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Universal Grass Catchers For Zero Turn and Push Mowers

If you are looking to maintain an amazing lawn, and saving time while doing so, then a durable, reliable lawn mower bag or a grass catcher is a tool you must have.

With one, all that time you would have spent raking up grass clippings from your lawn mower would be better spent doing something else.

The results are a clean looking and professionally done curb appeal, enhancing the value of your property while making your lawn the envy in your neighborhood.

There are numerous lawn mower bags types out there.However, many are not what they are cranked up to be. Others are not durable while others will not be compatible with your preferred lawn mower.

This means you have to search for one that works with your lawnmower or buy a universal grass catcher.

To help you make the right choice, below are reviews of nine highly rated lawn mower bags the market has to offer.


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Lawn Mower Bags: Universal Grass Catcher Reviews

1. PK-EX4 4.4 Cubic Foot Large Capacity Grass Catcher by Pack’em Racks

Application: Great for small yards.
Effectiveness: Adequate capacity for residential use.
Ease of Application: Has no issues working around trees or up and down hills.

This grass catchers for zero turn mowers comes with more than 4 cubic feet of capacity with one bottom piece for prolonged working life.

It is made on a tough welded frame and whose plated mounting pin assembly results in enhanced durability.

Its powder coat finishing is baked on giving it durability that far outweighs ordinary paint. Each of its steel panels have been formed onto its frame creating a cleaner look and enhanced fitting.

It is important to note however that this is not a universal grass catcher and you need to verify with your customer care agent it fits your lawn mower before you make an order.

  • Excellent customer service when determining correct model for your mower.
  • Installation instructions are well articulated and easy to follow.
  • Powder coating promises to be long lasting.
  • This is not a universal lawn mower bag and therefore you need ensure from Pack-em it fits your mower.
  • “B” mounting option requires you to tilt the bagger too far forward as you disengage the full bagger.
  • Leaf dust may come out of the top holes calling for a piece of screen.

2. Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag – Never Rake Again

Application: Holds 40 bushels or 54 cubic feet of material.
Effectiveness: Coverts your tractor lawn mower grass catcher into a huge leaf vacuum.
Ease of Application: Comes with always moving forward and not in reverse.

This near universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers has a huge capacity, giving you more than six times the capacity most grass catchers in the market hold.

For easier emptying and enhanced air flow, it comes with unique tapering features.

You may attach it to chippers to increase collection bag size giving it side discharge grass catcher universal tendencies. Its fabrication material ensures it survives dragging over gravel and dirt patches or asphalt driveways, even when heavy with grass and leaf loads.

It measures 96 by 48 by 66 inches and weighs 2.25 pounds. It has dual drawstring clasps that hold it tight to your grass catcher and for easy opening, it comes with a quick release pull cord.

All these features compare it favorably with other top universal grass catchers for riding mowers.

  • Makes your tractor collect and move leaf and grass clippings and not on your back.
  • Over or under the hood mounting design minimizes incidents of leaves blowing on the driver.
  • Its universal design enables it fit 2 and 3 bin grass catchers side or front chutes.
  • You can attach it to your leaf vacuum blower, replacing a small shoulder bag.
  • The bar attaching the bagger to the mower does not fit tightly. You might need some cheap clamps to keep pressure and leaves in.
  • You may need to attach an old tarp to its trailer hitch to take the weight of the filled heavy giant bag.


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3. Fiskars StaySharp Reel Lawn Mower Grass Catcher

Application: Great for domestic use.
Effectiveness: Large capacity grass catcher for Gardena Reel lawn mowers except model 4019.
Ease of Application: You need to study how it works in relation to your Gardena mower.

This is grass catcher is made of tough nylon and plastic.

It has a unique working relationship with Gardena lawn mowers making it a quality product from a top quality brand name while making it an excellent addition to your gardening and lawn enhancement equipment.

This removes it from among universal lawn mower bag products.

It is a lightweight 3.45 pounds and will take 3.4 by 20.2 by 23.9 of your working space.

Its big capacity lets you collect between 35 and 49 liters of assorted vegetation from your lawn.

  • No tools are needed for its easy assembly.
  • Despite its small appearance, it holds a huge load, it is easy to clean and durable.
  • You can easily fold it for better storage and ease of movement.
  • Belt attaching it to cutter handle is d-ring closure type rather than a clip, making emptying and reattaching tedious.
  • It is not a universal grass catcher but suitable for Gardena mowers only.
  • The catcher tends to detach from the mower when changing direction.

4. Reel Mower Grass Catcher 1ST-SP American Lawn Mower

Application: Works with 16, 18 and 20 inch real mowers.
Effectiveness: Functions beautifully when traveling on a level ground.
Ease of Application: Comes from careful reading of directions and assembling precisely how you are told to.

This grass catcher stops glass from being strewn all over your lawn. Durability comes from rot-resistant polyester material, a galvanized steel and plastic bottom, and a heavy-duty frame made of wire.

Convenience arises from adjustable attachment hooks, an ability to fold down for ease of storage, and fitting 20, 18, 16, and 14 inch lawn mowers.

It takes 25.7 by 18.2 by 2.4 inches of your working space and weighs 1 pound when empty. If you aim to pick a majority of your vegetation, this is your tool.

  • It is functional, inexpensive and a helpful addition that makes mowing experience less annoying.
  • Follow the decent easy to follow instructions and you will have it out of the box, clipped onto your mower and working in about 5 minutes
  • An excellent and cheap alternative to racking lawn clippings.
  • Some grass clippings may leak out through the space between the mower and the bag.

5. Universal Fit Grass Catcher – 5011SC

Application: Works with any mid-sized walk-behind or ride-on mower with flat sided outlet.
Effectiveness: Enhanced by a ground clearance rising 6 inches above the lawn.
Ease of Application: Comes from universal mounting bracket and big inlet.

This universal lawn mower grass catcher is an excellent leaf collection accessory whose superior airflow slot enhances top filling capacity.

This means you can put away between three and a half and 4 bushels of grass clipping and other vegetation from your lawn.

The universal grass catcher for side discharge, although designed for mowers that discharge grass from the right, is intended for attaching to non-SCAG machines for easy and fast lawn vegetation collection.                              

Without any load, this universal grass catcher for riding lawn mower will weigh 95 pounds and you will need two bolts to attach it to your mower mounting.

  • Its cylinder shape enhances aerodynamic airflow while preventing clippings from piling up at the grass catcher and mower connection.
  • Its enlarged inlet and universal mounting bracket gives its universal grass catcher traits.
  • It comes with an assembly and application instruction manual.
  • There are some complaints that it does not fit certain mowers.
  • You will require to assemble it through a one person operation taking about an hour.


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6. MTD Genuine Parts Side Grass Catcher Oem-190-110 Lawn Mower Grass Catcher

Application: Works with side discharge flip up chute mowers from MTD and Lawn Chief.
Effectiveness: Convenient alternative to mulching.
Ease of Application: Easy to work on a lawn that measures less than 75 by 100 inches.

This walk behind grass catcher is a well-priced light-to-moderate accessory to a side-grass rotary mower. Diagrams and application instructions on its manual are easy to understand.

It will fit onto your mower just fine and other than the occasional jiggling loose, if you own a bumpy lawn, this bag will give you excellent performance in catching grass from your mower compared to other universal grass catcher for push mower types out there.

It will give you a 1.6 bushel load capacity, it will take up 16 by 5 by 12.5 inches of your working space, and weigh 5 pounds when empty of any load. You will get a 9 by 5 inch opening size from this grass catcher while the average size is 6 by 4 inches.

  • Durability arises from a heavy-gauge steel frame polyester material.
  • Attaches easily to both side-discharge mowers.
  • In the kit are the bag, assemble instructions, mounting hardware, and its frame.
  • Assembly may be hard due to an unclear assembly instruction manual.
  • Grass may clog up its grass exiting chute if this is incompatible with your mower.

7. MTD Genuine Parts Attachments Twin Bagger Kit for 38-Inch and 42-Inch Tractors 2009 and Prior

Application: Works with MTD, Yard-Man, Troy-Bilt, 38″ and 42″ side discharge decks 2009 and earlier, Bolens, Huskee, and Toro mowers.
Effectiveness: What would take hours to rake in your yard takes 30 minutes only with this product.
Ease of Application: Comes from its twin bag chutes.

This bagger kit comes with easy to load, tight weave polyester lawn mower grass catcher bag containers.

With an easy to open lid and its integrated bag straps, using it is a breeze. After your initial setup, its unique fast-attach assembly system makes working with it even easier.

It comes with optimized venting and airflow systems that reduce clogging, leave behind less thatch and promote a healthier lawn for your yard.

The kit features a chute, hood, two bags, mounting brackets and hardware. It will take 24.5 by 41.25 by 20 inches of your working space and when empty will weigh 26.8 pounds.

  • Easy to follow directions with extra tips makes maintenance easy while ensuring you do your job right.
  • You will save time with its 6.5 bushel capacity and easy to clean construction.
  • It sticks out 2 feet from your mower losing clearance as you back up next to scrubs, fence, or buildings.
  • Rubber bands attaching the mower and the bottom chute tend to jump out spraying grass everywhere.

8. TerraKing 54 cu. ft. Standart Leaf Bag

Application: Works best for 2 or 3 bin grass catchers.
Effectiveness: Its materials are lightweight compared the job it has to do.
Ease of Application: Comes from its ability to work with five different mowers.

This riding lawn mower grass catcher may not be a universal lawn mower bag but it has traits that enable it work with five different mowers.

When full, you will be able to dump its load faster compared to any other grass catcher bag in the market.

Suffering the nuisance associated with leaf dust will become a distant memory because it has a cone shape, a non-porous and slick fabrication material, and a rear vent.

It will take 2.5 by 13 by 16 inches of your working space and weigh 3 pounds when empty.

  • It emits leaf dust through a vent at the back of the bag away from you, meaning leaf dust will be least of your worries.
  • Comes with an easy to attach ground shield that protects its bottom thereby extending its working life.
  • An opening on both ends gives universal application among five different mowers.
  • Complaints arise of thin fabrication material and replacement of rope that tightens to the mover with cheap strings.
  • The tarp protecting the bag tends to snag under the mower wheels or get sucked into the blades.


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9. Soft-Sided 2 Bin Grass Bagger Item, Fits All Poulan Pro 46-inch Riding Lawn Mowers

Application: Works with 46-Inch Poulan Pro and Husqvarna riding lawn mowers.
Effectiveness: Makes clearing your yard off vegetation waste a breeze.
Ease of Application: Easy to mount, well built, and works as it is made to.

Although this is not a commercial grass catcher, it comes with a dual-bin lawn waste bag container and works exceptionally with Poulan Pro and Husqvarna riding lawn mowers.

This is so long as these machine versions are 2006 and those that come later, are wide deck, and are 46 inches.

It is made of toughed polyester and as you work with it, it will take up 39 by 24.8 by 26 inches of your working space. Without its full load, it weighs 19.9 pounds.

These features come together to make a breeze out of picking up fall leaves from your lawn.

Do you have lots of rocks on your lawn and not sure how to clear the rocks? This article will help.

  • This is a great accessory for your Husqvarna and Poulan Pro riding lawn mower.
  • This lawn mower side discharge bag works great while its sturdy fabrication promises long service.
  • There are complaints regarding the rubber gasket between the shoot and hopper coming off easily, spraying debris on the operator.
  • You may need to apply construction glue to both sides of gasket inner lip.


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Wrapping Up

If you carry out your own lawn mowing or need to work around lawns, a great grass catcher will go a long way in making your work complete.

Many of those you will encounter in the market however have differing features and qualities you will not need.

Are acorns a problem to your yard? Then these tools will help you sort the issue.

Others will only work if you have a specific lawnmower models since they are not universal lawn mower bag products.

Understanding the features articulated in these reviews will make finding one that perfectly suits your needs.


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