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25 Adaptive Ergonomic Gardening Tools For Arthritis

Ergonomic Gardening Tools For Arthritis

Gardening tools are some of the essential elements to maintaining a good and upgraded garden all the while. However, people with disabilities find it more challenging to work with standard tools. This is especially true for people who have arthritis.

This is the reason why there are specially designed garden tools for arthritis. These are the tools that help these people function brilliantly without any difficulty.

Apart from these tools, there are quite a few gardening tools the elderly use for a fabulous gardening experience.

25 Garden Tools For Seniors And Disabled

It is estimated that about 1 billion people live with some disability worldwide. And some of these are still great gardeners simply because they have mastered using various ergonomic gardening tools for the elderly and disabled.

Regardless of whether your condition is permanent or short-lived, you don’t have to give up on Gardening. A wide range of garden tools for disabled people exists.

We have recently come across excellent garden tools for people with arthritis!

I will discuss some gardening tools for the elderly and the disabled in this post.

Come with me.

Why Use Specialized Gardening Tools?

How do garden tools for people with arthritis, the elderly, and the physically challenged differ from conventional tools, and how will they help your gardening endeavors?

These ergonomic tools are designed with more support to help reduce suffering and pain.

Most, if not all:

  • Save your back by helping you to maintain a more natural posture.
  • Are soft on your hands so you can work for longer without tiring.
  • Have an enhanced grip to continue working on your lawn even if you have a weaker hold.
  • Providing you with more leverage means you can do as much as an everyday gardener but with minimum effort.

So, as you can see, they help you reclaim your passion for farming and contribute to making it more fruitful.

Where To Buy Garden Tools For The Elderly and Disabled?

All the tools and equipment highlighted here are available from various garden centers, garden shopping websites, hardware stores, and e-commerce websites such as Amazon and E-bay and directly from the manufacturer in a few selected cases.

I am a fan of Amazon because of its delivery convenience, fair pricing returns policy, and top-rated customer care. But when I can’t find it there, I am not afraid to explore and seek out others.

How Have We Grouped Our Garden Tools For The Elderly and Disabled?

We didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so we have worked hard to ensure we have suitable tools to assist you in every other yard activity.

Our list, therefore, has a mix of all the following equipment:

Alright? Can we now have a look at each? Here we go.

Handle on Grips

Adding an extra grip or handle to your tool may make it easier to grip and hold. This helps to reduce arm, hand, and wrist strain when gardening.

Here Are Some Recommended Grip And Handle Products.

  • Easy Grip Add On Handles
    Now if you feel pain using conventional style tools, you can be smart and fit these Easy-grip handles to make your tools ergonomic. You simply slip them into your equipment then tighten them to your most comfortable grip. Now, with the handles in place, you can work while in an upright position preventing back strain and without twisting your body. They also keep your hand and wrists in a very comfortable position making it less painful and easier to use your favorite garden tools. These are recommended ergonomic handles that are added to your conventional tools to give them an ergonomic feel and hence less painful and easier to use. They also prevent back strain.


  • More ergonomic grip
  • Very steady
  • Easy to attach
  • Lasts a lifetime


  • The thumbscrew for tightening is a tad too soft


  • Back-Saving Tool Handle, Labor-Saving Ergonomic Shovel or Rake Handle Attachment
    If you have back problems, you can as well bid goodbye to your gardening vision. But you can be clever and go for a priceless back saver- I am talking about this back-saving handle which is attached to your rake, sweep, shovel, or any other Gardening tool to make your effort painless and fruitful. You will attain a less painful posture and reduce the amount of work needed! Based on an exclusive ergonomic design, this is a versatile tool handle that drastically improves Gardening for wheelchair users, seniors, and the handicapped. It makes shoveling, raking, sweeping, lifting, and tossing snow less exerting!


  • UV safe
  • Easy Installation
  • Comfortable and easy on your hands


  • Kind of expensive


  • Bionic Women's Relief Grip Gardening Gloves, Medium
    Designed with the help of an orthopedic surgeon, this is a delightful set of gardening gloves for arthritic gardeners and those with highly sensitive hands. It features a unique pad relief system that is very soft on your hands and Terrycloth mini-towels on its inside to keep your hands cool and dry all through. Its expanded wristband nicely supports your wrist and your thumb so you can work until the sunsets. These gardening gloves could be another fine addition to your collection of gardening tools for arthritis. They are perfectly engineered by an orthopedic hand consultant to help arthritic gardeners and those with sensitive hands live their gardening dreams.


  • Superior grip and Longer lifespan
  • Machine washable, so hygienic
  • Comfortably supports your wrist


It May feel a bit thicker on your hands

Digging Tools

Digging breaks up your soil to aerate, and it can loosen weeds. Choose the right tool according to your needs. Forks and Spades are used to dig up and turn over the soil, while hoes and rakes help cultivate, prepare, and maintain your soil.

Our recommended collection of digging tools comes from small ergonomic hand trowels, rakes, hoes, and large spades:

  • Radius Garden 4 Piece Tool Set-Trowel, Weeder, Trans Planter and Cultivator
    What about a complete set of ergonomic hand scratching and digging tools that are optimized to improve your control, comfort, and posture when working? The radius garden 4-piece gardening hand toolset is an award-winning garden bundle that includes a superb ergonomic trowel, weeder, transplanter, and cultivator. This combination of long-handled garden tools for the elderly provides more leverage and effectively reduces stress in your hand and wrist. The set comes from a comfortable non-latex, polypropylene, and thermoplastic elastomer. This is an incredible set of luxurious ergonomic hand scratching and digging tools. The trowel, weeder, transplanter, and cultivator allow you to tend your lawn without aggravating your injury. It makes your whole experience more efficient and enjoyable.


  • Save you from wrist strain
  • Doesn’t bend
  • Very sleek


Sometimes struggle with tough dandelion roots

  • NRS Easy-Grip Garden Tool Set – Long Handled
    This set contains long-handled trowel, fork, cultivator and hoe works wonderfully when you come to all those important tasks that out your garden in shape. They do all – breaking up soil, digging planting holes, weeding, applying fertilizer, and potting – stress-free. Apart from the lovable extended length, their handles are ergonomic and non-slip so everything is easy-peasy. These long-handled trowel, fork, cultivator, and hoe are among the most popular wheelchair gardening tools. Perfect for working while in a seated position, their ergonomic handles keep your wrist at a comfortable angle and beat away all your struggles.


  • Soft grip and very supportive
  • Easy to use
  • Super long


  • A bit pricey


  • Easy Grip Long Handled Garden Hoe
    Gardening for wheelchair users involves working a lot when seated. This is a deluxe garden hoe, purpose-built for those who prefer or are forced to work from a sitting position, or when you have bending difficulties. Its Long Reach provides extra length to assist you to reach the ground level or your raised flowerbeds. In case you require some assistance with grip, use it with the arm support cuff (optional). This garden hose is very convenient when you are forced to work while seated or when you have some bending difficulties. Long enough to reach raised flower beds, and floors, this is splendid for Gardening for the disabled raised beds.


  • Durable and easy to use
  • Does a thorough job
  • It helps maintain an excellent posture


  • It May be uncomfortable for shorter people

Weeding Tools

Getting rid of weeds keeps your flower beds tidy, plants healthy, and lawns immaculate. Weeds inhibit growth and absorb some of the moisture in your soil. The problem is, once established, weeds can be hard to remove. You can use dense planting schemes to restrict weed growth. For instance, you can cover the soil with a thicker layer of mulch or weed-suppressing membrane. However, you will always need to weed some parts of your yard.

Here Are Some Of The Best Weeders For The Handicapped.

  • Radius Garden 102 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder
    An excellent weeder, the radius garden ergonomic hand weeder has a comfortable grip so your wrist won't feel a pinch. With a tough aluminum blade, Curved fulcrum, a super sharp tip plus serrated edges, it's very mean on weeds. Popping out deep, stubborn weeds has never been easier. Making Gardening easier is this excellent weeder. It plucks every other adamant weed without paining your wrists, back, or hips thanks to its ergonomic design.


  • Excellent quality
  • Super comfortable
  • Reduces pressure on hurting areas
  • Holds up well


  • May bend on hard surfaces

  • Cultivator Claw – for Aerating, Weeding, Cultivating
    Keeping your yard free of weeds is easy if you pick the right cultivator. This cultivator claw is one such great weed combating tool. And it does much more. For instance, you can use it to pick out unwanted rocks lying around your grass. Or break up compacted soil. It's 100% ergonomic and with its never-set-down design, it claws without you having to set it down. This significantly reduces arm/hand fatigue. With their sharp claws and a never-set-down ergonomic design, these claws naturally reducing fatigue in your hand and arm. It does an admirable job breaking up compacted soil, removing unwanted debris, weeding and is yet top arsenal from our gardening tools for the elderly.


  • Reduces pain in arthritic hands
  • Suitable size for working for your flower beds
  • Works great


  • Slightly awkward to hold

  • American Educational Products Easy Grip Cultivator
    This is a high-quality stainless steel cultivator with an ergonomic handle. It maintains your wrist and hand at natural angles, thus eliminating strains associated with traditional cultivators. Its soft-feel non-slip finishing makes this is a true arm-saver! This high-quality cultivator comes with an ergonomic and very soft non-slip handle to maintain your arm in its natural position. If you live with arthritis or have tendon issues, this is what will make you cultivate for hours without feeling a pinch.


  • Nice grip
  • Super soft
  • Very durable


  • May not do well in compacted soil

  • Easy Grip Weeder
    An ergonomic cultivator will need to be accompanied with a warm weeder for the best results. A superb option from our garden tools for the arthritics analysis is this top-rated easy-grip weeder. It comes with a special angled ergonomic handle which makes it friendly for use by the disabled. It has a soft-feel grip, and a non-slip waterproof finishing makes it easy to hold even with wet hands. With an ergonomically angled handle, soft-feel grip, and a non-slip waterproof finishing, this weeder is very friendly to the disabled, arthritics, and the elderly. It could be another bright addition to your toolset.


  • Great, even with tricky dandelions
  • Expertly prevents wrist strain
  • Easy to grip


  • Care needed with potted plants

Pruning Tools

When Pruning, you cut back branches and shoot on a tree or shrub to remove diseased or dead growth. This helps shape your plant and control its size.

Pruning also encourages the growth of buds to produce flowers and fruit. To prune your plants correctly, you can use loppers, secateurs, tree pruning systems, long-reach pruners, and saws. Some scissors are also designed for the garden and can be used to cut flowers or thinner plants.

Here Are Our Top Picks For Pruning:

  • Fiskars 36 Inch Long-handle Swivel Grass Shears
    Still building on our lengthy list of long-handled garden tools for elderly, we also met this relaxed, precious long-handled swivel grass shears. They give a strong performance when edging and trimming ornamental grasses around your compound. You will find it relaxing as Its Long shaft saves you from kneeling and bending. The Blades swivel 3600 so that you can trim at any angle. Edging and trimming grass around your compound is a breeze with these long-handled sheers. Its Long-winded, ergonomic shaft means you will never again have sore knees or backache.


  • Comfortable
  • Smooth-cutting
  • Requires little effort


  • May not cut very thick plants

  • Pruners, Ratchet Pruning Shears, Garden Tool For Weak Hands
    If you are arthritic or suffer from a weak grip, some garden chores, for example, pruning and cutting can be really painful. But with the pruners ratchet pruning shears, everything becomes less painful and quick. We picked them because of their seasoned ratchet mechanism which uses leverage to cut with the least effort. They are so good that even kids can use them. Pruning and cutting become a joy with the pruners' ratchet pruning shears despite your mobility problems or a weak grip. Their effective 3-stage ratchet mechanism means that even if you have very little energy remaining, you can still do your work without bothering others.


  • Very easy on your hands
  • Won’t rust
  • Cuts with minimal effort
  • It remains sharp for long


  • A bit expensive

  • Gonicc 8¨ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears
    Pruning your flowers becomes child's play with this ergonomically designed tree trimmer and hand pruner. It has non-slip handles, is very strong, lightweight, and super- comfortable. Its sap groove design ensures they never get stuck. A five-star rated ergonomically designed pruner, this has non-slip handles, is brawny and featherweight. It makes pruning comfortable, very pleasant and you will be glad to have it.

Watering Tools

When summer comes round, watering may take up more time every day – mainly if you grow in containers.

With an ideal watering system, you can reduce your watering regardless of your plant.

Here Are Some Watering Aids You Can Consider.

  • Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand Adjustable
    2,150 Reviews
    Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand Adjustable
    For watering, the relaxed gardening watering wand happens to be one of our favorites. Featuring an ergonomic grip and made from lightweight materials, this delivers a super comfortable watering experience regardless of any physical hindrances. And it's just long enough to be easy to use, and also store. The ergonomic grip and efficient performance make this relaxed gardening watering wand very comfortable watering. You won't know what you have been missing until you use it.


  • Easy to set
  • Works with little effort
  • Kind on your sensitive hands
  • Its length is a huge plus


  • The price is a tad high

  • Garden Hose Nozzle / Hand Sprayer – Watering
    4,819 Reviews
    Garden Hose Nozzle / Hand Sprayer – Watering
    Watering is one way to keep everything growing healthy. And to do a good job, you need a powerful sprayer. With a total of 10 watering patterns, this garden hose nozzle/hand sprayer does an exemplary job whether watering thirsty herbs or showering your dog. And its ergonomic soft rubber comfortable grip means you can continue watering until they are fully-fed without your hands tiring. The Garden hose nozzle/hand sprayer is a superior watering tool with a powerful watering system and a simple, soft grip to allow you to water your herbs efficiently and without tiring. This is another example of powerful gardening tools for arthritis sufferers.


  • Disability-friendly handle
  • Adjustable flow
  • Easier to use


  • A bit pricey

Planting Tools

Planting is a job you have to do at least once every year. Most potted plants can be planted all year-round.

Otherwise, you can plant in the dry season, provided you water regularly.

Here are some tips.

  • When digging the planting hole, use a tool you are comfortable with. A long-handled trowel with arm support and a fist-grip style might be best. Use a scoop with a broader, comfortable grip to level the soil.
  • A bulb planter performs better in extracting the soil and is easier to drop in plants for smaller plants.
  • Carry all you need at once – trowel, labels, watering can, kneeler, dibber, and so on, but avoid overloading your barrow – you may need it in the relays!
  • An apron (with a pocket) or a tool belt might help carry smaller tools.

Here now are some of the excellent planting accessories for the disabled.

  • Best Choice Easy Grow Garden Flower Planter Raised
    Your inability to kneel, bend or squat may kill your love for Gardening- unless you are armed with the right garden tools for disabled gardeners. This planter is one of the most interesting gardening tools for wheelchair users, with its ergonomic design allowing you to use it while sitting or standing. Whether planting indoors or outdoors, this Elevated Garden Bed enables you to grow a mixture of vegetables, flowers, herbs, or even houseplants.


  • It doesn’t need weeding
  • Reduces joint and back strain
  • Economizes on space


  • A bit expensive

Your dream of bringing color to your decks, balconies, and patios turns real when you meet this. It’s one of the highly raised garden beds for the disabled and allows you to the garden while standing or sitting.

So, don’t let your passion for Gardening die just because you can’t bend or squat.

Another good option is the Cambridge 36″W x 24″L Vinyl Raised Planter Stand; you should check it out too.

  • Radius Garden 10611 Ergonomic Garden Scooper, Green
    The award-winning Radius Garden Ergonomic Planter for the elderly and the disabled optimizes your performance while minimizing hand and wrist strain. It has a natural radius grip that keeps your hand in a natural position, thus ensuring you can garden for more hours and leave injury-free. It's useful in a number of areas – planting, digging, hand trimming beds, weeding, potting, and tending containers. This award-winning ergonomic planter helps the elderly and the disabled to produce great results while minimizing hand and wrist strain. With it, you will work your soil for more hours and stay injury-free.


  • Has effective extra-wide serrated blades
  • Makes Gardening enjoyable
  • Very soft grip


  • The edges may need sharpening with hardcore soil

Movement Equipment

Almost every garden task involves moving things –carrying tools, taking cuttings and weeds to the compost collection, and moving bags of compost and plants.

Have a convenient gathering of various carrying options to make your different jobs easier:

  • Since it’s easier to hold against your body, a flexible quality bucket with twin handles will be helpful to carry cuttings, debris, or other tools.
  • Garden carts with aluminum frames are great. They hold hand-long tools comfortably. For the smaller items, you use the tray. These carts also have a refuse sack. Then you can push the cart without bending. Lastly, you can fold it for storage.
  • If you can’t bend, have reduced strength, or can only use one hand, a twin-wheeled metal frame barrow with a strong pram handle is your best bet.
  • A folding sack trolley/hand truck moves heavy objects with minimum strain since it’s lightweight and has an extra-long handle for relaxed pushing.

Now, let’s look at the popular moving tools.

  • Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter
    One of the needs of the elderly, when Gardening is a, means to work around the lawn easily. And possibly reduce the number of trips you have to make from the yard to your home. This is where the Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter comes in. First, you can pack everything you will require while out there. And then, its very sturdy seat is high enough for a comfortable perch while still low enough to remain close to your plants. This is not only one of the top gardening seats for the disabled but a mobility tool that makes your move easier as you tend to your garden. Since you can pack everything in it, your trips back to your house reduce drastically. And lastly, it has a very comfortable seat where you can perch as you work on your plants.
  • Gorilla Carts Garden Poly Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle
    Still on garden tools for the elderly and disabled, you need a way of hauling mulch, gravel, heavy dirt, plants, and other garden supplies when working on your landscaping projects. The Gorilla Cart heavy-duty garden poly dump cart is an expert in moving supplies and with a quick-release dump feature, unloading is a piece of cake. It's maintenance-free, rust-resistant, and very easy to clean. The Gorilla Cart heavy-duty garden poly dump cart saves you time and reduces fatigue by helping you haul your garden supplies like mulch in a stress-free way. Its quick-release handle makes unloading quick and super-easy!


  • Your lawn tractor/ATV can pull it
  • Excellent movement regardless of the terrain
  • Carries a more significant load(1200 lbs.)


  • Not the easiest assembly

  • Amagabeli-Rollers-Outdoor-Planter-Trolley
    Your set of gardening tools for seniors won't be complete without this lovely planter trolley. While many planters are out there, only a few are created with the elderly and the handicapped in mind. And of these, not many are without major flaws. The Amagabeli Planter trolley is a shining example of how all garden tools for the handicapped should be made. With 360° universal wheels, you will effortlessly move your largest flower pots in any direction, be it on the carpet or the lawn. And this plant caddy can comfortably hold up to 300 lbs. This is a top plant caddy consisting of 4 durable 360° rolling wheels and a sturdy iron structure. It makes moving your heavy plants a mere walkover.
  • Plant Stand Down Under Plant Caddy 16-Inch
    If you are hunting for ergonomic gardening tools arthritis, and you want a plant caddy that can carry a massive 500 lbs. worth of weight around, then this plant stand down under plant caddy could be a perfect fit. Measuring 16-inch, this has five top-quality steel wheels and a locking caster that keeps it secured in your appointed place. We also loved that it's UV resistant and so very safe outdoors. UV resistant and featuring five top-class steel wheels plus a convenient locking caster; this under plant caddy helps you move heavy plants with the utmost ease. It's created to reduce the struggles that disabled gardeners have to go through when hauling heavier trees.

Garden Tools For Sweeping and Raking

We recommend that you go for lightweight, longer-reach, and more miniature brooms.

For rakes, select lightweight, small grabber-style rakes. Raking and Sweeping are everyday tasks in gardens. There are various products to help make raking and after-cleaning easier.

Check our selection below.

  • Amazing Rake 3-IN-1 Lightweight 17-Inch Lawn Leaf Grabber Pickup Tool
    This is a cozy yard tool that combines a scoop, a rake and also helps you move debris effortlessly. So you will efficiently rake, grab, and bag. Its ergonomic design means you won't bend, stoop or touch rubbish so it would be a great addition to your wheelchair gardening collection. You can finally keep your lawn clear of leaves without suffering. The yellow 3-in-1 ergonomic pickup rake has a telescopic handle and lets you rake, and clean the debris without bending or stooping. With it, your aches and pains will not slow you down.
  • UKOKE 12 pc Garden Tool Set & Gardening Tool Storage Bag with Pruning Shears and more
    Comprising of 12 essential ergonomic garden tools, including a convenient carry bag this is a comprehensive solution for every handicapped gardener's farm needs. You get a hand rake, trowel, pruning shears, weeder, transplanter, Garden Genie gloves, garden kneeling pad, adjustable 25 oz spray bottle (hand sprayer), cultivator, stainless snip, waterproof garden apron, and a heavy-duty garden tote. The tools work superbly to loosen soil, weed, level, and also in removing dead grass. With a total of 12 essential ergonomic gardening tools for the elderly and the handicapped, this is a detailed solution for all your gardening needs. This kit may be worth every penny.

Convenience Gardening Tools

These add added conveniences. For example, we have those that help you move around while others protect you from insect bites.

Here are a few.

  • Mosquito UShake Bucket Protection Outdoor
    How do you keep greedy mosquitoes at bay when tending to your lawn? You may have a number of options, but we feel that this bucket protection system could be a worthwhile alternative. It has a hat featuring a concealed mesh net housing on the top. This, in turn, hides the full head mosquito bite guard so that you can farm with protection from insects and the Sun. And it's easy to put on and adjust. This is a full head bucket protection against mosquito bites. It combats mosquitoes, flies, insects and bugs and lets you have fun gardening. And it's not just effective as part of garden tools for the arthritics but also for ordinary users.
  • Garden Kneeler and Seat
    This works in two ways. One, it's a pleasant garden wheeler. So, for any gardening activity requiring kneeling, you won't hurt your back or knees. Neither will you stain/soil your clothes. Secondly, when you tire of gardening chores, you flip it over to get a very comfortable seat. This kneeler is one of the popular arthritis gardening tools. You can use it either as a comfortable kneeler when busy tending your garden or convert into a relaxing seat when you tire out.

Choosing The Best Gardening Tools For Seniors And The Disabled

Choosing and buying products today is a bit complicated. You often have to pick from tens and sometimes hundreds of different brands and models. It’s the same case with garden tools for arthritis, the elderly, and those living with disabilities. So, to keep matters simple and avoid expensive mistakes, we have compiled some helpful hints and tips.

  • Testing Can Save You It pays to have as much information about a product before buying. If possible, try it ­– check its weight, your grip size plus strength, and how balanced it feels in your hands. If buying online, reading reviews, and checking out the videos of the item at work should help you know if this is the item you are looking for.
  • Pick The Lightest Look out for the lightest tools. They are easier to move and work with, especially with some handicaps.
  • It Should Be Made Of The Right Material Check what material has been used on the product you have identified. Materials help determine if the tool is suitable for the job. For instance, stainless steel tools cut through the soil much better and are easier to clean. Then, older generation solid forged steel equipment remains the strongest, is relatively light, and pretty long-lasting. On another note, Plastic, fiber, carbon, and aluminum tools are the most delicate.
  • Quality is King Spares, and servicing plus the duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee are also important indicators of quality. While not easy to assess beforehand, product quality is a significant factor. Consider whether you are looking for a tool to last a lifetime or something you won’t mind replacing.
  • Power Tools Are a Superb Option Power tools are considered better options for many jobs. Products can be mains or battery-powered. Before buying, check that you can bear its weight. Then, always use a circuit breaker with tools that are mains powered.
  • Tools with Interchangeable Heads Offer More Convenience You will find some tool ranges that come with interchangeable heads. For these, you choose the right handle-having the right length-and, then pick separate tool heads like a trowel, rake, brush, or fork. To use, simply click the handle plus your tool head together. They may be more expensive, but they offer better quality. In addition, you can use them with longer handles or shorter handles as required by the job at hand.
  • Check the Length of Your Long-handled Tools When choosing gardening tools with long handles, confirm that the length will allow you to do your work without bending while keeping your back straight.

After all, good posture is a must if you want to prevent strains and stresses when gardening.

Wrapping Up

When you have arthritis or have problems standing, bending, moving from one point to another, or even recovering from an injury, garden tools for the elderly and the disabled, and people with arthritis come in very handy.

They are purpose-built to help you rediscover the fun in your garden and achieve better results. You can work longer, more comfortably, and get a greater harvest with minimal effort with them.

This epic post has highlighted a few of the best pruning tools, weeding tools, watering tools, handle-on grips, etc. Plus, we have also seen the most crucial considerations when buying. So, isn’t it time for you now to take charge? And go for the tool that will bring back your joy in Gardening?

Do it and let us know how it went from the comments section.

Thank you.

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