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Your yard creates an excellent habitat for insects. In their search to quench their thirst for blood, fleas, ants, and other bugs will spread sicknesses around your home, pester your pets, and cause skin soreness among your loved ones. This means in your quest to get rid of them, you will require finding the safest insect killer for yard from a wide selection. We have reviewed TOP 5 Best Lawn Bug Killers that will help you get rid of the unwanted species from your lawn.

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Best Lawn Insect Killer – Safe For Pets and Kids

In your hunt for the best flea killer for lawns, remember an excellent treatment is one that not only gets rid of these irritants after an infestation but also one that keeps them away from you and your pets over a long period.

Below are five top rated insect killers for lawns and safe for pets treatments from which you can pick one that suits your unique situation.


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Lawn Insecticide for Yard 2021

1. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate (Ready-to-Spray)

Product Format: Spray
Targeted Insects: More than 250 types such as fleas, harvester ants, carpenter ants, earwigs, ticks, mosquitoes.
Coverage: 5,120 square feet outdoors only.
Repelling Period: Three months maximum.
Major Ingredients: 0.08% Gamma – Cyhalothrin
Children and Pet Safe: Yes
Organic: No

          Lovable Features – PROS
  • This Spectracide Triazicide insect killer for lawns kills insects that reside both above and below ground killing both visible insects and those unseen.
  • You can apply it on your fruits and vegetables but be careful when harvesting dates approach.
          Challenges – CONS
  • You can apply it on your fruits and vegetables but be careful when harvesting dates approach.
  • It is toxic to aquatic creatures therefore avoid spraying on rainy days or around stagnant or treated water.

You are the master of your destiny and you should not let fleas, ants, or any other insect take that from you.

With this triazicide insect killer for lawns you not only have a perfect answer to your question but also have the perfect weapon that guarantees that mastery.

You can spray bushes, trees, and plants, and everything within your backyard that includes house walls and patio. Rejoice because this means it is safe for your food plants and vegetables and you will therefore not need to pick between healthy food and killing fleas.

However, you cannot use it inside your home.

To effectively apply this treatment, shake the container well, then connect it to your watering hose, switch on the water and fire away. Remember to avoid open water targets such as lakes, gutters, the seaside, and drains.

Triazicide insect killer for lawns reviews widely confirm that it will not leave behind any repugnant odors, it is residue free, and its effectiveness is comparatively long lasting, up to eight weeks. Finally, it is a pet friendly lawn ant killer.


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2. Ortho Bug B Gon Max Insect Killer for Lawns

Product Format: Spray
Price: Top of the range among its competitors.
Targeted Insects: More than 235 types including fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, ants, chinch bugs.
Coverage: Outside only, up to 5,300 square feet.
Repelling Period: Three weeks maximum except spiders repelled for six months.
Major Ingredients: 0.075% Zeta – cypermethrin and 0.3% Bifenthrin
Children and Pet Safe: Yes
Organic: No.

          Lovable Features – PROS
  • Although it has chemicals and toxins harmful to insects, it leaves no synthetic odors or residue behind.
  • It kills and keeps away both visible and invisible insects living above and below ground in your yard.
  • Its quite efficient and long lasting in killing on contact and keeping away various insects from your garden and lawn.
          Challenges – CONS
  • This bug B gon insect killer for lawns is toxic to fish, small aquatic organisms and bees.
  • It is not safe inside dwellings but intended solely for outdoor application.
  • Despite being among the highest rated ant killer for lawn applications, it is not safe on fruits and vegetables due to chemicals harmful when consumed.

This Ortho max insect killer for lawns is easy to use with three simple steps to follow.

Shake the bottle vigorously, connect to your hose, turn on the water and pick your target. The right time to spray with this top rated insect killer for lawns is when you first notice bugs or damage on your plants.

It is effective around your lawn, flower bed, garden, and home perimeter. It is safe when applied on roses, shrubs, and trees. It is also great around your home on your patio, and other outside living areas.

It is among the few ant killer safe for dogs, lawn playing grounds for your children, and grass sports.

Do not apply it inside however.

It destroys insects immediately on coming into contact which means you will see results instantly.

3. Permethrin SFR 32 oz Pest Control Insecticide – Yard Spray For Fleas and Ticks

Product Format: Spray
Price: Top of the range compared to its nearest competitors.
Targeted Insects: Ticks, fleas, roaches, aphids, underground termites, and 75 other types of insects.
Coverage: Recreational areas, athletic fields, ornamental gardens, lawns, indoor cracks and crevices.
Repelling Period: One week.
Major Ingredients: Permethrin 36.8%
Children and Pet Safe: Yes except cats.
Organic: No.

          Lovable Features – PROS
  • This chemical is safe for both indoor and outdoor insect destroying applications.
  • It kills eggs, larvae, and adult insects.
  • It is safe when mixed with other products such as carpet shampoo.
          Challenges – CONS
  • It has a very strong scent and you need to wear a mask when you apply it.
  • It is safe around dogs but is toxic to cats.

If you are searching for an insecticidal barrier against a wide range of bugs and insects, look no further than this solution.

Among the insect infestations this product gives you an arsenal against( include the control and prevention of underground) termite infestations in and around any of the structures you have on your property.

For the most effective results, disperse this emulsion into the soil and establish a barrier between the termites in your soil and any infested structure.

It provides an effective, long lasting, and fast controlling solution to irksome insects both indoors and outdoors in your home. It is also a professional grade but low odor product.

One quart of this solution will give you up to twenty gallons of an insect lethal solution, the package takes 14.2 by 8.6 by 5.7 inches of your storage and weighs 2.4 pounds.

Dousing it on your deck, wooden posts, around porch lights, and the roof will give you the pleasure of sitting outside for hours.

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4. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns Granules, 10 lb.

Product Format: Granules
Price: Bottom range compared to similar products.
Targeted Insects: 100 types of insects, repelling and killing of mosquitoes.
Coverage: Outdoors only for 12,500 square feet.
Repelling Period: A maximum of three months.
Major Ingredients: Gamma – Cyhalothin 0.05%
Children and Pet Safe: Yes.
Organic: No.

          Lovable Features – PROS
  • No residue, offensive odors, or particles left behind from the granules.
  • Once you have treated, watered down, and allowed an area to dry, your children and pets can safely return onto your lawn.
          Challenges – CONS
  • To effectively apply these granules, you will need to purchase a granule spreader.
  • Despite being safe for animals and humans, this spectracide insect killer for lawns is toxic to underwater life and application is prohibited into sewers, drains, and open water.

Against bother-some insects and ants, spectracide triazicide insect killer for lawns granules reviews have flattering things to say regarding how effective it is.

Its formulation gives you wide powers to control insects on your lawn, kill them on the spot, and creation of a defence barrier around your home and whose advantages are second only to spectracide 20-lb triazicide insect killer for lawns granules.

Application is simple.Using a rotary spreader or broadcaster, spread the granules onto your dry lawn and yard. Immediately after spreading the granules, water your lawn lightly and leave to dry. That is all.

Remember to closely follow any specific instructions on the application manual unique to your situation.

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It is safe for your kid and animals once application has dried up. This means your loved ones are completely safe around a treated area.

Your lawn remains protected for an entire season, at least three months, however, you can retreat an area earlier, particularly if you neighbors do not have such a powerful treatment.


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5. Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits – Ant Mound Killer

Product Format: Ready to use pre-filled liquid bait station
Price: Bottom of the range
Targeted Insects: Kills fire, carpenter, and other common household ants
Coverage: Anywhere indoors where ants pass as they forage.
Repelling Period: Not defined.
Major Ingredients: Sugary-liquid baited borax insecticide
Children and Pet Safe: Yes
Organic: Yes

          Lovable Features – PROS
  • Kill the ants you see within forty-eight hours and those back at the colony within two weeks
  • You can place it in numerous areas including garage, basement, and kitchen.
          Challenges – CONS
  • You need to eliminate other ant food sources near the spot where you place the bait.
  • Bait may be ineffective when the colony is in its breeding cycle and therefore not interested in eating.
  • Ants do not die on contact and you need to monitor bait activity regularly.h daily hard use, lasts between three and five months.

Compared to other contact yard ant killer safe for pets applications, this bait attracts ants quickly, slowly kills those you see, and kills ants back at the colony, completely destroying it.

Contact killers on the other hand kill insects immediately, work as spot treatment, and give you residual protection.

The way this solution functions is that ants drink the bait and, through regurgitation or trophallaxis, feed other ants back at the colony spreading the poison and therefore destroying the entire colony.

Its only competitor in this regard can only come from the oatmeal lawn ant killer product out there.

To apply it, break apart the stations, hold upright, with a pair of scissors cut of the colored part, and place the bait station near an ant trail.

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Wrapping Up

Your outdoors is filled with different bugs and numerous insects. They live and thrive on your shrubs, trees, water, and on your furniture.

This means you need to find and apply the best rated lawn ant killer granules, sprays, or baits.

The top hiding, breeding, and living spot for most bugs and insects is the grass on your lawn and soil in your yard. Under the ground in the soil in your backyard is another pest hiding place.

These environments protect them from summer heat and sunshine while grass protects them from being blown away on windy days.

Your children and pets also love to roll and play around the grass on your lawn. If you really care for them, then a non toxic insect killer for lawn solution is what you need.

This all means that to protect your loved ones, make sure you have the right dis infestation product in your war chest from the insect killer for lawns reviews above against these undesirable disease causing irritants.
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