CO-Z Lean-to Greenhouse, Portable Walk in Green House with PE Cover, Waterproof Hot House UV Protected Walking Plant Green House, 3.3 x 6.6 x 7.0 Feet.

Price: $87.99 - $82.79
(as of Jul 07,2020 06:49:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description CO-Z greenhouseCO-Z greenhouse CO-Z GreenhouseCO-Z Greenhouse

Why the greenhouse protect your plants?

* Allows light to come in to improve photosynthesis in colder weather to eventually increase production.

* A greenhouse traps heat and moisture from the sun during the day, allowing plants inside the greenhouse to stay warm at night, significantly improving the survival rate of young plants in early spring

* Durable, made of anti-corrosion steel and covered with 130g/m2 PE for ultimate durability in all weather conditions.

* Stability, comes with ground nail and guyline to ensure stability in rough weather conditions.

* Adequate space inside the greenhouse, comes with garden shelves to maximize space in the greenhouse to accommodate various planting and storage needs.

CO-Z GreenhouseCO-Z Greenhouse

Package includes

1 x Instruction

1 x PE cover

n x Steel tube

n x Plastic connector

4 x Guy line

2 x Steel Ground Nail

4 x Plastic Ground Nail

16 x Ordinary screw nail

16 x Expansion screw nail (for hard wall)

CO-Z greenhouseCO-Z greenhouse

Tips to make your greenhouse more stable !

A. Assemble the frame

B. Insert part 8 into the ground

C. Cover the frame with the PE cover

D. Nail part 9 through the cover onto the wall, We provide two kinds of nails, ordinary nails and expansion screws, for the wall with different materials.

E. If you set the greenhouse up on the soft grounds (grass etc.), please make sure secure it with parts 6 and 8.

If you set the greenhouse up on the hard ground (cement etc.), please make sure to securely assemble part 7(wind-resistant straps) in 4 different directions for ultimate wind resistance performance.

CO-Z GreenhouseCO-Z Greenhouse



increase steel tube

130g/m2 PE cover

Net weight:

18.7 lb.


3.3’ L x 6.6’ W x 7.0’ H

Dimension 5.9’ L x 3.0’ W x 3.0’ H 3.3’ L x 6.6’ W x 7.0’ H Cover PE & Non-woven PE Walk in ✓ Ropes and Stakes ✓
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 3.3’ L x 6.6’ W x 7.0’ H, weighs 18.7 lbs, super convenient to carry around for seasonal use.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: a zippered roll-up entrance for easy access, rust-resistant tubes for durability, 4 ropes and 4 stakes to secure the greenhouse and prevent it being blown down by the wind. Provide different nails for different wall materials.
COMPLIMENTARY WIRED SHELVES: provide ample space for plant storage and allow them for healthy breathing.
WALK-IN DESIGN: offers growing space and convenience to operate. Hot house is designed to set up next to the door of your home, garage, barn or shed.
MINIMAL ASSEMBLY: plastic connectors take the place of assembly hardware, so this greenhouse can be up in no time.

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