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4 Best Pull Behind Plug Aerator For The Money – Buyer’s Guide

Pull Behind Plug Aerator

Aeration is extremely vital to a beautiful lawn. And this makes the best pull behind plug aerator a must have.

Now, the lawn plug aerator will soften your soil, allowing water, and nourishing fertilizer to reach beneath your grass.

Well, we thought that as a proud lawn owner, you would love to know why, when and how to aerate your grass for immaculate results.

A combination of a good lawn aerator and a good lawn mower is needed for a beautiful lawn to be attained.

So, in this post, I will be baring it all. And if you follow this, expect your lawn to receive praise from your entire neighborhood.


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Best Pull Behind Plug Aerator Reviews

As we are used to, we decided to scour the markets for you and shortlist the 4 top notch aerators – as per our experience.

Here we reveal them:

1. Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch – Best Tow Plug Aerator

Smooth transport is crucial if you are to aerate each and every corner of your lawn.

This has been well taken off in this aerator.

It has smooth sailing flat free tires and a user-friendly cantilever transport handle which makes raising and lowering your machine breeze.

It also impressed us with very clear assembly instructions and the twin 70# sand tubes which provides the required down force when working on highly compact soils.


  • The 48-inch weight tray perfectly holds added weight for increased penetration
  • Easier movement
  • Penetrates thick thatch comfortably
  • Lowering and raising the tines is super easy
  • Easy to assemble


  • The handle, though working is placed a bit awkwardly

For a large lawn area, its 32 galvanized knives works miracles and it certainly holds its own against other tow behind plug aerators.

With a much-improved transport mechanism and tough 32 galvanized knives, this aerator does an amazing job penetrating the thatch and mixing compacted soil even in clay conditions

It delivers even when you least expect it.

2. Brinly PA – 40BH, 40-Inch – Best Pull Behind Lawn Aerator Machine

This lawn plug aerator has 24 heat-treated, industrial-grade 16-gauge plugging spoons. It comfortably pulls up to 3-inches deep soil plugs from your lawn.

In the process, it superbly decompresses your soil to allow seed, fertilizer, and water to reach the deepest roots.

Then, whenever you want to aerate heavy clay or any other compact soil, you can always add more weight without it feeling the heat (so long as you don’t exceed 150 lbs.)

Lastly, each plugging spoon is designed to be individually replaceable, so you will enjoy quicker and inexpensive service.


  • Penetrates pretty hard ground superbly
  • Maneuvers through driveways and sidewalks easily
  • Penetrates pretty hard ground superbly
  • Very sturdy unit


  • Takes longer to assemble

With 24 16-gauge plugging spoons, a powerful but easy-to-engage gear, and cheaper service, this aerator does an excellent job

And with a cheaper servicing and versatility, you will notice that this is among the best top notch plug aerator to grace your lawn.

3. Brinly PA-48BH, 48-Inch – Commercial Pull Behind Aerator

One of the ways of achieving proper aeration in larger, uneven terrains is by making sure that your aerator has plug spoons which rotate independent of each other.

The Brinly PA-48BH tow behind plug aerator is one such aerating machine. It has an extra-large 48-inch working width plus a total of 32 heavy-duty plug spoons.

Its 4 independently rotating plug spoons help aerate large uneven yards quickly, achieving excellent aeration to the last corner.

Don’t forget that its stiff steel tray can hold up an extra 150 pounds of weight if you will need better soil penetration.


  • Delivers maximum support for added tray weights
  • Performs very well on uneven terrains
  • Has a bigger aeration width
  • Easy to operate handle


  • Requires a grueling assembly

This isn’t very far from the highly rated plug aerator when we come to large, uneven terrains.

It comes with a total of 4 independently rotating plug spoons, 32 heavy-duty plug spoons and achieves a working width of 48-inches to ensure you achieve the penetration you have always dreamt of.

4. Strongway 48in.W, 32 Coring Plugs – Best Lawn Aerator For The Money

Coring means physically removing any small plugs/cores from your lawns soil and sward. It relieves compaction allowing water, nutrients, and oxygen to instantly flood into your root zone.

You will either a motor-driven coring machine or an aerator with coring plugs.

Rated as one of the favorites in our hunt for thetop rated lawn aeratorfor the money, the Strongway aerator has a total of 32 coring plugs so you can trust it to not only aerate but also help you in coring around your lawn.


  • Easily holds added weights
  • Fairly easy assembly
  • Rolls smoothly over any terrain
  • Can be easily hitched or removed on riding lawn mowers
  • Durable finishing


  • You have to keep inflating your tires

This is an aerator cum coring machine. Its 32 coring plug spikes reach up to 2 ½ inches deep aided in movement by its 10in. pneumatic tires which roll smoothly over any terrain.

So, rather than buy a separate coring machine, this commercial pull behind aerator could be all you need.


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Reasons Why You Need a Pull Behind Plug Aerator

Aeration involves perforating your lawns soil for better nutrients, air, and water flow to the grass roots.

It will help to:

  • Alleviate Soil Compaction

Remember compacted soils have many solid particles which prevent proper circulation within the soil.

  • Remove Excess Lawn Thatch

Excess lawn thatch (heavy organic debris) under your grass surface also starves the roots off essential elements.


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What To Look For In a Pull Behind Plug Aerator?

Assuming you are buying an aerator, what are the crucial features that you should focus on? Here I have compiled a few:

Maneuverability and Ease of Transport

The tires determine how smoothly your aerator will roll along. Some have flat free tires, with others having pneumatic tires- considered excellent for any terrain.

Then, a transport handle should be conveniently designed to make it easy to raise and lower the aerator knives so that you can easily push it from one end of your lawn to another.

  • Additional Features

Some aerators like the Strongway tow-behind aerator are also coring machines. Such added features are sure winners

  • Durability

Aerators should come ready to work on some very hard and compact soils. Therefore, pick aerators with improved endurance like the heavy-duty steel aerators.

Again, you don’t want to spend too much in its maintenance.

  • Added Load Capacity

For better penetration, you may need to add some extra weights. So, how well does it accommodate the extra load?

  • Ease of Assembly

It makes sense for you to pick an aerator that should be up and running in a matter of minutes. Some have very poor instructions and take time to set up.


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Final Words

To aerate your lawn, the best pull behind plug aerator is a must have. It opens up your soil surface letting your grass roots to receive air and moisture needed for healthy growth.

Remember that soils are likely to become compacted in late summer and early spring.

Remember that, the best lawn aerator for the money moves easily even in uneven terrains, penetrates fairly deep and can comfortably take extra weight whenever you need better penetration.
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