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How to Pick Up Acorns? – 8 Best Yard Vacuum For Acorns!

Pick up acorns

Acorns can give you challenging times. However, with the right help and tools, you will not find any difficulty picking the same. This is when you need to understand the importance of these tools and find the right ones to resolve your challenges. So, before you go ahead and choose the best tool to pick up acorns, here is a quick compilation of my recommended tools with their pros and cons.

Recommended Rake & Yard Vacuum For Acorns

Cleaning acorns in the yard need not be punished; you only need to find the best way to pick up acorns that you deem fit.

There are several ways and tools for cleaning up an acorn from your yard. You can directly pick up acorns with your hands or use specialized acorn picking tools. Such tools make acorn picking tasks a breeze, especially when using the top-rated rake for acorns in the market.

But in case of a “bumper harvest” of acorns, you may need to think beyond raking for acorns and consider a yard vacuum for acorns.

Top 3 Tools To Clean Up Acorns From Yard


Garden Weasel Large Acorn/Nut Gatherer
This is another revolutionary alternative to the rake tool for acorns. It supersedes its cousin – the Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer- collecting bigger acorns and just about anything sized between 1½ inch to 3 inch. I'm talking of things like walnuts, magnolia seed/flower heads, sweet gum balls, and even small fruits. Its basket is also larger holding approximately 1 ½ Gallon. Then, just like its medium-sized cousin, it works easily- roll it to start picking up acorns and everything else. This means you will never bend over to pick up the hazards.

Garden Weasel Large Acorn/Nut Gatherer Features

  • Basket made from spring wire
  • 1 ½ gallon capacity
  • 3/8″ Steel handle
  • For objects sized 1 ½” to 3″
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Weather/rust resistant

Garden Weasel Large Acorn/Nut Gatherer PROS

  • It’s very sturdily built
  • It rolls over smoothly regardless of the surface
  • Picks up hazards pretty easily
  • Made of steel hence very durable
  • It’s long and so very comfortable even with taller farmers

Garden Weasel Large Acorn/Nut Gatherer CONS

  • May not collect smaller acorns or pecans
  • Its basket isn’t very easy to empty


18 inches Push Pecan/Large Acorns Picker – Machine to Pick Up Acorns
This push lawn sweeper for acorns makes your acorns gathering faster, easier, and very productive. It's then designed to work on almost every terrain with tines on multiple wheels expertly capturing the invaders. Operating it is quite simple – you push it over the surface and let it do the rest of the work. When the basket fills up, hoist it out to empty your harvest. It's effortless.

Push Pecan/Large Acorns Picker Features

  • For sizes 3/8″ to 1 1/4″
  • All-terrain Wheels
  • Push motion
  • Large basket

Push Pecan/Large Acorns Picker Features PROS

  • It’s generally built to last
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It has a minimal maintenance cost
  • Picks up more around, so it’s faster
  • Picks up even hidden acorns

Push Pecan/Large Acorns Picker Features CONS

  • A bit pricey


Nut Broom – Acorn Collector
NutBroom rake for acorns has been designed to excel in all collection jobs – whether collecting walnuts, pecans, acorns, or black walnuts, this is immense. Like some of its competition, the used 1.4mm Wire should last for many, many years. No wonder it's one of the few acorn pickers that offers a 2-year warranty. The notched disc firmly holds the wires together to ensure that it collects every acorn every time, in addition to preventing them from falling out when caught. Eventually, you should be able to pick every object off the ground. On maintenance, this is fully repairable, with all its spare parts being readily available.

Nut Broom – Acorn Collector Features

  • For sizes below 4″ and more than 3/8″
  • Notched disc
  • 4mm Wire
  • Fully repairable

Nut Broom – Acorn Collector PROS

  • It comes with a dumping tool
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to unload collections into a bucket
  • It’s a very durable nut picker
  • This is fully repairable, with repair kits readily available

Nut Broom – Acorn Collector CONS

  • The handle could have been better

Top 5 Acorn Pick Up Tools


AM Leonard Weasel Acorn Nut Gatherer 16.5 Inch
With a Cage measuring 10 x 6.5 inch and a 2.75 quart capacity, this excels in picking up nuts sized between 3 by 4 inch 2 inches. When you run this Weasel over acorns, they are forced into the Weasel wiring and further into the basket making the whole process a breeze. The comfort grip handle is handy, especially for those days when you'll be working for more hours as it reduces fatigue. It's also weather rust-resistant, so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged soon. Of course its steel wire design makes it long lasting.

A.M. Leonard Weasel Acorn/Nut Gatherer Features

  • Steel wire design
  • Carbon steel tines
  • 48 inches long comfort-grip handle
  • Cage measurement: 10 x 6.5 in.
  • 75-quart capacity
  • For objects 3/4-inch to 2-inch wide

A.M. Leonard Weasel Acorn/Nut Gatherer PROS

  • Gather everything in a single easy sweep
  • The handle is long enough, so there is no bending over
  • Picks up a wide range of objects from buckeyes to sweet gum seeds
  • This is another super durable substitute for a rake for picking up acorns
  • It’s light, so it spares your energy when working

A.M. Leonard Weasel Acorn/Nut Gatherer CONS

  • It may not collect acorn “hats.”


Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer w/Retractable Handle
The Ammo Nut (and acorns) Wizard happens to enjoy a massive following from firearms enthusiasts. That's because it is magical in collecting brass casings—even those hidden within the grass. It's similarly effective in picking smaller acorns and many other smaller nuts. Metal wires from the basket easily roll on different surfaces. Then its easy spin motion will block it from backpedaling when working. The retractable handle makes the process even smoother. The wires are flexible and spread open, meaning it will be collecting acorns from the ground as you roll the picker. And they rarely fall out of the container.

Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer Features

  • Retractable handle
  • Metal wire design
  • 4-foot handle
  • For smaller sizes

Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer PROS

  • This is super effective
  • The collapsible handle makes it storage-friendly
  • The twisted basket functions well
  • Collects even hidden hazards
  • It’s straightforward – unpack and start using

Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer CONS

  • The basket isn’t screwed very well
  • It May does not work that well on rough surfaces


Medium Nut/Acorn Wizard 14-inch
With absolutely top-quality construction, this medium nut/acorn wizard 14” answers your question about how to pick up acorns. And it's quite versatile, collecting large pecans, acorns, red oak, English walnuts, chestnuts, buckeye, shotgun shells, and golf balls collection like a little champ. I was also impressed by its ability to pop the caps from the acorns. Indeed, you can deploy it to help gather every other unwanted object so long as they're between3/4″ to 4″. In a nutshell, it's superbly constructed and super easy to roll around. It also swivels in all directions.

Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer Features

  • For sizes 3/4″ to 4″
  • Flexible wire design
  • Free swivelling
  • Medium-sized basket

Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer PROS

  • It’s very good with 3/4″ to 4″ sized objects
  • It rarely breaks down
  • This gathering tool rolls and swivels very easily
  • It even pops the caps from the acorns
  • It’s also easy to empty- shake it

Ammo Nut Wizard Pecans/Acorns Gatherer CONS

  • Not for larger nuts and acorns


Nut Harvester for Gathering Acorns (Small)
Lastly, our search for the right picking up acorns tools took us to this welded steel wire nuts-cum acorns collector/cage. Constructed to serve for many years, it comes with a super sturdy 48-inches long, thicker and tubular aluminium handle. You hold its handle and then roll it back/forth over any surface to pick up your acorns, small nuts, or any other item with a diameter from 0.7″ to 1.9″. More so, it comes with a dumping tool that saves you time by allowing you to empty your waste into the bucket directly.

Nut Harvester for Gathering Acorns Features

  • Made of welded steel wire
  • 48″ long aluminium handle(thick and tubular)
  • Dumping tool included
  • For items measuring 0.7″ to 1.9″

Nut Harvester for Gathering Acorns PROS

  • Makes collecting acorns so easy
  • Since you empty directly into the dumping device, it saves your precious time.
  • Seems very durable
  • Its aluminium handle is longer and more convenient
  • It also picks up other waste, including crab apples

Nut Harvester for Gathering Acorns CONS

  • Tines are a bit flimsy and may cause gaps through which acorns fall out


Garden Weasel Medium Acorn/Nut Gatherer
This is a durable, easy-to-use rolling tool. You roll it over any surface back-and-force until the wire basket fills or your area clears. It goes beyond being just an acorn removal from the lawn, doing well to help you mop up pecans, hickory nuts, crab apples, and of course, large acorns. Indeed, it will help you gather just about any other object sized between ¾

Garden Weasel Medium Acorn/Nut Gatherer Features

  • Capacity:1 gallon
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Weather/rust resistant
  • Wire basket
  • For objects sized ¾” to 1 ½” in size.

The storage hook is also very well constructed.

The wire cage is evenly spaced and heat-tempered, maintaining its shape even when in use.

This acorn cleanup tool is also weather-resistant and rust-resistant.

Garden Weasel Medium Acorn/Nut Gatherer PROS

  • It’s effortless to use. Just roll it over to start.
  • Its handle is very comfortable so you can work for many hours without tiring.
  • Its basket is pretty big so that you can collect more with each round
  • Made from carbon steel, this acorn netting is very durable
  • It works smoothly

Garden Weasel Medium Acorn/Nut Gatherer CONS

  • It doesn’t pick up tiny acorns

Wrapping Up

Most recommended tools are more accessible, faster, and more effective.

Some even come with easy-to-use manuals showing you how to clean up acorns in the yard.

So, don’t allow acorns to pull you back. You can take the battle to them by finding the right way to pick up acorns that fits you!


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