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Commercial Lawn mowers have been a boon to the world of lawn maintenance since the time of their advent. This is why the advancement in technology has progressed to the change of functioning of the devices. And today, a commercial robotic lawn mower has taken the market by storm.

Robotic Lawn Mower For Your Large Lawn

An immaculate lawn is something to take pride in and a significant investment in your property. However, if the bane of your existence happens to be lawn mowing, then the best robotic lawn mower for large lawns, small lawns, and those in-between is your answer.

Your overworked lifestyle may not have a place for some of these menials, and maintaining your landscape personally may not be such an appealing idea.

With a domestic or commercial robotic lawn mower working on your lawn, the traditional manner of working with noisy, polluting, and gas-guzzling push lawn movers at inconvenient periods becomes outdated.

You can plan grass-cutting operations with a bot according to seasonal growth rates or program day or night mowing sessions.

It will let you deliver a beautiful lawn without physically mowing your tuft and turn grass into rice-grain-sized cuttings. This means no more unsightly grass piles.

robotic lawn mower will accomplish these exploits by operating within a wire boundary laid above or underground and a unique combination of real-time sensory feedback, timers, and controls you can program and monitor from your smartphone.

Common Traits Of Commercial and Domestic Robotic Lawn Mower

The most basic traits to look for in a domestic or commercial robotic lawn mower are:

  • First is the ability to head back to its charging station on its own when its battery is low or during severe weather. It should then resume operations automatically once it is fully charged or dry.
  • Second, it needs to have enough versatility to handle turf of varying types, thicknesses, and heights.
  • Third, look for flexibility that allows the mowing of intricate and narrow areas of your lawn.
  • Forth, it should come pre-programmed, ready to mow within a specified boundary. Everything needed to install and start should be in the box.
  • Fifth, it needs to have the intelligence and power to mow on uneven terrain and handle declines and inclines up to 45 degrees with ease.
  • Sixth, it must have a friendly and intuitive interface to allow easy customization and programming.

Below is a look at eleven robotic lawn mower reviews of products the market offers.

These reviews illuminate precisely what each robot can accomplish for you.

Recommended Budget-Friendly Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Husqvarna 967623405 Automower 315, Needs Install Kit
The lawn mower promises to mow your tuft emission-free and silently, giving you an immaculate and healthy lawn each time.

It comes with enough durability and power to handle your terrain, no matter how tough, steep, big, or complex it is, any time, day or night. It has three razor-sharp and pivoting blades that rotate to mow your lawn cleanly and evenly. It’s recommended to trim a quarter of an acre or less and recline up to 40%.

It has an 8.7-inch cutting width and 0.8 to 2.4-inch tuft mowing height. Finding its way to its charging station is a standard feature. It comes with a unique anti-theft password-controlled system that incorporates built-in safety measures and an intuitive and easy-to-operate control panel with a large, user-friendly display that lets you program your preferred custom settings.

You and your neighbors will sleep blissfully because its noise emission rarely exceeds 58 dB(A). Only a solar-powered robotic lawn mower would beat its environmental friendliness. Furthermore, it will not leave behind ugly ruts or an uneven lawn because it has large driving wheels, which allow it to work effortlessly on uneven lawn surfaces. It measures 24.8 by 20.1 by 9.8 inches and weighs 19.8 pounds.


  • It is safe around children and pets.
  • It is calm in operation.
  • It comes with a detailed manual assisted by an informative online presence.


  • It has a factory PIN that you must obtain from customer service before starting it.
  • Its maximum cutting height is 2.4 inches meaning you need to use another mower for the initial trim.
  • A robotic lawn mower kit is one of the accessories you need to acquire.

McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower
You are the boss where this robotic mower is concerned. It is fully programmable. You decide when it mows, rain or sunshine, day or night, or any most convenient time for you.

You can make it work on your lawn on weekdays while working or late in the evening watching television. It will not complain or need a drink but merely a self-propelled trip to its dock home to recharge or avoid foul weather. Define its operational boundaries with provided wire around objects it needs to avoid. This wire may go underground or remain above ground, depending on your preferences.

As much as 25%, a sloppy lawn surface is not an obstacle due to its high-performance motor and wide wheels. It emits a loud screech when lifted while working, and only keying in the correct PIN code will quiet it down. Without this code, it becomes useless, deterring theft. It works well on a lawn measuring a quarter of an acre of grass. It weighs 15.4 pounds and measures 23.2 by 17.3 by 10.2 inches.


  • It has a penchant for demolishing ant mounds and limiting crabgrass growth.


  • It gets stuck in any holes in your yard. Therefore fill them in before it runs into them.

Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install Kit Included
If your lawn has a tree or two, raking and disposing of leaves is one of the repetitive chores that go with mowing. You need not do this anymore because the Robo-mow Rs622 has blades that chew up every leaf and bury them so well you will not need to rake again.

The cutters also chop grass on your lawn so finely that they are no longer visible as grass—these turn into mulch, perfect as a natural fertilizer for your yard. Robomow Rs622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install Kit Included comes with a remote control you use to mow small patches of turf that call for more precise handling than in an automatic operation.

This commercial remote control lawn mower is an excellent accessory to the robot giving it additional features of a DIY robotic lawn mower. With this robot, mowing a surface slopping as much as 36% is easy, and a rain-sensing system lets you choose whether to work under rainy or high-humidity conditions. Does your lawn need aeration? These articles will guide you on all you need to know about lawn aeration.

It will work seamlessly on multiple lawn patches so long as they are connected by a grassy patch or pathway and fall within the programmed perimeter. Child lock is an adorable feature that prevents anyone unfamiliar with its operation or children from operating or playing around with it. A standard part is that it returns to the dock for battery re-loading, between processes, and bad weather. It weighs 44.1 pounds and measures 28.9 by 26 by 12.2 inches in dimension.


  • It will alert your phone when it gets bogged down for any reason.
  • It will find its way back to the dock despite hot or rainy weather and resume its schedule once the weather is favorable once more.
  • It is password protected against theft, making it useless unless the correct code is fed.


  • It is challenging to lay and set the perimeter wire.

GARDENA 4069 R80Li
If you own a lawn and looking for more free time, easy life, and a golf course picture-perfect lawn, this is the product for you. Its unique cutting system will not create lawn stripes, but rather, it will leave behind an immaculately manicured carpet of a lawn.

It will go on quietly about its turf mowing operations before returning to its docking station for recharging or in between schedules. Its mowing operations are entirely programmable, and as such, it will operate only if you need it to. It gives cutting heights between 0.7 and 2 inches easily set on its rotary knob.

It’s suitable for 8,611 square feet of lawns and will not leave behind wheel ruts on your turf. Its standard features include cutting grass tips into tiny clippings with three razor-sharp blades and dispersing them around the grassroots as a natural fertilizer. It measures 24 by 16 by 8 inches in dimension and weighs 16.5 pounds. Its information panel is an LCD with menu settings. It has a lift, tilt sensors, and a PIN code-protected alarm.


  • Allows you to enjoy an immaculate lawn while giving you more free time away from lawn care.
  • Functions seamlessly on highly complex lawn areas


  • Initial familiarization is a stiff learning curve for those less technologically inclined.

Robomow RS630 – Install Kit Included
This Robomow RS630 will run all night, and neither you nor your neighbors will hear it. It is that quiet. A pin code will keep both prying little fingers and your mower safe and sound. This code ensures no one else can operate it without your knowledge or consent.

Once you activate its child lock system, you will prevent children, or anyone else not familiar with its safe handling, from operating the robot mower. Its blades will stop rotating once it tilts onto a vertical position or has been lifted off the ground. The edges also contain when their bumper senses an obstacle and the robot changes direction. Slopes rising or declining up to 36% is not a hindrance, and their rain sensor gives you an option of operation subject to rain and high humidity.

The height adjustment system gives you various grass height cuts according to your preferences. It will also drive independently to other zones in your garden connected by a grass strip or pathway. It will return to the dock on its own once its schedule is done. A unique edge mode enables cutting beyond the wheel, a design that allows an extra and special finish. Finally, its emissions compare favorably with any solar robotic lawn mower.


  • An adjustable integrated rain sensor protects it from rain. It will return to the base station independently in rainy weather and start again once conditions get better.
  • Relatively wider wheels enable enhanced maneuverability.


  • Non-grass-covered wet and muddy patches inside its perimeter will bog it down.

WORX WR140 Landroid Pre-Programmed with Rain Sensor and Safety Shut-Off
Should your lawn measure 10,750 square feet or under and you long for it to look like the putting green of a top golf course, then this is the best robotic lawn mower for you.

It has features that allow customizing of mowing plans for each day. Other features include navigation of narrow passages and precise mowing even on slopes angling as high as 20 degrees. It will do this with zero emissions. Its low noise during operation will give you peace of mind day or night, while its intuitive keypad-operated system lets you customize functions easily.

It operates on a shock sensor system to cut the grass around obstacles, has five cutting height positions that rise from 1.6 to 4 inches, and is suitable for a quarter-acre lawn. It will return automatically to its charging docket to recharge its battery or if it starts raining. Its technology enables precise navigation on narrow passages and intricate mowing. It weighs 36 pounds and occupies 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches of space. Combinations of all these features make it a suitable robotic lawn mower for large lawns.


  • It has a multiple zone function, which you can apply if you have a lawn in your front and back yard.
  • It continues cutting during a light downpour but returns to the dock when it starts raining heavily.


  • This machine lacks operational control based on a smartphone.

Robomow RS612 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
The Robomow RS612 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower has a mulching system that consists of 20.8-inch heavy-duty three blades. It comes with a user-controlled disabling and theft protection system.

A unique feature is a manual control option that lets you maneuver the robot through extremely narrow areas. A floating deck and its solid blades deal with challenging conditions and high grass with ease. This robotic electric lawn mower is explicitly designed to mow your lawn entirely by itself. This is an excellent feature if you dislike cutting or are allergic to grass.

Also, running on battery power compares it favorably to a solar or gas-powered robotic lawn mower. It will safely cut grass on your tuft efficiently while relaxing or doing other essential chores. It works well on a mowing surface covering half an acre and cuts grass to a height rising between 1 and 2.4 inches. It will occupy 35 by 26.1 by 12.4 inches of your storage space and weigh 86 pounds of batteries.


  • It is safe when working around pets, children, various obstacles, and any weather.
  • It has a system to protect itself against theft.
  • It will handle the various grass types with ease if you program inappropriate schedules.


  • Appropriate and technical documentation regarding this device is sparse.
  • Setting up a perimeter wire can be tedious and lengthy, particularly if your neighbors have similar perimeters, but it gives exhilarating results once it is done.

Husqvarna Automower 315X
This GPS robotic lawn mower has smart technology that adapts mowing operations to grass growth rates. This allows concentrated spot mowing for areas where grass grows longer.

The technology guides your mowing bot through narrow passages too. Husqvarna Automower 315X is equipped with a GPS navigation system that brings efficient mowing to demanding lawn areas. It will work efficiently on a sloppy lawn that inclines as much as 45% and works on a site as large as 0.8 acres or 34,000 square feet. This makes it suitable as a robotic lawn mower for large lawns.

An outstanding feature is its unique auto-mower connect compatibility. This brings the mower menu system to your smartphone. You can read and change the settings remotely on your mower. With auto-connect smartphone compatibility, whenever your robot stops, it will send an alert regarding its issue. You can then work with the auto-connect application on your smartphone to sort the problem. It is a great-looking but functional toy, which might attract thieves.

Once someone picks it up, it becomes disabled, and a loud alarm goes off. You must feed a code to put the warning off. If you are not around and a thief makes off with it, the application tracts it down to find iPhone style. Of your storage space, it will occupy 12 by ten by 12 inches and weigh 1 pound. It has a typical 65 minute charging period and has a 57 dB(A) sound level measurement.


  • This bot mower crosses driveways with ease.
  • It mows tranquil day and night, rain or sunshine.
  • It is beautiful and will attract several gawp from neighbors and friends.


  • Although a more detailed manual is available online, the owner manual has limited information.

Husqvarna Automower 450XH
This lawn mower is smart enough to negotiate challenges put up by big and complex turfs. These include slopes reclining to 45%, tough terrain, diverse stationery or moving obstacles, and narrow passages.

Husqvarna Automower 450XH covers 1.25 acres. Its battery charging period covers seventy-five minutes, and sound level measurement rises to 58 dB(A) only. You will interact with it, track it, and remain updated on its operations wherever in the world you may be through the touch of a screen. A built-in SIM card makes this possible. Its unique application gives you complete control, while its GPS-enabled navigation system comes together to maintain your lawn in mowed perfection, green splendor, and excellent health. Various Husqvarna robotic mower review sentiments place it at the top of the food chain.


  • You can adjust the height it mows while the mower is running. It stops short, adjusts then resumes its program.


  • Your wire must be at least 20 inches from your neighbor’s dog wire. Otherwise, your mower will depart your boundary.

  1. Honda Miimo HRM 520

This lawn mower is for you if you do not enjoy cutting grass, have little time for lawn care, have a busy lifestyle, and live on the technological cutting edge.

This autonomous robotic lawn mower has a programmable timer and cuts within a boundary wire. Your customer care staff will install this wire boundary below or above ground according to your wishes.

Its arsenal of intuitive sensors, timers, and controls will detect the electric field within the boundary wire while helping it avoid obstacles such as ponds, shrubs, fences, pets, and trees.

It occupies 25.4 by 21.7 by 10.8 inches of storage space, weighs 25.6 pounds, and has a 60 minute run time.


  • It yields tiny tuft clippings and disperses them into the grass root system, creating natural fertilizer.
  • It is self-charging. Once battery life falls below 30%, it returns to the dock to replenish voltage.
  • It has anti-theft protection.
  • Can tackle steep-sloped lawns, reclining up to 25%


  • It has a maximum of one-hour battery life.

You have five modes, whether you want to mow your tuft depending on seasonal growth rates or a day or night program. The random method favors large and open areas of your lawn, making wide-angle turns on detecting the boundary wire.

Directional mode benefits narrow lawn portions, turning at a narrow-angle at the wire. Mixed-mode alternates between directional and random modes at regular intervals.

Edge mode makes Miimo mow along the wire edge initially before proceeding to the rest of the tuft. The spiral method directs Miimo to concentrate on those tuft portions whose grass growth differs from the lawn’s rest.

  1. John Deere Tango E5 Series II

Tango cuts grass randomly, thereby keeping your lawn looking flawless. It automatically detects its boundary wire and obstacles and will even adapt to more extended grass patches on the move.

It is quiet and will mow at night and not disturb anyone. It will work with little fuss and noise and no foul emissions whatsoever.

This programmable robotic lawn mower will take on your yard’s inclines and slopes in its stride, and with its optional traction kit, the accessory will master any hill slopping 36%.

Press its red button to stop the blade. A sensor on the handle will lock the edge as you move it around. It is PIN protected with its screen locking automatically, a great feature when children are everywhere.


  • The docking station is weatherproof and can be positioned anywhere in your yard with a power connection.


  • To change the cutting height, you need to power it off, turn it over, and rotate the saucer-shaped blade cap slightly to move the blades up or down.

Also, these bots represent a win-win situation for you, the lawn itself, and the environment.

  • First, they reduce noise pollution by seventy-five percent compared to other lawn mowers. Furthermore, it will not consume gasoline, but rather, it is electric powered, thereby avoiding carbon emissions.
  • Second, it works by cutting grass and turning it into tiny clippings that are then dispersed to the grassroots, becoming a natural fertilizer. In other words, it will let you deliver a beautiful lawn without physically mowing your tuft and turns grass into rice-grain-sized cuttings. This means no more unsightly grass piles.
  • Third, with several seasonal weather changes within a year, your lawn develops and appears due to the prevailing weather changes. This means you need to change mowing schedules, cut heights, and adapt to grass thickness.

Does your lawn need some suitable low-pressure sprinklers? This article will help.

Its grass cutting height ranges between 19 and 102 millimeters, while 2,200 m2is the optimal lawn size. Depending on the job complexity, it takes 80 minutes to charge itself fully and works for up to ninety minutes.

Working in the rain is no problem; however, it is advisable to protect it from severe weather by pressing the stop button. PIN code is protected, rendering it useless to a thief giving it a high robotic lawn mower comparison grade.

Wrapping Up

In recent years, automation has come a long way, increasing production, making jobs safer and more accessible, and creating things that would not have otherwise existed. A machine to mow a lawn without your physical presence is one creation.

The market is today inundated with automatic grass-cutting robots, from the cheapest robotic lawn mower to the most powerful commercial robotic lawn mower. These automated lawn mower reviews will go a long way in helping you overcome the choice challenge.

We hope this article has brought some insight into your mowing woes. Good luck!

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