maintaining your soil.

Here is our recommended collection of digging tools; from small ergonomic hand trowels, rakes, hoes, and large spades.

4. Radius Garden 4 Piece Tool Set-Trowel, Weeder, Trans planter, and Cultivator

What about a complete set of ergonomic hand scratching and digging tools that are optimized to improve your control, comfort, and posture when working?

The radius garden 4-piece gardening hand tool set is an award-winning garden bundle that includes a superb ergonomic trowel, weeder, transplanter, and cultivator.

This combination of long handled garden tools for elderly provides more leverage and effectively reduces stress in your hand and wrist.

The set comes from a comfortable non-latex, polypropylene, and thermoplastic elastomer.

This is an incredible set of luxurious ergonomic hand scratching and digging tools.

The trowel, weeder, transplanter, and cultivator allow you to tend your lawn without aggravating your injury

It makes your whole experience more efficient and enjoyable.


  • check
    Save you from wrist strain
  • check
    Doesn’t bend
  • check
    Very sleek


  • Sometimes struggle with tough dandelion roots
  1. NRS Easi-Grip Garden Trowel – Long Handled

A cousin of the easi grip long handled garden hoe, this long handled trowel works wonderfully when you come to all those important tasks that out your garden in shape.

It does all- breaking up soil, digging planting holes, weeding, applying fertilizer and potting- stress free.

Apart from the lovable extended length, its handle is ergonomic and non-slip so everything is easy-peasy.

This long-handled trowel is among the most popular wheelchair gardening tools.

Perfect for working while in a seated position, its ergonomic handle keeps your wrist at a comfortable angle and beats away all your struggles.


  • check
    Soft grip and Very supportive
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Super long


  • A bit pricey

6. Easi Grip Long Handled Garden Hoe

Gardening for wheelchair users involves working a lot when seated.

This is a deluxe garden hoe, purpose-built for those who prefer or are forced to work from a sitting position, or when you have bending difficulties.

Its Long Reach provides extra length to assist you to reach ground level or your raised flowerbeds.

In case you require some assistance with grip, use it with the arm support cuff (optional)

This garden hoe is very convenient when you are forced to work while seated or when you have some bending difficulties.

Long enough to reach raised flower beds, and floors, this is splendid for gardening for the disabled raised beds.


  • check
    Durable and easy to use
  • check
    Does a thorough job
  • check
    Helps maintain nice posture


  • Maybe uncomfortable for shorter people

Weeding tools

Getting rid of weeds keeps your flower beds tidy, your plants healthy and your lawns immaculate. Weeds inhibit growth and absorb some of the moisture in your soil.  The problem is, once established; weeds can be hard to remove.

You can use dense planting schemes to restrict weed growth. For instance, you can cover the soil with a thicker layer of mulch or weed suppressing membrane.

However, you will always need to weed some parts of your yard.

Here are some of the best weeders for the handicapped.

7.  Radius Garden 102 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder

An excellent weeder, the radius garden ergonomic hand weeder has a comfortable grip so your wrist won’t feel a pinch.

With a tough aluminum blade, Curved fulcrum, a super sharp tip plus serrated edges, it’s very mean on weeds.

Popping out deep, stubborn weeds has never been easier.

Making gardening easier is this excellent weeder.

It plucks every other adamant weed without paining your wrists, back or hips thanks to its ergonomic design.


  • check
    Excellent quality
  • check
    Super comfortable
  • check
    Reduces pressure on hurting areas
  • check
    Holds up well


  • May bend in hard surfaces

8. Cultivator Claw  – for Aerating, Weeding, Cultivating.

Keeping your yard free of weeds is easy if you pick the right cultivator.

This cultivator claw is one such great weed combating tool. And it does much more. For instance, you can use it pick out unwanted rocks lying around your grass. Or break up compacted soil.

It’s 100% ergonomic and with its never-set-down design, it claws without you having to set it down. This significantly reduces arm/hand fatigue.

With its sharp claws and a never-set-down ergonomic design, this claws naturally reducing fatigue in your hand and arm.

It does an admirable job breaking up compacted soil, removing unwanted debris, weeding, and is yet top arsenal from our gardening tools for the elderly


  • check
    Reduces pain in arthritic hands
  • check
    Right size for working your flower beds
  • check
    Works great


  • Slightly awkward to hold.

9. American Educational Products Easi Grip Cultivator

This is a high-quality stainless steel cultivator with an ergonomic handle.

It maintains your wrist and hand at natural angles thus eliminating strains associated with traditional cultivators.

Its “soft-feel” non-slip finishing make this is a true arm-saver!

This high-quality cultivator comes with an ergonomic and very soft non-slip handle to maintain your arm in their natural position.

If you live with arthritis or have tendon issues, this is what will make you cultivate for hours without feeling a pinch


  • check
    Nice grip
  • check
    Super soft
  • check
    Very durable


  • May not do well in compacted soil

10. Easi Grip Weeder

An ergonomic cultivator will need to be accompanied with a warm weeder for the best results.

A superb option from our garden tools for the arthritics analysis is this top-rated easi grip weeder. It comes with a special angled ergonomic handle which makes it friendly for use by the disabled.

It has a “soft-feel” grip, and a non-slip waterproof finishing makes it easy to hold even with wet hands.

With an ergonomically angled handle, “soft-feel” grip, and a non-slip waterproof finishing, this weeder is very friendly to the disabled, arthritics and the elderly.

It could be another bright addition to your tool-set.


  • check
    Great even with tough dandelions
  • check
    Expertly prevents wrist strain
  • check
    Easy to grip


  • Care needed with potted plants

Pruning tools

When Pruning, you cut back branches and shoots on a tree or shrub to remove diseased or dead growth. This helps shape your plant and control its size.

Pruning also encourages the growth of buds to produce flowers and fruit.

You can use loppers, secateurs, tree pruning systems, long reach pruners, and saws to properly prune your plants.

Some scissors are also designed for the garden and can be used to cut flowers or thinner plants.

Here are our top picks for pruning:

11.    Fiskars 36 Inch Long-handle Swivel Grass Shears

Still building on our lengthy list of long handled garden tools for elderly, we also met this relaxed, precious long handled swivel grass shears.

They give a strong performance when edging and trimming ornamental grasses around your compound. You will find it relaxing as Its Long shaft saves you from kneeling and bending

The Blades swivel 360so that you can trim at any angle.

Edging and trimming grass around your compound is a breeze with this long-handled sheers. Its Long-winded, ergonomic shaft means you will never again have sore knees or backache.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    Requires little effort


  • May not cut very thick plants

12.    Pruners, Ratchet Pruning Shears, Garden Tool, For Weak Hands

If you are arthritic or suffer from a weak grip, some garden chores, for example, pruning and cutting can be really painful.

But with the pruners ratchet pruning shears, everything becomes less painful and quick.

We picked them because of their seasoned ratchet mechanism which uses leverage to cut with the least effort. They are so good that even kids can use them.

Pruning and cutting become a joy with the pruners ratchet pruning shears despite your mobility problems or a weak grip.

Their effective 3-stage ratchet mechanism means that even if you have very little energy remaining, you can still do your work without bothering others


  • check
    Very easy on your hands
  • check
    Won’t rust
  • check
    Cuts with minimal effort
  • check
    Remains sharp for long


  • A bit expensive

13. Gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

Pruning your flowers becomes child’s play with this ergonomically designed tree trimmer and hand pruner.

It has non-slip handles, is very strong, lightweight, and super- comfortable.

Its sap groove design ensures they never get stuck.

A five-star rated ergonomically designed pruner, this has non-slip handles, is brawny and featherweight.

It makes pruning comfortable, very pleasant and you will be glad to have it.

Watering tools

When summer comes round, watering may take up more time every day – particularly if you grow in containers.

With an ideal watering system, you can reduce your watering regardless of how you plant.

Here are some watering aids you can consider.

14. Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand Adjustable

For watering, the relaxed gardening watering wand happens to be one of our favorites.

Featuring an ergonomic grip and made from lightweight materials, this delivers a super comfortable watering experience regardless of any physical hindrances.

And it’s just long enough to be easy to use, and also store.

The ergonomic grip and efficient performance make this relaxed gardening watering wand very comfortable watering.

You won’t know what you have been missing until you use it.


  • check
    Easy to set
  • check
    Works with little effort
  • check
    Kind on your sensitive hands.
  • check
    Its length is a huge plus


  • Price a tad high

15. Garden Hose Nozzle / Hand Sprayer – Watering

Watering is one way to keep everything growing healthy. And to do a good job, you need a powerful sprayer.

With a total of 10 watering patterns, this garden hose nozzle/hand sprayer does an exemplary job whether watering thirsty herbs or showering your dog.

And its ergonomic soft rubber comfortable grip means you can continue watering until they are fully-fed without your hands tiring.

The Garden hose nozzle/hand sprayer is a superior watering tool with a powerful watering system and a simple, soft grip to allow you water your herbs efficiently and without tiring.

This is another example of powerful gardening tools for arthritis sufferers.


  • check
    Disability-friendly handle
  • check
    Adjustable flow
  • check
    Easier to use


  • A bit pricey

Planting tools

Planting is a job you have to do at least once every year. Most potted plants can be planted all year-round.

Otherwise, you can plant in dry season, provided you water regularly.

Here are some tips.

  • When digging the planting hole, use a tool that you are comfortable with. A long-handled trowel with arm support and a fist-grip style might be best.  If you are to level the soil, use a trowel with a wider, comfortable grip.
  • For smaller plants, a bulb planter performs better in extracting the soil and is easier to drop in plants.
  • Carry all you need at once – trowel, labels, watering can, kneeler, dibber, and so on, but avoid overloading your barrow – you may need it in the relays!
  • An apron (with a pocket) or a tool belt might help in carrying smaller tools.

Here now are some of the excellent planting accessories for the handicapped.

16. Keter Easy Grow Garden Flower Planter Raised

Your inability to kneel, bend or squat may kill your love for gardening- unless you are armed with the right garden tools for disabled gardeners

This planter is one of the most interesting gardening tools for wheelchair users with its ergonomic design allowing you to use it while sitting or standing.

Whether planting indoors or outdoors, this Elevated Garden Bed enables you to grow a mixture of vegetables, flowers, herbs, or even houseplants.


  • check
    Doesn’t need weeding
  • check
    Reduces joint and back strain
  • check
    Economizes on space


  • A bit expensive

Your dream of bringing color to your decks, balconies, and patios turns real when you meet this. It’s one of the highly raised garden beds for disabled and allows you to garden while standing or sitting.

So, don’t let your passion for gardening die just because you can’t bend or squat.

Another good option is the C-Hoptree Pot Plant Holder Stand, you should check it out too.

17.    Radius Garden 10611 Ergonomic Garden Scooper, Red

The award-winning radius garden ergonomic planter for the elderly and the disabled optimizes your performance while minimizing hand and wrist strain

It has a natural radius grip which keeps your hand in a natural position thus ensuring you can garden for more hours and leave injury-free.

It’s useful in a number of areas- planting, digging, hand trimming beds, weeding, potting, and tending containers

This award-winning ergonomic planter helps the elderly and the disabled to produce great results while minimizing hand and wrist strain

With it, you will work your soil for more hours and stay injury-free.


  • check
    Has effective extra-wide serrated blades
  • check
    Makes gardening enjoyable
  • check
    Very soft grip


  • The blades may need sharpening with hardcore soil

Movement equipment

Almost every garden task involves moving things –carrying tools, taking cuttings and weeds to the compost collection, and moving bags of compost and plants.

Have a convenient gathering of various carrying options to make your different jobs easier:

  • Since it’s easier to hold against your body, a flexible quality bucket with twin handles will be useful to carry cuttings, debris, or other tools.
  • Garden carts with aluminum frames are great. They hold hand long tools comfortably. For the smaller items, you use the tray. These carts also hold a refuse sack. Then you can push the cart without bending. Lastly, you can fold it for storage.
  • If you can’t bend, have reduced strength or you can only use one hand, a twin-wheeled metal frame barrow with a strong, pram handle is your best bet.
  • A folding sack trolley/hand truck moves heavy objects with minimum strain since its lightweight and has an extra-long handle for relaxed pushing.


Now, let’s look at the popular moving tools

18. Step2 Garden Hopper

One of the needs of the elderly, when gardening is a, means to work around the lawn easily. And possibly reduce the number of trips you have to make from the yard to your home.

This is where the step2 garden hopper comes in.  First, you can pack everything you will require while out there. And then, its’ very sturdy seat is high enough for a comfortable perch while still low enough to remain close to your plants.

This is not only one of the top gardening seats for disabled but a mobility tool which makes your movement easier as you tend to your garden.

Since you can pack everything in it, your trips back to your house reduce drastically. And lastly, it has a very comfortable seat where you can perch as you work on your plants.

19. Gorilla Carts Garden Poly Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle

Still on garden tools for the elderly and disabled, you need a way of hauling mulch, gravel, heavy dirt, plants, and other garden supplies when working on your landscaping projects.

The Gorrila Cart heavy-duty garden poly dump cart  is an expert in moving supplies and with a quick-release dump feature, unloading is a piece of cake.

It’s maintenance-free, rust-resistant and very easy to clean

The Gorrila Cart heavy-duty garden poly dump cart saves you time and reduces fatigue by helping you haul your garden supplies like mulch in a stress-free way.

Its quick-release handle makes unloading quick and super-easy!


  • check
    Can be pulled by your lawn tractor/ATV
  • check
    Excellent movement regardless of the terrain
  • check
    Carries a bigger load(1200 lbs.)


  • Not the easiest assembly

20. Amagabeli-Rollers-Outdoor-Planter-Trolley

Your set of gardening tools for seniors won’t be complete without this lovely planter trolley.

While there are many planters out there, only a few are created with the elderly and the handicapped in mind. And of these, not many are without major flaws.

The Amagabeli Planter trolley is a shining example of how all garden tools for handicapped should be made.

With 360° universal wheels, you will effortlessly move your largest flowers pots in any direction be it on the carpet or the lawn.

And this plant caddy can comfortably hold up to 300 lbs.

This is a top plant caddy consisting of 4 durable 360° rolling wheels and a sturdy iron structure.

It makes moving your heavy plants a mere walkover.

21. Plant Stand Down Under Plant Caddy 16-Inch

If you are hunting for ergonomic gardening tools arthritis, and you want a plant caddy that can carry a massive 500 lbs. worth of weight around, then this plant stand down under plant caddy could be a perfect fit.

Measuring 16-inch, this has five top quality steel wheels and a locking caster that keeps it secured in your appointed place. We also loved that its UV resistant and so very safe outdoors.

UV resistant and featuring five top class steel wheels plus a convenient locking caster; this under plant caddy helps you move heavy plants with utmost ease.

It’s created to reduce the struggles that disabled gardeners have to go through when hauling heavier trees

garden tools for sweeping and raking.

We recommend that you go for lightweight, longer-reach, and smaller brooms.

For rakes, select lightweight, small grabber style rakes.Raking and Sweeping are common tasks in gardens.  There are various products to help make raking and the after-cleaning easier.

Check our selection below.

22.    Amazing Rake 3-IN-1 Lightweight 17-Inch Lawn Leaf Grabber Pickup Tool

This is a cozy yard tool that combines a scoop, a rake and also helps you move debris effortlessly. So you will efficiently rake, grab, and bag.

Its ergonomic design means you won’t bend, stoop or touch rubbish so it would be a great addition to your wheelchair gardening collection.

You can finally keep your lawn clear of leaves without suffering.

The yellow 3-in-1 ergonomic pickup rake has a telescopic handle and lets you rake, and clean the debris without bending or stooping.

With it, your aches and pains will not slow you down.

23. Hi-Spec 8 pc Garden Tool set & Gardening Tool Storage Bag with Pruning Shears and more

Comprising of 8 essential ergonomic garden hand tools, including a convenient carry bag this is a comprehensive solution for every handicapped gardener’s farm needs.

You get a hand rake, narrow trowel, pruning shears, hang trowel, gardening gloves, adjustable hand sprayer, 30m gardening wire and a heavy-duty garden tote.

The rakes works superbly to loosen soil, weed, level, and also in removing dead grass

With a total of 8 essential ergonomic gardening tools for the elderly and the handicapped, this is a detailed solution for all your gardening needs

This kit may be worth every penny.

Convenience gardening tools

These add added conveniences. For example, we have those that help you move around, while others protect you from insect bites

Here are a few.

24 Mosquito UShake Bucket Protection Outdoor

How do you keep greedy mosquitoes at bay when tending to your lawn?

You may have a number of options but we feel that this bucket protection system could be a worthwhile alternative.

It has a hat featuring a concealed mesh net housing on the top. This, in turn, hides the full head mosquito bite guard so that you can farm with protection from insects and the Sun.

And it’s easy to put on and adjust.

This is a full head bucket protection against mosquito bites. It combats mosquitoes, flies, insects and bugs and lets you have fun gardening.

And it’s not just effective as part of garden tools for the arthritics but also for ordinary users.

25. Garden Kneeler And Seat

This works in two ways. One, it’s a pleasant garden wheeler. So, for any gardening activity requiring kneeling, you won’t hurt your back or knees.

Neither will you stain/soil your clothes.

Secondly, when you tire of gardening chores, you flip it over to get a very comfortable seat.

This kneeler is one of the popular arthritis gardening tools. You can use it either as a comfortable kneeler when busy tending your garden or convert into a relaxing seat when you tire out.

Choosing garden tools for the elderly and the disabled.

Choosing and buying products today is a bit complicated. That’s because you often have to pick from tens, and sometimes hundreds of different brands and models.

It’s the same case with garden tools for the arthritics, the elderly and those living with disabilities.

So, to keep matters simple and in order to avoid expensive mistakes, we have compiled some useful hints and tips

  • Testing can save you

It pays to have as much information about a product as possible before buying. If possible, try it ­– check its weight, your grip size plus strength and also how balanced it feels in your hands.

If buying online, reading reviews and checking out the videos of the item at work should help you know if this is the item you are looking for.

  • Pick the lightest

Look out for the lightest tools. They are easier to move and work with especially when you have some handicaps

  • It should be made of the right material

Check what material has been used on the product you have identified.  Materials help determine if the tool is suitable for the job.

For instance, stainless steel tools cut through soil much better and are easier to clean. Then, older generation solid forged steel equipment still remains the strongest, are quite light and pretty long lasting.

On another note, Plastic, fiber, carbon, and aluminum tools are the lightest.

  • Quality is king

spares and servicing plus the duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee are also important indicators towards quality.While not easy to assess beforehand, product quality is a major factor.  Consider whether you are looking for a tool to last a life time or something you won’t mind replacing.

  • Power tools are a superb option

Power tools are considered better options for many jobs.

Products can be mains or battery powered.

Before buying, check that you can bear with its weight. Then, always use a circuit breaker with tools which are mains powered.

  • Tools with interchangeable heads offer more convenience

You will find some tool ranges that come with interchangeable heads. For these, you choose the right handle-having the right length-, and then pick separate tool heads like a trowel, rake, brush, or fork.

To use, simply click the handle plus your tool head together.

They may be more expensive but they offer better quality. In addition, you can use them with longer handles or shorter handles as required by the job at hand

  • Check the length of your long-handled tools

When choosing gardening tools with long handles, confirm that the length will allow you to do your work without too much bending and while keeping your back straight.

After all, if you want to prevent strains and stresses when gardening, good posture is a must.

Wrapping up

When you are arthritic or have problems standing, bending, moving from one point to another or even recovering from an injury, garden tools for the elderly and the disabled and arthritics come in very handy.

They are purpose-built to help you rediscover the fun in your garden and achieve better results.

With them, you can work longer, more comfortably and get a greater harvest with minimal effort.

In this epic post, we have highlighted a few of the best pruning tools, weeding tools, watering tools, handle on grips and much more.

Plus, we have also seen the most crucial considerations when buying.

So, isn’t time for you now to take charge? And go for the tool that will bring back your joy in gardening?

Do it and let us know how it went from the comments section.

Thank you.

Riding Lawn Mower Tractor Battery Reviews 2019

floor protectors for plants

Water Catchers For Plants: Drainage plate for plants

​Floor protectors for plants

When watering your plants, chances of ending up with a watery rings, soil stains and even root rot are high if you don’t have a way of drawing the excess water away…this is where water catchers for plants come in.

Drainage plate for plants protect your floors, carpets, and tabletops from soil stains and water rings. They also keep excess moisture away from surfaces and the overly-delicate root systems.

They do so by catching all the runoff water.

Furthermore, they hold extra water meaning you will water your plants/flowers less frequently.

​Water catchers for plants ​

1. Clear Plant Saucers Excellent Outdoor

My favorite bit about these clear saucers is that they have a ridged bottom so airflow is not a bother for your plants meaning they grow healthily- free from molding and mildew.

Then they are built so strong such that they hold your pot out of any standing water- even if you drench your plant.

They have a low profile and are visually unobtrusive.

Ridged on the bottom, these saucers provide a very stable base and smoothens air movement for your beautiful plants.

And you can always see the supporting surface as they are clear.

  • check
    They are clear so they don’t attract attention
  • check
    Prevents molding and mildew
  • check
    They are recyclable
  • check
    At 12” diameter, they Fit nicely around 12” planters 
  • May warp under heavy ceramic pots 
  • They may crack if bent 

2. Fiskars 24 Inch TerraBox Tray

If you use Terrabox Planters, then these are the drip trays you need.

And you don’t have to worry about colors or that you may miss an ideal size- you get a great mixture of colors and sizes.

Their tough resin construction guarantees durability whatever the weather while the UV additives ensures they don’t fade or crack like some of their competitors.

These water catchers come in a variety of colors and sizes and are specially build for Terrabox Planters.

They are all-weather and they neither fade nor crack.

  • check
    They have a cool clay textured look
  • check
    Fits with a variety of TerraBox planters
  • check
    Are very durable
  • check
    They resist fading and cracking
  • check
    You can spray paint them to match your décor 
  • A little shallow
  • They cost more than some of the others 

3. Curtis Wagner Round Clear Plant Saucer

Some of the budget clear plastic saucers crack easily and are generally flimsy.

But these are very well constructed and super-sturdy. They are also deeper so they easily catch excess water plus soil spillage.

You will finally forget about surface stains and smile that your carpets, furniture and floors remain fully protected.

These are inexpensive yet very sturdy and deeper.

They match with all clay, plastic and ceramic planters, on top of various grow bags. They could quite a clever choice in your hunt for the right drainage plate for plants.

  • check
  • check
    Fits a variety of planters.
  • check
    They have enough flex.
  • check
    Very lightweight for easier movement. 
  • May warp under the weight of water 

4. Hydrofarm Garden Saucer, ​


These re-usable green water saucers have a ribbed bottom that superbly keeps your plants out of water apart from ensuring that no plant/flower will stick to the saucer.

Having a diameter of approximately 14-inches, they come in economical packs of 10 so just like the   15-pc set home & garden plant pot saucers, they save you bucks.

These are top-ranked water catchers and for good reason- they are heavy duty, bend easily and cover a large area with their 14-inches diameter.

In short, they beat most of their peers hands down.

  • check
    Heavy duty products so super sturdy.
  • check
    Match most pots as they come in different sizes.
  • check
    Plants don’t stick to the saucer. 
  • check
    Flexible enough to bend easily.
  • Color green may not match with some patios. 

5. CWP-SQDS Footed Square Carpet Saver Saucer

These are durable square footed water catchers which are versatile enough to be used with both indoor and outdoor planters.

And they are functional enough to be used with a ceramic or round or even a molded plastic planter.

Still, they have an excellent airflow bottom design which doesn’t trap moisture, or dirt under your saucer.

Lastly, these square plant saucers have a variety of sizes - 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 16”

These heavy duty square water saucers fit with a variety of planters and can work both indoors/outdoors.

When looking for versatility, not many saucers beat this.

  • check
    Excellent with square or round ceramic on top of molded plastic planter
  • check
    Extra heavy duty
  • check
    Versatile- works indoors/outdoors
  • check
    They are clear making cleaning a breeze 
  • A bit costly 

6.  Plant Pot Saucers Clear Plastic


Due to their design water saucers can have many other uses. For example, they make great bird baths and watering cans for your pets and strays.

With their high sides confining the water, and their raised ridges helping to maintain moisture, these plant trays are engineered to be reliable and resilient amid the flooding.

Intentionally built to be reliable and consistent in performance, these water drips are one of the must-haves for a contemporary gardener.

Their ultra-high sides and inclined ridges ensures that they will always exceed all your expectations.

  • check
    The various sizes give you more choices
  • check
    Affordable compared to ceramic saucers 
  • check
    Can be bent easily
  • The labels that hold the saucers together are a little difficult to remove. 

7. Bloem Cotta Saucer- 24 inch plant saucers

Deeper plant saucers hold more water so you can water your plants until they are fully hydrated without worrying about emptying them.

At 2.5-inches deep, the bloem cotta saucer is deeper than most of the popular drainage plate for plants. It works well with Milano and Dura Cotta planters.

If you are a gardener  looking for a deep saucer- one that can go with larger planters, then this could be what you have been searching.

It impresses with its depth and functionality.

  • check
    A strong base makes it more stable
  • check
    Its depth is a great convenience.
  • check
    Fits with even larger plants 
  • Not very thick 

8.Bamboo Small Round Sandy Beige


These are made of bamboo hence they are hardy, lightweight and super- durable.

Then, they have a raised rim which quickly collects excess water and any soil spillage.

Lastly, these have a natural wooden color meaning they match almost all pots and planters.

These bamboo rounded plant trays are excellent with small planters. They match well with your other furniture due to the wooden color and expertly collect overflowing water.

Bamboo is also very durable.

  • check
    matches naturally with your other furniture
  • check
    Super lightweight
  • check
    Much cheaper
  • A bit smaller so won’t do well with large plants
  • May crack if bent 

9.  FUNNYGO Round  14" Plant Saucer caddy- large plant saucer with wheels

What about a drip tray that gives you ultimate flexibility? A tray you can move- even with your large plants- conveniently around your home or garden?

Made of thicker and enhanced Materials, these funnygo round plant saucers have a removable water tray with a capacity to hold heavy and larger plants.

The durable caster Wheels roll easily making movement breeze.

If you are looking for saucers to Move heavy planters around your garden or home breezily, then these could be your lasting solution.

These have the capacity and ability to draw water while making your plants more mobile.

  • check
    Moves plants safely and easily
  • check
    Supports larger and heavier pots 
  • check
    They are made of top quality materials
  • Costs more 

10. 15-pc Set Home & Garden Plant Saucers

These round water saucers are sturdy, re-usable and come in different sizes.

They also have a Unique raised ring pattern design that effectively holds all excess water away from your plant pot.

Then, Apart from drawing water away, they also provide critical airflow crucial for your plants healthy root system and their overall improved health.

This doesn’t just hold water- it also guarantee plenty of healthy air flow for your plants meaning you will be growing healthier plants in mess-free environment.

  • check
    Since they are clear, these saucers match well with almost all the planters and grow bags in the market today- clay, ceramic, and plastic.
  • check
    Their airflow design doesn’t trap dirt or moisture hence your floors and furniture remain highly protected
  • check
    You get a free E-book bonus “Grow bigger plants” which is full of fresh ideas
  • check
    It’s a 15 pack so it’s cheaper than buying one-one
  • check
    They come in three versatile sizes (6’, 8” and 10”) so they will certainly fit most plant containers 
  • They are a bit thin and may crack under heavy soil 

Benefits of using drainage plate for plants

Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of water catchers for plants.

  • Your plants remain hydrated all through

The residual water ensures your growing plants remain in good health and hydrated all through without putting any extra effort or time

  • They prevent root rot

by drawing any standing water away from your plant, water saucers ensure that potted plants don’t develop mold that ordinary causes makes the roots to rot

  • Re-potting and watering become easier

Some plant pot saucers are designed not only to lure excess water but also to facilitate better oxygenation of your plants making them healthier.

Watering and re-potting is much easier with healthier plants.

  • Zero mess

If you want to water your plants without staining your furniture and floor, large planter saucers will give you peace of mind.

Where to buy drainage plate for plants

While your local gardening supplies store could supply your needs, online stores like Amazon, E-bay and similar eCommerce sites have more variety besides offering better prices.

Factors To Consider When Buying Water Catchers For Plants

Getting an ideal water catchers for plants shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds. By simply keeping in mind some crucial factors, you should soon be a happy owner of an excellent drainage plate for plants.

Here now are those key features:

  • Functionality

How well does it hold the water at bay? And does it really keep your growing flowers hydrated? What aerating the plant roots- does it really help to aerate your plant roots?

Well, be it rectangular plant saucers or  other drip trays, functionality is key.

  •  Décor

If you don’t want to attract attention, go for clear plant drips. They are others like the Bamboo-Small-Round-Sandy-Beige have a great natural wood theme and beautifully complement your furniture.


  • Size and depth

The size of your saucer tray and also its depth also matters.  For example, you may find a deeper rectangular plant drip tray or even a rounded one performing much better than shallow saucers.

If you are unsure of your ideal size, pick a diameter a bit bigger to avoid inconveniences.

  • Your planters

You will meet saucers purposed for certain planters- for example; the Fiskars TerraBox Tray is built for Terrabox Planters and won’t fit well with other water catchers.

  • Sturdiness

It shouldn’t crack or give in too easily.

  • Flexibility

Since you may want to bend it as you drain the residue water or when cleaning it, your water saucer should have enough flex to support such operations.


Final Thoughts on water catchers

By simply placing water catchers for plants, you get to kill many birds with one stone;

First, you catch excess water and prevent staining of your floors, tables and carpets.

They also help pass more oxygen to your plants making them healthier and more productive.

Saucers also help to decorate the base of all your plants- especially those with matching décor.

So, messy free gardening is possible- you only need a drainage plate for plants!

Terracotta pots with side holes

Terracotta pots with side holes

​Flower pots with holes in sides

Flower pots with holes in sides have a number of advantages but for me, what I like most is the exceptional drainage and airflow

And this is what makes them ideal for quite a number of your plants including orchids, tropicals and African violets.

In fact, experts will tell you that plants growing in terracotta pots with side holes will always outgrow and outsmart those in non-breathable pots.

Which isn’t surprising considering they enjoy better moisture levels throughout.

Now, since our goal is to help you reap big from your gardening efforts, I will be sharing on the available flower pots with holes in sides.

Here we go.

​Planters with holes in sides

  1. Slotted Clear Pot With Holes


Coming from RE Potme Orchid Supplies but selling on Amazon, this boasts of a total of 46 Individual holes. Problems to do with aeration and drainage are therefore unheard of with this magnificent flower pot.

Even better, it helps improve the health of your plants’ root guaranteeing a firmer foundation and the general well-being of your plant.

I was also happy to note its UV Protected so it won’t break up due to sun exposure.

This provides more than a home for your Orchids.

  1. Bloem Hanging Planter System 3 Pack, Terra Cotta 

This is another well-constructed terracotta pots with side holes

With a unique space saving design and the looks to make its competitors turn green with envy, it’s an absolute delight hanging in your garden

It’s a set of 3 but you don’t have to hang all at once. Plus you can hang each horizontally or vertically

It has a Built-in self-watering system so you don’t have to water frequently and when you have to, the two side holes makes it quick and easier.

So, if you are an urban gardener or space is at a premium, then this will serve.

  1. EMSCO Expandable Expandable Hose Storage Pot

Another of my favorites, this is an ornamental expandable hose hider with an appealing weathered terra cotta finish.

Featuring a hole on the side, it makes it keeps your hose screwed to the spigot while holding your expandable hose.

When not using it as a horse storage system, use it to store/organize your gardening tools.

It’s made of a super-sturdy structure so it stands up against heat and other damaging environmental elements

In summary, this functional hand-turned stoneware pot adds flair and style wherever you place it.

  1. Standard Strawberry Pot Herb Jar  Terracotta

Strawberry planters also called strawberry jars can be made of ceramic pottery or clay though wood and plastic ones are also available.

All have holes, or pockets, around their sides where you plant the individual strawberries

This is not an exception. It has multiple side holes and allows you to inter crop your berries with other plants to get the most beautiful effect.

And since it has a vintage design, it looks simply gorgeous!

  1. Square Ceramic Orchid Pot/Saucer + Felt Feet

For some reason, orchids are still considered one of the hardest plants to grow.

But you can reduce the work involved and increase your chances of getting results if you try planting them in flower pots with holes in sides

 This is one of the most beautiful and functional orchid pots.

With the patterned holes, your orchids thrive from the enhanced ventilation, improved drainage and growth freedom.

The other thing is that it comes in various shapes,color glazes and patterns so you are sure to find something that goes with your décor.

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  1. HD PRINTABLES Orchid Pot & Tray

Purposed for use with orchid barks, this work so well with orchids and is by far one of my luckiest buys.

I love just about everything about it.

First, I can always see the roots of my orchids. How? I just peak in through some of the holes.

Secondly, I can clearly see that my plants are happy with the aeration- you see the holes are big and well distributed so oxygen reaches every root

Then, the pot & tray set is durable, attractive and safe.

  1. HomArt Rustic Terra Cotta- Orchid Pot

Many growers who use ventilated orchid pots are driven not only by the need to harvest big but also by the desire for a special look

And that’s where the homart rustic terra cotta-orchid pot comes in.

Made from natural earth materials and using age-old world pottery techniques, this slotted pot introduces a unique and natural look to your garden

Offered in various shapes plus sizes, you can finally bring the aesthetics you have always wished for with this irresistible man-made planter.

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  1. Bloem Shortcake Planter, Gre-Fresh

The bloem shortcake planter, Gre-fresh has 4 giant ventilation holes which allow excess air to flow into the roots, thus keeping them healthier.

Then, if you want to make planting fun, you can try planting from the side holes-they are big enough for this so at least you can break monotony

It is also a comfortably-sized container so grabbing and lifting is pretty straightforward.

And it is not only for strawberries! Succulents, herbs, and many annuals will find a rich home in it.


How to keep ​flower pots with holes in sides ​from making a mess

In flower pots with holes in sides, water drains freely and of course, air circulation to your plant is immensely improved.

However, as water flows from your pot, potting soil may also wash out creating an ugly mess.

In this section, I will share some of the tips I use to avoid this.

  • Cover the openings

Before planting, cover all the side openings. Remember to use a material that permeates water to pass freely while preventing the loss of your potting soil.

A chunk of broken pottery or even a piece of fine wire mesh can work.

  • Use a drainage saucer

A drainage saucer will collect excess water so you can consider placing your container on one. Check out our recommended water catchers here.

  • Pebbles, gravel or sand

On your drainage saucer, add a layer of gravel, pebbles, or sand. They will allow the pot to drain more freely and reduces its chances of ending up with standing in water.


  • Generally, small-sized openings naturally help block the loss of potting soil.
  • Double-potting helps. This simply means placing a breathable pot inside a sealed pot. However, always confirm that your inner pot is not standing in water first.

creative urn planters you can find in the market.

Wrapping up

Flower pots with holes in sides or if you like, terracotta pots with side holes will give you plants exceptional drainage and aeration.

They are therefore worthwhile options for any gardener.

In this post, I have shared with you some of the available flower pots with holes in sides.

I hope this will benefit your plants moving forward.


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