Gardena 18512 AquaRoll Hose Collection Trolley Set

Convenient use hose cart set

GARDENA AquaRoll M provides space-saving storage of the garden hose and is easy to use. Ergonomic crank with soft plastic components reliably rewinds the hose. The hose is already equipped with Original GARDENA System parts. The innovative frost resistance and 5-year warranty guarantee the “Made in Germany” maximum quality.

High posture security

The specially shaped foot guarantees high posture safety. The hose cart facilitates the irrigation work since it does not move even when the hose is pulled.

Maximum water flow

The angled hose connection inside the spool prevents the hose from kinking. This feature ensures maximum water flow continuously.

No water drip after use

It prevents the leakage of water after using the non-drip device or while carrying the hose trolley.

Technicial Specifications

Setting up with linksClassic Hose, 1 x Cleaning Tip, 1 x Water stopper, 3 x Hose Connection, 2 x Tap Connection, 1 x Adapter
Hose Length20 m
Hose Diameter Single13 mm
Frost protectionYes
Gardena Warranty5-year warranty
Maximum capacity 15 mm (5/8 “)60 m 13 mm (1/2 “), 50 m 15 mm (5/8”), 35 m 19 mm (3/4 “)


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