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Are you wondering where to buy a pineapple plant? In this article, we will not only let u know where to buy but also recommend the best pineapple plants in pots for you.

Before that, some little history:

The pineapple plant originated in southern America, where it was heavily cultivated by the natives before spreading out to the Caribbean.

During one of his voyages, Christopher Columbus stopped briefly at the island of Guadalupe where his crew gathered fruits and vegetables, which included pineapples. He then took them with him to Europe. Voyagers then took them to Hawaii in 1527. Here it was highly favored by the climatic conditions and it thrived well.

The pineapple has been an exotic gift for ages. They have thrived in hot areas with water, which is why it does well in Hawaii, Brazil, and Thailand. One-third of the world’s pineapple is produced from Hawaii, making the island a reputable and guaranteed source of the plant.


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Where To Buy A Pineapple Plant?

Growing a pineapple plant can be easy because it literally just requires the planting of the crown. However, this may take longer to fruit. You have the option to get them as they have rooted from your nearest nursery.

However, in the urban setting, it can be hard to locate a nursery, so you can order the plant online. There are numerous sites where you can order one that you want. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are some of the few where you can find the pineapple plant.


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Recommended Pineapple Plants In Pots To Buy

These two plants are the most recommended in the market today:

1. Hawaiian Pineapple Plant (Ananas Comosus) – Potted and Rooted

This plant comes potted, so you have the option to either keep it that way or transplant it onto a paddy. Since it comes potted, it has already rooted so if it is going the transplant, in the right conditions, it will adjust fast and continue with growth.

It fits in a 4-inch pot, which is a good size for someone who would like it to fit in small spaces. It comes stamped by the department of agriculture, so you can be assured it has no pests or diseases.


  • The plant has been grown in a pest-free nursery, so you know you do not have to be afraid of them carrying anything harmful to your farm or garden.
  • It comes in a 4-inch pot that can easily fit on your porch if you do not have a farm or a garden.
  • It can grow well as a house plant
  • It produces a delicious fruit compared to other brands of pineapple plants
  • It comes with a guide to help in maintaining it.
  • It also comes with fertilizer that works especially well with the pineapple plant.


  • It requires partial sunlight, so it may grow slowly in cold areas compared to warmer areas.

2. Fruiting Pineapple Plant Ananas Comosus – Great Indoors

It is a species that does well indoors, so even in the areas that are prone to harsh weather, the plant still blossoms and fruits.

It only grows 2.1-2.5 inches, so it is not a nuisance when growing indoors or as a hanging plant.

It makes a good rustic piece of décor so apart from its nutritional benefits, it can act as a decoration especially when planted in a beautiful planter.


  • It is a certified plant, so it is not diseased and carries no pests
  • It arrives in good condition for transplant to a garden or a farm
  • Compared to other pineapple brands, it requires low maintenance and still stays healthy
  • The plant is rooted, so growth is faster compared to planting the pineapple from scratch


  • It does not have a manual to help beginners with the initial growing process
  • Although it does great indoors, in areas where the sun does not shine much may experience slower growth
  • It does not come with fertilizer unlike some of the other pineapple brands


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Benefits and Uses Of A Pineapple Plant

A pineapple is not only a source of healthy vitamins but also a cool refreshment that can be taken as fruit, juice, pudding, or in many other ways. Many people these days prefer to go the organic and natural way.

It is also used to make pineapple wine. Since refined sugars are unhealthy, the pineapple is a great source of sugar.

Pineapples also contain bromelain, a rare proteolytic enzyme that reduces inflammation of joints and muscles. This works well for people with arthritis. The pineapple is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which helps in boosting the immunity of the human body.

Due to its high vitamin C content, it is a good remedy for the common cold and other respiratory issues. It helps in eliminating mucus and phlegm, which is useful in terms of such illness.

Pineapples are also good for oral health. It has astringent properties which help in strengthening the gum and teeth.

The pineapple is also a great source of fiber, which helps the body with indigestion.


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Wrapping Up

Gardening and keeping live plants in the urban setting has gained popularity, and why decorate the place with plants that only flower when you could do it with ones that actually bear fruit? Think of it as nature’s reward for taking good care of the plant.

In order to make sure it thrives well, one has to ensure it gets the right amount of sunlight, meaning if it is an indoor plant, it will have to be put in a position where the sun can reach it, like a window.

The pineapple plant is one of the most beautiful of them all. With its sharp leaves, it provides the perfect rustic setting for your house or even your office.

The pineapple plant produces only one fruit at a time, so it is easy to maintain and cultivate. It is also a fleshy plant, so it does not require as much watering as other plants.

Due to its short size, it is great for any kind of garden, both indoor and outdoor. It is a great choice of a plant to give as a gift.


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