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Best bulb painting tool: Many people start to plant flowers when spring comes. Along with the nature that starts to turn green, it fills with flower seeds and bulbs planted to bloom in gardens and pots. If you are experienced in gardening, you can do this manually. However, if you are inexperienced, it would be much more logical to use a bulb planter tool in terms of both convenience and time savings.

Bulb Planter – Bulb Planting Tool

The bulb planting tool with an ergonomic design is usually made of high-quality steel. The handle of the tool has an operating lever and a depth ruler on it. It easily releases the soil through the holder on the grip handle. It is covered with anti-corrosion-resistant duroplast. It is produced in a quality that you can use for years in planting bulbs and seedlings.

The bulb planters provide an easy way to drill a wide enough and deep pit. So you can place the bulbs in the soil with the tips facing up, cover them with soil in the planting tool, and then press them down.

Planting Tools

Quality bulb planter tools are protected against abrasion. When you buy a quality product, this product is made of high-quality steel and covered with duroplast to protect against corrosion. One of the biggest features of these tools is their easy operation. It is small and easy to use. Its specially shaped handle allows you to work and use it easily without getting tired.

With the help of bulb planters, after opening a pit of suitable depth in the soil, the bulbs should be placed with the growth sides up. Then the holes should be filled with soil and pressed lightly. If a large amount of bulbs is to be planted, it is much more practical to prepare the entire planting area for planting in advance. Then, you can plant the bulbs or tubers that you will plant at appropriate depths, each other at suitable intervals in the soil, and cover them with the soil you have removed from the planting place.

Planting Machines

If planting will be in the garden, it is better to plant in late August or early September. So, early flowering through bulb planters will be provided at the end of the first spring, as the bulb’s root and leaf development will be better. Planting pads prepared for onions are planted in 4 – 6 rows. 40-50 cm wide road should be left between each pass.

By these means, flower cutting and weed control works can be done easily. Onions should be planted in 10-15 cm intervals. In general, planting spacing, distance and depths are adjusted according to bulb size. If frequent planting is required in the production, the dimensions between and above the row can be calculated as 1.5 times the average bulb size. Planting depth should be calculated as 1 – 1.5 times the size of the bulb and covered with soil.

Such a regular planting can be very challenging manually and may require you to spend long hours. However, you can make ideal planting in a very practical way with the bulb planting tool. After determining the intervals, you can place the flower bulbs of your choice in the soil very easily with the bulb planter.

Last Updated: May 3, 2020

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