Extra Large Planters for Outside: Commercial Outdoor Planters 2020

Large Outdoor Planters For Flowers

If you’re planning to grow some of the plants with large root balls, you will need extra large planters for outside.

I’m talking about plants such as dwarf fig,citrus, and lemon trees.

These have bigger roots and will need a large pot- or any container that can accommodate their expansive roots and leave some growing space.

Anything less may fill up before the plant has reached transplanting stage spelling doom for your efforts.

Extra large plantersare containers designed to hold plants with spacious roots,for example, ficus plants.

Most have a tasty finish and seamlessly incorporate into your existing indoor and outdoor décor.

Some even come with an easy-to-lift liner just to simplify planting.


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Where To Buy Extra Large Planters?

A number of websites currently stock a number of containers including extra large plastic planters.

Amazon has a huge variety while you will also find a sizeable collection on eBay.

Alibaba and individual manufacturer websites are the other options.

If you prefer buying offline, some garden supplies shops have them.

In our case, we camped on Amazon and cherry-picked some of the best commercial outdoor planters

Here is a brief look into some of these extra large planters for outdoors.

Extra Large Planters For Outdoors

1. Corten Steel Long Box Planter

The biggest news here is the insulation which helps to protect your plant roots during punishing winter and steaming summer months.

It’s welded using top grade and thick corten steel so it is a very durable product.

It has a furniture quality finishing and should blend seamlessly with your furnishings.

Lastly, it survives frost and cracks making it a better option for growers in colder climates


  • It is not affected by ice and freezing conditions and is a sure bet for cold regions.
  • It quite deep and is conducive to plants with deep-lying roots.
  • The quality of steel used to make this makes it very durable

  • Like its H. Potter’s cousins, you have to cough up more to own it.

2. Swan XL Planters (Set Of 3)

Measuring 15″ long x 8″ wide x 16″ high, these beautiful extra-large planters are big enough to accommodate most of the biggest flowers and plants.

These are made using strongly molded polyethylene and have nicely curved necks, colored beaks, and eyes on top of detailed “feathers.”

They arrive in mint condition and are very light.


  • They are very beautiful and will charm your guests.
  • These are light hence easy to move about.
  • They are big enough to hold a variety of oversized plants

  • They lack drainage opening and could be difficult to drain

3. Flower Pot Garden Outdoor/Indoor Planters 12″ 2-Pack Unbreakable Resin, Drain Hole, Grey

Made from unbreakable resin clay, these flower pots create a natural environment for your plants to thrive.

They are porous and allow the roots to devour compost while breathing.

Chances of over watering are also very minimal with this set-up.

They come predominantly in a natural looking pale grey.


  • Chances of breaking during movement are next to zero
  • These pots look neutral and match up to a variety of decors.
  • They create a ‘natural’ growth environment making plants to blossom.

  • They are slightly heavier.

4. Nice Trough Planter 20″ x 46″ x 20″Corten Steel

Still made from high-grade corten steel material, this trough planter has a well thought out design and is fairly large.

It looks sleek and unique ensuring that your lawn will look extremely appealing.

Even though to you have to assemble it, it’s very easy to set up.

And it comes complete with useful drainage holes.


  • Since it’s made from industrial grade 16-gauge steel, this should last for a long time.
  • This is a sharp looking planter especially after weathering
  • It’s a good size even for a vegetable bed

  • You need to assemble it before use
  • It’s heavy and you may have to get help to lift

5. Southern Patio 23-inches Metro Poly-Resin Extra Large Planter, Monzonite

This model of extra large lightweight planters is one of the largest- it’s deep, very wide, and leaves lots of free space for your plants to expand.

Its drainage plug is designed innovatively and is simple to unplug when a need arises.

It has a nice granite finishing and shines its beauty all over your home, garden, patio, or balcony.


  • It doesn’t crack or chipas a result of variations in temperature.
  • The planter is pretty deep and wide. Your plants will grow rapidly.
  • It’s one of the lightest planters in the whole list!

  • It’s not as durable as the tall outdoor planters made from fiberglass.

6. Suncast Herring XL Planter, 18-Inches

This stands out prominently and complements a large number of decors.

Not many plants will have their rootballs exceeding 18-inches and it should ,therefore, be a perfect home for every one of your large plants.

Thick walls ensure that it won’t break during transit.

And it comes at a good price despite its size and quality.


  • Its walls are thick and won’t break easily during transit
  • The planter is lighter and hence easier to shift
  • Its material looks durable and could serve for many moons.

  • You will have to manually make drainage holes.
  • It’s only available in two colors- brown and blue

7. Round Glazetone Planter, 16-Inch, Emberglow

The rubber feet on the bottom help prevent molding and staining on this round planting pot outside.

Then the removable drain plug makes it easy to drain and to protect your plant roots from rotting.

Further, it’s made from heavy duty steel and should survive in all environments regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

I also noted that it’s hand-painted and looks stylish.


  • This planting pot is lightweight and easily movable.
  • It offers fantastic drainage options for excess water.
  • It looks very pretty and portrays lively surroundings.

  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • The paint may start coming off after sometime.

8. Flower Pot Large 14.2-inches Garden Planters, Unbreakable Resin, Drain Hole, Grey

Compared with plastic planters, resin planters are stronger and offer long service life.In fact, the manufacturer of this large pot offers a 5-year non-breaking guarantee.

Apart from that, it’s UV resistant and also frost resistant so you can leave it outside even when it’s freezing.

Its natural porosity enables your plants to “breathe” while ensuring they will never be flooded.


  • This is yet another super durable extra large planter
  • It is far much lighter compared to extra large ceramic planters
  • Its breathable and plants will enjoy a healthy dose of airflow

  • It’s sold at a higher price


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9. Round Moonstone Planter, 14-Inch, Teal

The round moonstone planter has rubber feet which makes it very stable. It also allows airflow meaning it rarely molds.

The removable drain plug helps to prevent rotting of roots and over-watering.

Then, it’s one of the few large planters made of steel.

It thus survives all weather conditions unscathed while guaranteeing many years of service.

You can use it indoors or outdoors for large flowers, vegetables, and a variety of crops.


  • This extra large planter is made of heavy steel and will deliver many years of service
  • The teal color makes it looks sleek and expensive
  • It’s easier to drain flooding water thanks to the removable drain plug.

  • It’s narrower on the lower edge

10. Southern Patio 20-inches Metro Poly-Resin Large Planter, Granite Brown

The one thing I like about planters with traditional styling is that they work with all decors and this is no different.

It adopts the color of cool earth-tones and beds in well with various furnishings.

Importantly, it made from durable resin and thus withstands the vagaries of outdoor seasonal elements.

At 20 inches, this is huge for the plants which need growing space.


  • Its stone-age looks give your garden a contemporary appearance.
  • Its UV protected, non-fade, and corrosion-resistant and retain its shine for longer.
  • This is super lightweight and thus very easy to move around.

  • The interior seems a bit narrow and may be small for some crops.
  • It doesn’t have a drainage opening.

11. GARDENGOODZ Honeysuckle 15″ Patio Pot Fossil Stone

This planter looks like ceramic or an ancient stone.

It’s also lightweight and very durable thanks to its high density resin construction.

Versatile for both Indoors and outdoors, it’s weather resistant and has a UV coated finishing which protects its color from fading

Though it’s delivered without drainage, you can easily drill drainage holes on the bottom if the need arises.


  • This is a very high quality and spacious planter with thick walls and a great finishing.
  • It’s considered pocket friendly as compared to some premium varieties.
  • You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

  • You have to make your own drainage openings

12. Suncast 1606NP36 Resin Planter, Blue/Brown

This suncast container can hold a full 8.35 gal of water thus reducing the frequency of watering.

It’s – as with all suncast containers- a beautiful pot and perfectly complements your existing decorations.

It’s much lighter and being a resin planter, its long term durability is assured.

It has a diameter of 16-inches.


  • It endures all the damaging elements associated with outdoors.
  • It’s much lighter as compared to its cousins.
  • This planter feels really solid.

  • It lacks a drainage hole and you have to make your own.

13. Whiskey Barrel Planter, 20.5″, Distressed Oak

This is no doubt an outstanding planter.

As big as classic whiskey barrel planters, it looks fantastic with its distressed oak finishing and will surely accentuate your garden.

Its UV protected and its colors rarely fade.

In addition, it’s lightweight and comes with drainage holes to make your work easier.

And its high-density resin construction is very, very durable.


  • This is absolutely one of the largest planters around.
  • It’s a high quality product and is protected from fading and vagaries of weather.
  • This comes with handy drainage holes.

  • The Bottom drainage holes look too big and may drain faster than desired.
  • The insides are somehow thin and you may need to pack it well when in transit.

14. Mayne 4833-ES Nantucket Super-Tall Patio Planter, Espresso

There are 2 things I like about this:

First, this is super tall- and also wide.

Its dimensions of 32¨H x 15.5¨W x 15.5¨D are rare for planters in this category and are therefore excellent with plants which tend to shoot up first.

Secondly, I love its self watering tray.

Once inserted, it creates a functional sub-irrigation water system reducing your watering responsibilities while ensuring that the growing roots enjoy a nourished growth.

It’s made with highest grade polyethylene and should offer long-lasting service.

Finally,in spite of its enhanced dimensions, this large rectangular planters outdoor is very light


  • Its self-irrigation system reduces your watering duties.
  • This is very tall and goes well with plants which are tall as well as wide.
  • It looks quite elegant once installed in your garden.

  • It scratches a little too easily

15. Mayne Fairfield 5825B 20-Inch Patio Planter, Black

This rectangular planter has a unique built-in water reservoir making your watering work easier.

The self-watering effect also encourages healthy growth in your plants as they’re practically watering themselves whenever thirst strikes.

It looks appealing in its natural black and introduces a charming lookinto your patio or deck

And at 20″L x 20″W x 20″H, this is quite big.


  • It easier to plant into and grow thanks to its self-watering reservoir.
  • It’s naturally charming and brings some nice aesthetics into your space.
  • The planter feels super sturdy.

  • Mosquitoes maybe attracted to the reservoir.
  • Drilling drainage holes is a bit involving.

16. H Potter 12″ x 4″ x 4″ Rectangular Flower Planter, Black Nickel

A stainless steel rectangular potter, this introduces a timeless, luxurious appeal to your garden thanks to its black nickel finish.

It comes with a customized rectangular drainage dish which helps you to drain excess water.

Whichever way you want to use it, this will always work.

For instance, it looks awesome as a herbs planter on your windowsill, a flower pot, or even with dwarf trees


  • This is one of the longest (and deepest) planters and can hold several plants.
  • The drainage tray makes draining excess water a breeze.
  • It makes your garden look gorgeous.

  • It’s a bit expensive.

17. H Potter Tall Planter Indoor/Outdoor, Antique Copper (With a Planting Insert)

Still, from H Potter, this is a very tall planter- it measures 33 inches (high)x 15 inches (wide).

It also comes with an 11-inches metallic liner insert which helps “lift” the bottom a bit especially when dealing with plants which don’t need a deep bed.Impressively, the insert has draining holes so even with it, over watering will never be a bother.

More drainage openings are found on the base.

It’s hand-crafted and has a striking clear lacquer finishing.

It will thus adorn your spaces with rich looks.


  • With a unique handcrafted finishing, this is beautiful and striking.
  • It has drainage openings in both the insert and the base.
  • You can add some rocks to the base to make it more stable.

  • It’s a heavy planter.


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What To Look For When Buying Extra Large Planters For Outside?

As you have seen, you’re spoilt for choice when we come to extra large planters for trees

However, to find the perfect extra large planter for your task, you need to be aware of a few things:

  • Size

Even though they’re all large, some are bigger than others.

You will want to pick the planter that will satisfy the requirements of your plant both in width and height.

  • Drainage

It should provide an opening or at least a way of draining off excess water.

Some allow you to punch drainage holes while others have an integrated drainage plug.

  • Styling

Planters with a contemporary design look great with indoor/outdoor decor.

Some models really accentuate your patio space.

  • Weight

Lightweight containers are easier to move- remember you may want to move your plants indoors when the weather conditions become extreme.

  • Durability

Large commercial fiberglass plantersare not only super well-made. They are also fade resistant, water-proof, corrosion-proof, and insect resistant

Wrapping Up

If you want to introduce plants with small roots to your lawn, then extra large planters for outside will serve you well.

These are bigger, more resilient, and mostly match up with your current décor.

And so your plants will blossom and bring forth handsome results.
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Last Updated: April 15, 2020