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Smoothest riding zero turn mowers under $3000

If you own a lawn big enough to require a riding lawn mower, the best zero turn mower in the market should be among the top considerations you need to make.

A zero turn excels at turf mowing because it is designed purposely to mow your lawn efficiently and safely. A number of features give you this single purpose efficiency.

First, its tightest turn enables the machine to spin in place, a useful trait when you work a small space or when you need zero turning radius for those obstacles turning up on your path.

Second, it features two drive wheels you can hydraulically control to spin independently. You initiate a turn when one of the wheels spins in the opposite direction or quicker than the other.

The result is that its tightest turn lets the machine spin in place.

Third, zero turn mowers are created with an extremely low center of gravity and their tires are wide enough to cause little damage to your lawn. Steering controls are hydraulic allowing you steer with exact precision while adjusting speed minutely. To enable you understand the numerous advantages you can get from the best zero turn mower under $3000, have a look at the six reviews below.Table of contentSmoothest riding zero turn mowers under $3000Zero Turn Mower Under $5000 reviews 20191. Ariens Zoom 42 - 42" Zero Turn Lawn Mower2. Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower3. Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower4. Husqvarna 967271701 54" 23HP Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower5. Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower, 54"/Twin6. Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc Twin Cylinder Transmission 54-inch Pivot Zero Turn Mower

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Zero Turn Mower Under $5000 reviews 2019

1. Ariens Zoom 42 - 42" Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Price: Bottom of the range among similar products

ApplicationFor residential mowing on small to medium sized yards.

Grass Cutting Height:Between 1.5 and 4.5 inches.

Grass Cutting Width: 42 inches per sweep.

        Lovable Features

  • Excellent zero turn mower for your medium sized lawn.


This machine ensures it will cut your grass to golf course standard, it will not leave a trail of lawn clippings in your wake, because you can attach a collection bag, and its exit chute will not clog up easily.

You will be able to clean the underside of its cutting deck with ease, a chore made easier by a mechanism that removes matted grass before it hardens onto the underside like cement.

You can also easily flip the deck underside with ease to change the blades and clean it up.

The seat is your throne that will save you from the jarring you could suffer as you work through bumps on your yard.

This throne will give you unique ergonomics standards within the mowing industry, reducing fatigue without sacrificing your operation performance.

Noise related nuisance to you and your neighbors will be the least of your worries because this machine has a 94 decibel noise maximum when the mower is engaged.

Furthermore, trust is not something you can buy or sell easily but something that must be earned. The manufacturer has earned trust that their product is the smoothest riding zero turn mower in the market.

Trust that this machine will take on the tough jobs, that the right advice on taking on that job is readily available, and that the machine will do what they told you it will do.

2. Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

Price: Middle of the range compared to its peers.

ApplicationFor residential mowing on medium sized yards.

Grass Cutting Height:8 adjustable height settings.

Grass Cutting Width: 46 inches per sweep.

        Lovable Features

  • Lap bars automatically engage brake parking when you open them to stand.
  • Two transmissions work seamlessly as one to move back wheels in opposite directions.
  • Front casting wheels enable it make 360 degree turns without damaging your lawn landscape.
  • Tight turn capabilities reduce spots that require trimming after moving, saving time.


  • It apparently tends to slip if you mow hilly patches sideways rather than up and down.

Its cutting system is uniquely designed to create an optional airflow that creates a vacuum that lifts your lawn grass for that superior cut and therefore no re-run required.

Your throne is all of eighteen inches of a high backed seat whose dual suspension springs signify a comfortable and much smoother ride on bumpy patches of your yard.

With mulching blade accessories, you can use this machine to mulch your lawn. Its heavy duty reinforced front axle and frame will give you a long mowing life.

Two way adjustable and ergonomic lap bars give you control of the machine irrespective of your size. Furthermore, easy and fast attaching accessories will give you additional versatility on top of top grade mowing applications. Unique power take off systems gives you easy and fast blade engagement while grease fittings on the front axle allow for a longer service life. 

It weighs 680 pounds and takes up 72.5 by 60 by 35.5 inches of your working and storage space. 

3. Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

Price: Middle average level compared to its peers.

Application: Applicable for mowing lawns on medium to large home yard lots.

Grass Cutting Height: 1.5 to 4 inches with six adjustable positions in half inch increments.

Grass Cutting Width: 46 inches per sweep.

        Lovable Features

  • Lap handles does away with straining associated with wheel steering.
  • This machine does away with extra mower tool usage for trimming jobs.
  • Has optional but wonderful accessories like rain cover, mulching, armrest, and headlight kits.


  • Literature about hydrostatic disconnects is not anywhere outside of the packaging as it should be.
  • It has some challenges staying straight or attempts to back up on hilly side lawns.

Where other mowers would take between two and two and a half hours to accomplish a mowing job, this machine takes between thirty-five and forty-five minutes.

It cuts brilliantly and creates a nicely brushed look on your lawn especially when you mow at an angle.

Letting you maneuver around diverse obstacles like pools, flower beds, and trees is an awesome and standard feature that this machine gives you.

Its unique hydro dual wheel transmission system guarantees this maneuverability, saving you lots of time on additional chores such as trimming or watering your lawn.

With a simple forward or backward movement of your arms, you make your machine move left, right, forward, or backwards.

It has features that allow you to easily and quickly attach accessories for additional applications, although it lacks a bagging system. It will mow at a six miles per hour top speed and has a 3.5 gallon fuel capacity, giving you a maximum of 2.4 acres per hour. It will take up 78 by 61.5 by 35.5 inches of your working or storage space and weighs 750 pounds.

4. Husqvarna 967271701 54" 23HP Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower

Price: Middle of the range compared to its nearest competitors.

ApplicationSmall to medium sized lawn yards.

Grass Cutting Width: 54 inches per sweep.

        Lovable Features

  • It throws grass with comparatively more power without clogging up.


  • Five miles per hour top speed is comparatively low.

This machine comes with robust casters and a frame that ensures reduced chassis flex and enhanced durability.

It has a spring assisted deck lift system whose controls are conveniently located to give you easy reach and usage.

Its cutting deck is stamped steel reinforced with flat-stock heavy steel. This means comparatively enhanced strength and durability on its trimming side and leading edge.

An integrated zero-turn transmission system means you get little to worry about regarding maintenance and performance.

Features that let you attach accessories give you an opportunity to undertake additional chores such as grass mulching or bagging for other means of grass clippings disposal thereby saving you on numerous man-hours of raking, bagging, and subsequent disposal of mowed grass from your lawn.

The gem feature in this machine is an air induction mowing system that lets air drawing from both the bottom of the deck and from the top.

This accentuates grass lift and thereby the delivery of a superior one time grass cut, all making it among the top zero turn mower under 5000.

5. Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower, 54"/Twin

Price: Upper middle range compared to its nearest competitors.

ApplicationSuitable for commercial lawn mowing or a home with a big lawn yard.

Grass Cutting Width: 54 inches per sweep.

        Lovable Features

  • This machine is actually fun to operate according to reviews.
  • It cuts lawn mowing time and gives comparatively higher mileage per liter of gasoline.


  • There have been complaints about the blades being poor requiring two to three trips to cut grass properly.

This machine promises to give you four to five hours from a tank full of gasoline.

This and its reliable commercial endurance 25 horse power HP engine, that comes with cyclonic air filtration system, guarantees a comparatively powerful but smooth lawn mowing performance.

A critical feature in grass cutting, its air induction mowing system works by drawing air from the deck top and bottom creating grass lift and therefore an enhanced cut, is a standard feature in this machine.

For long lasting durability and strength, its deck is reinforced and stamped with flat-stock heavy steel. Such is the manufacturer’s confidence in their machine that they are prepared to grant a three year limited warranty to you.

Its intuitive operation interface, an ergonomic weight and height adjustable seat, a frame made of heavy-duty steel, and a commercially rated hydraulic mechanism ensure you get the ultimate in lawn mowing experience.

It will occupy 90.5 by 59 by 34.5 inches of your storage or working space and weigh 840 pounds.

All these features combine to create a zero-turn mower that takes comfort, productivity, and performance to an entirely new level.

6. Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc Twin Cylinder Transmission 54-inch Pivot Zero Turn Mower

Price: Lower middle level compared to its closest competitors.

ApplicationSuitable for medium to large home lawn yard.

Grass Cutting Height: 8 adjustable height settings.

Grass Cutting Width: 54 inches per sweep.

        Lovable Features

  • Combines zero turn mower performance and precision with steering wheel control and natural motion.


  • The seat has one ordinary spring instead of two heavy-duty springs.

This zero turn mower with steering wheel comes with a unique four wheel steering mechanism that gives you precision control as you mow on uneven terrain and hilly patches.

This mechanism gives it high ratings when it comes to zero turn mowers for rough terrain.

You will reign over your mowing operations from a comfortable eighteen inch high back seat. The seat has cruise control settings you can adjust from a screw knob, ensuring mowing over bumpy terrain is comfortable with no painful jarring.

Zero turn maneuverability that saves time through doing away with a need for follow-up trimming is a standard feature of this machine.

Front axle grease fittings are standard and you can easily grease the front caster wheels, all ensuring longer bearing and operation life. 54 inch triple blades on a side discharge deck, coupled with a premium integrated deck wash, guarantees a cut like a golf course lawn.

Its unique power take off mechanism ensures blade engagement is quick and easy. A heavy-duty reinforced steel frame gives it durability and unique sturdiness. Everything is powered by a 725 cc twin cylinder 22 horsepower Kohler engine with dual EZT transmission.

Forward and reverse speeds raise to 7 and 2.5 miles per hour respectively. It will take 84.5 by 63 by 35.5 inches of your storage or working space and weigh 829 pounds. All these features come together to give you a  zero turn mower for hills you can buy.

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Wrapping up

If you are looking for the best zero turn mower under 3000, important features to identify include a mower that throws out grass with enhanced power without clogging up.

One with technology allowing grass lift to enable a clean cut and therefore no repeat runs, and one whose manufacturer is trustworthy in designing machines and accessories that solve your mowing problems.

Easily available and attachable accessories should enable bagging and mulching, and it should be capable of working on hilly or sloping landscape with ease.

It should reduce extra work such as trimming lawn edges after mowing. The seat needs to be comfortable and adjustable to your height and weight too.

The product reviews above narrow your choices down to six from a myriad products in the market.
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