Best Grow Bags for Marijuana and Vegetables 2020

Best Grow Bags For Marijuana and Vegetables

grow bag has per Wikipedia definition is a large plastic bag filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants. But with today’s technological advancements grow bags are no longer limited to plastic material any more, more so the best grow bags are made from non-plastic materials.

Farming using a grow bag is one mode of farming that is preferred by many people due to its easy management and mobile nature. It’s also very cost effective as compared to other modes of farming.

Not forgetting the benefits that come about as a result of growing your own herbs and vegetables.

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Factors to consider when purchasing a grow bag.

  1. Material
    When buying a grow bag, it’s important to check if the material allows easy air circulation to the roots and prevents roots circling.
  2. Plant to plant
    Different plants have different requirements and many companies are making bags having this in consideration. For root vegetables it’s advisable to buy grow bags that have access flap while for marijuana farmers bags made for marijuana farming are most advised.
  3. Quantities
    Grow bags come in different sizes, based on the number of plants that can be planted in one bag.
  4. Climate
    Based on where you live choose a bag that is most suited to your climate or rather a bag that can work in any climate.
  5. Place to place
    Where you are going to place the bag plays a big role when choosing what to buy. If you are planning to place your grow bag indoors, it would then be recommended to buy a water proof grow bag to avoid water leakages.
  6. Cost
    This lies securely on your budget. We have different bags in the market with different prices. Best grow bags have more features and a little pricey. But generally grow bags are quite affordable.

Based on the above factors, this is a review on the 3 best grow bags in the market today.

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Best Grow Bags Reviews 2020

  1. 247Garden 5-Pack

The 247 garden grow bag is a free standing bag that does not need planters or support.
its thick felt material allows water to pass through freely and at the same time for the water not to pour out on the sides.
The aeration fabric prevents roots from circling thus allowing roots to breathe and grow healthier.
It does well in both hot and climate and can be re used.
It also can be used to grow any plants and vegetables and its available in 11 different gallons.

  1. 420 Grow Bags for Marijuana 5 Gallon (5 Pack). Black Soft Fabric Grow Pots for Cannabis

This growbag is made from a very high quality porous material that allows easy root aeration and it does not retain heat, thus keeping the roots cool even on hot days.
It’s especially made for marijuana farming.
This 420 grow bag has reinforced handles that ease mobility and built in drawing strings to lock in dirt.

  1. ASOON 2-Pack 7 Gallon Garden Potato Grow Bag Vegetables Planter Bags with Handles and Access Flap for Potato, Carrot & Onion

This grow bag is especially made for root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions etc. due to the access flap that allows harvesting part of the produce without damaging the plant.
That notwithstanding it can be used to grow any other type of vegetables.
its lightweight, inbuilt handles and water proof features makes it the most preferred bag since one can place it anywhere with no limitation, from the balcony to the stairs to even hanging it on the walls.
This grow bag is climate friendly, re-usable and allows easy air circulation to the roots.
It can handle 4 to 6 potato plants.

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