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15 Exquisite Cast Stone Planters That You Must Have!

Cast Stone Planters

Gardeners are happy souls with their green leafy friends and a lovely garden. Cast Stone Planters of different patterns add some extra dose of happiness to it.

Gardeners are always eager to plant new kinds of plants to diversify their collections. It would be pleased if they could buy a new type of planter for every different plant. Today, we will talk about some gorgeous cast stone planters that will be suitable as your planting mate and room ornament as well. These planters can be a little heavy compared to clay or resin planters, but it is gorgeous and aristocratic in their looks and presence. That’s why we chose to handpick some best quality outdoor stone planters for gardeners.

Recommended Top Rated Cast Stone Planters For Your Garden

  1. Happy Planter 608410073050 Planter
    Weathered white coloured urn style planter is made of resin and natural stone. It's weather and UV resistant and durable for long. Weathered finish has given this a cool look.
  2. Christopher Knight Stone Planter
    This beautiful cast stone planter has a tapered shape and sleek design and that makes it much more modern and cool. It is lightweight, pre-assembled and easy to move.
  3. Design Toscano Chatsworth Manor
    A swan shaped stone planter with distressed finish is appropriate to hold flowers and small plants. This 8.5 pounds planter adds an artistic touch in your room or garden.
  4. Christopher Knight Stone Planters Outdoor
    This 15 inches, light weight, cast stone made, urn style planter has been considered among best choices for its artistic design and aristocratic look. This model has handmade detailing designs.
  5. Stone Light DK Series
    This solid cast stone planter is made for only outdoor use as it doesn't have any drainage holes in it. Handcrafted in USA, this planter is durable and fading resistant.
  6. Christopher Knight Stone Planter
    A beautiful cast stone planter with sleek design and light weight is an ultimate choice for your garden and home décor. Ready to use planters for outdoor and indoor use.
  7. NuAnYI Roman Cast Stone
    An outdoor planter made of fiberglass is ready to use and light weight. Fibreglass makes it resistant to fading, cracks and damages. Ancient clean symmetrical design techniques have been followed.
  8. Design Toscano NE9160081 Boboli
    Cast stone planter with 12×14×7 dimension is considered among the best outdoor stone planters for its durability. Amazing detailed design with java colour background has made it appealing.
  9. Solid Rocks Stonework Planter
    Beautiful design on white stone has made this 10×13 planter an appealing decorative ornament for your garden and home. 100% cast stone material has made it durable and strong.
  10. rockingroker - RRMGOFP12I Ivory
    A beautiful white stone made planter is an amazing piece for home and garden decoration. But, it needs to be taken inside home otherwise its drainage hole will get blocked with snow.
  11. Wind & Weather 15-Inch Planter
    In this range solid rocks tried to put a dog design on the planter with brushed moss colour. Pure cast stone material makes it durable, hard and sturdy.
  12. Christopher Knight Home Guava
    Modern design planter contains an amazing self-watering capacity. Mixed stone and resin material makes it UV and frost resistant. It is BPA free and appropriate to use in indoor and outdoor.
  13. Christopher knight home planter
    This cast stone urn can be used as a planter and decoration purpose. 24 inches, antique black coloured cast stone planter will adorn your garden and home with its ancient vibes.
  14. Spartan Urn, Cast stone
    This white stone made planter is mainly made for outdoor plantation and it should be relocated from garden area in rainy season else the drainage hole will get blocked.
  15. NuAnYI Roman CastStone Planter
    This white stone made planter is nearly 250 pounds in weight and has 1×1×1 dimension. A free standing featured, garden urn style planter is beautifully designed mainly for outdoor plantation purpose.


Hence. If you are a gardener and have an immense interest in different planters, you can choose the right time. We have selected these unique cast stone planters with fabulous designs and are usable for indoor and outdoor areas. In some cases, stones mixed with resin and other hard materials have made the final product solid and durable. All of the above products are UV and weather-resistant, so you can use them without worrying about fading or cracking after some time.

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